: revert evelynn kit completely plz (like leblanc, plz !!)
It does feel pretty bad to have to wait at a camp for your charm to charge up. Not because it is or isn't balanced, but it just feels like such an hiccup in your momentum. Basically her charm just feels nerfed every time you use it, even on champs. Like it feels like nearly every characteristic of it was designed with "it must suck rather hard" in mind. But I like her new ult, and her HP regen is sweet.
: With this tip you will win 25% more games
Type at the start of the game into all chat: Will pay 500 RP to every enemy who does NOT attempt to kill or harm me for whole game. And pick Master Yi.
: I haven't played in a long time. Can someone give me a quick rundown of the current meta?
: Riot Games Handing Out Permanent Bans for Hypothetical Situations and Defending against Bullies.
In-game ally chat should only be used to discuss strategy. And all chat should only be used for.... uh.... to say stuff like "GLHF".
: Got me a ban late last night, and I've got a question.
When you come back to the game, you're going to get upset again, and say things in chat, and get your account perma banned. I see it every day on this forum. And all because you are not going to get rid of your chat box. Nope. You're going to leave your chat box right where it is. So that when you press enter, your cursor will appear. So that you can type nasty things. So that you can get perma banned. Nope, you're not gonna get rid of your chat box. You're gonna say, Nah I'm fine I won't do it again. Sad cuz you seem to care about your account, skins and stuff you are asking about here. But you're gonna lose those skins, every single one of them. Downvote me now but come a few months from now, your account will be banned, and my message will still be here as a witness.
: Help Me please
You've been hacked. Quick, gift me all your RP before it's too late.
: I wrote over 200 pages of Medieval English Analysis over the past 2 weeks...
Thou hast no headache; but I, even I, hast smitten thee in thy brains.
: im playing marksman mid next patch
Proxy345 (NA)
: Water has officially become food!
People are eating Zac in the real world now.
Rioter Comments
Asterfix (NA)
: I'm missing skins I bought years ago
Odds are, you logged into your brother's LoL account instead of your own. If you log into your own LoL account I'm sure your skins will all be there. Otherwise there is a slight chance that you are remembering a dream that you had years ago, where you dreamed that you bought a Jaximus skin. Sometimes after years go by, you'll remember the dream and it's hard to tell anymore if it was a dream, or if you actually bought the skin. Funny how the brain plays tricks on us.
Rioter Comments
: send help (super close ending)
You hit the minions several times while at their nexus.
: Please apply Salt directly to the wound.
They changed epic chest drops to be free-to-unlock, soon **after** I got a ultimate skin shard for one of my mains (DJ Sona, played her 500+ games last season), but the free-to-unlock thing didn't apply to shards you already had.... and my support ticket cries for compassion were denied. :(
: What was the most courageous thing you ever did?
...harnessing your courage to overcome your fears and do something **~~you are proud of to this day~~**.
: Unfair
To get banned after playing since season one, ouch. Should just drag your chat off the edge of the screen so that you never get caught up in chats like this, especially if your account was at risk of being perma'd. Just not worth.
abdul569 (EUW)
: Seeing Kayn's ult follow Ekko's ult makes me wonder how Ekko's time travel works
Theorex (NA)
: Came back to this game :D to experience..
Pantheon actually takes a bit because his combos start to get complicated when you want to always block two hits in a row.
: Never coming back. Sad day for Season 3 Veteran
{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Water is Wet
Arguing that water isn't wet because it can't be dry, is like arguing that fire isn't hot because it can't be cold.
Zephrist (NA)
: Can Riot sue the producers of A Quiet Place
LoL stole Wukong from dota. Let the lawsuits begin.
: Never give a homeless man money. Instead pay for the homeless man to do something or give you information, that way the homeless man doesn't lose face, and you know the money was earned, not given away for nothing.
> [{quoted}](name=DBS Ronovon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ufBm5aEm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-17T01:30:29.853+0000) > > Never give a homeless man money. > > Instead pay for the homeless man to do something or give you information, that way the homeless man doesn't lose face, and you know the money was earned, not given away for nothing. What if he has no arms, no legs, so can't do much of anything, and no tongue so can't give information.
Rioter Comments
: Help me find a Japanese live-action drama TV that I watched a little bit of many years ago...
Lemme guess, you had a dream in which you heard the dude in the show tell you that the Easter egg is hidden in one of the episodes that will lead you to a map of a buried treasure that will change your life forever, if only you can remember the name of the TV series. #amirite
Rioter Comments
Buuba1 (EUW)
: I tried LoL and I must say it sucks
Sounds like you had a hard time at boot camp.
SaqibKako (EUW)
: Name change suggestion
a good one might be NeedName. Or NeedGame. Anything that starts with Need will work actually.
