: I feel like bringing back laser turrets would be a fair anti-snowball tool
Only if the damage amp doesn't reset as soon as they change targets. Rather it should go down over a brief time period. Like 3 secs or somethin
: Yasuo or Riven
Play yas. I can deal with him easier then riven. He also frustrates me less to play against.
Lapis (OCE)
: Is it okay to only play one role?
No. You should always at least be able to be ok at other roles. Have maybe 2 or more champs for those roles as well. Like a tank jungler and maybe an assassin jungle so ur ready for more then one situation. You can even pick simple champs but just have them there just incase and at least know how they work. It'll also make u better at the game you'll have a clearer understanding of those champs and how their role works so u can account for that if you play other roles.
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Keyrtyn (NA)
: Yi sorely needs buffs
Yi needs a rework. His kit is to simplistic so any buff Will make him crazy strong.since his only option is AA and nothing else. They need a few more levers on him to balance properly and give him a few more options on what to do other then alpha in or ult in and AA.
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: I feel like everything does TOO much damage.
Except turrets they seem to have gotten weaker.
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: What CertainlyT Feared? (The Vision Paradox)
Id love a ward that can see farther but is more of a thin line. Or one that goes over walls but only in a cone or something. Or even somethonglike one that only activates if an enemy walks in its line of sight but has a very short lifespan after that. Could even have some that cost a lot but slows one time when the first enemy walks into it but is expensive.
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JMoormann (EUW)
: Giving every single mage access to mobility seems a really dangerous idea...
Have it provide decent stats so its not useless but unappealing to champs that already have dashes and such.You know a niche item only i few champs would benefit from it like brand. other champs would probably prefer more damage or somethin
: The State of Melee Champions?
Most melee carries are bruisers, and bruisers have a very fine line between UP and OP. To tanky or damage and their OP not enough and they're worthless. id say remove bruisers make em tanks or carries with maybe a shield or something then were good. we won't have characters who go 80 percent tank and still do half you hp in one hit while tanking a turret and you.
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: What can I do as a support main in ranked?
you have to be double as good as everyone else in the game. you either play a support that can easily feed your carry so blitz is a good choice or play one that can double up as a mage(i know its a bit of cheating but then u can yourself do some plays without depending on your carry entirely) Also you have to not only predict and play around your opponent you have to do the same with your allies. figure out their play style and use it to your advantage then just try your best, be aware of the map, maybe wander a bit you know support shit.
: Poppy Seems Unusually Strong
I've felt it too. I figured it was just me not knowing how to counter her Nasus too.( still better then before rework though.)
: Strategy against Nasus?
isn't that any tanky character strategy?
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tman3000 (NA)
: Master chef Brand
swearing that much wouldn't be cool with the kiddies parents
: the thing is no1 wants to support because no1 wants to be the one who gets blamed for literally everything....mid not warded.. supp your supposed to ward...i did i warded dragon and the enemy jungle and bot lane...what bout my lane...me :...; yes this actually happened
don't forget you can't initiate any fight whatsoever because if it doesn't go perfectly you get blamed for it even if it was a perfect start and i tank everuy hit and CC 4 people as leona or whatnot, also happens if u get caught out while warding.
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: I remember a time in the game when it took 30 seconds to find a match....
Takes me less then a second, then again i go support primary
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: I don't believe he was buffed recently, the the recent change to Warlord's Bloodlust definitely helps Tryndamere players since it gives him so much lifesteal. I do agree that if Trynd gets behind he won't be able to fight back much, but all Trydameres I face never leave Top and just farm and push towers like crazy. By the time I finish helping my team, I can't fight him 1v1 even under tower because of that Ultimate. So I guess what I find frustrating about Trynd isn't just his kit, but also his play style. I definitely appreciated your response. Cheers.
Well by fixed i meant reworked really. What everyone else is true and helpful but funny enough playing as trynd doesn't feel very rewarding I've tried.all u do really is AA all day with no real strategy. he feel more like a shitty assassin. but while assassins have moves with a lot of options and uses his moves a boring and only has 1 purpose. spin into squishy AA, slow(which only works when their running away), heal when low then ult.only one their with a second use is the spin which u can use to also run away. He has to split push because like i said if he isn't fed he needs to get fed. Which makes his team pretty much always have a 4 v 5. if u can push with ur team after winning team fights you'll go faster and win, especially if one player goes to slow him down. I don't hate him but there are way better bruisers out there that can survive longer just by being tankier and more useful in fights.
