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PrideSP (NA)
: Preferred Item Slot doesn't work
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tzvi (NA)
: does the frequency of your reporting effect the wait of your report?
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: [GAMEPLAY] First pick ends up on red side.
can also confirm that this happened to me
: This appears to be resolving now that we've bypassed the problem cluster. I apologize for the pain caused on this. I know it was hard and it sucks. Thank you for understanding.
not completely fixed for NA east coast it seems
: RIOT, Can We Get a Zac Skin? It's been 2 years
leak said we are getting a nano-zac skin really soon :)
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JRobin31 (NA)
: RIOT says Item Sets will return <3
can i ask your source on this please? i havent seen them say anything and have been searching :(
DJ Sona (EUW)
: There are no Item Sets in the Alpha Client
people still want this btw riot, we're not forgeting.....
: This was discussed before. Punishing people would damage riot statistics, and investors would not like it. So there will be no prisoner island or similar mechanics implemented in league. Endure them, and hope they will change (of course they will not since they enjoy being toxic).
i don't know why people are downvoting him, he is entirely correct. commence my down voting now
: league is unrewarding to positive players
you should not be rewarding positive players, you should be **MUCH more heavily punishing bad ones**. if you don't murder someone you don't deserve an award. and i certainly don't want a participation trophy. but on the other hand but on the other hand someone shouldn't have to murder 70 people before they get in trouble, especially since we have chat logs of people saying they are inting because they don't care. now that is something that makes me want to quit league.
Sintama (NA)
: 3 inhibs down, enemy team has triple our kills, still won't surrender. Enemy team captured every objective including barons and dragon, no surrender. What tilts me is when it's an obvious loss but they want to drag it out.
im not saying that you shouldn't surrender that. im saying if you solo die lvl 3 ONCE and then give up/int then you should be permabanned
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was just about to make a thread about this. im willing to play any role if people get auto filled, and I do whatever I can to make my team happy. but we have a **serious ****problem **when people are threatening to feed in pregame chat. i don't even care about losing 3 lp for dodging, i really don't; but if i do then we cant report them and therefore i never do. i have keept track and only win 26% of games where someone threatens to feed in pregame chat. i find this to be the biggest problem facing lol right now. **we have well behaved players getting punished while misbehaved players get away not only scot-free, but with the bonus of not having to play an off role** how is this acceptable riot?
: I think it's a sick idea! We aren't opposed to adding to that skin line, and I think she has some awesome potential. My friend [Tom Randby]( made this awesome PROJECT: Diana concept that I'm a huge fan of! \**Tries to summon Tom** We have a whole team that helps us draw the line between copying and using something for inspiration. Truth be told, a lot of what we do is based off of our own ideas and 3-5+ outside inspirations! King Rammus isn't available because he was a limited skin that was handed out to beta participants. :) We do have a Mecha line, and Super Galaxy plays a bit on mecha animes! Religion is a tricky one in general, so we may veer away from any of that. Although, I would love to see a flying spaghetti monster. *-*
you right, that's pretty dope. I appreciate the feedback :D. still praying for flying spaghetti monster vel'koz. happy to know it's not automatically disqualified.
: No, it's more like we purposely return to skin themes that players love. It's easy for us internally to think 'okay that's enough Blood Moon' but then the demand and love from players is overwhelming!
i see. thank you for the insight :)
: It's a good read.
: Now that the next class update is tanks...
didn't they promise a while ago that divers (aatrox) would be the next class update?
