tooomine (NA)
: This game is not fun or meaningful.
Literally, the only good part about it right now is that its a free for all. A free for all league mode is a great idea, I really like that I get to do all the planning and execution for a strategy, its familiar to me too, because I don't have to learn new lore and champions, but that's the only positives to the experience, and those are completely stripped of their meaning by the way the game limits your access to power.
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AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
Hey one last thing from me. The soundtrack is gonna need major work to carry the sport.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
Hey. This game is awesome. I am in love. I hope there will be some time between the alpha and the beta for some significant data analysis, and a an addition of two things. Buildings (think fallout) and a diverse population of missions. That scuttle crab race was some of the most fun for me. An idea for the tournament structure: At a 7/15 split, Maybe rotate through which missions are making it ito worlds on a lot system. And then add more and different types (possibly even larger battles, with many players).
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Dude, I have been a die hard marksman player since S5, and I'm fucking STOKED that you're nerfing infinity edge, and crit in general. Dude, so many games and times I've wanted to have some flexibility in my build path to counter other game mechanics, but I've been unable to since I've had to match the infinity edge that is coming out on my opponent team. For a long time, that was the shackle that held us as ranged AD players to the crit build, a shackle you foisted upon us (i might add) when you envisioned a streamlining of roles back when you started to change scaling on champions with less solid base stats, more ratios, changing supports to scale off mana regen, taking regen from mid lane, though there hasn't been much seccuess pushing fighters out of the jungle, since tank items are still hella strong... I have digressed. Just know. We haven't forgot that you chose to push us into a unilateral playtype expression with infinity edge, and not us. We were happy with BloodThirster from s4, but you know... ;) So, yeah, I'm really happy to see some diversity coming to the build paths. I know there are going to be some growing pains, can we maybe talk about keeping LDR, EC (god, please don't remove EC) and making the reverted Last Whisper a ranged-only item? For clarification, the component last whisper of LDR and EC would be renamed to something else, and stats would be unchanged. Last whisper, then, would become ranged only, and exist in its pre-changed status. That has the quadruple benefit of adding strength to the marksman style, while not overbuffing assassins (who destroy with that item, btw), and not overbuffing fighters who get to build RH and literally run you down all game, and providing a significant, lower cost counter to a fed top/jg tank. In the realm of Runes, maybe we could talk about having a scaling stat in one of the legend trees that gives you increased AD for last hits? That with maybe some buffs to the rune tree tier could make for some interesting gameplay. It would be cool to be able to use something besides Legend:Alacrity. I feel like with the addition of other viable marksmen styles, This is the time for that kind of change as well. It will provide some buffs to traditional crit carries in the late game, but also a significant buff to early game carries. For example: lucian could take the legend ADbuff rune and get really strong in the early laning pahse. If you play tristana vs him, and take alacrity, you're still gonna be able to outscale him late game. Its like doubling down finding some emergent gameplay choices for ADC mains. I'd like to see some other changes to AD itemization as well. In terms of overall game health, there really needs to be Armor Pen boots, or there does not need to be M.Pen boots. It is unfairly tipping the balance of overall itemization power to AP, which is actually just like everything in the game before DFG was removed anyways. but a mistake is a mistake, we don't have to keep making it (m.pen boots being unbalanced) in the name of tradition, and certainly not after trying to correct another mistake (like when DFG was taken out). In terms of other changes, I would like to see the divine and occult swords make a comeback as well. I thought they incentivized teamplay in marksmen who were behind, giving me a reason to get to the teamfights (to get stacks and assists) and not just sit in a pushed lane farming minions until I got to 2.5 items if I got gehind. I thought they brought healthy playstyles to the game that allowed a behind marksman to not necessarily get dumpstered by a fed opponent marksman. I'd also like to see Zephyr come back into the game. but maybe it doesn't have tenacity anymore (btw, not hte palce for it but legend tenacity needs a buff of some sort) it just has a 10 percent move speed increase. I know you guys don't like the thought of sustain in the bot lane, and are making the same mistake of pushing people in to