: I'd also just like to thank you for the way you've worded your post. It's totally fine if you don't like the way he looks even after some explanation, it's fine if you disagree with everything I say! But you've set the context, asked a question and framed your thoughts in a way that made it really easy for me to jump in and share my own thoughts about working on the champion.
I just got back from work and haven't even started to read your first response, but thanks so much for replying at all!
: They said they are formerly artifacts that reveal their true form when they have a channeling source. Targonians are pretty "Alien" so I guess its ok.
Wait are they artifacts from same time and place as Diana's? Or is Diana's strictly Lunari as opposed to Aphelio's being strictly Targonian? Now I'm more confused and I can't really do a deep dive since I'm at work.
  Rioter Comments
: I always thought that varus' new look would be great if he had aatrox-style horns but on each of the horns one of the two hunters' faces was sort of molded on. It would probably be too faint to see in game but in his splash art it would have a super chilling effect
From a guy that liked urgot's old look, that's way too much body horror and riot is never doing anything close to that again.
: Wait who is Ildhaurg? I dont think I've ever heard that name before.
Isn't there a Seal Sister/God that was mentioned in Ornn's release? Perhaps that's her name?
Maychii (EUW)
: Star guardian Neeko splash art repaint
I finally figured out what neeko's face in the splash reminds me of. She kinda looks like a Coraline character from the movie.
: Thank you Riot for Fiora's new walk, we love it!
The update is kinda ehhh for me. These animation updates have been pretty hit or miss in my opinion. But I'm glad you enjoy it.
Maisanai (NA)
: Riot's next big game: please don't make an MMO
I would love for Riot to collaborate with Stoic Studios and make a game similar to Banner Saga set in Runeterra lore.
Terozu (NA)
: her webbed fingers and toes, her scales, and her slime production?
Chameleon don't have webbed feet or slime (a sticky tongue is not the same as slinging slime with your hands).
: Neeko is a dumb pander to the LGBT community for money
She's feels like she's pandering to the straight male audience and view than any other one. She's likes women so she must find men gross. She not straight and normal so let's make her a compteley different species from the normal humans. Well she can't be completely different otherwise she'll be too unattractive to our majority straight male and female players so let's give her just a sweet innocent face on human body but give her some green skin and a tail cuase she's still not normal. just the perfect balance of as little risk taking as possible to sell skins.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Me too. <3
Can you encourage anyone who works on the universe site to create a link to all the long/short stories. It's kinda difficult as it is now to find a story unless you already know it exists. I'd like to be able to scroll through a contents page or index or really any list at all so I can see what s available to read especially since you guys seem to be doing it for the comics already.
: Colorful Mage Discussion - Does anyone recognise the symbol below the flowers?
Kinda reminds me of pool party Leona’s surfboard symbol that’s a mix of Solari and Lunari. Kinda. Sorta. I dunno.
: Oh, wait. We got a canonically gay character who got more to him than being a token on a checklist? Blasphemous! On a serious note. This does make Varus so much more nuanced than the old one since now there are way more possibilities for further storytelling with the various aspects that make up this new entity.
Haven’t read the comic yet, but can I be upset that they walked right into “kill your gays” trope. First gay champion/couple and their relationship with each other is already concluded. I feel completely disappointed so far.
: Me and a friend did a brainstorm about the concept once upon a time before the rework. It wasn't exactly original, but I'll update it a bit: Has a D&D style visual, including pointy hood. Wears a graphic tee underneath it, preferably grimy and visible. Blue Jeans. Stereotypical fantasy role-playing outfit that would be an attempt at a necromancer. Mist Walkers could be ghost sprites, the Maiden could be a larger and more detailed wraith or banshee sprite. Of course, with Shovel Knight also being a thing, there's a lot of fresh archetypes to draw inspiration from.
I forgot about shovel knight!?
