: Ezreal Q: 1150 Range Blitzcrank Q: 1150 Range
Imagine thinking that a game where you kill other players in a war to victory is somehow supposed to be “fair” “fun”. War was never fair for anyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=toby mcteague,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OIUi1MIG,comment-id=0001000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-25T06:51:09.899+0000) > > Im pretty sure I understand it better than you. I don't know Reagan, you're telling me Yi is fine
Complain about a 51% wr at 7% pick rate. Sure mate, hes definately a problem
: > [{quoted}](name=toby mcteague,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OIUi1MIG,comment-id=00010002000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-25T05:35:03.635+0000) > > Except thats one of the reasons, not the whole argument. I never stated yi isnt problematic because he has no cc. He has other weaknesses as well not just that. > > You simply ignore the fact that I also stated hes extremely telegraphed, but hey, corrolation does not mean causation. > > You ignored my reply or just didnt understand it. No I understood it, you just don't understand League is all
: > [{quoted}](name=toby mcteague,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OIUi1MIG,comment-id=000100020000,timestamp=2020-01-25T01:28:02.832+0000) > > Yet the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. > > I never made the claim that just because a champion lacks something, they aren't problematic. You put those words in my mouth. Regardless if it was implied, you took everything out of context and made a strawman argument. "Master yi has : -**No cc whatsoever** -Alpha Stike changes make him ever more extremely telegraphed than before -He’s a Slayer, meaning he will outdps/outduel tanks assassins any other class. Master yi is: **Far from being a problem in this game**. Trust me, there are other champions in the game that you should worry about."
Except thats one of the reasons, not the whole argument. I never stated yi isnt problematic because he has no cc. He has other weaknesses as well not just that. You simply ignore the fact that I also stated hes extremely telegraphed, but hey, corrolation does not mean causation. You ignored my reply or just didnt understand it.
: > [{quoted}](name=toby mcteague,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OIUi1MIG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-24T17:50:54.002+0000) > > Master yi has : > > -No cc whatsoever > -Alpha Stike changes make him ever more extremely telegraphed than before > > > -He’s a Slayer, meaning he will outdps/outduel tanks assassins any other class. > > Master yi is: > > Far from being a problem in this game. Trust me, there are other champions in the game that you should worry about. Trynd has no CC but he's still problematic Riven has no self healing but she's still problematic Aphelios has no mobility but he's still problematic Just because a champion lacks something doesn't mean they're fine.
Yet the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. I never made the claim that just because a champion lacks something, they aren't problematic. You put those words in my mouth. Regardless if it was implied, you took everything out of context and made a strawman argument. You have yet to prove master yi is problematic in any way. Trynd has CC but still lacks reliable tools to stick to his targets. He will always get kited and CC'd to death by any competent team. He's literally far from problematic. His ult is so bad that you don't even put additional points into it until lvls 17/18. Riven is problematic because of her reduced Q and E cooldowns, and the execute buff they gave her last season. Aphelios I have no experience with his kit so I will not comment on that.
: Can we make it so attack speed slows work against master Yi during ult please?
Master yi has : -No cc whatsoever -Alpha Stike changes make him ever more extremely telegraphed than before -He’s a Slayer, meaning he will outdps/outduel tanks assassins any other class. Master yi is: Far from being a problem in this game. Trust me, there are other champions in the game that you should worry about.
Shahamut (NA)
: Been waiting since season 5...
You've been waiting for 5 seasons while there are over 100+ champions with more interesting gameplay than that piece of crap.
: You can no longer comment on patch notes
Because they aren't gonna listen to 99% of the playerbase that doesn't know the game.
: Just had the most fun playing LoL in a long time - 55 minute game
Ok, so what if you lost? You would be on here complaining that ranked is no fun because AFKers ruin the game.
Rioter Comments
: Nautilus has been the best support in solo queue AND pro play for over a year
Are you high? Tanks suck in League of Legends. Nautilus is underpowered. He gets blown uo in 0.5 seconds if he gets hit by 1 cc.
: When you find out the role/champions you were born to Play
Syndra works in all roles. Yes, even jungle in high challenger.
koneko (EUW)
: i need 10 rp rito please
Master yi has 9 eyes idiot.