a unilateral playstyle expression again (remeber I.e.?) but since I"m talking about game health, it would be nice to talk about maybe not nerfing marksmen who want to use sustain as a playstyle? I'd prefer to lose any iteration of Marksman CC. so no graves grenade. No cait traps. maybe a double sided displacement on trist ult, or whatever, but twitch poison doesn't slow you down anymore, relentless pursuit doesn't remove soft CC (you got that one right ;) ), ashe's arrow has no stun (maybe transition to a lower cooldown ult that grants vision on hit for 25-30 seconds or something), sivir ult needs to do something else as well, but I don't know what. I feel like that's the crux of marksman OP, the versatility of the class when it comes to applying crowd control, and that's why lifesteal and sustain are so problematic. A high CC champion, with lots of sustain, and lots of range, is gonna be busted. But if you have CC be built into the mage/tank subtypes (specifically champs that build health items, so rengar, lee sin, fiora, riven, yas, they don't need CC), it gives players room in a meta to have a marksman that can sustain, since his peel is predicated solely on a teammate, and the strength of a mechanically proficient marksman is directly nerfed since his self peel and lockdown go away. That's a sort of class archetype characterization that would allow you to add some item depth and diversity to the marksman role while allowing for some literally class defined weaknesses that are exploitable. It would require a bit of work, to be sure, but I feel like it completes the goal of having a person have weaknesses in the ADC role while not nerfing emergent playstyle expressions as well. It would require a restructuring of the discussion on classes, and how they express themselves in the game as well, meaning the change would have to be part of a step to introduce class specific weaknesses to each of the major archetypes. but it would work. In League of Legends 2, you should consider having each champion be skilled with a melee and ranged weapon, and you have to pick in champ select, letting people make choices about how to use abilities to interact, rather than how to amalgamate the most raw gold and stats to win a game. Alright, i"ve said a lot, I have to work tomorrow, and its super late. Obviously the scope of the potential changes I have described here varies wildly. Maybe write some of them down for longer term projects, and to use as a springboard for more season chagnes to come in s9 or something. Hope you do well. Tooomine.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
I didn't get to get into a lot of the old lore. I kind of wish I had, I thought I had time back in s4 when I started playing. What I really enjoyed about nautilus was the vengeant aspect of his character. I feel like, thematically, it ties in to his hook move.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
Hey, mate. Thanks for the heads up, and the opportunity to provide some feedback. I don't know these items that well, I'm an ad kind of guy myself, but I don't know them none, either. I'm super thrilled that there is now an AP GW item. I no longer have to build Ex. Call. on morgana if I get into some of these wonderful bronze comps, and that's phenomenal. I think the liandry's changes are excellent ones as well, I'm hoping the extra shred will be hlepful in 3 tank comps, where IMO, ap itemization has been lacking as well. In that context, the void staff nerfs seem a bit heavy handed. void staff works well against everyone and that's a good thing since itemization is so limited in this game. I'd caution that you don't strip all power (and in many cases any mage agency) from mages in general, and that perhaps this item is a good one to build. In the context of AP item feedback generally, I think the game is missing a 20% cdr and MR item when it comes to the context of how AP itemization affects the gameplay experience. it would be, IMO, a strong counter to an item like the original void staff. I'd like to underline the parts of this post, though, that I really am paying attention to, since you'll likely either read the post or have an intern read it for you, and that is the clearly defined build paths that counter mechanics in the game. Morello's cursed tome is an excellent example of what I mean, in that GW prevents a good bit of sustain kits. It is an item mechanic that I can pick up to counter another game mechanic. Those are the kinds of itemization choices that I really enjoy being able to make. I hope the Liandry's changes are the same for super health stacking tanks, and some of those mechanics. Not such a huge fan of game mechanics that have no great itemization counters (health stacking tanks with current ap itemization being an excellent counter-example. ) Hope you're having a great day, mate, and I hope you don't get so super flamed for trying to parse out new ways to push the state of gameplay. If I could encourage you to remember one thing as you move forward with your development, it would be that agency in the item world means a great deal to me and many other players I play with. that's a thing worth fighting to protect if you want to have a longer lived game.