: > [{quoted}](name=Jaghatai,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q7N8J8QA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-16T22:32:12.175+0000) > > Is this on anyone&amp;#039;s radar at all? If a Rioter bothered to come here and respond, they might say... >_Yorick is a difficult champion to make skins for. He has a lot of models (mist walkers, soul wall and Maiden) that we have to create a new look for._ They might also throw in the following... >_We understand your pain. We feel it too, but we just haven't been able to find a theme that Yorick fits well in._ Then, they'd conclude with... >_We're not giving up, though, and we hope you like what we come up with._ Now that the BS is out of the way, let's get to the truth (as I see it). 1. Riot considers Yorick to be, in effect, a brand new champion that was released in September 2016 and not June 2011. Those five years and three months NEVER happened, _capiche_? 2. Riot has no plans on releasing skins for Yorick at an accelerated rate to help him catch up with similarly aged champions (Leona & Vayne) for the above reason. 3. Riot's Skins team has zero desire or intention to make a skin for Yorick that would be worth a six year wait. There aren't enough Yorick players to justify the work and they still have a huge amount of unresolved disdain for Yorick fans and players. 4. If Riot has the creativity to stretch Ahri's concept into so many skin themes, they don't have an excuse to not put Yorick in one. They just don't want to do it for reasons both public and private. 5. If the Skins team wanted to rush a high quality skin for a just reworked champ, they are more than capable of doing so (Infernal Nasus, Pool Party Taric and PROJECT Fiora being examples). In other words... Expect Riot to release a lazy "Warden" or "Marauder" skin worth 750 RP before June, just to prevent the **"Yorick skin where"** memes.
> 4. If Riot has the creativity to stretch Ahri&#x27;s concept into so many skin themes, they don&#x27;t have an excuse to not put Yorick in one. Huh, I wonder if Arcade Yorick would work? I mean Dig Dug is technically a thing.
: Sometimes, but only in specific circumstances. 1. I already have a favorite skin for the same champ, and I wouldnt use any other very often (if at all). 2. I have enough disenchanted essence in the bank. As someone who bought quite a few skins before chests became a thing, I often disenchant my Skin Shards cause I already have my favorite skins for my favorite champs. I already have over 1,000 orange essence in the bank to upgrade a (future) 1350 drop. I dont think my luck is good enough to get multiple 1350 drops in a row, and I'm not going to hold my breath for 1850s or 3250s. So there is no point in amassing a ton of Orange Essence. Now, do I think that more people accidentally click it then intentionally make that choice? Sure. But yes, I have rented skins intentionally.
Never say never. I got dj sona ,then spirit gaurd udyr, then nunu bot, and then pulsefire ez.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I doubt it. The universe site already doesn't count him to the bilgewater champs anymore,which implies that Riot has already something planned for him,but the fact that he isn't counted towards bandle city either makes it unlikely that he is now a yordle. I guess he might be retconned into being from the same place as Nami(maybe Fizzs race is even a subrace of the marai?)
He could be a yordle for the Marai people/village?
Rioter Comments
: I have a concern regarding Camille's title, the Steel Shadow
How about Camille, the Bleeding Edge. it's a bit puny but it also describes her literally as both being lethal and hextech-ly advanced.
: Azir Beneath the Armor
It might be empty. Look at his model and under the helm, at the neck its just a black void.
: Any Easter Eggs in the new Ryze splash arts?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Ryze's new VO
Sounds like a goblin with a sore throat...
: *sigh* Might as well just rename Zombie Ryze to "Green Ryze" as there is nothing remotely zombie-like about him.
Agree completely here. I could understand taking away the exposed bones for the more sensitive markets but for pete's sake don't make him a recolor. They could have at least given him some molted decaying skin but nope zombies have pristine baby smooth skin apparently.
: [Champion concept]: Malus, The Witch Doctor.
Seems like you're wasting the voodoo doll concept. Perhaps it should be that Malus should be able to soul tether the totem and a enemy champ. Portion of damage dealt to the totem would be transferred and detonating the totem would transfer full damage. Although this steps on the toes of Illoai. Or Malus can soul tether the totem and damage dealt to him is instead dealt to the totem.
: But she's a tank now.
Rioter Comments
: The real question is will he be riding a chicken? (Its an amazing kit btw)
Hehe, thanks! While I love the illustration (plus everything Yuko draws in general) and the idea of a goblin riding a chicken steed, probably not for the sake of a cohesive theme. The chicken would be too iconic not to be included in the kit some how.
