: > This season, you can 8-0 your provisionals on an unranked smurf account and only get Silver 1. Do you even know what MMR is? Yes his account is silver 1, but he will be playing vs plat level players by then. Unless they made that account to screw around in low elo they will breeze out of iron-gold mmr with ease.
Yeah, that's why every single player in this game is the same elo playing with the same MMR, with 5 of them being smurfs that have 75%+ winrates. By your logic shouldn't all the smurfs in this game be bronze or silver? https://subefotos.com/ver/?9699c4f98f5f39f0fd4595f6da581204o.png It's better to not try and teach people about ranked especially if you've been stuck in the same elo for 5 years.
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