: When did I ever go 0/12? And I have 70% win rate as Jax and a 60% as xin. I play very aggressively to make sure I can close out games quickly. If the rest of my team is behind then sometimes it doesn't work. In my last game I was 9/1/ as Jax jungle. Then i strated dying every team fight by peeling the 18 kill dairus. We'd both end up dying. I don't think that's a bad play. My fiora fed out her ass and I did my best to salvage what should be an unwinnable game.
Just shows that you only rmember when your team feeds but not you. You went 0/12 on jax 3 days ago. But you know, it was totally your teams fault. The reason why you wint climb: You keep trading kills and feeding you like an idiot. You arent a consistent player at all. I dont have anymore advice for you. Good luck.
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: league of skill.
Eh, I am on a 75% wr over 20 games, simply because I know how to let my team carry me if necessary. I also can close out games if I get fed. Even tho I was only gaining 13lp per win in plat 4, i managed to win 13 out of 15 games on thanksgiving to climb to plat 3. Your kda is 5.5/5.8/7.2 over the past 20 games. Also, you went 0/12 on jax and 0/4 on xin a couple of times. Seems like youre also part of the “coinflip” meta. You seem to trade kills which is really bad.
Vescø (EUW)
: Reached my own maximum?
Hey man. Im currently Plat 3, and I have learned a lot being hardstuck gold 2 most of the season. However, in 1 Just want to let you know I main Zed as well. I also like expand my champion pool and allow myself the highest chance of success. My champion pool consists of something pretty basic : (I’m a mid main) Assassin (if they have 4-5 squishies on their team) : {{champion:238}} Comfort Pick( all-around good pick, no hard counters, if you are unsure about matchup : {{champion:134}} DPS - late game (if the enemy multiple bruisers and tanks) : {{champion:69}} Waveclear - Late game (if you are unsure about matchup) : {{champion:34}} I was hardstuck gold about 400 games before I skyrocketed from Gold 2 to P4 in one day. Then it took about another 150 games before I got to P3. So from G2 to P3, it took about a 3 weeks. For me personally, I climbed because I played super safe and only went for trades I would 100% win. I also took defensive runes. For Zed, I recommend Electrocute > Taste if Blood > EyebAll > Ravenous Transcendence > Nullifying Orb
: Except that you're leaving a lot of details out about how exactly Sett has to work with those sort of 'perks'. His stun has to be achieved by getting an enemy on both sides of the AOE which, outside of laning phase, is not as easy as it looks. I can attest, as I have already played quite a bit of him on the PBE. 9/10 times when you use your Ult, you're going into the enemy team and will be focused, making it a huge risk factor. Hell, it's not even a great engage due to the incredibly short range. It makes him incredibly easy to kite, he's terrible at engaging in teamfights because of this. Yes, you have a huge shield and true damage from your W, but you have to take damage to get both of those to reasonable amounts and the shield depletes incredibly fast, making extended trades extremely disadvantageous. Again, for his HP regen to even be noticeable you have to be low on HP, making him especially susceptible to executes which happen to be pretty common these days. Sett is only really good at fighting other melee champions, primarily tanks. He's extremely easy to kite out in many scenarios, even by bruisers like Irelia or Kled. The only thing he excels at right now that we can say for certain is that he's great against (most) juggernauts and tanks.
Again. Its not about how HARD the champion is to play. We are not talking about that. Its about HOW MUCH. Over = excessively Loaded = packed Kit = Kit Excessively packed kit. He has an overloaded kit, based on how much stuff is in his kit. Your logic can apply to lee sin. 1.His execute only applies if he hits q. 2.He only has gapcloser on his q if it hits. 3.He only has a gapcloser if he has wards or mnions. 4. His knockup inly applies if it hits a secondary target. 5.His %target bonus hp dmg only applies if it hits a secindary target. Its not about how hard it is to hit/execute your abilities. Its about how much shit is in your kit. When people talk about how overloaded Senna is, everyone agrees because she has a lot of (random?) shit thrown in her kit. But shes not that mechanically hard to play. Senna: Free crit Free range Free AD Free Attack speed Aoe root Aoe invisibility / obscurity Mapwide range shield Mapwide range heal Heal Self Movement speed boost Aoe movement speed boost Senna is overloaded, but not really that hard to play.
