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: > [{quoted}](name=thekingofprotoss,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d4qoAsmE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-27T02:05:48.750+0000) > > I love how you can have internet be perfectly fine the whole day then like one game it go nuts for no reason and you disconnect from a game, except then riot's LEAVERBUSTER looks at the fact you disconnected, despite you having an actual valid reason for it that was completely out of your control, granted it can't tell your internet was the cause but regardless of if it was or wasn't you still get punished and goes "oooooooooooooooooooooh hey now BUSTER BROWN that's not allowed here at RIOT" and you get forced into low priority pool for 5 games. **I Honestly think all of riot hails Hitler at this point.** You literally invoked Godwin's law before the discussion could even begin... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=The Yung Sheets,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d4qoAsmE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-20T23:32:14.519+0000) > > You literally invoked Godwin's law before the discussion could even begin... > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I noticed that just as you said it XD
: do u live in the woods?
> [{quoted}](name=Janna F Kennedy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d4qoAsmE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-27T04:12:05.604+0000) > > do u live in the woods? nope. suburban
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: Why Many Aatrox Mains are Dissatisfied with His New Rework
To be honest, i'm not sure if what i say will be important to anyone or anything regarding riot, i would love for this to get to riot somehow i want whoever lead the rework team for aatrox to read this idea and take it into consideration but i doubt this will happen but, i'll get it out there. i remember when aatrox was first released, he was unique to me i thought he was incredibly cool the darkin theme the healing the passive the gameplay. so when i heard about his rework i had somewhat of high expectations for it, i thought they would give him true uniqueness of some degree, but they haven't done that to the disappointment of my heart. the new aatrox feels too underwhelming, he feels like you are just playing a worse version of rhaast mixed with riven, and no. the new aatrox is not a riven v2... the new aatrox just isn't what it could be, when kaisa came out i figured they would do so much with her, she had a void theme to her she had immense potential as a void huntress quite like kassadin, except they had a chance to make someone truly unique with the void, and they failed. her passive is no different from kha'zix's evolving and the every fifth auto attack feels strange, not much impact and frankly kaisa just feels like jhin (w) vayne (e invis) and twitch (attack speed from his q) mixed into her kit, and her ultimate was disappointing as well. i could go into detail why she is nowhere near unique but this is about aatrox, i have played many games on him so far on the PBE and know his abilities as best as i can, from this i have come up with just a few ideas to make him feel more like the role he is meant to play, the world ender. it's all tied to his ult, it's so underwhelming i feel like you press r and just gain damage and look scary and then boom you get murdered in a teamfight, most of the time anyway. i believe that when aatrox is in his ultimate form he should buff his other abilities in minor ways, for instance his q should become an every third auto attack thing quite like his old w, that would give the feel of using aatrox's old blood price and you would become more of a duelist. his q should be changed to where while he is in his ultimate form for it's duration he is able to move during his q on account of him having massive wings with his ult which obviously should allow him to take flight in some way, i believe allowing him to move in q animation would make it more viable to use and perhaps even easier instead of him getting close to killing that enemy top lane teemo and him just barely escaping after you burn everything use q and oops, you can't move in q so he just runs out of the range. his w i am not sure of yet, there is not much to be done it's a solid ability to keep your enemies close to you or away from you, his e passive healing should be doubled while in his ult form for it's duration so you really feel like a sustain monster like the old aatrox did but it's balanced in a sense as if Rhaast (just a reference point) can heal for up to 43% of ability damage he deals especially when he does a lot of percentage max hp why can't aatrox heal for a measly 40% while in his ult form that only lasts 12 seconds? on top of this due to the obvious fact aatrox gains wings for the duration of his ultimate i believe his e range should either be doubled (don't flip out it's honestly a very small range) or at the very least increased as you have power from your wings to assist you in the dash (obviously). last and most important, his ult blood well.. it is currently precisely 50% of his maximum health which isn't bad, but in teamfights it feels so weak, when you ult and only gain a little bit of bonus attack damage you can get burst so easily and quickly on account of your q being a still animation, your e having such a short distance, and your passive being