: so lemme just get this straight Ezreal sitting at #1 in ADC with 57% win rate and third-highest role pick rate, banned in >80% of games Q Total AD ratio goes from 125% to 110%, which is literally just a buff revert Kleptomancy, his standard rune, no longer has 25 bonus attack range — which wasn't even how he was activating it 90% of the time Leona sitting at #1 in support with a 55% win rate and second-highest role pick rate, banned in >35% of games 20 damage off Eclipse Aftershock, her standard rune, untouched Miss Fortune sitting at #2 in ADC with 55% win rate and sixth-place pick rate, banned in ~15% of games literally nothing Sona back down to 8th in support with a 52% win rate and ninth-place pick rate, now only banned in 2% of games rank 1 Q mana cost increased by a third, on-hit damage from empowered basic attack halved, AP ratio increased from 10% to 20% but that means you need >300 AP for it to compensate Aery, one of her two standard runes, nerfed last patch Kleptomancy lost the aforementioned 25 bonus attack range, which, unlike Ezreal, actually matters for Sona {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I'm a little worried, too, that this nerf to ezreal's trading pattern locks him in to using kleptomancy as his only relevant possible rune choice.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
I'm one of those ones who likes the Non-LoL design stuff! TY!
: *I wrote most of this last night and just finished it off over lunch...hoping it all makes sense/flows. I'm typing this as a reply to this thread in general, not necessarily to the OP. I'll echo what Calad said in that we pay attention to the boards/reddit/twitter/youtube etc etc more than players realize. Walking around the office, it's super common to see people pouring over threads, reading player feedback and reactions to the latest patch, feature, CG, skin etc. We ourselves are players, but by keeping in touch with the community we can understand and keep a better pulse for how something will be received, or what's paining the players at the moment. This requires walking a very fine however. Pivoting to every demand/request from Reddit/boards can mean we hyper focus on a portion of players that doesn't represent even close to the majority of our players base - players in western countries can have completely different opinions than players in eastern countries on specific topics. It also means that we're devoting time solving temporary problems when we should be working on longer term solutions or bigger bets that can help push League forward. This is super contentious as the OP points out - working on things for the future means we're not solving player pain now - and we may need to find a better balance here looking back on the latter half of this season. Let me illustrate some of that risk with an example. I personally was pretty involved in the "Enemy Vision Here" ping, I'd seen a thread crop up to the top of Reddit again, and it was one that I'd wanted for YEARS and just made sense, so I pulled in people from a few teams around me to get it put together and shipped. That comes at a cost though. The engineer and vfx artist were in the last few weeks of development on Urgot, the audio designer was finishing up some work on skins, our QA was testing stuff that fell out of the usual day to day, and I wasn't doing the work I'd usually be doing. Was it worth it? I think so, but could Urgot have been that much better if the engineer and vfx artist were only focusing on him? Potentially. Or maybe that was time the engineer could have spent prototyping an ability for Eve (the other champ he was working on). I'm not illustrating this to illicit some form of pity, because at the end of the day working on League is a job, it's a job we love, but it's a job and we're expected to do things while we're at our desks. What I'm trying to illustrate is that jumping on every request or bit of feedback from players can cause us to deviate or lose sight of the bigger thing we're working towards, all the little things can add up to a lot of timelines slipping. We also don't always agree, hell, even the community doesn't always agree with eachother. Look at jungle plants from last pre-season, or elemental dragons, or even Rift Herald from this midseason. When they first were teased, some players were up in arms about them, while others loved the idea. We listen to feedback, and we frequently iterate based on it, but it would worry me if we suddenly stopped taking risks and pushing big new changes simply because a vocal minority voiced opinions against them. I'm not saying that they're wrong, but that we have to be careful with how often we adjust course, and how often we stick to our called shots and push forward lest we only end up shipping changes that are always vanilla (this goes for new champs, VGUs, reworks, systems changes, balance tuning, skins, etc etc). In regards to why you may not see as much Rioter participation you (or we) would like, it's likely because engaging can be very sharp double edged sword. Speaking as a Rioter means any sentence you write is likely to be taken as an official statement from the company in regards to our stance on the game and our plans with it. It's also likely to be dissected and held under the microscope by everyone - but especially when your statement jives with another players opinion. To use a very current example. I'd been talking with some players about ancient coin gold generation on this [thread](, when one player asked what my opinion of sightstone was, I gave a reply, and the next thing I know there was [this post]( on the front page of reddit where my comment and credibility was being