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: You were caught multiple times using forbidden programs.... are you seriously wondering why you were banned?
i havent used forbidden programs... like scripting. I didn't even get any warnings so its not fair to go strait to punishment before giving me a mini consequence to give me time to think about my actions and not do whatever they think i did again. I dont even know what i did and i certainly have not used forbidden programs to cheat in league. those things just take the fun out of the game
: Because I think, quite recently, that Riot has tied their shoes together and faceplanted the ground. I don't know what they're doing, but they ain't talking to us, ain't really taking into consideration our ideas and opinions, and who knows what else. What are they doing in the office, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week is what I'm asking. That's a lot of time to get stuff done that needs to be done.
so what you're saying is that they will never unban me for banning me for no reason?? thx riot you've been a great help and totaly have not made a game that is not fair and does not put people on tilt. There goes my youtube account i was just getting good at it also and i was playing YOUR game and YOU GUYS banned me FOR NO REASON!!!!
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: match history
im using google chrome and a mac
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: I believe it affects the MMR of the teams made. IIRC, if you were playing with lower MMR friends, both teams would have a lower overall MMR than yours. As a result, you would likely receive less for your victories and lose more for defeats (since the system judges that you are better than the teams you are being matched with). Vice-versa if you were queuing with higher MMR players.
ok ty for the help
: You were Silver 5 last season and placement matches have been taking players about a full tier down this year. It's to be expected.
does duoing with friends affect it at all? cuz i did duo most of those games
: Your position after the placements is not heavily based off of your win %, if at all. It has more to do with where you were last season, and how well you performed against the different tiers you were matched up against. You will almost always drop at least one full division. I personally went 8/10 as well, but dropped to Bronze 3. I was even in Gold for a decent amount of time last season, but I finished around S2 or S3. Let me guess, you were around S3-S5 last season?
ya i was s5 last season and ty for the quick reply. also does duoing in ranked affect it at all?
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Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
why is it not on pbe anymore i checked yesterday and it wasnt :(
: Team Up & Pool Party
riot how do u link your account to facebook?
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
PLZ JUST BRING BACK REGULAR URF my friend played it when i didnt know of league of legends and he says i missed out on all the fun i want a chance to have sm fun
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends

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