: Game client anti-cheat changes going live
Hmmmm this is total b.s. i can not play league at all. i even resorted to last measure and reinstalled windows 10 on my computer. so there is nothing on my computer but league. no 3rd party apps nothing of that sort. but its still doing the same thing. i load into the game after waiting on the loading screen for anywhere from 6 mins to 10 mins and once i get into the game i only have 1 to 3 fps. now before this up date i would have anywhere from 120 to 150 fps. sooooooo this whole talk about 3rd party apps doesn't seem to be adding up to me. like i said nothing on my computer but league. so i dont understand why this is happening to me. before you ask im running windows 10. I just want to play league again. please what else can i do. just wasted hours of my life trying to get it to work again!
: new patch loading screen stuck at 0 for about 5 mins
i thought reinstalling windows would help. but it did nothing at all. i only have league of legends on my computer nothing else and its still doing the same thing. sooo the whole talk about 3rd party programs is b.s...... i have nothing else on my computer now but league so why can i not play league.
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