: [Gameplay Update] Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger
If I may just throw out an idea I had for a potential rework for Sol: Everything you posted above, with the following tweaks. His passive includes a Stardust mechanic. Sol collects stardust by destroying champions and certain monsters (pending if you want him jg viable). He requires mana for abilities, but abilities operate differently from his Stardust. Q works exactly as you have with the charges system, except they do not naturally come into orbit on their own. Instead, they stay there and do damage to the first enemy struck. If drawn into an enemy with his E, they stun. Charges are refilled quicker with stardust. W works as you have listed. Activating it requires mana. Sustaining it requires stardust. E is much different. Activating it draws in all stardust within a certain radius, including stars made with Q and his natural W ones. For a few seconds his orbits are spinning on him. If he draws in a certain amount of stardust, he may activate again for the blast. The idea was to make his push a bit less powerful, while still giving him the ability to roam. The change for the E to give him some ability to handle an assassin in his face.
: I'm prepared to throw away Swain, I basically treat these reworks as new champions with the old one being deleted. Hopefully, I enjoy new Swain, but RIP.
Pretty much this. They have mentioned that they want Swain to be more about his lore--the guy who wins because he is two steps ahead. They have already identified that they don't like his ability to drain tank, so you can kiss that ult goodbye. Even if he turns into a boss-bird, it won't be the drain-erific variety...that will be scrubbed. What has me more concerned is that Swain *needs* that ult to be worth a damn in this new era of hyper-mobility. If they want him to be about strategy, they need to make the game a lot less about tactics and twitch reactions. I could see maybe his kit including some grounding mechanism to allow for him to outplay.
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: Google the definitions for both tactic and strategy -they are identical. The definition of tactic even uses the word strategy in it's definition. And how the fuck is tactic a verb? Verbs are action words, tactic is a noun. Again, google it. Grade-school English is hard.
Acting superior when being so wrong on your assessment only makes you seem like more a fool. Strategy is a long term vision, playing for position, space and conditions. Tactics is the ability to execute short term sequences that turn the outcome of an individual battle. The two work hand in hand, but are different. Strategy is about the war and tactics are about the battle. Perhaps the best example would be the differences between Chess and Go. Both games are heavily influenced by strategy and tactics, but both have vastly different ratios. Chess--while having a great deal of strategy---is actually much more about tactics. Go, by contrast is much more about long term strategy, but does have tactics when it concerns shapes and life. English is not nearly so difficult as behaving like an adult.


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