KerryJames (EUNE)
: Not sure if Evelynn or..
Logged in to post about this. Looks like I don't need to now. Who knows though, maybe it is intentional since she goes invis. :P
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RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
This probably isn't going to be seen, but I noticed the Jinx figure has none of her tattoos! OMG PLS RITO. :P
RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
Are there any chances of having a champion list on the main page so you can see everything related to a specific champion. I saw you have these lists in the individual categories. It would be nice to click Jinx for example and be shown her mini figure and poster. I'm kinda glad that there ins't a Fiora figure yet. Need to save money for the holidays. :P
RedBeard (NA)
: Riot Games Merch Store Incoming [COMPLETED]
Are there any plans for releasing an artbook? I would love to get my hands on one. Also, any plans for {{champion:114}} or {{champion:44}} ? I'd love to get something for one of my mains. :P
: > One of you purely wants to benefit the team at the detriment to your own FUN, while the other completely neglects the needs of the TEAM in a TEAM game. > > If you're not having fun, chances are you're not very great with your champion you're forced to play (hence why I rarely play Support, that role's a piss off). You've got this core assumption that playing what you know how to play is about fun, which I never said or implied. You are going to play much better playing something you know how to play rather than playing something that 'fits into the comp' or 'counters' who you are against in lane. Playing Jax vs Fiora means nothing if you don't know how to play Jax.
Thanks for the Jax vs Fiora bit. Fiora is one of my mains and I have gotten quite a few people pick Jax because of my pick. It is easy to see which ones know how to use Jax or fight me and which ones don't. For those picking solely because "Jax hard counters Fiora," their team often rages when Jax gives me food.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Feel free to use me. I do what I can to stay positive in matches and keep to the rule "If you don't have something nice to say, just ping." :P
Solideus (EUNE)
: @Carnival Knights. Who and what is the New Northern Shopkeeper?
All I can see is the Captain of the Thames from Xenogears. His new name will be Captain. HE IS! A MAN! OF THE SEA!
: I'm over here with the smallest champion pool known to man kind and there are people complaining about having too much ip... *cries*
Lemme guess, only the 3 free ones, Tristana, Alistar, and Garen? TBH, having a small pool is much nicer than a large one while you are learning. I bought the bundles in the store and I feel it was a huge mistake. I now have a bunch of champs I don't know all that well and trying to learn them all is a bit overwhelming. I'd suggest if you want to build up your pool, start with some of the cheaper ones you like from free week. By the time you feel confident with them, you should have enough IP to move onto another champion. Also, always try to get your daily win in, even if it is only a bot game. 150 ip 7 times a week adds up.
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weihe123 (NA)
: You now wake up as your main. What do you do?
{{champion:44}} Wander around while being fabulous. {{champion:114}} Try to find a worzy opponent.
: Scroll bars? What kind of resolution are your running??
Work laptop. Don't actually play on there. :P The sad thing is that was the best resolution it is capable of.
navewolf (NA)
: Is this a link for anyone else? I am very confused...
It was a link to the picture. It probably would help if I pay attention before I try posting.
: Commemorate the 2014 Season!
[Almost couldn't afford it!](
Snolen (NA)
: The JoJ removed entirely?
They got rid of the JoJ a while back. They are in the process of rebuilding the lore in order to expand in the future. As Legacy of Xion said, they are still on the wiki. [Link for the lazy](
: [PotD] BYO Champion
Name: Pirad Passive: {{champion:82}} Iron Man Q: {{champion:41}} Parrrley W: {{champion:26}} Rewind E: {{champion:81}} Arcane Shift R: {{champion:114}} Blade Waltz Tons of damage and chasing potential through QREQWQE. Any combo builds up the nice shield through the passive. Escaping ganks is also easy as a Q to build up a shield then EWE away.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
I love Taric's serious and focused attitude. Everything revolves around gems. I like how he is reserved about himself and wants to be known about his pursuits as a champion as opposed to his personal life. His voice NEEDS to stay. It has this awesome calming / soothing aura to it that reflects his personality and history of healing. While everyone always talks like he is super flamboyant, I see him as just being comfortable with who he is, not out to prove a point. I see him as being a more asexual character, not concerned with romance. That is part of why I think the Armor of the Fifth Age (Fabulous Taric) skin worked so well. He is ok with wearing what he likes without worrying about other people's opinion. His armor needs to be shiny and emphasize his love of gems. His hair is also great, but could use a little more detail. I always pictured him as a member of an 80's glam metal band appearance-wise. His shield and hammer need to look large and heavy. It shows that a character that may seem softer, can still be strong. His passive for Shatter needs to look more like gemstones. Every time I see the current passive, I think of Pig-Pen from Peanuts. Maybe have something similar to Lissandra's black ice but more colorful.