shredded. In the thread I was in it seemed like a pretty innocent question, and I didn't think twice about posting my reply, but had I known it was going to get the level of scrutiny it did (which I should have seen coming), I probably would have either just avoided replying to save myself the struggle, or taken much much longer to write a perfect reply that had the lowest chance of being misconstrued as a direction I personally was championing for League. Combine that with the fact that the number of Rioters who can **actually** engage in the topics you guys are super passionate about (we are too), and you're down to ~20-30 people that have the context, the experience, and the knowledge to actually give a detailed reply. It can be easier to just read a thread on the boards, and then talk about it with co-workers if we think there's something there than to engage in what will likely turn into a multi threaded conversation with a bunch of people who all have varying opinions on a subject. I feel bad when I drop a one liner on a post and then never go back to the comments on it, but I'm also trying to juggle my day to day responsibilities at work, and then my role as a father and husband and I have to prioritize my time. It feels crappy, but I prefer to touch base when I can even if it's the bare minimum than just stay silent just because I'm not always able to have an in depth conversation. None of this is to say that we ourselves make the right decisions each and every time, and it would be blatantly false to do so. We fuck up, but when we do we try to correct as quickly as possible. We constantly seek to improve the quality of our work with each and every patch, and we're also trying to find ways to be more transparent with our decisions to more of our player base than just those on Reddit and the boards. Even if we managed to convince people here on a direction we're taking, we still have a long ways to go to inform players in every other region of those same decisions - and that's a problem we're actively trying to solve. I hope this doesn't come across as hand wavey and dismissive of the sentiment. If you feel like we don't listen to feedback there's certainly something that's leading to that feeling and we need to figure that out, but the solution can't be "change things to match what the community thinks is correct", since that can be the right move just as often as it can be incorrect.
Hey, bro. I found this thread and comment because it received reddit scrutiny. The irony was not lost on me. LMAO, have a great day, dude.
: Blue Essence Earn Rates - Learning the Numbers with Carl and Henrietta
Thanks for the heads up, man. I still feel gimped, and all, but I appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us about what's going on. I have yet to play more than a few games, tho, and I'm not trying to say My initial perception of the system was all that accurate. I was definitely not aware of the champ shards thing, and that does make buying champions a good bit easier. EDIT: While I'm at it, I know this is unrelated to BE gains, but since you are paying close attention to the community on this one I'm gonna take some time to share it here (Perhaps you can email the appropriate riot department with the thought); The decision to include detailed stat info while crafting the new runepages is Primo. Thank you so much on that one.
: This is merely my personal opinion, but I'd really prefer if supports didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush. With the nerfs to Ardent Censer shipping this week, we'll likely see supports going back to getting Sightstone as their first item, but is that world really better? Firstly, it's an item that doesn't offer much excitement for the support - and yes their role is to multiply their adc, defend from ganks, peel etc, but is buying an item that grants more vision something that a support is super pumped to do? It's certainly valuable, but having sightstone be an early purchase also means we're likely to see less agro bot lane fights due to it being harder for a jungler gank, it being harder for the laners to use FoW to their advantage to scare you into thinking their jungler is there by playing more agro in the lane etc. If we were to somehow do away with sightstone, or at least make it so the support didn't need to buy it, we'd likely see satisfaction in the role increase across the board as players got to make more exciting decisions in the item system. That world is harder to solve for, as the continuous narrative of how do we best support supports goes on. I think this year was a pretty marked improvement, but there's still some issues that need to be ironed out. If a support is intended to multiply the adc, giving them more gold and powerful items means their adc will be that much stronger. There's more to figure out than I can go into here, but it's a constant discussion that we're having on how we can improve the situation. EDIT: Adding a small disclaimer to the bottom of this since it got cross posted to Reddit. My first sentence should have read as "didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush". A world where the support doesn't need to build it all because of other means to gaining vision is an exciting world. What if there were other ways of establishing vision that weren't based on an item purchase? Things like Zombie/Poro wards in runes reforged come to mind when I think about it, but maybe there's more that we could do. I certainly didn't intend this as an official stance on Sightstone and it's place in the game. This was just my personal opinion on something KempyreanPirate was curious about. Sorry for the confusion!
