: Petition to make Veigar's voice higher the more ap he has
Deeper would be better. He'd sound scaried the stronger he got. And/or make his staff taller.
: You figured Vayne wouldn’t thrive in a meta where games ended so quickly
Games arent ending quicker the early mid and late phases are shorter. Thus she hits late faster.
Cujoh (NA)
: Support has too big of an impact for how little autofilled players care about it
In draft i almost always autofill and i find it funny that support is the most common since so many people think their op or somethin. I've been experimenting with different ap mages like lux or zoe just to see if it works. Reason I play brand or vel though is because i dont trust my rando adc and figure if i find out theyre terrible i can at least be helpful as an ap mage. Sucks to be a weak support who NEEDS the adc to do anything And sometimes my team decides an all ad team is a good idea for some reason In ranked though i have would definitely pick whatever is good for the team comp and counters the opposing team like thresh or soraka but sometimes an ap poke support like vel can come in handy if played right and can provide good peel for adc an rest of team.
Galacius (NA)
: Regarding Recent "Fire GhostCrawler" or "Fire the Balance Team" Threads
I agree people shouldn't be crying to fire certain people. But simply disagreeing is fine. If rioter X says something u disagree with its fine discuss it. But saying its that persons fault for every issue isn't right either. This game is made by a group not just one individual. A reasonable argument or even just acomplaint has a higher chance of being read and possibly responded to then just saying this champ(or anything) is op because of this person. Say what you will about certainlyTs champs i doubt he's designing and programming it all on his own without feedback.I'm sure or at least hope he and other designers listen to feedback about their champs and can understand if the champ needs to be toned down Same with the rest of the teams.{{sticker:vayne-pose}}
: You and I have very different experiences with Xin then. He can't negate damage by dodging, but he can just outright kill you.
> [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVlxT87J,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-12-24T17:59:10.191+0000) > > You and I have very different experiences with Xin then. He can't negate damage by dodging, but he can just outright kill you. I feel like i can playbaround xin much easier(not talking fed xin here). Hes kinda slow. And doesnt seem to just win donto having big numbers
: OR you can... Ward *dun dun duuun*
> [{quoted}](name=Lightning I,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVlxT87J,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-24T16:01:37.288+0000) > > OR you can... Ward *dun dun duuun* Just cuz i see death approaching doesn't mean i can stop him as a melee jungle.
: Do you know how to fight Jungle Xin? It's the exact same process, even though Xin punishes you far more for fighting him early.
> [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVlxT87J,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-24T15:57:58.143+0000) > > Do you know how to fight Jungle Xin? It's the exact same process, even though Xin punishes you far more for fighting him early. Xin doesn't feel as punishing to fight he can't just completely negate damage from melees.
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Lapis (OCE)
: Could Gnar support work?
Yes but only well if u can comunicate with ur ally and play around the forms. With a couple of ganks itll be a cake walk
Kleptoyo (NA)
: Akali Rework Ideas
Have throw the both at an arc which return to her. Like galios wind move but they return instead of staying there. One does magic dmg other does ad dmg. If both hit same target they get marked for extra dmg from auto. One move jumps and sticks on a target slowing then and dealing physical damage upon release from target Another is a short dash that deals magic damage to targets she flies through. Ult she drops multiple smoke bombs in an area. She gains movespeed while In it enemies are slowed and can't see out of it allies arent slowed.noone can see INTO to it. She cant be seen unless she attacks or uses an ability or leaves the cloud. Passive perfect balance. She gains only 50% of ap or ad from items the other 50% becomes the other stat. Like if an item gave 100 ad she'd actually get 50 ad and 50 ap instead.and vice versa.
: Can we have a funny "Bot Coach" mode? xD
Or if u can only control them to a certain degree. Like u can tell them to go ward but not where or to either fight or farm but u cant speciecaly make them do the moves.
: It feels like people really don't know how to play from behind
Doesn't help that turret damage is meaningless so it hard to defend it. If ur to far they hit tower to close youll get poked then they'll dive u even if u cc them and die and then they'll take tower.
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
I didnt kno u could proc anivias q early by pressong the button again. And would sometimes build supports like aps because bigger numbers were funnier on my sona.
: Every few months Riot overbuffs an otherwise balanced champion just because nobody plays them.
Morg is not balanced. Her aoe cant be dodged because it just appears. Her stun is way to dam long, does to much damage and is way to large. Honestly her ult is the only balanced thing she has She needs a rework honestly. I dont know how people can play her she just seems so boring.
: Does Hexflash HAVE to be press-and-hold?
I like how i didnt know it the first time and just looked stupid when i tried.
: Actual 5v5 teamfights don't exist
No sometimes the opponent has a perpetual splitpusher because their so good that it takes 5 of u to beat 4 ofthem and even then it's a maybe.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: It already has a cap?
I mean on percentage to get a crit. Like no higher then 60% percent similar too how their an atk speed cap.
: How do i deal with Diana?
