cluvie (NA)
: I can assure you that there has not been any issues with this detection. We never want to punish anyone unfairly and we use extreme caution to ensure that only those who are using 3rd party mods have been actioned.
Plenty of people here seem incredibly convinced that they've used no third party programs of any sort. Seems to be the general consensus on the subreddit where plenty of topics about this have popped up. It's understandable to find a few people in denial over it, but this many seems to be a bit of a stretch. Maybe instead of assuring us you might consider taking the time to actually do a double-check.
cluvie (NA)
: The address associated with the email you received is not a scam and is from Riot Games. Check [here]( ) for more information on identifying emails from Riot. Please keep in mind that you may have more than one account associated with this email address. Either of these accounts could have disciplinary actions taken on it within the next few hours. ---------------------------------------------- **Edit for clarification purposes: This ban wave was specifically for botting, which is accomplished using 3rd party programs. **
I think you might want to consider sending a message to whoever may be in charge of these things. Almost everyone has said they know they haven't used any third party programs, myself included, and that they've received the email. I've got real life friends who have received the emails as well, and they say the same thing. I think there has been some sort of MAJOR failure in your system somewhere.


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