I'm with you! I wish vision was a more comprehensive system, mate, and I wish it wasn't so grating a position to be in as the support player. I hope for the world where support doesn't have to build sightstone. or, maybe you could have it where sightstone occupies the trinket slot, and has upgrades like old boots based on lane effective stats. i dunno. But I'm glad I don't have to play this game against ALL of the devs out there.
: Patch 7.19 notes
There's a significant problem with your philosophy as designers: you shouldn't be forcing us to make choices. the point of a game is that I get to play how I want, not how you think is healthy. its the classic "doom vs Battlefield 4" dichotomy, and as you go further down this avenue of stripping out emergent choices and strategies that don't fit your preconceptions about how to play the game, you move LoL from the doom side of the equation to the Battlefield 4 side. I highly recommend you take a second, take a breath, and ask yourself if you're willing to become that.
Wygol (EUW)
: We removed QSS cancelling Death Mark, and Pink Wards countering Stealth Champs.
Meanwhile, Fiora is over here building 58 percent lifesteal and 1v5 ing WITH grievous wounds being applied so thoroughly. I'md be ok with this change only if they rename bloodthirster's passive so that it cannot stack with ravenous hydra's passive. There are serious terror builds in this game, dude, and this sole item tnat you're compaining about is the one thing preventing that from being the only viable top lane build. removing this item, and GW as a whole, is bad for item and champion diversity.
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: Agreed, it was already setup in their favor before preseason 6, and riot just made their double standards more obvious.
nah, dude. mages fulfill a role marksmen do not: the early and mid game carry. Mages were in a super strong spot all season, and even had more buffs at MYMU. you're poorly representing the data here, please stop.
: im honestly afraid of this happening. marksmen with {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} + bond of stone + knights vow. thats 27% damage reduction by the way. without having to sacrifice any form of offensive power for it. simply for buying a pd and having a support tank sitting next to them, not even doing anything. knights vow is either going to make bot lane bruisers viable, or its going to be most cancerous buff to marksmen to date.
and I"m gonna build a death's dance next. 27% damage reduction becomes 42 baby
: > [{quoted}](name=Branagen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2lFepkvv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-26T18:44:59.969+0000) > > I'd love to see a hard reset across the board Probably unpopular opinion, but this would be even worse than Dynamic Queue. Do you really want Challengers playing alongside Bronze V players? Because this will probably happen if there was a hard reset.
I'd like to see a challenger player try to climb out of true elo hell, yes.
: Nasus's winrate went from 47% in 6.20 to 51% in 6.21
yeah, that assassin meta looks like double ass.
: "We're currently not planning to bring over the item set creator feature from the legacy client."
Ultimately, the removal of content from the game is going to be detrimental to the overall game health. there's no short way to say that. For a game that is already severely lacking in content compared to other games in the market, you would think they would look a lot harder at how to do it in the time frame between beta lauch and the end of the legacy client support.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KiyoSpirit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VIWXPOOA,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2016-10-18T21:45:26.383+0000) > > You've gotta be kidding. Why would you REMOVE a function that helps players? First of all, I'm not saying I support the decision to remove the item set maker. (I want item sets to stay _badly_.) However, the reason why they are "removing" item sets is because they're not really removing them, they're choosing not to re-add them. There's a difference. They're coding the new client from scratch, so time that they spend on one feature takes away time that they could be spending on something else. Since so few players use item sets, Riot has decided not to spend the time re-making the feature in the new client and instead focus on something else. EDIT: Am I wrong about the reason? Does someone want to tell me the real reason why they're not implementing them? What I wrote is what I got from Cactopus's post.