: This....contributes nothing to the discussion at hand. Thanks mate.
Lets start with your comparison to Sett vs VI ult. Vi ult does less damage has more range. Knocks up in place. Sett ult displaces a person, does AOE dmg, and does a lot more overall damage compared to VI.
: Wh-. You. You just contradicted yourself. Also, by that logic, Maokai is overloaded cause he has a knockup, 3 slows and a root that makes him invincible. Do you really think Maokai is overloaded?
In terms of how much “stuff” he has in his kit regardless of how small, hes really overloaded. In terms of how mich he can do with his kit, we dint know yet. Simple to play =/= overloaded Simple to play =/= not over loaded Hes simple to olay but pretty over loaded. 100% dmg reduction True dmg 2 displacements 1 heavy slow 1 stun Movement speed Pseudo attackspeed on passive %max hp dmg %taget bonus hp dmg Shield HP regen Lee Sin: Shield Execute 2 gapclosers + .5 for ward hop True sight Slow Attack speed slow 1 Displacement, 1 Knockup Spell Vamp %target bonus hp dmg Attack speed buff Sett has just as an overloaded as Lee Sin. Only difference is that Lee Sin has an insane skillCAP. Zed: 1 dash 2 blinks %max hp dmg 1 heavy slow Untargetability Sight from shadows Mimicked abilities(?) not sure if it counts Zed is NOT overloaded. But I bet you his skill cap is mich higher than Sett’s (things you can do with the kit, combos, etc.) zed’s kit is far from overloaded.
Arammus (EUW)
: sett - the first champ in like 3(?) years thats not an overloaded fuck
Yeah, but he is really bland and adds nothing new to the game. Hes ginna be like ivern aurelion sol. No one is ginna play him after a few months 2nd he has 2 displacements, 1 stun, 1 smassive slow. Hes pretty over loaded.
: Sett is surprisingly great, but:
I find Sett super generic. His kit is kinda bland to be honest.
: revert akali shroud back to her pre rework shroud
Nah, this shroud has more counterplay. She diesnt get a free blink like in her old shroud, which can jump over walls.
AhernfVy (NA)
: Why does 10/4 Udyr lose to 4/4 Darius who misses all 3 Qs in a duel?
10/4 does not mean ahead. You did not show us the gold difference or lead that you had. Did you have unsoent gold? You went glass cannon. This Darius actually bought ho and defense items. You played it pretty bad, so did darius. Since you went glass cannon, you have to not make any mistakes. You foight Darius when he had 5 stacks on you.
5050BS (NA)
: So Im guessing Sett is really a tank
Hes more of a juggernaut. Most tanks have some form of damage reduction and CC. Seems like he’s gonna be a little over tuned on release, but we dont know since we dont know his numbers yet.
: Blue Essence Issues (I miss the old IP system)
You can unlock half the roster in one year if you just unlock the shards abd not staight up buyt them full price
: Local Ping
Good idea. Makes coordinating ganks much less confusing for other laners.
: We really need 2 ban per game ..
Bans aren't there to ban every broken pick. Just the ones you hate playing against the most.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: You're just salty an easy to counter champion kicks your ass.
I mean I play mid. Never really had problems with Jax to be honest. But having his stun on a 1.5 second cooldown with shojin, where is the counterplay. Youre just mad that you cant abuse jax anymore and now youre losing elo 😂
Arammus (EUW)
: im not here to talk about the definition of flame. all im saying is its stupid to say mute isnt an excuse for flame but for pingspam. either let it be an excuse for both or for neither.
If it doesnt bother you, why do you care so much? >excuse for flame Again, you have to define flame. Because youre literally using the word flame. What does that word mean, in your point of view?
AdamrCc (EUW)
: Jax feels like shit to play right now.
Keep Jax trash for at least 1 year. You cant have jax be brokennfor 1 entire year, and then cry that hes too weak 3 weeks into pre season. You cant eat your cake, and still have it too.
