: I’ve been waiting for Zoe for so long and she’s still not here?!?!?! It’s been like 9 months since she was here
That was sarcasm right? I mean the community hates Zoe so much they'd probably riot (no pun intended, sry) on the streets or something if she got put on free rotation.
: Patch 8.16 Notes
> Bugfixes Players are no longer blocked from creating custom games if they have dodged from champ select. I'm confused, why is there only 1 bug fix this patch? Are the bugs out there just too hard to find/fix or what, because I see bugs all over the place, I can't play more than a few games without glitching in one way or another, I'm really concerned that riot is putting way too much effort into releasing new content and way too little fixing bugs. I remember when patches had a list of 20+ bugs that got fixed, did the whole team for this get fired or something? tldr: why so few bug fixes?!?!
: Patch 8.14 notes
I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining, you guys are doing a pretty good job juggling game balance and releasing new stuff and everything else, but it seems like there are a lot of pretty prominent game bugs that have been around for a while, I don't know much if anything about coding but if possible it would be great to have them out of the game, once again I don't know how hard it is to find/fix a bug but it is super annoying to lose a game because of a bug, it doesn't happen much but when it does it's really aggravating, keep up the good work guys!
: Patch 8.5 notes
> R - Demonic Ascension NEWOVERWHELMING Demon Flare now passes through champions. Effects like Yasuo's E - Windwall and Braum's E - Unbreakable still block the portion of the nova they intercept. Riot knows Yasuo's Windwall is his W right?
Rain NT (NA)
: LionCoeur Gaming looking for SILVER-PLATINUM players OR teams (ALL ROLES)
IGN:tinkledeath99 Age:19 Role:Jungle Rank:Gold V Champion Pool: Kha'zix, Kayn, Sejuani, Gragas, and Nidalee are my best, can play most junglers though. Are you a toxic player?: No How do you react to a bad situation?: Being raged at? or just bad early game? if it's a rager just mute them anything I need to hear can come through discord, if we are doing bad early game, oh well, get plenty of control wards and try to play to the strong lanes, I try not to gank lanes that are feeding since that tends to put me behind. Strength and Weaknesses?: I'm good at snowballing leads and not feeding while behind, I'm good at warding and understand basic lane mechanics. I'm not the best at teamfights as i usually play assassins but if we have a good shot caller i'm fine with them. Rate from 1-10 your communication skills: 8 What are you looking for through working with us?: Improvement and fun gameplay with other people who are trying to learn Do you have any tournament experiences?: I have won a few low elo tournamates (<gold) sponsored by HKG and was part of a casual team that had to be disbanded due to our leader having medical problems. Work/School: school monday/wednesday until 3 PM Time Availabilities: ^ can't play while at school and can't play too late at night unless I get permission from my parents. Timezone: EST
Tsiawd (NA)
: How about we doing something about stupid CHAMPION capsules as a reward for leveling up??? I have 285k essence, every champ, 46 champion shards, and 11 champion capsules unopened. This is ridiculous. You reward the long time players with....... NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even reroll my champs anymore to get the new champs and essence is a waste until your store opens again. Give us Orange essence and chances of skins at least. Reroll 20 champion shards for 1 skin, oh and make it UNLOCKED already cuz having to get 2950 orange essence for an out dated Pulse Fire Ezreal is a tragedy. Also, why I am ranting why not let us refund the skins for the champions you Reworked and eff'd over like Poppy and others. I bought skins for the champ and you changed them. Now, I am stuck. Last thing. Give us a throwback game mode PLEASE!! 2014\Throwback\Old School champs on a rotating game mode. Ok Have a nice night!
Gotta say I kinda agree with mostly. Firstly the level up system is a replacement for getting the IP after every game, so in essence you are complaining about riot changing getting ingame money for different ingame money, at least they have the blue essence shop so you can, eventually, use up your blue essence on select things. Second refunds for reworked champions would be great, I've gotten a few skins I wish I could refund since I just don't like their new kit. Finally, I agree that it takes WAY too much orange essence to unlock your skins when you do finally get one you like, I pretty much just re-roll any skin worth less than about 200 essence since it's just not worth disenchanting them and most of the skins above that much are good enough that I want to keep them, there's only a small range of about 200-275 that I'm actutally okay with disenchanting and I think it's ridiculous how little essence you get for legendary (364 essence) or even ultimate skins (650 essence) PS. now that I've written all this out I realized that this really isn't the place to be posting this stuff, this is a skin sale not an ask riot. Also, I'm pretty sure my disenchant numbers are right but if not please let me know.