Arakadia (NA)
: Holy crap this is awsome! It has such a cool mysterious, but interesting with information, folk-story backround and its so awsome. When he stealthes an enemy, can the stealthed enemey see their allies or are the allies stealthed to that champion.
They would be completely invisible like a stealthed enemy twitch. If their allies have true sight from a pink ward or tower vision then they'd see the normal greyed out transparent stealthed effect. The ability is suppose to be disorienting for everyone else on the enemy team. And thanks for the comment! He's not completely done but I'm glad you like him. I'll probably come back a do some quotes and rough lore even though I'm a crappy writer. :P Edit: I misunderstood your question, my bad. No, the targeted stealthed enemy would be able to see them. I had a version where they couldn't but that seemed too powerful for a non-ultimate ability.
Rioter Comments
: Arclight {{champion:80}} Heartseeker {{champion:80}}
Heartseeker would be perfect for panth. Definitely want to see this for him.
: You've played yorick since 2009? But he's been off meta since... since... When did he come out again?
Sounds like that they've played LoL since 2009, in general. Thus a blanket statement that includes the arrival of yorick to the league.
: Honesty not much, most of the old lore was simply badly crafted. Old lore didn't feel like a world, it felt like mutiple worlds tied together by a badly thought out deus ex machina. Kalamanda was one it's worst offenders. I was only attractic to league was because of it's champions never because of the world. The old lore had some neat one shots but it's world itself was bad as a comic book timeline. New lore fixes many of the problem cause by the old lore. It had a interesting world, something the old lore never had despite what other claims it had.
I would agree with you except I don't feel like that the new lore fixed any of the disconnected feeling. It's hard for me to comprehend that near barbarian Freljords exist in the same world as the hextech advanced Piltover and the space faring Targonians. It's all mashed together still. There are small threads of connection but none of it feels organic and natural when you look at the world as a whole but instead like the forced connections of a mad man. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/community-sitcom/images/7/78/3x04-Conspiracy_Unraveled.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120927150840
: Why arent Art Spotlights a thing anymore?
Splashes are worked on by multiple artists and sometimes are not even done in house by riot artists. Logistically not likely to happen anymore.
: Eh, I don't see it. From what the other Void champs say, the Void is a pretty chaotic and nasty place. They got stuff like the Xer'Sai and Cho'Gath in there. Skarner's story makes pre-crystal Brackern sound pretty fragile. I don't think they'd last if they hailed from the Void.
Gotta remember that the Brackern have been hibernating for centuries, essentially frozen in time. Cho and the others would have continued adapting and growing stronger during all that time.
Rioter Comments
terkmc (NA)
: Bracken are Necrons?
Not familiar with warhammer but I was getting a more Stormlight Archive's parshendi vibe with the communications and union through song and hidden dying people.
terkmc (NA)
: We haven't seen ALL of them awaken yet Who knows, maybe they will trap Aurelion Sol in one of their crystal :3
It's possible considering Taric is walking around with crystallized starlight.
: [FOLLOWUP] Skarner Juggernaut Update
Perhaps his spires should act as a "charge up" zone for his passive. Skarner enters the area and begins to charge up and store stacks of his passive. When he leaves the zone he begins dropping stacks. Enemies can attack the spires to disable them and stop skarner from stacking but will begin losing stacks as if he wasn't in the zone. Much less mindshare for everyone and reinforces skarners juggernaut weakness to ranged attacks.
: There are many reasons Q>E now and it shouldn't take a red to tell you that. 1) Q does bonus damage to minions and can switch targets. Last hitting help is good. 2) Torment is 20% at all ranks which is the MAIN reason you maxed E first before (was it wasn't). 3) Combining 1 and 2, Q gives overall more utility than E so it is simply better in that regard.
You kinda missed the entire point of my post.