Yes, you've gleaned the part where riot is doing a rush job on the client to release it with S7, and is leaving out features. No, that doesn't make it ok.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >"Only a tiny percentage of players use item sets so we are not bringing it to the new client." BULLSHIT!! I rely solely on these custom itemsets, having made specific itemsets for most champions I own! Apart from the items changing faster than I can remember all the names, I use custom itemsets to add situational items, easily recognized by their looks. I NEED this feature to be kept on! To put it this way: I play Lulu as a top-lane mage - where is _my_ recommended itemset? This is very much bordering on meta-enforcement, denying players the easiest possible access to their preferred build paths. Oh well (short for "What the hELL!?"), have it your way, Tencent. Season 7 top-lane Lulu with Locket rush it is then.
Not to take away from the overall worth of your post, here, dude, but riot has been actively enforcing a meta for a long time. You can see it with the pre-season updates (link over on reddit at least) where the people ask for some specifics about the jungle, and riot flat out says "we aren't going to support the farm jungler playstyle". While I agree that it shouldn't be the case, there are very literal instances of meta enforcement going on around us as we speak, the threat of meta enforcement is a little less daunting than perhaps the recognition (and hopefully widespread recognition) that its going on.
: "only a tiny percentage of players use item sets so we are not bringing it to the new client"
I'd really like to keep items sets. This is a justification they're using so they can launch The Beta test next patch, and not have people complain super hard core that they did a rush job on the client development, though. I'm sure if we give enough voice to it, we'll get them to bring it to the new client sometime before the beta goes live.
I, Too, would like to keep items sets please. I do use them. They're very useful in certain situations, LIke if I need to bring up all the items that have niche effects for some reason.
: How to get an always-on Attack Range Indicator
@Riot any rioter, comment on whether this is bannable please
: Can we get a confirmation button if someone bans a champ a teammate has declared?
And then you can make it all the way to your lane without turning your brain on. how about no?
: Fervor skews the power curve of ADCs in an unhealthy way
Nah, dude. You're wrong here. ADC's are supposed to be strong late game. That much being said, even that can be considered a recalcitrant understanding of hwo the game works. Your comment is worthless.
msk51 (NA)
: NA Fans, I'm Embarassed
remember that part where you were being offended and pretending like anyone else could or should give a shit? It was like, 24 hours ago. scrub.
: NA's C9 will avenge TSM against SSG.
lol. Another fan who can't realize that the NA is playing on third world ping compared to Korean infrastrucutre. Dude, no American teams have a chance. we lost.
: He does lose .10 % and .25 so no. And also it's crit chance, it doesn't give him ad, it doesn't make his ult hit harder. It doesn't double the attack speed he gets not the ad, nor the MS. And you just proceeded to ignore my other points. Nice. Other melee carries get free attack speed, free resists, free AD, double onhits, free lifesteal, so yasuo's double crit in the end isn't that strong. It's not as good as it sounds.
your inability to do basic math, or grasp concepts like how percentages relate to decimals leave me loathe to pursue the topic further with you. I'm not super certain that you have the mental facilities required to actually construct a thought, and I'm curious if the only reason you seem to think that the vast majority of situational effects used by other ad champs in the game compare in any way besides being garbage compared to an always active effect is due mainly to an advanced mimicry like you would find with some birds, or other domesticated animals. That much being said, dude, You win. sure. whatever you think about the thing is OK. Thank you for communicating with me.
: He doesn't, he gets double crit, not double stats from the entire item. .75 on his only other DPS source. He gets double crit because it's his only reliable damage steroid in his kit. Melee carries need to be mobile, tnakier, and deal more damage than ranged ones because they are melee, you can fuck them up in their tracks when they try to hit you, that's why his double crit is there. And no, I'm not saying it's balanced. Quit the crying, that's all I've gotta say. More gold efficiency doesn't make a champion OP, it's elements in their kit.
