Topaz (NA)
: Analyze your matches with Echo!
Really nice work. Can't thank you enough for this :) A few questions/ suggestions: 1. Is there any way to show more data about damage/healing to a particular target? I would love to be able to compare the damage I'm dealing/ taking vs my opponent to see how effectively I'm trading. 2. Along those same lines, how about data showing total and % health over time? 3. Is there any way you could animate the map? It would be really nice to be able to hit a play button and watch the match play out. 3b. You might also want to add indicators to the slider at the minute marks to make it easier to just to a particular time.
DropFill (NA)
: Can riot explain loss streaks?
I think we have all seen this. Riot will not talk about the specifics of how match making works so it is hard to say wether this is actually happening or just a trick of perception. My guess is that the system doesn't account properly for the difference between average team MMR and individual MMR. The system sees you are on a hot streak and starts giving you better opponents to see if you deserve to advance. In a 1v1 game that would be the correct solution. In a team game like LoL it causes lopsided matches.
: Evelynn Top
I'm curious, why toplane? I can understand not going jungle right now; I've seen first hand how rough that is :( That said, mid seems like it would be a much better fit for her. Using Eve top means you are giving up a huge part of her kit. Stealth isn't much use if you are pinned top and not able to roam.
Meddler (NA)
: Ah, right, I see where you're coming from now. A tank that's able to remove a target from the fight for a period of time, without killing them or setting them up to be killed (so not a pick tank like Nautilus or Skarner) is something I'd agree's got potential as a concept (and is one of the options we've talked about exploring for a future tank at some point). Would be hesitant about putting that sort of effect on a kit with high mobility though - sort of thing that decides fights so can't be too accessible/reliable. How would you see that concept pairing with Shen out of curiosity? Must admit ninja's not the first theme that leaps out with that gameplay (binding chains, banishment, devouring a target whole etc are the sort of things that come to mind for me).
There is another alternative to meshing the 'ninja' and 'tank' identities that I haven't seen anyone mention so far. There are two patterns most people imagine when they think of a 'Tank'. One is the disruption/ lockdown pattern where you CC an enemy to turn a fight into a 4v5 (think Skarner or Rammus). The other is the 'meatshield' role where you protect your team by drawing fire onto yourself and away from the rest of your team (Braum or Maokai). Shen currently falls into the second category, which causes conflicts with his identity as a ninja. A meatshield wants to stand there and let the enemy hammer on him; pretty much the antithesis of what a ninja would do. There is a potential fix to this problem. On of the mythical abilities ninja's supposedly possessed was the ability to catch an arrow in flight. Imagine an ability that let you catch missiles and deflect them back at the enemy. Shen still fulfills the same gameplay role (protect teammates by absorbing damage) but in a way that actually makes sense. As an example, here is the implementation that was rattling around my head: Feint - Shen briefly turns etherial, making him immune to Non-AOE damage. While active, shen becomes rooted and is unable to attack or use abilities. Shen can reactivate the skill early. If he does so he can 'catch' a nearby arrow or missile and deflect it back along its original path. If the AA or missile is above a certain damage threshhold, Shen takes a portion of that damage himself. As a final note, to prevent this ability from becoming oppressive, give it a low cooldown, but a high energy cost. That way you ensure that the ability can be used multiple times in a teamfight without it being a spammable 'get out of damage free' card in lane.
: should i buy champions or wait for a rune/rune page sale?
Looking at your rune pages, you have most of the basics, so go ahead and pick up a champion or two. I would suggest though that you invest in a set of MR/lv glyphs. Unless you are facing an AP assassin like fizz, the per level glyphs are almost always a better choice. You might also want to think about investing in a third page and filling it with tank stats. Even if you don't play that style of character often they are always nice to have, especially when you are playing a character for the first time.
: do you have any proof of this? imo i would buy that champion. 160k ip is more than enough for the champion and rune pages.
I think you added a zero somewhere. He has 16k not 160k ;)
Mundo (NA)
: You can assign a button I believe its spacebar by default. You press it and it auto locks to your champion until you release the button. You can also slide your mouse off screen to move camera in that direction. If you hover mouse above the map and highlight the buttons.. one of them should say something about camera lock and unlock [I believe the farthest to the right] and what button you have assigned for it to unlock camera for free cam mode. Remember if you go into a custom game you can experiment with all the button keys under options when you press escape.
It is a matter of personal preference, but I wouldn't recommend using spacebar for something like that. Spacebar is one of the few keys you can comfortably hit without taking your fingers off the skill hotkeys. If you are going to use a key to toggle 'screen lock' on and off, remap it to something else and keep spacebar free for in-combat commands like attack-move or champion-only targeting.
AGarner (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=vortical42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEUv2fE1,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2014-12-17T15:55:04.665+0000) > > I have been playing around with builds some more and so far 13/17/0 seems to be the sweet spot between tankyness and damage. I'm still not sure what the optimum offensive masteries are yet. Early CDR is really strong on her (more Q means faster clear ). On the other hand, taking that 5% from masteries means I also have to devote some of my runes to CDR to get to 10%. > > As for items, I've been running juggernaut and it seems to work pretty well. I may switch back to warrior though and see how it works now that I have a better feel for how to play. After that, I go for Hydra and then either a Randuins or SV. I don't know that warmogs would be that great. It is really expensive for a jungler. Also, since the heal from burrow is a flat amount, Rek tends to get more value from Armor/MR than health. I generally have a liking for health because I never see armor save me like health does I also like Warmogs because Rek'sai gets pretty low after long engagments and that health regen helps with seige and anti seige. I wouldn't take the %5 CDR as all the items I pick up gets me to %40 so I see it as a waste and the %10 AS is much more helpful (quicker Q).