: It's something we're definitely keeping in mind. Most of the large changes in overall Winrate numbers have actually been on champions that actually haven't been directly touched at all despite most of the feedback being on the bigger changelists (for obvious reasons). It's tough for anyone to get a perfect complete picture of the ecosystem as we're seeing tons of experimentation in team comps, items, even skill builds (ex - plz max Q over E now on Swain now... plz plz plz). We'll be starting with the obvious outliers and moving deeper as things settle down a bit and all players, ourselves included, get a better grasp of where to move next.
>(ex - plz max Q over E now on Swain now... plz plz plz) Perhaps you should be auto leveling our skills for us if there's a definite wrong order...
Sharjo (EUW)
: Well you can easily make the reason; dwarfism is a medical condition that can affect humans. Anyone in Runeterra could potentially have a form of dwarfism. It's not like it's necessary for the sake of the game, I just thought it'd be interesting because it's something we don't often see. I mean look at Tyrion Lannister; super cool character who's also a dwarf.
Oh I agree it'd be interesting. Just don't hold your breath.
Sharjo (EUW)
: On a slightly unrelated subject; I'd want to see a champion who suffers from actual dwarfism, just because I feel like it'd be interesting.
I was going to post a sarcasm heavy response about diversity and variety must have a reason exist in LoL but I got too angry and lazy to continue. Just look at the blow back about asking for an old crone champ for Riots response on the matter.
: PSA: Taliyah is not an IRL bird.
It isn't a scarf actually. They're the sleeves of her Ionian tunic. She even specifically mentions them in her lore. And then it looks like she trails her stones off them giving her a winged silhouette. My guess is that she swings the sleeves around like a sling to launch her attacks letting the stones fly off the ends. https://imgur.com/34SY2us
: Vel'Koz's Midyear Magic E Description is wrong
And I think the example video for his passive is using old particles as well? The new ult video uses a different, new particle to indicate "deconstructed" enemies anyways. other errors(?) : the fiendish codex icon is the one for chalice. Vlad's video for his Q shows a resource bar that grants health somehow but isn't explained at all in any of his ability descriptions. Cass' splash art for the ability previews is her old Chinese splash.
: I'm curious will Taric be keeping his unique naming method for skins? So far he only has skins that are named after gemstone types, and as glorious as a Pool Party Taric skin might be I'd think that people would enjoy it if we could keep this skin naming trend with Taric, uniquely his.
Armour of the 5th Age Taric would like a word with you.
: > I have a question regarding Taric's ultimate, most effects similar to it- kindred ult, kayle ult, and zhonyas active, are meant to be reactive but Taric's huge delay makes that kind of play impossible, but the delay makes for such a huge telegraph that the enemy won't blow any important cooldowns while it's active > What's the optimal use of the ult? The delay is so long it's hard to use it responsively and the duration isn't long enough feeling for your team to start a fight with it on, how has taric used it best in playtests? The primary differentiation between Taric R and Kindred R is, as you say, how you approach using it. Kindred's is very reactive in nature, whereas Taric's is meant to be much more proactive, as a signal to your team that they can continue fighting or take some risks in the next few seconds. In playtest, it seems to be best used in conjunction with powerful initiators like Malphite or Vi, where Taric puts Bastion and Cosmic Radiance on them while he sits back next to his squishies to ensure optimal coverage.
While I have nothing against Taric's new ult per se, Kindred's seems like it would have really suited him. But I'm also biased because I don't think Kindred's ult fits her theme at all.
: Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]
What was the reason of removing Taric's shield? Seems strange for the Shield of Valoran not to wield one anymore. What's the sphere at the center of his mace? It doesn't share same effects/looks of his shoulder crystals (which are suppose to be crystalized cosmic/celestial magic, right?) so I'm assuming its not a gem as well.