You failed to connect the part where his 2 item build gives him a 225% increase on his AD where each other Damage carry gets 175% for the same two items. OP from 2 items to 5 items.
: I don't like *champion here*, therefor he/she must be unbalanced and you are a noob for disagreeing
I thought you were discussing racism in the united states for a second, there.
Naag One (NA)
: Yasuo rework plz so toxic champ
Alright... another yasuo thread... all semi-humorous satire aside, this champ gets double gold efficiency from his core item build. he suffers a .1 reduction in critical effectiveness for this. Yas IS, in fact, OP from 2 items to 5 items, and levels out at 6 items. please actually nerf.
: wow you come off quite arrogant. Rageblade is not even close to it's former glory, the price tag is far too high for it. Buying it is so risky because you very easily buy an item 1000-1300 gold cheaper and start snowballing sooner. It's a 2800g item at 3600. if you think it should cost as much as {{item:3031}} {{item:3089}} (3800 but still) you sir, are delusional.
In the right situations, it is worth it. I mean, I don't but rylai's on every ADC, you know, becuase the situation doesn't often call for it. but in the situations where I do build rageblade, that item is super broken.
: So now that Kog got reverted and nobody buys Rageblade anymore
I have to heartily disagree with you, man. Rageblade is super broken, just because people don't buy it in the streams/pro scene's doesn't make that item trash. Any ADC who has an AS steroid (ashe, trist, twitch, etc) can abuse the fuck out of that item to do mad DPS. And not to mention certain other champions who proc on hit effects (like fizz, xin, etc) also being able to heavily abuse that item. The on hit build is a strong pick in certain team compositions, and I think you lack the knowledge about when it is useful more than the suggestion you have made that it is useless. That much being said, I'd say its actually stupid strong, probably needs nerfs, but I"m not gonna call for them myself because I like being able to abuse the powerful builds when the situation comes up.
: Graves is basically a melee carries wet dream
First off, graves' laning phase sucks. it is, by far, the weakest in the bot lane. that much being said, you made 1 or 2 good points, and blew everything else your complaining about out of context/proportion. That much being said, I'm not about to talk to you anymore about where you're clearly wrong and uninterested in having logical discussions. everyone else on the boards who reads this, please know that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about, and is passionately appealing to your emotions as an attempt to persuade you, not based on factual evidence.
Mozhu (NA)
: I've been getting sick of seeing Jhin lately as a botlane main..
Gladiore (NA)
: Graves is not a healthy champion IMO
he's not good in the bot lane, man. trash tier, even.
Cryo00 (NA)
: Not only do I hate fighting against him, but good Yasuo players are a nightmare to deal with. I always ban him. I do let it slide if someone is picking Yasuo on my team though. They usually carry me.
the glory of higher elo. All three of those champs are insta losses for me, so sometimes I ban then even when my team is picking. usually i"ll check and see what their kda is. One time, a zed player had a .10 kda in the ranked queue... that was when I banned him.
: Have you ever banned a champion not because they are broken but because you hate fighting them?
all the time, dude. all the time. If kled wasn't so stupid strong, I'd be banning shaco every time I got to ban.
: Bottom lane tends to snowball really, really hard since it has two players on each team. Once one pair gets ahead, they can keep feeding off their opponents (especially since the enemy ADC can't really build defensively) and ganking them becomes a risky proposition. This is especially true since a winning bottom lane provides massive control over Dragons.
yeah, the lack of diverse options in the adc item builds hits hard. wish there was more to do than just raw damage stats all game.
: I feel if you lose bot lane right now, you lose the game
Nah, dude. I just had a game where I got up 40 cs, but the enemy top laner (swain) killed out top laner (riven, go figure) twice, knocked out the tower for solo gold, and then came mid and bot a raped everyone. we totally won bot lane. lost the game.
: can we get a confirmation window before banning a teammate's intended pick?
OR... Or. you can use your brain in champion select, and not encourage people to not think while making their decisions.