: New Epic skin: Arctic Ops Gragas
FIRST COMMENT! (Plz upvotes this I know i'm not the first comment but it'll be great anyway)
: Yeah dude our last jungler didnt work out and he was very toxic
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier was gone for a bit, I will add u when I get a chance to do so. Edit: Can't get on to add you atm due to the patching error
: Looking To Create A team!
if you need another jungler or your jungler doesn't work out i'm game discord name: frogsawbob
Rioter Comments
OKE Yami (NA)
: Team Ignis Looking for A High Gold - Low Plat Jungler
I am only Gold V simply because haven't had the time to play enough games though i'm told i could probably hit plat pretty easily, if you're interested add me.
: Looking for a gold/plat Jger and ADC for team in a league
Says your friends list is full add me if you want to remove someone, I am interested in joining your team as jungle PS I do have discord
Presume (NA)
: Lupos Gaming LF Gold/Plat Jungler for Tournament/Flexq Team
IGN:tinkledeath99 Age:18 Availability: (these time are approximate given traffic or weather conditions I could be +15 mins to each start time) Monday 12:00PM-8:00PM Tuesday 8:00AM-5:00PM Wednesday: 10:00PM-8:00PM Thursday: 8:00-AM 11:00AM and 4:00PM-8:00PM Friday/Saturday 8:00AM Sunday: Don't play sundays Champ Pool(assuming only for jungle): Kha'zix, Kayn, Rengar, Gragas (working on sej a bit and can play most jungles in a pinch) S7 Rank: Gold V S6 Rank Gold V Strengths: Mechanics and Microplay Weaknesses: Teamfights (mainly when I play assassins) Bio: I have been a Jungle main since the very end of Season 4 when i started playing. I am a very competitive League player in that I try-hard all the time. I am a currently a student in college (hence the weird hours) and live with my parents. About half of this year's season was spent moving between states so i had little time to rank up. I sometimes feel like I talk too much in voice chat (eg. calling things as i ping all the time and telling other my assumptions about enemy movements) since nobody else seems to do some of the things I do, you can tell when I start to get a little tilted when I stop talking as much. I've wanted to play on a 5 man team since I got into gold. My PING is usually ~60 but I might be able to talk to my parents about using their better WiFi if i get onto the team (should be a very consistent 30-40 ping at that point). I don't enjoy writing about myself much so if you have any other questions feel free to chat me on League or here on the board. I have played in tournaments by HKG a few times.
: Tactical Gaming
I am unable to play on Sundays due to parents rules and religious practices. Are there any squads with different practice days/times and if so could I specifically join one of those?
: I have well over 100k IP and nothing left to spend it on, so if you can't afford the new champs just send a friend request to Biessthefaii and I will do my best to gift them to you! I imagine riot will put some extra restrictions on gifting them, but I'll do what I can!
Awesome! friend request sent, only need Xayah if u don't want to gift me both
: Oh wow, this is awesome! I was kind of hoping an IP discount for them since it'll be hard for new players to afford both of them (personally I have both the IP and champion shards for it), but being able to gift them is a really cool thing to do. If any of you have a *ton* of IP, gift your newer friends these!
So now we can gift champs with IP, but {{champion:104}} still can't have a cigar???
: PBE Livestream: Dark Star - Singularity
I was told that there is going to be a new darkstar Kha skin coming out. Was wondering if anyone has heard if riot plans on making a new Rengar skin some time he only has 2 that are available and idk the last time he got one (yes i do play both Reng and Kha and you lore people can hate me for that), been wanting one since the ones they have seem kinda lame in game compared to the quality they have been making recently, don't want to waste money on a mediocre skin and have a better one come out. PS game mode looks totally awesome can't wait for it
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
This just seems like a bunch of clips of Diana not quite dying and getting 1-2 kills? I was expecting the quadra and penta kill plays.
Magûro (NA)
: Some how I can see {{champion:432}} as Baymax...
when I think of a champ as Baymax it would be {{champion:53}} blitzcrank
: Tell me you can't look at these without hearing this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezRrrdboWLc Well, **now** you can't.
My computer likes this video so much that when I went to get off of the tab the internet crashed and I couldn't pull it down-it was still playing XD
: {{champion:143}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:432}}
What is this even supposed to mean?!?!?!?!?!-just wondering
: New Skin Idea : Alcoholic Bard. His Horn is a funnel and everytime he collects a meep, they fill up his horn with a drink of choice. {{champion:432}} and {{champion:79}} Drink offs. The skin could be released as a set with Drunkard Gragas or something. Skin Idea 2 : Poro Lord Bard. Meeps are now poros. When he has a meep and autos "{{summoner:31}} " appears above him. And when he gets like 100 chimes collected he gets a cape made of poros. All hail Poro Lord Bard {{summoner:30}}
I just have to say that {{champion:79}} Gragas is a drunkard. so drunkard {{champion:79}} Gragas just sounds like normal {{champion:79}} Gragas to me although Idea 2 is AWESOME{{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}}


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