Reav3 (NA)
: We were actually just talking about this the other day as we will have to begin early iteation into possible champions after Eve/Urgot pretty soon. This can and will change over time but I would say the new Tier 1 candidates are {{champion:84}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:39}} ({{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} Duo Update) {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:80}}
i have 200k+ mastery points on rammus, and every skin except king (i can dream though). and i have to say from what i've seen the king skin's shell looks so much sharper than all the others
: Always an honour to field a question from THE Sharjo >:) Oh I have plans... such plans I have! But of course I can't share much about anything that hasn't hit PBE as usual. Larry 'The Bravo Ray' Ray is kinda the grandfather of Battlecast, creating them all with the intention of depicting a dark future in which diesel powered killing machines terminated the remnants of flesh based life. However it was then the players that, seeing this theme, suggested that surely these creations were made by the machine father Viktor - we listened and made it so, changing the story to now be Viktor 'robotnic'ing various creatures of Runeterra in order to create an army needed to battle a coming, yet unseen, threat. Then things got quiet for Battlecast. There was Headhunter, Mecha, Eternum, Forsaken, PROJECT, Program, Dreadnova... so much to explore in the Sci-fi space. But we didn't forget. Larry is on champion update now so, _if_ they tackle Urgot, the rework of his Battlecast skin would definitely be an opportunity to revisit the thematic. Meanwhile on skins I'm spending a lot of my time now thinking about thematics and how we can flesh out their alternate universe lore and find new skin opportunities by doing so. To that end I have a few questions I'm thinking about and am always looking for insights: 1) In a time when we have all these sci-fi thematics, what is it that stands out and is so cool about Battlecast? 2) Is Viktor the only creator? Now that we have a bunch more champions who else would work as a 'creator' or 'creation'? 2) What was he preparing to fight? Who is the opponent of this steel legion? Is it Steel Legion!? Is it Resistance Caitlyn? Is it Candy King Ivern D:
its candy king ivern and lolly poppy, hands down. best thing i have ever read. gg
: Well we had a few champions we knew we wanted to do already, and then we had an open slot. So I did some concepts for about 7 different champions that the product owners were happy exploring. I remember TF was on the list with a note "not sold on this one" and I guess I took that as a challenge. We showed the spread of concepts to the whole company and there was just something about the TF one that was unique for Blood Moon and TF himself that caused it to stand out amongst the other concepts. After that I tried a wide spread of different designs for TF specifically but people kept coming back to that initial sketch and ultimately a lot of it remained. I agree it's not as close to TF's base personality as his other skins, but focuses on his elusiveness, omnipresence and ability to manipulate fate (in this case through divination). Blood Moon has the rare distinction of being one of the few thematics we keep coming back to, and continues to be a hit with players. Due to this we've had time to talk about what it is (and isn't) to the point where internally we've built up a whole story for the Blood Moon alt fantasy. Each of the BM splashes began to tell some of that story, if very subtly: I think most recently I've been comparing the Blood Moon cult to the Akatsuki from Naruto - a shadowy cult whose true intentions are obfuscated, steeped in ancient ritual and demonic power. A deadly and heretical force, they perform these rituals on nights of the Blood Moon to summon demons that imbue them with incredible (and often uncontrollable) power. Each member's mask depicts their own demon, which only the most powerful and committed members gain during a trial deep within their stronghold. It is said that there is a shadow realm parallel to our own where a demon awaits for each of us, constantly looking for a way to tear through and consume us. The trial must have something to do with communing and reaching an accord with your own demon to share power in exchange for a night of freedom. There are a number of roles within the cult, visual design-wise they can be broken into a few classifications: **Leaders ** Zilean - serves as the face of the cult, leading members in rituals to summon demons on the night of the blood moon. His splash depicts him on the boarder of a city using artifacts to draw power from his loyal followers. He will then use this blood magic to force a blood moon to occur with his time manipulation of the lunar cycle. TF - is the true leader, remaining in the shadows and behind the scenes but forever present in the actions of the cult. It is said that he is the one to have first passed the trial of masks and can walk the shadow realm at will. His splash shows his power of prediction as he leads cult members in a divining ritual to foresee a future event. Another idea for the splash we felt was too ambitious was to show him kidnapping an adolescent Diana and walking through his portal after murdering her parents. This would have then matched an alternate version of Diana's splash where she was being inducted into the cult with TF lowering her mask and Elise giving her tattoos with her magic spider legs. Pretty dark >:) Jhin - is an ink-mage and master of all ceremonies. As is befitting Jhin, he all about the details - calligraphy, incantations, number of candles, observation of time, location... he holds a lot of the knowledge about who these demons are and how to summon and direct them. Of course he's also a master assassin, equally as deadly as he is zealous. **Guardians** Shen - serves as personal bodyguard to the leaders of the cult. The most indomitable disciple in mind and body, his devotion and