Arammus (EUW)
: following the rules doesnt mean im sensitive.
Why do you care so much if youre not sensitive? The only thing that matters in League is climbing. What is flaming? Is it ,” Damn this Rammus is trash, gg ff next please.” Or is it , “Dude. Stop pushing the lane after you gank. You’re setting up a freeze. How many times do I have to tell you?” You didnt give me your definition of flaming.
Arammus (EUW)
: yeah and if someone flames me i chatmute them. indeed not hard, still doesnt allow them to flame me. and the same should go for pings. you cant just say "oh hey muting chat isnt an excuse to be an asshole... but muting pings is totally a legit excuse to be an annoying dick"
They cant flame you if you chat mute them. They cant spam ping you if you ping mute them. Maybe stop being so sensitive amd just play the game?
: I play Ryze, and basically never become unfed or weak, I'm always strong.
Then you can realize Syndra Zed Cass Anivia shit on Ryze so you either never face them or just facing really bad players.
Ornn (OCE)
: regardless with only 2 attack speed items he rips through a 400 armor 5k health tank while tower driving and surviving with almost full hp
Wait, you have 400 armor how? 5k hp how? You still have towers at that point? Youre clearly exagerrating.
Ornn (OCE)
: mainly vayne she 14% you every 3 autos which can be done in less than 0.5 seconds. while other champs have a 3+ stack passive it has a cooldown unlike vayns
Mean while Vayne is the only champion in the game with no AOE anything, and shes the only ADC that cannot damage anything without being within 550 range. Most of her damage is physical anyways.
: Yeah so what about the other half of the time he doesnt have his ult up? Plus if yi ults and alphas you just ult him back
Yi literally sucks without ult. Why would he be fighting you?
: Yeah but cass I'd say is strictly a better 1v1 champ while having a better impact in team fights I'm not saying ryze isnt strong but saying cassio is weak as an argument is just not true
Where in my post did I say Cass is weak? You’re literally putting words in my mouth.
Arammus (EUW)
: according to op.gg my main (jennifer420) whos in plat 3 is in the top 9% of euw. my experience didnt improve. its not as frequent anymore but everything the OP says happens STILL MANY TIMES. i dont think an IQ test would solve this but man if pinging more than 30 times in 15 seconds would result in a pingmute for 10+ games (kinda like the CR system) that would be really nice.
That is anecdotal evidence, not based on actual facts. If someone is spam pinging you, just ping mute. Not that hard
Ornn (OCE)
: attack speed slow doesn't count towards a slow so items like oem and frozen heart sill apply i wish they were buffed tho like 40-50% for the whole duration of them attacking you
No they dont. Master Yi is immune to all cripples (attack speed slows) and slows during his ult..... Seriously, read his abilities.
HeresyHorus (EUNE)
: {{champion:266}} mid main with Domination & CDR + Damage flex runes and rushing {{item:3071}} while staying on tier 1 {{item:3673}} Eats a full {{champion:134}} normal rotation without trying to dodge anything. "mAgEs aRe bRoKeN 0 skill NeEdEd 1 rOtATiOn tOoK 40% of MY hP No cOUnTerPlaY" Post 6 with just {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3673}} he Ult + {{summoner:6}} and all in her, misses Q crits but lands chain and killed her with just autoes "oUtPlaYed mAgE aBuSEr L2P uNiStaLl NoOb" this is mages problem from bruisers and ADCs perspective. note that Assassin players don't complain about mages that much cuz they are smarter than ADC and bruiser main. They know {{item:3155}} {{item:3111}} + null orb rune + tenacity rune can pretty much negate most mages early and mid game damage + cc. and they don't lose that much damage cuz they still have their 100% ad scaling autoes.
Actually, its pretty troll to build {{item:3155}} unless youre an AD assassin against an AP assassin. The only time you build hexdrinker is when you are super behind the enemy mage. Even then, you need hexdrinker against leblanc, katarina, ir diana, unless they are behind. But buiding hexdrinker against a mage that builds seekers. Have fun getting out traded since you only get a measly 20 attack damage 35 MR (1300g), while they get 35 AP 45 ARMOR (1100g). Nullifying orb is sufficent for the early game. Hexdrinker is overkill. 2nd, nullifying orb is in sorcery. The tenacity rune is in precision. You can’t have both, unless you want to give up Electrocute.