practically non existent. i don't want riot to just increase the AD you get from his ult that doesn't fix anything, i would like his blood well to be changed to where the percentage scales either with level or ability level, my idea was, at level 1 of his ultimate your blood well will heal for 25% of your max health, not too strong early on not too powerful the bloodwell wouldn't matter so much early on since there are few teamfights. at level 2 it should heal you for a total of 50% of your max health, what it currently is. and then finally at level 3 of his ultimate ability it should heal you for a total of 75% of your maximum health, in my opinion this will allow you to really survive in teamfights better and give you a better chance of cleaning up, avenging your dead teammates, or making it to where you don't just have to buy health, i feel like aatrox is like you have to buy health items to last in any damn fight, but if you build health you have no damage and i don't want riot to just give his ult more AD that isn't right that won't make you feel like you are playing aatrox the world ender it just feels like a ripoff darius to a degree, but if you only build damage items with a little bit of health it isn't enough and with his measly 50% max health he has now you still get shredded in teamfights with such little healing from his e and his passive never being up it's no point even being in the teamfight except for the cc except you can't move while in his q animation so they can easily dodge seeing as everyone has a damn dash nowadays and a good player will be perfectly capable of dodging it somehow. aatrox doesn't feel like aatrox, i don't feel like i'm playing a powerful darkin i feel like i'm playing a discount clown without the makeup... i want riot to release this champion with his full potential, let your players pick him up and main him, let players play the new aatrox and feel like you really are playing the world ender someone to be feared. i do not feel like the new aatrox is unique, i feel like he is incredibly weak in many situations, i just want the new aatrox rework to have everything up to his full potential instead of it being like the kaisa where you have all this room to expand on and they don't do anything. i get they want room for newer champions to come in the future and champion reworks, but you shouldn't make every new champion feel less and less just so you know you have room to make another new champion or rework feel less as well. and those are my idea's, i honestly would love someone at riot to read this and bring this into consideration so that maybe they can incorporate these ideas somehow before aatrox is released onto live, because honestly at the rate it is.. he doesn't feel unique. i know no one at riot will see this, i know no one will probably even care or notice this comment, but at least i'm getting it out there, hopefully someone sees this who is able to make some sort of difference for future champions because honestly, i don't see riot making every new champion unique in their own way and i don't see them making any champion to their full potential (yes i know i've said this a lot and it's cheesy) in the near future. but again, these are just my own ideas...
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: So I totally get if Olaf isn’t your cup of tea. That’s cool, but let me try to convince you otherwise because I’m a big fan of the berserker. Olaf’s one reason for living is to die in glorious combat right? Then he finds out that he’s going to die peacefully as an old man, literally the last thing he would ever want, the greatest taboo, the ultimate dishonor. And so he goes on a quest to find the most incredible doom. Olaf isn’t just fighting monsters, he’s fighting fate itself. I’m a sucker for those kinds of stories. And for Viking berserkers. And fight porn, and Olaf’s general silliness when he’s not out chopping creatures into tiny giblets, and even when he is! This comic highlights Olaf’s character fantasy, letting us see the berserker at his best, as an unkillable force of nature. I enjoy reading things that are violent and over the top and that’s what we were going for here, trying to put this version of Olaf in these fun, interesting situations where he gets to meet characters from other dimensions and explore how he’d interact with them. It just so happens that most of the time, unsurprisingly, that ends with a little blood in the snow, or mud, or whatever. If you don’t buy into the character fantasy, I can’t help ya there. That being said, I wouldn’t suggest trying to make one-to-one comparisons between this Olaf and his in-game character. Does Olaf heal himself when he attacks enemies in Runeterra? Probably not. Does he call lightning from the sky to smite his foes? Nah. In the comic you see callbacks to those abilities because it’s fun, easter-eggy stuff, but this isn’t Summoner’s Rift Olaf. This isn’t canon Olaf. This is Olaf vs. Everything Olaf. There are similarities, but they aren’t the same. What does this mean for you and the comic? If you enjoy watching Olaf get beaten up and dishing out punishment in return, stick around, there’s a lot more of that coming. We’re also going to be digging into his motivations a little. But just a little, because then there wouldn’t be as much space for chopping would there? I’d stick around though, even if you don’t enjoy Olaf, I think you might have some fun seeing where he ends up!
