: my account banned for no reason
welp, they said i got banned for cheating, yet they won't release information on how i "cheated" (i didn't if i was i would hack and get my account in challenger or something), good going riot, banning me and not providing evidence of any sorts
: Cheating is just another way of saying, "having a third party software that integrated with league in a way we don't approve of" Considering you seem to be at a loss, odds are that a.) someone has your account and has been using it to cheat. (not likely) b.) you have modded the game in a superficial way, i.e custom skins, but accidentally altered a key file causing the system to think your cheating (not likely) c.) Your have some kind of program on your computer running at the same time as when you play which happens to flag your computer as having some kind of cheating program. (likely) Either way this would be a difficult ban to overturn as Riot doesn't want to reveal the things that they are looking for when it comes to detecting cheaters, so legitimate mistakes are often treated as casualties. I'd still make the attempt, as you can argue in your case regarding your stance, but if it ultimately comes down to you triggering their third party detection systems your sadly out of luck.
i literally never even thought about cheating in this game, i don't have a 3rd party program open unless steam or google chrome is something they don't approve of, i want to play with friends, riot hasn't said anything about my support ticket yet other than writing a paragraph saying "i cheated" and that's why i was banned
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: > [{quoted}](name=ur aII weenies,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=akEPeKEE,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-03-14T22:13:21.157+0000) > > i meant i went to go walk my dog after the game was done... not during the game, after the game was finished I'm seeing inconsistencies here. "I went afk to go walk my dog..." "I didn't go afk..." "I went afk after the game was over..." You need to fix your original post for clarity.
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: > i went afk to go and walk my dog Do you do this often? Think long and hard. Are there several instances where you go afk and go walk your dog? Do you prioritize your ranked games over your dog pooping on the carpet, or vice versa? I know it's bad to let a dog go while you're in a ranked game but you can clean it up and you're good. You can't clean up the results of going afk in a ranked game, undo your lack of map presence and skill usage, be there when your team needed you in the past, and everything is fine. You have to take the game seriously if you're going to start marathoning ranked games. Try to next time begin your marathons AFTER your dog has been taken out and business has well been taken care of. That's just my observations.
i meant i went to go walk my dog after the game was done... not during the game, after the game was finished
: Did you check your spam/junk mail/trash folder? Any update on this? I'm curious too.
update: i sent in a ticket, and i got banned for CHEATING??? i have never cheated in my life and i wouldn't even know how to cheat, that's why i didn't list it in my "i didn't do's" above because it was too obscure to think of i'm sorry if i was too good riot but if you really think i cheated thats super dumb because i would be challenger if i cheated http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=uraiiweenies i really wonder wtf riot was thinking
: Ill name what it could or could not possibly be according to me. Your name has a lot of "i's", riot has been KNOWN to ban people because of confusion of the letter "I" and the letter "I" (yes, they are different). So yours was probably a mistake. Not afking, since afking only results in LP not bans. Not flaming, since you get a reform card with that. Not a 3rd something software, cuz they do that in waves. Could be you got hacked, and riot wants to keep your account safe.(they perma ban accounts they think got hacked, and return to the rightful user once a support ticket is submitted) A chargeback possibly? Or did you receive any suspicious skin gifts recently. BUT , theese are all guesses! Send a ticket to riot support ASAP! only they know the truth.
i sent a ticket to riot after i made my post on here i have not put any money into this game at all, i have not got any skin gifts ever, and i'm pretty sure i didn't get hacked, no suspicious games on my account
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: Reform cards are for bans issued by the instant feedback system. Since he doesn't have one in his ban notice, it means the ban was issued for something else.
do you know what i was banned for then? what are the options i could've been banned for
: shouldnt you have a reform card on the client too or is that for less than permanet bans not trolling honestly asking
this was a perma ban and i didn't get a reform card when i try to sign in, it just says i'm permabanned
: your banned until 1969 which was 48 years ago wth
yeah i dont get it i think riot made a mistake and accidentally banned my account
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