: Malphite slows his attack speed greatly. Honestly malphite counters yi pretty hard. I havent had a problem with that matchup
Malphite’s E does not slow master yi’s attack speed. Yi is immune to all slows and cripples during ult.
: The number of armor reduced by Duskblade is roughly the same for those levels that I brought up, and including scenarios where Zed magically has it at level 5 (from any situation, early kills primarily) was just being inclusive, and showing just how much armor the item will reduce at the lower half of levels. Sudden Impact has the highest pick rate from the top row of Domination runes, so even if it is 'situational' it is the most picked and should be included in the numbers, that's a fact whether you like it or not. Also when taking into account the armor a champion has you have to consider how much % reduction is negated by lethality and just how much damage that opens up. Caitlyn at level 5 (keeping the Champion and Levels the same for simplicity's sake) will have ~840 hp (including D. Blade), even if she has a Support who heals and shields (which isn't all of them and more than half of the 5 most-played supports don't heal/shield and Thresh (Most played) doesn't max his shielding ability first, and Senna (5th Most played) is the only who does and her healing isn't enough to save Caitlyn) they have to exhaust in order to stop a Zed from bursting an ADC out at level 5 or has to provide sufficient peel which Zed can outplay with some effort. So while there is more 'EHP' for them to burst through, it's not more than initial burst to begin with, and even if they somehow live you have to consider that Zed doesn't have to 1v2 in that lane and there will be 2 other people they have to worry about while also dealing with the Zed who has more than enough damage to burst through the ADC. Name an ADC that builds Seeker's Armguard as their first or second item, None of them, Kai'Sa could, but that just delays her powerspike tremendously. Sure they can get Tabi, but that makes fighting the 2v2 extremely hard as the other ADC will have Greaves and output more damage faster. No ADC is rushing armor, they're trying to finish Stormrazor/IE as fast as possible. And the only ADC who realistically puts Zhonya's in their build is Kai'Sa, and GA delays their build path tremendously when looking into just how integral their first 3 items are. And yeah, Seeker's is a great item, I don't disagree, but if you're bringing up bot lane so much why the fuck does Mid lane's item matter? But honestly, that brings up a greater point of just how OP Zhonya's is for the build path, item active, and stats offered. Also what are you arguing against? I said Zhonya's is good against Zed and QSS to Morde. The point wasn't the damage the point was the ignoring the burst. And yes armor in the early game is good, but besides Mages and Tanks, who can build armor early and still remain in the game? Bruisers? Sure, but are they Zed's target, and does this armor purchase affect their core build? Supports, sure, but Zed can ignore them. ADCs? Sure, but they will have so much trouble completing their build and will likely be unable to compete with the other ADC unless the game goes on long enough for their purchase to not matter. But I guess what you're saying is comparable to "hey Maw is good against Mages," like yeah, we know that. But Maw isn't as good against Mages as Zhonya's is to Zed. That's just a fact.
How did this suddenly just become about ADCs? I legit referred to 2 classes of squishys. Did you see that I wrote tht Zed is gonna kill Squishies who dont build armor? Why do I even need to mention it? Its commin sense. Read all my posts before commenting again. Regardless if Sudden Impact is the most selected rune, its not the most optimal. Pros usually opt for taste of Blood for the early sustain, and Ravenous Hunter for great healing in teamfights. Go to an elo where people actually know how to Abuse Zed’s weak lvls 1-3 and high W cooldown, and youll wish you took ToB. Ravenous and Ultimate hunter are situational runes. Plus, as I demonstrated in the math, Zed doesnt even need sudden impact to kill Cait. Why would an ADC build armor that early into the game? When did I ever say that an ADC does? Your point is irrelevant. Idk why you provide Cait as an example, but shes one of the ADCs that have a direct answer to Zed. She can just trap the opposite side from where Zed ulted from and take less damage after netting. CC, exhaust. All that matters. If Zed can still kill you through that, he’s either fed, you got outplayed, or you misplayed. If he killed her through exhaust, then you let him stay onto the ADC too long. Tip: if youre going to exhaust Zed, exhaust him 2 seconds before his ult pops, in every stage of the game. If you actually closely read all the math, you’ll know why.
