: riot doesn't help toxicity in league
Champions show up in roles for champ select based on their pick rate. Ziggs got popular bot because people mimicked pro play, not cause riot forced it. Taliyah was nonexistent mid and got taken off that list for a bit... It's all automated. Meta can be recommended because (usually) the meta exists because it's the best picks around. Riot will not punish you for making other picks (so long as you're trying to win and playing in good faith), but you're not going to see many challenger adc nocturne picks because it's just not good.
: I'm done. Here's why.
If you want better teammates, play better and climb...
: I'm getting so frustrated on how bad I am.
I don't know the specifics of your gameplay or your learning style, but from the way this is worded I feel like you're not setting attainable goals for improvement. Instead of saying "I want to improve map awareness" (which is a general goal, with no metric to say 'yea, I've improved'), have you tried something like "I want to die to less than 1 gank per laning phase" or "I want to have 80% fight participation in mid game" or some other metric? Goals like that streamline improvement, make it easier to make step by step microgoals which facilitate learning, and can help identify what's causing the problem in the first place.
SirPurrr (NA)
: Hey, come on now, I'm a one day old Cass main. Don't ruin this for me. I'm actually surprised her win rate barely moved at all. It's just ~50%. She's probably not relevant fast enough for most of these buffs to change as much as we'd expect on paper.
To be fair, Cass is a relatively difficult champion to pick up (imo), and I'd expect a bunch of day 1 new Cass mains probably hurts that rate a lot. Only time will tell on that though, I could just be overly pessimistic!
: He bounces every rotation.
Yenn (NA)
: Imagine telling someone who mains skill shot champions with 55-60% win rate at Diamond that skillshots aren't their strong suit
Maybe skillshots aren't your strongsuit. And I say that as someone with a 66%+ winrate with velkoz in D1. Only the truly exceptional ms champs like jhin are problematic, and you can take glacial augment as a crutch if you're bad there/need the tethering control.
: Aaaah, the ol' "prove a negative" thing. You do you, bud. You do you.
I don't get the whole correlation thing. There's 3 points there (and a 4th that I linked last time this came up) that clearly show people getting chat restricted for using 1 ZT word. It is clearly possible to get chat restricted for one use because those 4 people did...
: > [{quoted}](name=mack9112,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BXfpor7a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-16T17:20:53.426+0000) > > Forced 50% winrate does not exist stop deflecting your own inability to climb. Riot admitted it does exist. Do some research
Isn't it obvious that it exists? If you're playing at the proper skill division, you'll win 50% of games... That's how climbing in a ranked system works...
: Congratulations, you just created the base for a new Rammus skin here.
Jakra (EUW)
: Can we take a sec to appreciate WW's new skin? Especially when they show the fact that he's human?
I agree, but also that picture angle makes him look like the world's most aggressive turtle sticking his head out of his shell, and I'm not sure I'll ever unsee it.
coreym11 (NA)
: Dude with the level advantage I get A LOT out of it, you wouldn't imagine. I have full control over the lane and can kill the person ganking my lane and 1 shot the adc.
Well, no. Jinx doesn't get a lot of strength from leveling up. Leveling q is only attack speed or range on rockets. The attack speed is nice, but due to it requiring stacking and being a multaplicative stat, it doesn't give much damage/pressure just by leveling, and the range isn't huge since if you're using it, you give up wave control. W and E both gain 50 damage per rank, which is nice, but leveling W doesn't give wave control, it cant hit someone in the minion wave, and it doesnt have the powerful kit synergy that most other level first staples have, like syndra q, zed q, and most other mids (both meta and off meta). E, as your only peel tool with a very long cd, cannot be effectively used offensively until you're quite fed without putting you at a huge risk, making its leveling a safety increase, not a damage increase. As such, your power spikes are gold dependent, not level depending, similar to a standard adc rather than a mid. this means you're not going to be spiking at equivilent times (you'll be quite behind, since your opponent spikes on both points), and you lose a significant ability to get a lead. Now, as i said, this won't significantly be countered in low elo, since people don't understand power spikes and whatnot, but it does mean you have less opportunities to get fed and impact a game compared to a better mid pick, meta or nonmeta. Theres only a few things going for the pick imo. It does a lot of damage with items, which functions well in a fiesta environment. Just let the game go on and show up to fights, and take your shots. It takes the game out of your hands a lot early, but game time is decently long right now. It's also got the mordekaiser effect, where your enemies don't know the matchup and you do, making them less likely to abuse you. 0 clue how much of an advantage this gives at your level. As i said before, its a game, you do whatever floats your goat as long as you're trying to win and such. But I do think if you're seriously trying to climb (imo the main reason to play ranked) then you're gimping yourself by playing it.
: Why does riot think I would invest anything
coreym11 (NA)
: Why can't I play lethality jinx mid?