imagine if olaf got a rework, they kept the pure essence of his berserker style but made him extremely fun and with unique design, i love unique design that leads to fun gameplay and olaf can definitely bring that with a rework
: I'm done playing League of Legends
I cannot sugar coat anything, this game is truthfully a damage to most people than it is an enjoyment to others. i've been playing it since season 2, i remember back when you could go any champ in any role and you could have fun, you could build the shit you wanted and you'd have fun, especially with friends. now that meta is a thing anyone who builds differently or who goes that good old master yi adc (even if they go 26/2 and win) they are insulted or judged. fuck i went yasuo the other day because my friend went malph and wanted me to duo with him to dick around, i got bloodthirster first item after getting seal because they had a yorick top who i was against and my mid laner said "bloodthirster first item? interesting" the sarcastic ass questioned my item counter to yorick's ghouls, iiiinteresting. either way, this game has indeed turned into a game where it is more important to win the game and laugh in the other teams face than it is to enjoy the game and have fun. and for some odd reason you can literally feed every single game you play for 3 weeks let's say a total of 50 games you purposefully feed by running into enemy tower right? and riot most likely will not even ban the person for a real long time until the attention is brought directly to them. now toxicity, i believe in my opinion excessive toxicity is not necessarily a good thing, i just got banned on my main for insulting someone who was rather dude, i didn't even get a warning just a ban. then just now on my PBE account for the oddest reason i got banned without any warning at all because i insulted a guy who called me a %%%%. "the vast majority of players agree that while league's an intense, competitive game, everyone deserves respect on the rift." yeah let's see if the "vast majority" has never even once insulted someone out of anger or flamed even the tiniest bit, my my riot you having a presidential barbecue cus there's some insane smoke blowing out your ass. of course me insulting this these people out of anger was wrong of me, but everyone has to vent. if you bottle up anger it will merely disappear until it is released in an anger fit worse than if you had just called the guy a bitch earlier. if a guy calls me a %%%%, i'm not going to respect him. that's moronic beyond proportion. there is a reason for the mute button, hell you can even mute pings if you deem it necessary. the ban system is foolish as well frankly i once saw one guy get banned because he did a ranked game, won, and the enemy team was incredibly pissed off so they just reported him. this was a year ago and i forget what he got reported for like if they all selected unsportsmanlike behavior or something along those lines. this game does bring out the worst in people, i'm sure it's ruined at least one persons life purely out of anger for the game and community, but riot doesn't care. riot's full of brainless monkey's, but hey this is merely my opinion. there are ways to fix these issues of course, players who are toxic should be given a routine warning stating they need to watch themselves and if they continue with their behavior then they should be given a chat restriction for a week or a limited amount of games. not a two week ban, riot. and if they continue with this after the restriction then ban them for 2 weeks because they're just downright morons at this point then if they continue permanent ban. you can't just hit a guy out of the blue with a ban without a graced warning riot. as to the earlier issue of the game not being fun, riot needs to perhaps change the game up a bit, a new objective or two perhaps more fun aspects to old characters via reworks which i'm sure riot's got in store, and new game modes. ooh and i may be biased as a lore nut but they could extend lore and revamp it in old champs and perhaps even add in a few easter eggs or teasers relating to this lore. black market brawlers was an incredibly amazing game mode as it followed a bilgewater type feel to it and gave diversity in objectives and even new items. then deadmans got added which was alright i suppose. i would enjoy seeing riot work more with this issue rather than slap a system together that goes through reports and bans someone according to how they behaved in chat that's inefficient and downright lame. sigh... starcraft was way better than this shit ass game....
: What exactly are you considering a good computer and good ram? I'm running PotatOS and I still don't lag. Maybe there's something else going on that's making it do this
> [{quoted}](name=Final Spark Lux,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dGGVdUwt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-23T02:23:11.018+0000) > > What exactly are you considering a good computer and good ram? I'm running PotatOS and I still don't lag. Maybe there's something else going on that's making it do this i believe it's a corrupt client, when riot released the new client some files seemed to have some issues updating to take in new files of the new client so i most likely just need to re download my client, but this is just to my current knowledge
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: ***
: Just wanted to say that I just dc'd from a Ranked game in which I followed the above instructions to try to log back in and rejoin the game, but when I did, I was able to log into the client but it's as though I was never in a game....Client lets me queue (which I'm not doing for fear of whatever is happening) and nothing in my match history (though the game would likely still be going). If I OP.GG myself, I see it says I'm in a game too :(
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: It doesn't even say "We're unable to log you in because you may be offline" for me, but the login button is still gray which prevents me from logging in. Is it too much to ask for a "working" client?
how does that even make sense as well "we can't log you in cus ur offline" if we were offline we're logging in to fucking get online
: This worked for me. I actually just experience this issue a couple minutes ago and was like WTF?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} But NOW my issue is the ping. What the hell is going on? I reset my modem multiple times, closed anything else that cool be pulling bandwith, and restarted my computer at least a dozen times. Is anyone else having an issue with the stupid ping?
i just left a game to restart client cus i had 600+ ping when my internet was literally fine and i get this dumbass issue and the instructions don't quite help to put it simply in terms of respect and honor i'd rather sincerely shake the hand of a dirty hobo than the hand of whoever made riot this way...
: Thanks for the low priority Que its always fun to wait 5 mins before you can wait another 5mins to play a game especially when you get done patching then your game crashes mid game and you cant get back in and get punished for it good job riot your the best
you mean wait 5 mins then wait anywhere between 5-10 mins for game cus of dodgers and afk check dodgers then have a 25% chance of not getting your primary role or getting autofilled and a 50% chance ur gonna get a garbage team/encounter the issue again or a troll on your team, a bad game with feeders, enemy jungler camping you, shit like this
: is there a lag problem going on in the live servers?
well now it's only random games i get a bit of ping issues
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: {{champion:202}}&{{champion:222}} ship I approve
what's funny about that ship is they are exactly the same in killing aspects and they are both insane


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