: Any Alistair one tricks that can help me git gud?
There is no such thing as getting good at alistar. It's like asking to get good at laying in bed.
Wtf Jax (EUW)
: So, I just invaded a kai'sa jungle..
Next time you invade a kai'sa, make sure you're playing a champion. You can't go against her with just a monkey.
: Is it possible to own an item before buying it from the shop?
I always start the game with a jug of getgud juice in my inventory. Sometimes I drink it myself, and other times I share it with an ally.
: Is league worth getting back into?
Just wondering if I should start a business. ... .. . BUY MY STOCK! BUY MY STOCK! BUY MY STOCK!
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Can we get different Types of Target Dummies in Practice Tool?
A dummy without 10k HP would be nice, so I can practice %HP-type damage without seeing exaggerated numbers.
Lapis (OCE)
: Goal reached! I finally have a whole row of mastery 7's!
Not going to click a link that has "Sh1tt" as the supposedly randomly generated word.
Yuvn Ti (NA)
: Watch out.
59% win rate won't get you to challenger, not good enough. For challenger, currently at anything below diamond, you need to be around 70% or higher win rate.
: I'm not having fun anymore
Agreed, it should be possible to have a 100% win rate in ranked in this game if you are good. Which is why I've decided to be that person with the 100% win rate. Still working on my 100% win rate but as soon as I get it, I'll be sure to let you know. :)
: any riot employee that is reading this
Build a life size replica of Son out of play-doh, and take a picture of you standing next to it, and send to Riot.
Void2258 (NA)
: Why I'm Quitting
HotS is like a teddy bear. Everybaby loves teddy bears. LoL is like a brief case. Only professionals carry brief cases.
CLG ear (NA)
: I had a bad dream
It's a prophecy, and you are a great prophet, all hail.
: Chickenwrap's deepest darkest secret revealed
I figured his deepest secret was that he likes to eat at Chick-fil-A.
: > [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3EWQEuFH,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-13T00:23:33.548+0000) > > Do the world a favor: soak them in bleach so nobody can use them, then throw them in the dumpster out back. Some of the employees just took them home sigh
> [{quoted}](name=Energized Leona,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3EWQEuFH,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-13T00:28:33.000+0000) > > Some of the employees just took them home > > sigh If he comes back and finds out you guys took them out of the trash, he's going to charge back his card. He wanted them in the trash and you took them out and smoked them. You better refund his money or he's gonna be back and find out what you did. And if he paid by cash, and you don't refund his cash, then he should call the police.
Takazaki (NA)
: be me
Pushing on the ram is literally the first thing I would have done.
: League of Legends Sent me an Enail
Hackers......... can fake the address of an email.
Dennner (NA)
: Coming back after a couple years
Yep.... Gift me all your RP, I'll keep it... safe... in case you get banned.
Ąhri Bot (EUW)
: When you think she's beautiful, but it's C9 Sneaky
Photo-shopped to trim, tuck, de-zit, and to remove excess belly hair.
Azadethe (NA)
: Why is Riot even experimenting with this stupid Archangel's Nerf?
This kind of nerfing is why people are continually quitting this game. Last year I played like 500+ games on sona, she was my main. My most core item was tear, which built into archangels, and eventually rabadon's. If this change had happened last year and wrecked my sona strategy, I would have probably quit the game. Thankfully, this year, I'm a jungler and I main lots of champs now, so I can survive huge crushing nerfs to just about any champ, cuz I can just play something else no problem. But man, if this was last year against my sona, I'm telling you, I would have just quit the game.
: When everyone on your team picks a damage dealer what do as mid?
> [{quoted}](name=AMADEUSdotEXE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EksoAEYr,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-11T01:49:44.351+0000) noone above silver would Yes they would, quit worrying about it. You can win with almost no affect on your winrate with literally ANY pick you like, clear up to diamond, with no matter what composition on your team, if you are good. Just play what you are good at. Picks only start to matter maybe Masters+, unless you suck to such an extent, that the 1% increased winrate from a good composition in silver is the only contribution you can offer to help your team win.
Ąhri Bot (EUW)
: All the famous move on summoner rift
Welcome to the boards, where a perfectly ordinary post like this will be downvoted for no reason.
: Help me troubleshoot: Have to run league as admin, then restores to a previous patch every time
I have this EXACT same problem. Or at least I did, for the entire previous patch. Now on this patch, it seems to be starting normally, except that when the first page of the client loads, I get one or two bug splats... but they don't close the client, it just struggles to load the first page till it finishes the one or two bug splats now.
: are there any Articles Where riot talks about Racial diversity in league?
There's lots of diversity in league, and Riot is a cool word. ^ There, you go, a sentence on diversity and the word Riot is included.
: Everyone's talking about oversexualization, meanwhile Alistar
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