Listen, if you're having a good time and looking to enjoy your game, it's not so bad that it prevents that, so you do you. If you're looking to climb I think you're gimping yourself with it since your pick lacks the ability to abuse a level advantage, doesn't have priority target damage to deal with a fed opponent, and doesn't play to a lot of win conditions, but also that won't be abused in lower elos. So if you're enjoying your games... Whatever floats your boat I guess?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I'd settle for the ancient fan concept of Poro Overlord Syndra. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/c/fancreations/a9WhXMWT-skin-concept-poro-syndra http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=74619 Concept was made back when poros were poros and Irelia should be nerfed.
A poro skin line would be awesome!
: What is the absolutely best support of the game?
{{champion:161}} he's the champ I'm best at, and as of yet have not found an elo where team comp is more important than skill on a champ. If I were starting fresh, assuming no skill difference, probably nami or alistar tho.
: Will it ever be possible to obtain certain icons that aren't purchasable?
I *think* that during essence emporeum there is a random summoner icon purchase that can get stuff like that for BE. But also I just woke up, so I don't want to get your hopes up for my bad memory (also, randomness).
: Who is the easiest jungle champion to carry with?
{{champion:32}} imo. Super easy to pickup, game changing ult, fits most comps, rarely banned.
Glaveir (NA)
: I would personally be psyched for a high price Mechanivia. I can just imagine the spell effects of W and R. I'd hate for it to put hextech to shame though.
Anivia has some awesome skin potential, I wish she were more popular
Barkley (NA)
: Surprise party illaoi. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men.
Surprise party is super underused. Garen needs one as well imo.
Rudrim (EUNE)
: Also Babysitters {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:350}}
gileskd (NA)
: heart seeker lee sin because love is blind
I wish this comment had been sooner to get the attention it deserves
: Lava Zac Legendary skin, its the opposite of pool party He could leave behind burned footprints in the ground and he could have some fire effects, His splash art would be him in lava only his head poking out with a smirk on his face, it would even be better if you could somehow make a skin line out of this {{champion:154}} (This is a really hard decision it was this Skeleton Kha'zix as a Halloween skin or some kind of holy skin)
I'd love for them to expand the infernal skin lines, i think that ones super underused
: Heartbreaker Miss Fortune
Im kinda surprised that doesn't already exist
: I just won a TFT game after leaving in the first round of player fights....
You get fwotd for playing I think. At least, I did. Came in 8th cause I absolutely suck at tft, still got it.
Dobiwobi (EUW)
: old god karthus, same universe as coven and elderwood
GenoXx (NA)
: I fear for some of the choices of skinlines commented here. I'd like to see human kalista or more lore related ones.
Not a fan of star guardian urgod? Kalista is pretty underskinned tho. I guess that is the treatment of 'too much pro play nerf time' champs all around.
: Would Xerath's body buzz?
I guess it depends on how well he contains his energy. The latent buzz of electronics generally comes from charging devices that're full charge (side note, thanks for reminding me to unplug my phone). This draws current and attempts to send the same amount back, and when the electrical system can't do that (either due to the device not supporting it or having bad wiring at the port) the energy has to go somewhere. This is how light bulbs work, they turn that excess electrical energy into light and some sound (since energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed). In something without a filament to produce light, the conduits will begin to vibrate to remove that energy, creating sound waves. How does this relate to xerath? Well, it comes down to a question of if he's constantly generating energy or simply drawing it from elsewhere, and if he has a reasonably met max capacity. If he's constantly generating his own magical energy and has a cap of how much can be stored, it stands to reason that if the cap is met then energy must be released. This could be done in lasers, but that's probably pretty inconvenient if he's in the middle of dinner or whatever ascended beings do in their spare time. More likely it would be released as light or as physical vibrations in his armor, making sound. Meanwhile if he has no cap, or simply draws the magic from elsewhere, he'd have no reason to vent energy, and I doubt there'd be sound beyond air vaporizing due to touching his energy.
: Me being a Gnar main I've thought quite a bit about what skins he'd do well with.. Bloodmoon, Lunar, Prehistoric.. ugh, I hope he gets a skin this year
Isn't base gnar prehistoric gnar? (not super familiar with his lore) I think he would be great for an infernal skin. Small fire sprite turns into a raging inferno.
d00mface (EUW)
: It would never happen, but I'd love a Plush Toy Aatrox skin. Squeaky noises on Q are necessary. Based loosely on my boy Plushtrox of course: https://66.media.tumblr.com/bd9afc005fe3a3d7b1ca43f3d2244574/tumblr_pk6feip05T1r6hcp5o1_1280.jpg
Oh my god. Squeaky toy skinlines are something I never knew I needed. Similar to renektoy and moo cow alistar, but that look like plushes and play a squeak when taking damage.
