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: Based on his he does have an unatural XP growth throughout the game. He beats your mid lane in XP after 4 minute by 200 xp at the 3 min he has 0 cs at 4 minutes he has 7 cs at 5 minutes he has 15 cs happens again between 14min to 15 mins, suddenly another almost double his cs in less than 1 minutes. on the 18min mark he beats akali's 64cs by 6 minions(70cs) very close to your MF 69cs no idea where he is getting these CS from. his XP growth is closer with his Nasus XP and Akali XP he looks like a smurf, he has expensive runes greater marks, seal, glyph and quintessence.
i never felt rage like that before i almost punched my screen :/ ....i have expensive runes as well 3 of us did we qued together and were doing placements i just looked at it 4 mins he was lvl5 what even...... iam over it
: picture? because unless he was running exp quints and counter jging or had a few kills too, that's impossible.
i was top my jg was ivern so yea he was counter jg noc we chased a singed out of our jg and i saw noc clearing the wave top so i was like yeah gona kill him he 2shoted me like wtf just happened o_O he was 2 lvls ahead of me my jg had more cs thn him also at the last team fight we all got a ping spike followed by us all ganged up on him and he took virtually no dmg he didnt die..i reported him but idk if any thing will happen
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: new skins release date?
oh ok tnx :) i was saving my boxes just in the chance i might get them
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: Not to be a buzzkilll but Riot hasn't done a snow summoner's rift in over 4 years.
oh well its gona be one this year its on the pbe atm and on the patch notes it said "From all of us at Riot Games: good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you on the Rift. Speaking of, the weather’s looking a bit gray..." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Zienna (NA)
: Hah hah. Yeah im excited for the snow too!
ikr this is my first full year playing very excited it doesnt snow where i live its always very hot or wet sounds silly but iam excited to see the rift transform
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: Yes it helps a lot i sometimes tank the tower myself with the one extra minion nearby to reduce armor and then have the zzrot demolish it quicker I also have many many more uses for it i also use it as a ward, you put it further away from a lane and let the voidlings follow a whole trajectory through jungle and river into a lane, the voidlings give vision so by doing this you can gain the vision amount equal to 4 wards when placed in some area's, one of my favorite uses of the portal I also use it as a portable wall, place it right in front of someone you know is going to flash a wall to extend the walls thickness and poof wallflash ^^ so cheesy or to place down a wall for the poppy's and vayne's on my team or to block pathways and force enemies to walk around it so you can gain greater distance when running away or slow them down if they try to escape ^^ You can even use it to trap people between a wall a pink ward and the portal for an ''infinite'' root, at least untill they destroy the pink or portal, in case of no nearby wall you can use your own fat body if you play a tank This is my favorite thing to do when someone tries to turret dive me it's so cheesy x'D And it gives move speed near the portal which can be useful in many situations for example when running away or in a teamfight And i use it for so many more things it's crazy really
oooo nice i gota try it as ward and to block thm in place whn they tower dive XD thts instant slat triggered {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Will Riot put Runes on sale?
well all lvl 2 runes are now 1ip they were alot more just use those and farm up and buy wht u need also theres a 2for 1 on rune pages
: i do so too on a lot of champions easy tilting of enemy for easy games ^^
well i use it to take tower easy its very surprising how much one exrta winion can help u
: Party IP 0%
Iam having the same problem no matter how many ppl in the lobby it says 0% boost
: PSA: In case you didn't notice, GAREN is a beast again.
as a garen main myself all i have to say is PUT YUR HANDS UP IN D AIR AND SPIN ULTY EVERYONE LIKE U JUST DONT CARE
: I play Yorick and am in the same boat, fix it riot pls!
{{item:3512}} +{{item:3060}} +ult all lane control
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: Because garen was underpowered and relatively useless compared to other juggernauts. This looks like a "Cry just to cry" thread, considering the update just dropped, i doubt you have even seen garen yet.
Akwa (NA)
: i think its this bug. has to do with minions not moving and gathering in base or you can youtube search zz rot bug
DëZ (NA)
: IP Boost doesn't appear on account profile
same thing in the old client as well i was like umm where the boost at yo
CRIES i build this every game first item
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: NOXUS {{champion:122}}
Róngu (NA)
: DDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
: they're usually available closer to the holidays
: DEMACIA!!!!!!!
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Camille, the Steel Shadow
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: I just think he should fit his concept but I've never beat a garen as irelia. If you rush sunfire you still do more damage than her because of your ult.
theses one person tht i have randomly faced 3 times and dicked me so hard wth {{champion:39}} i taught i was prego even last night i was molested my a plat smurf {{champion:58}} smh
: I understand garen is supposed to be beginner friendly, but that was a bad decision I think. Just talking about the character concept and the gameplay alone, they don't match. If they wanted a beginner friendly top laner, they probably shouldnt have used a character that's supposed to be more of an aggressor.
{{champion:420}} has a less skill cap thn him :/
Narrate (NA)
: Why did I get this icon?
ask not wht the gods have given u but be tankful{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: i used to build those items full tank only cleaver as dmg but would still get shutdown easy by ppl who go assassins top *cough* {{champion:133}} {{champion:114}} or full life steal{{champion:75}} i was really gona stp playing garen for good then i found an total aidsy build and it mostly wins :)
also spin to win crit was popular way back was was shown to me by someone else i have only been playing at the start of season 6
: I think that most people do not play Garen how he should be played. Most people build wrong and abuse it, (Crit garen) {{item:3742}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3009}} This build will give you the sustain and damage to jump into teamfights (like Darius). As for his ultimate dealing percentage based damage, Garen is considered a "beginner" champion. Same as Annie.
i used to build those items full tank only cleaver as dmg but would still get shutdown easy by ppl who go assassins top *cough* {{champion:133}} {{champion:114}} or full life steal{{champion:75}} i was really gona stp playing garen for good then i found an total aidsy build and it mostly wins :)
: Garen: A Conflict between Design and Gameply
i main garen and hes loads of fun tanky or crit build however hes gets shut down easily there a champs (fighters/assassins) mostly smack him around its so annoying to lane against an {{champion:39}} wth {{item:3078}} {{item:3143}} shes more tanky thn you wtf shes not a tank. not to mention {{champion:122}} u cant even fight tht. i think garen needs a bit of rework some how.
: The rules of league of legends
dont chase {{champion:17}} into the bushes dont dive an {{champion:39}}
: Keep getting a "can't connect to league" but my internet is fine?
why :( the dumb internet finally started back working and i cant log on nooooooooooo same shit happening to me {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Alpha Client ( little things that should be addressed)
yup i wrote this while i was waiting to update lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: GAREN when is he gona get a new skin
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lol i think if he gets a buff he will be to op but something to help him lane would be nice sunfire cap is to expensive sometimes since it got nerfed and price increased
: Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp
its the 25th where is the sale??
Delebru (EUW)
: Garen is lacking mechanics
thts a good idea i play garen alot i find tht mid game hes pretty weak and can get shit on easily
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