loyalty can never be shaken. His splash depicts Zilean watching over him as he performs the trial of masks within the mask room. Yasuo - is the ceremonial executioner, a swordsman whose bloodthirst can never be quenched. If you look carefully at his splash you'll see that you are looking at him from the perspective of a kneeling cultist in the inner ring. You'll also notice that his swift blade has snuffed out your candle... and your life. In service of the ritual taking place. **Priestesses** Priestesses walk their own path. Chosen of the Blood Moon, they carry tremendous power but choose to travel far from the cult finding their own truth in the whispers of their demons. At times they return to the fold, exchanging learnings with the leaders before slipping away once more. Elise - has become intertwined with her demon spirit, wholly embracing it and sharing one form. She has traveled beyond all known civilisation and now exists in whispered tales. Diana - chosen of the moon, the favoured daughter of night seems _destined_ to be a peerless assassin of the cult. Her mind is open the the old ways of the Blood Moon, lost even to Jhin. What truths does she know, what role will she play, what future did Fate see for her? When I look at her splash I really want to know! Akali - you know it, I know it, BM Akali is outdated now and doesn't fit in. Hopefully we'll get a chance to update her some time in the future, although I'm very aware people love that skin so we would only use a light touch and add some story to the splash. **Demons** When the blood moon waxes and the ritual of summoning is complete some members of the cult are completely overcome by the demonic power, transforming into true terrors bent on carrying out the will of the Blood Moon. Thresh - demon. In the splash thresh spins his lantern, drawing lesser demons to empower him. Kalista - demon. Her splash has her in hot pursuit of a fleeing noble on the streets of a town, none can escape such vengeance. Kennen - demon. His splash depicts him parting an army and zooming up a palace gate on his way to assassinate the target within. Talon - demon. His splash isn't on PBE yet but it's done by Alex Flores and I know some of you are fans of his work :P Phew that took a few hours to write down properly. Rereading you still had a question about the masks: Elise was designed with her face exposed, perhaps at the time because she was a beautiful champ and artists weren't sure if her face being covered would disappoint players. Or could have been just an aesthetic choice by the artist at the time? **I wasn't at Riot then.** For Diana we felt like she would definitely wear a mask that covered her face as that fits her character, but as I said earlier we had an idea for the splash of TF 'masking' her lowering the mask onto her face thus hinting at her natural moon symbol. However once we saw the thumbnails this one stood out as being hugely impactful - creating a juxtaposition between her serenity and the grotesquely violent mask. Personally I think it's so captivating because it's thought-provoking - she's either removing the mask and returning to a human form, or about to don the mask and release the demon. Thanks for asking!
"rare distinction of being one of the few thematics we keep coming back to" do you purposely leave some skins themes with only one instalment to preserve uniqueness? like would riot ever think "corporate rammus (customer support rammus) is the best idea ever, but we want/need corporate mundo to be a unique one."
Kayliegh (NA)
: Why do I keep getting free skins from Riot?
pretty much everytime i switch back to the old client i get a "gift from riot" notification. though i don't actually get anything i can find though.
Rude Name (OCE)
: Inb4 Dragonslayer Aurelion Sol Edit: this is a good time to ask a quick question. Are contradictory skins out of the question, like Dragonslayer Aurelion Sol, Happy Amumu, or Mass Murderer Ivern?
+1 for mass murderer ivern
: Hey! I wouldn't say you're being a dick at all, you're not attacking anyone, you're just giving your honest opinion, which is something we actively seek. I would say that Dark Star Thresh was a special case, as is every skin. I don't think it's fair to compare one skin to another because we plan each skin differently, and don't use a cookie cutter format. I agree that Blood Moon Diana was a huge player win because it was something that was highly suggested, and in a lot of ways a no-brainer for Diana. However, I personally don't think a skin should be legendary because it's a popular idea. I can see some of the suggestions working for Diana as a legendary skin, but for me, the part that would make it hard for her to be a legendary skin is her VO and potentially some of her animations, since they're pretty quick and not something that would be highly noticeable if we changed them. I speak from experience here with animations, as many players felt that Star Guardian Jinx's animations (run, AA, etc.) were the same as the base, and I worry it's something Diana would also fall into. As for VO, I'm not sure there is enough to pull for a full roster of VO lines for the Blood Moon thematic. *Yes, I'm sure VO could be written, but would it be impactful enough?* I'd personally rather see a legendary for her in a skin line - potentially the first of it - where she can really break out of her normality and be completely flipped on her head into something totally different. As always, suggestions are welcome! :D As for the tattoo, that's something I can certainly hook you up with! :)
Thoughts on a project diana, or are we done with those? Also i'm curious if you happen to know, what kind of legal research and or ethical lines does riot have to consider when making skins that resemble other "things"? i've been told king rammus is no longer available because it resembles a certain koopa to much [which kills me since i have every rammus skin but it :'( ] but what about skins that might resemble giant mecha animes, or ones that dip into religion like pastafarianism velkoz?