Lizdeath (NA)
: On Reports, Tickets, Illegal Activity, and Calling Riot Out for Bullshit
I hope Riot is able to help you. It is jerks like that that have made my wife refuse to play any pvp. She has seen and heard about too many issues where players in general are relentlessly bashed, with women even more so, to risk trying for herself. And before anyone mentions mute, know that by the time mute is used, it is already too late.
Rew711 (NA)
: lol, i think i got them. 1 {{champion:48}} 2 {{champion:222}} 3 {{champion:44}}
Close, first one is supposed to be Fiora.
: League Haikus
I am almost dead When I ult on your team Lifesteal will save me Destruction is fun I will destroy Piltover I have many guns My hammer is great My hair flows like a river Gems are outrageous
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Zany Kun (NA)
: Withered Varus Skin Concept
Enchanted Grove Varus, I'd buy it, and Varus. :D
nov1kk (NA)
: intoLeague - League of Legends live game lookup for your mobile phones!
Looks cool but sadly I have an iPhone. Do you plan on doing an iOS version?
: I know it's not the same, but Factions is now publishing an in-universe newspaper, the Summoner's Herald, in the style of the JoJ. The **[first issue](** includes a Notable Events section that connects the timeline with the JoJ's.
: Debonair Vi and Ezreal have arrived
I can't be the only one that notices Ezreal's gauntlet changes hands... I do love the skins though. Will buy once I have some RP. :P
: I'll take a shot at this. For clarity though, I am not on the lore team. However, I am a huge lore geek. I, like many of you, love books/movies/games with massive, fully fleshed-out worlds (Kingkiller Chronicles anyone?). So obviously, when I joined Riot, one of the first things I did was to gobble up any lore-related information and understand what's going on with it. Here's what I learned: Lore is by no means forgotten. I'd like to draw a comparison to the Summoner's Rift Update. Around winter a lot of players started asking why there was no winter-themed Summoner's Rift. Some players assumed Riot just didn't care about the map anymore. However, by now it should be apparent that we didn't ignore flavoring the map, but instead we had most of our environmental artists working on SRU, which in my mind is much more important than having a winter-themed map. In fact, I would argue that making a skin for an older map, and delaying a newer map to do so, would be a disservice to players. Getting back to lore, I know that since Freljord, there's be almost nothing related to lore that has come out. I also realize that many players, such as yourself, have determined that we are starting to "get cheap" with our lore and our world, and given the visibility you have, that's an understandable conclusion. But let me pose a different theory. What if the Lore is like the current summoner's Rift: It's functional and has some really cool features, but it also has some glaring bugs and is by no means as pretty or as flushed out as it could be? What if the reason why there are no Journals of Justice or any lore updates of any kind are because everyone related to lore is working on stuff that takes priority? How cool would that be ;)
This makes me happy. I started reading the Journals of Justice a few months back and was sad to see them end. I would love to see more about this world and some of the reasoning for rivalries and friendships fleshed out. Thanks for this bit of news. I hope the soon™ is sooner rather than later. :P
Douzle (NA)
: Do you know how much longer this season has? He'll probably be out the 13th or 14th of this month.
My apologies. I was under the impression that the season was over in September. Looking at Season 3, it looks like it was October. I know they mentioned in the patch notes for 4.12 that there were only a couple patches left so I assumed it was closer.
Avorok (NA)
: Sona still talks in your head. This question is like asking why does any non-human like creature speak English in the game.
Obviously because the Tardis is nearby. I've been trying to find it on the rift for quite a while.
: i have two questions 1: how much will gnar cost ip and rp 2: when will he be out
He will likely be 7800 IP on launch day dropping to 6300 after a couple of weeks. RP will be 975. He probably won't be out until after the season is over. Too close right now to be able to make sure he is balanced for Worlds.
: Gnar Q&A - Art & Sound [COMPLETED]
I love Gnar and will probably pick him up either day 1 or close to it. My only issue is the voice seems like it will get annoying after a while. Have you run into this in the PBE or internal testing? Will there be a way to have it so he doesn't talk as much? I do think the voice fits him well, its just a matter of personal opinion. Thanks again for bringing such a creative champ to the league!
thesi (NA)
: "I long for a worthy opponent" - A Fiora Fanfic
I threw it on Hoping to get more feedback. :P
: What do your mains say about you?
