: I'm also running on a MacBook Pro right now and just had the same issue. The way that works for me every time is to go to your Finder->Applications-> (right click) League of Legends.app->Show Package Contents->Contents->LoL->RADS->Projects->lol_air_client->releases->{release number}->deploy->preferences Delete the file there which will look like shared_[username].properties then close Finder and start up League Its a long chain but it works
I am having this problem now and when I do those steps, after deploy, there is no preferences area... it just has "bin" and "framework" folders. Do you have any ideas on what I can do?
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: Same problem... New IP didn't help. Not just you. Its on riot's side.
I hope! I spent a lot of money on this game and to see it go to waste makes me extremely angry! I pray they can fix it!
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I can't believe this happened. I literally have wanted this skin for over a year now. And this is what happened. I am so sad! :(((


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