Bellows (NA)
: Lol, I can see it now. Customer Support Rammus
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: Can we reconsider Urgot?
was playing him recently, and thought it would be a really good quality of life buff if his q refreshed mana on kill like annie's does
Faie (NA)
: What? That's impossible. Melee minions with baron buff take 70% reduced damage. They have 1035 health at 40 minutes, so he would have to do 3,450 damage to them. Did he dump his full combo, including his ultimate, on them or something?
no, i swear he was doing it without using ult.....
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: They have a *minimal impact* on your placements during the beginning of the season. They will not be a huge defining factor as far as I know, and I'd imagine your performance in your actual placement matches when the season starts will play a much larger role in where you place.
well this seemed like a really hard reset to me. what is riots goal in making plats play with silvers? it just causes a few months of super unbalanced games were the best strategy is to focus the person who was silver 3 last season. why have a reset at all? there is already timed degradation if you don't play, and if you play and are at a position you don't belong then you will eventually get demoted. what is the purpose of this extra chaos?
: ARAM Dodging - We Need A Change
i completely agree with this. come on riot can we at least get a comment as to why we don't do this?
Meddler (NA)
: There are some champs, Azir and Kalista being the most prominent two right now, with whom we're really cautious when buffing. They are weak, but have been significant game health problems in the past. That means buffs that aren't accompanied by bigger game health changes are going to be small (at least in a single patch) and targeted at parts of their kits that haven't been the main sources of problems. In Azir's case for 6.24 we're looking at: * Decreased CD on W (12-8 -> 10 -> 6 is what we're testing right now) * Reduced gold from destroying the passive tower (100g -> 50g) * Increased AD scaling on the passive tower over time to match other towers (3 AD/min -> 4 AD/min) * Decreased construction time on the passive tower (5s -> 3.5s, this a change that might need some animation work though so might not make it into 6.24) Rationale for these changes is that we want to add power but want to avoid the burst, mobility and CC cases that have been challenging with Azir in the past. More sustained access to soldiers via W makes sense as a result, and is definitely the largest of the buffs. The passive's also, we think, a safer place to put power, hence doing so in ways that both make it a bit more useable and decrease the cost of doing so a bit.
some humble feedback coming from someone who **only **plays long range poke & control mage champs (xerath, ziggs, lux, ori, brand, etc.) I think Azir's E is a big problem. Not only is the shield useless 99% of the time, but it completely goes against his theme of staying back and commanding. Also, as someone who played (previously) a lot of Azir, i always felt that granting gold to the enemy team for destroying his tower left a **HORRIBLE **taste in my mouth and made me hardly ever use it. (but at least it used to grant stats, now it's like his passive is literally "give gold to the enemy team" lol) also, and i could be way off on this so i'm totally open to others views, towers become less meaningful as the game goes on and champs get more stats. yet Azir's opportunities to place towers come later in the game-see my issue?
: Update on Preseason Ranked
11/21 just had a game with: 3 plats, a gold, and a diamond against 3 diamonds, a gold, and a plat. the 3 plats team actually won every lane. **but there is almost not point in playing these game**s even if you're up 17-4, against a team that out-skills you** that much** the game is just pointless. Matchmaking doesn't feel any more balanced
: Nope, he never had a joke or taunt, what is funny though is that his lines were just a placeholder but everyone loved it, so he never got a full VO
but.....but.... it should say "ok" :'(
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iHerring (NA)
: [Client] Friends list randomly reorders itself
currently mine is just in a random order, not even alphabetical
: From the patch notes: > DELAY BETWEEN SHOTS 0.6 seconds ⇒ 0.8 seconds
i don't know how i missed that, i looked for it O_O thank you
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: are macros allowed?
i would also like to know this for the exact same reason
Banuvan (NA)
: PSA: We still want Solo Queue
i for one still really want solo queue. dynamic queue is great and all, but i'm sick of repeatedly stomping lanes, even against people entire divisions above me, and losing games over and over again, or losing lane and winning because my team is better. playing with friends is great and all, but for the most part i miss the solo queue experience and it really sucks when your friends, instead of random people, get salty about ranked-its just not worth it. i'd rather not play my main role then have the game be ~85% influenced by the team you get stuck with, and have 10 minute queue times. i'm really sick of it and am also not playing any more ranked until something changes.
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