Asudurga (NA)
: Champs that I feel need a VU
In no particular order- Pantheon, Leona, akali, veigar, Kayle, Morgana, Blitz, Cait, Brand, Cass, Kassadin, Malz, Kog, Chogath, Anivia, Mundo, Amumu, irelia, Jarvan, Malphite, Nunu, Udyr, Urgot, Vayne, Zilean, Shaco, ryze, Shyvana, Morde, Kennen, Lux, Lulu, Galio, Eve, Ezreal, jax, Gragas and Vlad EDIT: In order of greater to least priority- Urgot, Udyr, Nunu, Eve, Irelia, Morde, Zilean, Ryze, Pantheon, Chogath, Veigar, Mundo, Malz, Kassadin, Kog, Cait, Ezreal, Jax, Akali, Morgana, Kayle, Cass, Vlad, Anvia, Malphite, Galio, Shaco, Gragas, Leona, Lux, Blitz, Brand, Amumu, Kennen, Shyvana, Jarvan, Vayne, and Lulu
: Working back more from the end of the post first to discuss the wider lore issues: -Similarities to Galio's original lore begin and end with "Demacian protector who has failed their mission" I would just as soon complain that Zilean, or heck, even Urgot share similar plot points of grief/restoring honor. It's not like it's a common enough thread for me to bat an eye at personally and there's plenty of room to work around that single similarity. The events leading up to and following that point and the way each character contributed and reacts to them are completely different. Galio's story there is that of a loyal soldier who falls into despair at his own powerlessness. Taric's is that of a rebellious outcast whose friction with the system eventually causes him to make a grave error. -I agree it is awkward now that Targon is the prominent gate between this plane and the void and mention of long-standing void related folks like Kassadin and Shurima in general has fallen to the wayside. This might be made less of a neck-wrenching change if we're simply looking at the Targon/void conflict as another frontier of a global war with the void that seems to be creeping more prominently into rewritten lore, but it seems to shave away from the importance of Shurima as THE major location of void conflict and that whole section of lore continues to be left in the lurch. -Reading and rereading what little is given to us about "The Protector," I have to judge that you have a lot of misconceptions. There's nothing that implies he actually guided Taric to the mountain itself. It could be guessed that the aspects of Targon supply whatever trials await those once they come to the mountain, though this is also speculation on my part. I think a greater theme of Targon is that it tends to confront those who have already displayed their willpower and character instead of necessarily grooming the host. As for the worthiness of Taric to wear the mantle of the protector, I don't think the majority of his lore highlights his incompetence in that role. His dereliction of duty at his final outpost with Demacia represents Taric at the lowest point in his life, I would say. He gets by with his actions in Demacian service previously precisely because he is something of a battle prodigy who is in fact better serving his goals as a protector by playing loose with the rules of Demacia, and as long as he continues to serve them well it's a waste to throw away that talent completely. His final mistake might be seen as a result of growing resentment and arrogance in him after years that cause him to lose sight of his most important duty, swiftly tempered by the consequences. It's not as though his actions in that case were completely unreasonable, as neither his superiors or Taric could have expected the Void Inquisition, but the fact that he was basically tasked with guarding the helpless and gave anything less than complete diligence to this task would be the sticking point for Taric's own code.
> There's nothing that implies he actually guided Taric to the mountain itself. I don't know there seems to be a repeated plot element of a guide coming to collect a potential avatar. Leona had her golden bat boy and Diana with her old crone. Now Taric doesn't appear to have had a guide but it's not above the realm of possibility that the celestial targonians don't manipulate circumstances. Perhaps the Protector let some void creatures escape near Taric's troop for the greater goal.
Meddler (NA)
: More CDR on existing items mainly. We'll be making moderate sized changes to the six core mages listed (Vlad, Malz etc). We'll be making smaller mini rework/big balance patch level changes to around half a dozen others. For mages not listed we either won't be making adjustments to them mid-season or adjustments will be pretty small (standard balance patch style tuning of a number or two). Yeah, mana + AP especially's something we're looking at, with a potential shift of mana items more towards mages and MP5 items more towards supports. Likely one new end tier item, more focus on components and stat changes. No current plans for Haunting Guise from what I can recall, it's deliberately somewhat niche (flat MPEN + AP can end up as mandatory on a lot of champions).
This is a bit off topic but can there be something done to make buying more than 40%/45% cdr less of a trap. Especially with some champs with built in cdr in their kits. I'm not sure what would be best but a stat conversion pass the cap comes to mind first. Cdr becomes health or magic damage on autos?
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