I don't think I've seen a lane diana in forever. Pretty sure she's a jungler.
: Are there any plans to look at Duskblade or Crit in the near future?
Crit should have a cap and duskblade needs to do less on its own. Maybe split it into 2 items or something
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: Tanks diving turrets is not the issue
Ive gotten dove by a fkin janna. I don't even think she had to shield
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Fargo79 (NA)
: Them taking away the basic defensive runes for early game aggro is a serious hinder.. also they boost poke damage up.. so ya its kinda BS.. but a good note is now i can play Leo and wreck house again.. lvl 2 engages with ignite is OP again..
I could always wreck with leo. People just use her more now.
: Who do you think is the healthiest assassin in the game?
Probly eve oddly enough if she got a few very minor tweaks. Quinn?kha maybe?
: Your Overcharge mode really sucks and is not fun. If it werent a mission i wouldnt play it.
Biggest issue is tiny roster of okay champs And infinite vent jumps is stupid.
: If im the support and I know you aren't going to get the kill so i get it myself
It's called securing a kill. Doesn't matter who does it as long as it gets done. You did good. if u gave the enemy that extra second they mightve gotten away or out of range of ur adc.
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: We need to have a discussion about this champion class
I hate bruisers so them sucking is okay with me. I dont need a tanky champ that also does a lot of damage Irelia and the others can go and just become tanks or assassins. I dont need more jaxes jumping on me and 3 shoting me thank you very much.
: not at all, just means it can slip through minions easier so it hits MORE.
Require more skill then. its already almost a guaranteed kill. Make it harder to land that way.
: It's already deceptively narrow, and for the instant condemning that "Welp, looks like i'm going to die now" that it causes, i think you can deal with a *slightly bigger than it shows* hitbox like EVERY ABILITY IN THE GAME.
Would also make it easier to dodge you know.
: All Runes with cooldowns should have visible timers.
Ur mana bar glows when manaflow is ready. Still want the timer so i can plan for it in advance though i wouldnt mind waiting a second or so to cast my ultimate or whatever
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: So why do some assassins have 5 hr delays while someone like akali doesn't?
Zeds ult delay is bs as a timer or issue it's not like u can dodge it. once its on ur taking damage all he has to do then is mash every button then R out and boom squishy mage is dead sry he was 6 and i couldn't afford a zhonyas that early or a don't play fizz religiously. And leblanc feels clunky as fuck i never cared that she didn't have waveclear that was one of her downsides, early game she was complete garbage and relient on succesfull roam ganks Or late game so a waveclear champ would punish her hard early and if they had target cc then shes done for. And eves nice but her "gapcloser" is like 1 inch long and the dash mechanic on it is like a joke at our face like they know its pointless and stupid. And her stealth sight should be a bit smaller than an entire lane since she still melee. Talon is fine its the duskblade item thats stupidly broken.
Elohaven (NA)
: Overcharge isn't as good as I expected
Be better if it wasnt adc. Would rather any other class except maybe support
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: I feel like bringing back laser turrets would be a fair anti-snowball tool
Only if the damage amp doesn't reset as soon as they change targets. Rather it should go down over a brief time period. Like 3 secs or somethin
: Yasuo or Riven
Play yas. I can deal with him easier then riven. He also frustrates me less to play against.
Lapis (OCE)
: Is it okay to only play one role?
No. You should always at least be able to be ok at other roles. Have maybe 2 or more champs for those roles as well. Like a tank jungler and maybe an assassin jungle so ur ready for more then one situation. You can even pick simple champs but just have them there just incase and at least know how they work. It'll also make u better at the game you'll have a clearer understanding of those champs and how their role works so u can account for that if you play other roles.
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Keyrtyn (NA)
: Yi sorely needs buffs
Yi needs a rework. His kit is to simplistic so any buff Will make him crazy strong.since his only option is AA and nothing else. They need a few more levers on him to balance properly and give him a few more options on what to do other then alpha in or ult in and AA.
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: I feel like everything does TOO much damage.
Except turrets they seem to have gotten weaker.
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: What CertainlyT Feared? (The Vision Paradox)
Id love a ward that can see farther but is more of a thin line. Or one that goes over walls but only in a cone or something. Or even somethonglike one that only activates if an enemy walks in its line of sight but has a very short lifespan after that. Could even have some that cost a lot but slows one time when the first enemy walks into it but is expensive.
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JMoormann (EUW)
: Giving every single mage access to mobility seems a really dangerous idea...
Have it provide decent stats so its not useless but unappealing to champs that already have dashes and such.You know a niche item only i few champs would benefit from it like brand. other champs would probably prefer more damage or somethin
: The State of Melee Champions?
Most melee carries are bruisers, and bruisers have a very fine line between UP and OP. To tanky or damage and their OP not enough and they're worthless. id say remove bruisers make em tanks or carries with maybe a shield or something then were good. we won't have characters who go 80 percent tank and still do half you hp in one hit while tanking a turret and you.
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