Cojak (NA)
: Gankers from any lane, I can use my E from the moment they come out of bush to the moment they are on top of me, land it, and peel myself. Assassins don't follow any normal situation. When the approach on that commit moment I can e and they are somewhere else. If skill expression means waiting till they are on top of me, then I'm already dead and landing the knock up does little stop it
No assassin has the ability to instagib unless they're fed or they're named Diana (who must be handled differently). Everyone else allows you to wait your e out. {{champion:84}} is best disengaged after she dashes to you with e, forcing her to ult to close the gap (and from a distance, giving you safety options) {{champion:28}} can be e'd either in her e animation to completely wreck her, or after charm wears off. Late mid to late when she'll kill you in charm duration you'll have to get a banshees or hourglass to force her to commit outside of cc duration. {{champion:105}} has a lot of his damage locked behind e. If he ults you, throw a q in his face for the slow, and hold e until he is coming down from his. Again, banshees needed her for later when he doesn't need a fill combo to eat you alive. {{champion:55}} is easy. E when she ults, and respect the daggers. {{champion:141}} is best e'd when he uses q, as that locos him into position. Zhonyas is a good pickup here though, as if he gets fed on other lanes he'll w - smite - r you late game. {{champion:121}} don't e till he jumps. Use q to hold range, if he's on top of you without jumping you've already fucked up seriously. {{champion:7}} probably the trickiest of the group. Honestly your goal is to never interact with her. Drop e after she's committed with chains to force her to w back to a previous location, which should let you break the chain if you position well. Ult can make this hard, build defensive. {{champion:11}} is easy. Grab some ap/hp items, wait for him to alpha and drop e on his end location. Walk away spamming laugh. {{champion:56}} as soon as you have eyes on, don't panic. Throw w's to break spellshield, only commit your e once it's down and he's started his fear tether. With t2 boots you can easily break tether during e's cc. {{champion:80}} e his w if you've got mad skillz. Otherwise save it for his e. {{champion:555}} e him after he's used his dash. If you use it before you'll never hit him, and he'll free engage on you. {{champion:246}} has to dash to you to fight. E her once she's used the dash and make sure you're moving in open lane, not at the sides. That will mitigate her ability to dash to you. If she opens with the stealth zone, just walk away. It's not worth the cs to take that risk. {{champion:107}} buy a zhonyas, don't be near bushes when alone. E him once he's jumped with ult. {{champion:91}} wait until he's already in melee range before e'ing, his ult doesn't give enough movement speed to re-engage if you've got t2 boots. {{champion:157}} don't stand by minions. This forces him to dash to you as his only dodging method, use w or q to bait it and knock him back into tower. {{champion:238}} get a friend to go into a custom game with you and practice the ult timing. You can land e before he can cast his e or q or even an auto, negating his entire ult combo as you walk away. Just e him right as the shadows of ult land.
Eldeazar (EUW)
: Battle Boss Zyra with her plants being a reference to the super mario ones, that would be G O A L S
i wish Nintendo weren't so sue happy, piranha plant zyra would be a great skin!
Kenneky (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g1UGEOjv,comment-id=00220000,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:59:18.134+0000) > > Do we know if odyssey will ever come around again? I liked that event, but feel like they'd have to release a whole nother one to really do the skin-line justice. I have no idea If that will ever happen, unfortunately I started playing LoL after the Odyssey event, which was an event I wanted to experience...
Ah, thats super unfortunate. I had a blast with that PvE game, really hope they bring it back.
Kenneky (EUW)
: I love space and space ships and by that Odyssey is my favourite skin line (before Blood Moon) and since both of my bois have Blood moon skins, I would die of happiness If {{champion:202}} and/or {{champion:555}} can get an Odyssey skin as an space hunters that work for Kayn like in the style of Borderlands (since It's also a game I love). But Jhin got a Dark star skin so it's more unlikely to him to receive that skin. Also an Odyssey skin for {{champion:133}} would be amazing, think of what they can do with Valor. A girl like me can only dream, unfortunately...
Do we know if odyssey will ever come around again? I liked that event, but feel like they'd have to release a whole nother one to really do the skin-line justice.
: Blood Moon {{champion:8}} The purple/red ink effects used with Pyke/Jhin would look absolutely amazingly on Vlad's abilities. His Ult or pool could be the blood moon symbol. Infernal or Dark Star would also look great with Vlad's abilities. Imagine Vlad charging up his E and releasing a blast of stars and cosmos thingies.
Dark star has some seriously cool options. Drawing the light out of a target with q and consuming it, w melting into a black hole, I could definitely see it.