: I need help understanding Tryndamere
i haven't played in a bit so unless hes been buffed or something trynd typically only has two modes Fed where he can kill a squishy in 2 hits everyone else in 3. So he'll be or at least feel OP or Not Fed where hes a giant wimp that can't to anything the entire fight so people will say hes "underpowered" He probably needs to be looked at and fixed so hes at least more engaging to play because he's kinda boring and has that annoying win or lose dynamic.
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: No, it should be bonus physical damage. You shouldn't have to stack MR to counter a fed AD carry.
that works too just get rid of true damage in such a spammable form from the game. at least velkoz actually has to hit his abilities cant run away and has CDs
: Nerf Vayne already
just remove the true damage and turn it into really high magic damage, flat true damage or Health% magic damage, boom MR makes her weaker. but health percent still allows her to hurt tanks without shitting on squishies as hard.
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Code03 (NA)
: Lag to the East Coast RIGHT NOW
Massachusetts as well has been having lag problems
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ofart (NA)
: I found a way to get out of supporting
Really i just pick a mage with good poke and/or good cc (velkoz being my favorite personally) then support as far as getting a sightstone warding and not taking cs. So even if my adc sucks im not 100% reliant on them to win.i can also secure kills prettt well with my ult once i hit 6
: I'm starting to realize who the people are crying about Bard..
at the start of the game first thing I do is ask if they know how my heal works. if yes then I continue if NO then I give a quick explanation of how waiting 10 secs makes it give a better heal and movespeed and that they stay forever unless I put a 4th one down.
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: So bard seems more like he'd be a fun jungler not just a support who's never home.
well I don't know his damage or any of that so I was just basing on his chimes to get around get exp and mamna and such, teleport over walls and stunning for ganks even his ult could do it.and his health pickup to get health after doing camps. but ok thanks for the heads up
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GamerAse (NA)
: On Champion Design: An Open Letter to Riot
So i conclude that every character should be like jax but also build triforces with their borks and morellonomicons. I wasnt around in season 1 but from what i read it sounds more like a huge jumbled mess where nobody had no clue what they were doing.i still have to a gree though i think making an interesting champ should come first then letting them loose and seeing what people do with em and if their a tad bit to strong in one department adjust accordingly but maybe not completely remove that wayvof playing them.but making them all ap and ad i dont think so we have enough lee sins and jax in the game thank you.
: If the turret isn't enough to deter them from diving you, don't stand under it and be surprised when they dive.
"why hello there lee sin you want my inhibitor turret? normally id be inclined to protect it but since u have so much health I'm completely unsafe here under this decoration they set up why don't you just have it" "oh and while you're at it why not take my nexus ones too. have a jolly good day sir how dare I play a squishy immobile mage like brand, velkoz, or veigar I should have known better"
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Anonagon (NA)
: AD vs AP itemization and why AD itemization is annoying
people forget that along with what others here have mentioned ad also pushes turrets and objectives better then ap. all ap can do is kill champs. u can't use abilities on turrets.
Dyonas (NA)
: League of CC
I think its just a side effect of mobility creep, because everyone is so mobile with jumps and whatnot then the only way to combat that is with hard CC. to be honest though knockups are the worst because there is 0 ways to fight it but that's why everyone likes it(and yasuo needs more champ comps i guess). u can crucible a stun and masteries and items can help reduce the stun time, same with slows.
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: So what makes Sion such a piece of shit?
yea i use sion all the time in the jungle and ive seen some bad ones too. other then his passive movement speed which i do believe is to slow since a spider with 7 legs removed can outrun him, I think he has very good CC and people just dont use his abilities correctly. IE: many people ive seen doesnt use minions to hit people farther in order to slow them or charge q while their slowed or cced by yourself or allies and have no clue when to ult or when to stop while ulting.


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