: But yasuo has to land a skill shot too? And Caitlyn doesn't really have to get under the tower neither
: it's a charge system.
that doesn't contradict that each trap requires forty five seconds of time to get another one, dude, or that that's gonna be the case up until level 10 in most games anyways.
: "Every champion has their time in the spotlight before we nerf them to make room for others" -Rito Graves deserved it, he shouldn't gain more bonus armor from a ability than Malphite/Taric.
I have to disagree. that's called being a unique champ, and filling a diverse champion aesthetic.
: "_I know it sometimes feels bad to lose a game, man. caitlyn isn't the right target for your frustration. work on your mechanics to make sure you never have to get into that situation ever again._" A person who really knows how to put the ASS in assume. You wrote all that cause you think Im raging for losing? Your funny man. I see that as a toxic part of her kit, and now that Im seeing her a lot again, I though it was time to bring it back up. So take your "git gud" shit and stuff it back where it came from, being able to to win vs bullshit and not wanting to put up with bullshit are different things bruh. Get a clue that she could get some kind of compensation if it hurts her overall performance. Stop arguing that she "Needs that one thing to make it" when that thing is a toxic crutch to hobble around on. You serious that she NEEDS to be able to put traps under your turret to maintain viability? Thats a joke. You want to demonstrate the mathematical inferiority of Cait? Ok good luck her play rate is a bit higher than Ashe's atm, and her win rate is slightly lower atm. So what inferiority are you going to demonstrate? Maybe to Jinx who Rito needlessly buffed the fuck out of her ult. Her maybe? Jinx and MF are performing well currently, Jinx because she was good and Rito decided "NEEDLESS BUFFS," and MF has one of the smallest play rates for an ADC meaning her players are more dedicated usually. Lastly, lets not worry about my mechanics, and try to manage the "Shift" key consistently when starting the sentences so they can ALL be capitol letters. I know your type, you see criticism of your wifu and you have to go all white-knight and start kicking out nonsense, assuming people are raging... I invite you to reread my OP without bias, and see that I feel that the line of "unfairness" has been crossed. NOT that "OMG Cait is unstoppable cause of x,y,z."
the irony, of course, being that you called me an ass for making assumptions. Dude, I'm a dedicated bot lane main. I play all of the marksman champs except graves (fuck him so hard, and Riot too). Caitlyn has mid game siege as the one thing she does well compared to every other adc. mathematically, her kit is weaker than every other adc. her ult does less damage at lvl 1, 2, AND 3, (not to mention it being single target as opposed to area of effect) her stat steroids work out to be a 10% increase on AD per shot, where most adc's have a 15% increase per shot for their specific steroid. she has one directly offensive ability, where most adc's have two. she cannot access her stat steroids at the press of a button (unique to caitlyn). her kit is weak. you're intentionally trying to blow her (perhaps over-)balanced kit out of proportion because you can't handle the cognitive dissonance you feel when an emotion makes you feel a bad way. you remain insistent on intransigence over the issue, too, asserting that your feelings are at the same level of persuasive weight as a mathematical analysis (which neither you nor I have done completely, though I've offered you some of the important highlights in this comment). all in all, man, a 50 upvote thread isnt what I would call real traction. fortunately, for me, the community seems to realize that cait's not OP enough to warrant nerfs, and I can wash my hand of this thread, your floundering attempts at argumentative relevance (CAPITAL LETTTERS? really?) and your low intelligence person, unless we happen to meet somewhere in the fields of justice. ciao.
: I honestly don't even understand what you are saying. Choose between siege, mobility, wave clear.(she has all those things) If she traps you in, you won't trade. Sure there are weaknesses. That doesn't make her auto-reset healthy.
at lvl 18, cait has siege, mobility, and waveclear. up to lvl 9, she can have 1 of those things. she either gets her q up to damage, her traps up to siege, or her mobility up with the net. If she doesn't take q and max it first, she loses any trade potential in lane. play around her weaknesses. either win trades with her, or shove waves under her tower, since she cannot waveclear without her q. if she builds evenly in her skills, her trade potential is worse than every other adc up until level 15.
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