Blåsigt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g1UGEOjv,comment-id=001f0000,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:29:48.741+0000) > > Something tells me that one's not gonna make it into the next patch I mean, you framed this as a dream skin post teehee. Another skin idea I had was Princess Zyra - she would be dressed as a gorgeous Renaissance princess - her seedlings would be little battle flags (with a rose insignia, of course) - when her abilities activated, her plants would appear as either a knight with a sword or an archer with a bow and arrow. All over her abilities would have some kind of rose-bramble flavor. {{champion:143}}
Zyra has a ton of skin potential with her static minion theme. I just wish she'd get a decent gameplay update beforehand tho.
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g1UGEOjv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-12T15:49:02.036+0000) > > That's... A combination I've honestly never considered. Giant pink lasers of doom... E is a big ol' heart flying out... I have no idea how you'd do w or ult tho maybe similar to how in urf, you get those heart explosions upon kill
Maybe! my only concern is that you have to leave the ground hitbox as a circle or its deceptive, so it only shows in the upwards explosion. I always worry with cool ideas like this that certain abilities get left too basic... Gotta find the line between awesome skin and keeping good gameplay!
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g1UGEOjv,comment-id=00200000,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:32:08.329+0000) > > Getting a skin like that would be out of this world {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Man, i did not realize how limited board emotes were until i tried to find a response here. It's all star guardian stuff! Bard could totally work with the astro theme though. rocket boosters for when he picks up chimes and gets his MS boost, Q can be an asteroid breaking partially on the first hit and exploding on the second, his W could be a small planet with a bunch of debris around it that forms up into a bigger planet, E would be a wormhole... this would compete with the penguin portal, which i currently think is by far his best skin.
: Maybe AstroBard? I think I'm just being greedy though - I've got AstroNautilus, after all.
Getting a skin like that would be out of this world
Blåsigt (NA)
: “Karma Sutra” Karma - basically it would be a super sexual skin - her tether would be a big phallus, her bubble a single tit, her Q a jizz explosion , and her ultimate would be voiced with orgasmic exclamations
Something tells me that one's not gonna make it into the next patch
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=g1UGEOjv,comment-id=001b0000,timestamp=2019-07-12T19:30:55.350+0000) > > Idk, I'm pretty pawsitive that adding options like that could lead to cat-astrophic consequences if one cat group ended up feline left out. Wut.
I like cat puns a bit too much...
: Nidalee skins/chromas (maybe for Leopard), not the traditional chromas but like chromas where the Leopard skin can be changed into different big cat species, such as tiger or jaguar.
Idk, I'm pretty pawsitive that adding options like that could lead to cat-astrophic consequences if one cat group ended up feline left out.
: > [{quoted}](name=usul1202,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tkEnbIzk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:21:06.782+0000) > > But also, what's the point of the hypothetical? To know what people prefer more?
Why does that matter? It doesn't affect the situation and these boards are explicitly not for research purposes (lol, got a post removed for that the other day cause of something on that). Imo, it feels like the question is simply bait to say "ha! Stop punishing for text and just punish gameplay" when that's not at all a valid conclusion.
: Lol when the system is so good it has accidental false positives instead of actual intended ones carry on with whatever you do
Apologies if I'm being dense but... What's the connection between your comment and mine? I mean, if you're counting the stuff that's unreported as false positives then wouldn't it be a good thing riot has it as is now?
Ekotren (NA)
: Who really likes this loot system?
Do you mean the leveling system or the loot chests? Cause as a poor student, I love that I've got a lot of skins for free. Leveling... I really can't say I notice it much. Exp is definitely less satisfying to get than ip was, but also I do feel like I gain currency faster which is nice since I'm close to owning all champs.
: Did riot think of this or you just made up a reason to cover up for flawed system
If I worked for riot, I would tell you lol. It's why I agree with that part of the system. I mean, if it's not hurting anyone's enjoyment of the game, why punish it?
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Star Guardian {{champion:6}}
I'm honestly kinda surprised this thread wasn't spammed with that suggestion.
: So why riot doesn't scan games automatically for possible infractions?
Because if I'm in a group of 5 and we want to be assholes to each other because we've been friends for ages and all have the same super dark sense of humor, that should be allowed imo.
Adder (OCE)
: Jax ultimate skin but he spoke spanish and used a baguette (literally not even kidding i had this in a dream)
Follow your dreams satuurn (and be sure to give us progress updates, since your dreams are hilarious)
: This kind of question is useless to ask on these boards mate. You're gonna get the "punish both" comments when that wasn't even the argument. No one understands a hypothetical
But also, what's the point of the hypothetical? It's not like we're spending ritobucks (tm) to get a better punishment system for this or that... The automated system does nearly everything beyond a basic level of review, most of which would be support tickets not pb engineers unless there's a problem. Especially since things are automated instead of manhour limited. Could def have a good debate over spending manhours on reviewing troll games vs engineer time to try improving that system.
Could definitely have some fun animations with that. He'd be in a speedo of course, right?
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