: Ryze's true problem is that interacting with him is impossible unless you have hard CC that's easy to apply or outrange ridiculously hard. Trying to fight Ryze is like trying to catch a squirrel. Odds are you won't catch it, and it'll still scar you if you manage to reach it.
Play Zed. Its pretty much freelo
: If ryze misses q he does no damage for how long? Cass still has her w? Casses q is also aoe ryze isnt aoe with his q. And f your getting hit by his eq combo in the minion wave your playing it wrong
Acutally, Ryze Q is AOE. Dint lie to yourself. No Ryze starts with just Q In lane he has every easy poke with EQ. Cass W is irrelevant, because of its high early game cooldown. Lets talk about general damage. Cass doesnt have insta waveclear in the early game. Its easy to dodge Cassiopeia’s Qs. Unless you are melee with no dashes, then yeah its ginna be hard. Its oretty easy to dodge Ryze Q too, but Ryze has easier poke.
: Bullshit cass is easily stronger than ryze at every point In the game
Cass counters Ryze, but shes harder to play than Ryze. Just because shes a counter, diesnt mean she is stringer than Ryze. Ryze literally can AOE 2-3 people in a teamfight just by oressing EQ. Cassiopeia is mainly single target damage, but she has much better CC.
: > [{quoted}](name=MrSîsterFister,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kuEugBY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-07T05:11:30.354+0000) > > Shhhh. Yesterday you were supporting a thread that said Assassins were op. And now you’re complaining about Mage items. > > Well, at least you have consistent inconsistency. Not once did I say zed was op in that discussion. I said there is no way to survive his combo solo. But okay dude.
I will agree with you that Luden’s is a busted item. But not because it applies spell effects. The components Lost Chapter is busted too. The reason Ludens is so busted is because it gives 20% CDR. It allows mages to hit the CDR cap way too easily.
: Luden’s shouldn’t apply spell effects
Shhhh. Yesterday you were supporting a thread that said Assassins were op. And now you’re complaining about Mage items. Well, at least you have consistent inconsistency.
: That is not true, none of that is true what. Being weaker early doesn't mean you don't do anything, that's like saying ranged supports should never use their auto attacks.
Some matchups are hard counters. In these matchups, you dont get to play the game. Counterpicking is counterplay, because this isnt a 1v1, but a 5v5. This is the circle of counterplay, specifically for bot lane: (Sustain) Poke > (Sustain) Disengage > Engage > (Sustain) Poke Countplay is literally playing to your strengths and not exposing your weaknesses.
: > [{quoted}](name=MrSîsterFister,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IwtYU3AX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-06T22:52:30.573+0000) > > Game would be pretty stale. > > Panth rework is amazing. More skill expression. No more point click Q. He feels like he actually has a spear now. > > You can at least outplay Akali now. Old Akali had less skill expression and less counterplay. > > Revert Leblanc has more combos. No one liked rework Leblanc when she could half shot you with her E chainpassive snap. U can outplay current akali ? how ? If u make vote now for community to either revert old akali or keep current akali, 60 % would say bring back old akali Pantheon rework maybe good But its not balance, 100 % pick/bann at world For how broken its, This's didnt no happen since season 5 rework mordekaiser
The Boards community is pretty irrelevant. 99% of the people who play this game dont even use Boards. The 1% that uses boards, 90% is shit content, 10% good discussion. Panth is balanced. Who cares about worlds? It does not apply to SoloQ. Skarner is good in ProPlay. How many Skarners are good in SoloQ? Akali does not have any point and click spells. You can bait her Q in laning phase by walking in and out of the max range. You can dodge her E. When she presses W, either walk away or dump your Aoe on her. You can track her in her W with a Sweeper. Old Akali had no counterolay except dont be in her range. She was more statchecky, meaning there was little outplay potential. New Akali isn’t completely useless since shes not statcheck anymore. But she also has more counterplay now.
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