{{champion:114}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:254}}
: You and a champion share a B-day party
{{champion:119}} We would put on one helluva show.
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: +1 to that. We do have a wealth of internal art. I'd love us to some day release a compendium. We'd have to sort through a LOT of stuff, not just to make sure we're putting quality stuff in there, but also to make sure we're presenting work that shows its similarity to the outcome of the asset. We have so much stuff that early iterations sometimes don't even resemble the end product. Either way, we've talked about it, but I'm not sure what's planned. I do know that it'd be a big undertaking! I so hope it happens though eventually.
I personally love artbooks. I get them whenever I can for games I play. I love seeing the evolution of characters, places, and items. It doesn't have to show each thing exactly as it shows up in the game, but can start with the beginning pitches and show how it worked up to the final product. An idea is maybe releasing several volumes, starting with beta and doing a season at a time. You could also break up each book into a set number of champions. I would definitely preorder once they were available.
Krylhos (NA)
: Greetings, Your profile page has been fixed in our new boards!
Nice! Thank you kindly! Will definitely make posting on these forums a bit better. Now I won't forget about topics I post in!
: Hiiiii!!! OMG! I .. just, look, here you are on my facebook: [_]( I hope to become part of your regular league! I mean, we have League and Archer in common, so what more do we need to be the best of friends? Srsly, though, I was hoping to somehow find your gang of 7 again (there were 2 not cosplaying, right?). You were all so rad, glad you found this. Let's do this. #ActivateSuperBestFriends
Wow! We made your Facebook! 6 of us play League (Cyril doesn't). Lee Sin is BromanceCMan Kreiger is Stalray Fiora is danceofeternity (only plays bot games) Uncostumed 1 is Nekojin Uncostumed 2 is The Banzuke
thesi (NA)
: I was wondering who you were. I forgot to ask. I was the Surgeon Shen with the Headmistress Fiora (my wife), Krieger, and Cyril. Was awesome meeting you! Here was our 360 pic. The one at the booth wasn't working sadly.
: Thank You <3
I was wondering who you were. I forgot to ask. I was the Surgeon Shen with the Headmistress Fiora (my wife), Krieger, and Cyril. Was awesome meeting you!
Krylhos (NA)
: Greetings, My apologies for this bug. We're working on getting this resolved. This is a result of an improper search.
Thank you much for your quick response. :D
: Huh, that's very strange as that means it's a bit more than just a bad link, because there's the question of where your real profile is. It also shows on the mouseover on your name, but that's just the same problem. Have you had a.... * name change * ban * server change * any account altering recently?
I've had the same name/server since beta. Haven't been banned or had any account modifications. I don't post often so it isn't a huge deal, just makes it hard to track when I do make them.
: I agree with you that the danger of a random downvote in something like a downvote spree or even an innocent misclick can be disastrous to a new thread, as far as addressing you current problem have you tried switching to the 'Recent' ordering? 'Hot' is really meant for when/if the CB gets the same amount of traffic GD currently does, and isn't particularly useful at this very moment.
I have done that for myself now, but by default, it is set to "Hot." Unless someone actively changes it, posts will remain hidden.
: So just to make sure, does the URL of that page end with ".../player/NA/thesi" or "/player/NA/THESIGONATOR"? Just a question of it being the wrong routing or simply the wrong text.
It ends with /thesi I have tried copy and pasting the full address thinking it might have to do with the way I get there but I still get his profile. I swear I'm not a level 2! lol
: Something else to understand about me is the speed at which I learn new champion mechanics (hint: it's *really* slow). So, my champion pool is *very* small (there are probably only 10-20 champs who I can play with any degree of proficiency, and the only champs I'd consider myself **good** at *(as defined by my willingness to play them in ranked - sans soraka, because of the gutting)* are: {{champion:131}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:43}} I also very much enjoy the theoretical side of league, especially trying to find off-builds that work, ie {{champion:43}} TOP with {{item:3027}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3111}} (swap out mercs for {{item:3172}} at 6 items) Fits into the tanky top meta, and you become a peel machine for your adc who can also splitpush pretty well. --- Anyway all this boils down to: I tend to spend my IP on runes over champs, and try off-builds for my favorite champs (Tanknivia!) instead of trying out new champs - hence I do not yet own fiora.
Fiora is on free week starting tomorrow. Give her a try. She is fun, just play a bit cautious. When snowballing, she is OP, when behind, she falls fast.
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