I usually do go for the AS masteries; the choice is between the CDR masteries and the 'bladeweaving' line. The problem with not taking the CDR masteries is that it can really hurt you if you get behind. I usually don't get any items with CDR (other than the jungle item) until my third or fourth item. Hydra is pretty much always my second core pickup. Third item usually ends up being Randuins or Sunfire. For a character like rek, I'm just not sure 10% CDR until 20 or 30 minutes in is enough. As for Warmogs, I guess it is just personal preference. For me, the last thing I want to do with rek is get into an extended seige situation. Rek is designed to get in, do her thing, and get out again asap. For hit and run tactics, making the heal from her burrow more effective, seems a lot more useful than the slow drip you get from warmogs.
: best starting champ and tips for noobs
If you are restricting yourself to free or low cost champs then {{champion:1}} . Learning to last-hit and trade efficiently is critical and Annie is a great at helping you learn those skills. That said, there are actually better champions out there to pick up as a first champion. The problem you are going to run into with any of the choices you listed is that they tend to be specialists. They are good in one or two roles, but run into problems if you have to do something else. Annie for example is a good mid-lane mage and a decent support, but what do you do if other people take those roles and you have to fill in somewhere? If you are willing to be patient and save up some IP, Cho'Gath{{champion:31}} and Nunu{{champion:20}} are both great stating Champions. In addition to being easy to pick up, they have the ability to handle pretty much any role in any lane.
: Thanks a bunch! Your first few tips really help for the blind pick (esp 2; I've kinda wondered why I finding myself wanting Soraka over Sona when playing with Corki). I plan to start playing ranked seriously once the season starts, so the rest will help me as I learn counterpicking. (Also Soraka's silence removes Kat's presence in teamfights. It's hilarious to watch.)
Something else I haven't seen mentioned here is your skills as a player. Soraka is much more reflex intensive. You need to have the mechanics to reliably hit the enemy with your skills. Sona tends to require more tactical skills. Her only skillshot is her ult ( and that is fairly easy to hit with a little practise). The challenge in Sona comes from your decision making. Do I ult to initiate the fight, or save it to protect the carry? Should I heal and shield my team or pop Q and try to give them a damage boost? For those same reasons, Sona is also much better for people who have to deal with occasional lag. Soraka can be brutal to play if your connection is slow; nothing quite like dropping starcall only to see it land where the enemy was 3 seconds ago.
AGarner (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=vortical42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AEUv2fE1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2014-12-15T15:13:07.056+0000) > Good stuff. Any tips on runes/masteries? In the few games I've played so far I've been running my standard AD jungle pages (21/9/0 masteries, check my lolking profile if you want the exact setup) and I find it tough to even survive one side of the jungle, never mind a full clear. Is it worth going full defensive runes/masteries to stay alive? Also, what is your typical skill order? for masteries I have also been running 21/9/0 but with Rek'sai and her abilty to survive early I might try running 9/21/0 or even 0/21/9 I can post up the masteries if they work. for skill order Your Q is your bread and butter my skill order is R>Q>E>W the way I see it is because of the fact that E scales off of AD for true damage it's not very useful if you run tank because it'll be dealing very little true damage. In terms of build and this is very important. always buy either a spirit visage or a warmogs I tried out all the other tank items that would be good on her and these seem to really help. Quickly I don't think tri-force is that good on her because there's just better items to get (e.g black cleaver, Yomuu's) I tend to run her as an assassin and 100-0 people in a full second but she has a lot of ablility to be a utility tank. EDIT: Don't buy devourers rek'sai is really good with armorpen so I tend to buy Warriors.
I have been playing around with builds some more and so far 13/17/0 seems to be the sweet spot between tankyness and damage. I'm still not sure what the optimum offensive masteries are yet. Early CDR is really strong on her (more Q means faster clear ). On the other hand, taking that 5% from masteries means I also have to devote some of my runes to CDR to get to 10%. As for items, I've been running juggernaut and it seems to work pretty well. I may switch back to warrior though and see how it works now that I have a better feel for how to play. After that, I go for Hydra and then either a Randuins or SV. I don't know that warmogs would be that great. It is really expensive for a jungler. Also, since the heal from burrow is a flat amount, Rek tends to get more value from Armor/MR than health.
AGarner (NA)
: Now before you go crying for Rek'sai nerfs... **wall of text**
Good stuff. Any tips on runes/masteries? In the few games I've played so far I've been running my standard AD jungle pages (21/9/0 masteries, check my lolking profile if you want the exact setup) and I find it tough to even survive one side of the jungle, never mind a full clear. Is it worth going full defensive runes/masteries to stay alive? Also, what is your typical skill order?
AdgharKH (NA)
: Take this with a grain of salt, as I'm unranked (I suspect it might train bad habits), but what instantly improved my CS per game a LOT was using S. In case you don't know what S does - it stands for Stop. If you've played Starcraft 2, it's similar to the Hold Fire button on the Terran Ghost. When you press S, your character stops attacking. This allows you to time your last hits without having to decide where to go, and requires less movement from your hands (do not have to move the mouse to time your last hits).
Better yet, there is an option to turn that behaviour on permanently. It helps a lot, especially if you play someone with 'on next hit' abilities like Caitltyn.
: Sona is squishy ;_;
A lot of good info here, but there is one item I'm surprised no one has mentioned. Ardent Censer{{item:3504}} can be insanely good on Sona. If you buff all four of your team mates, you just added 3000 gold worth of offensive power to your team (25% attack speed =750 gold x 4 = 3000). With some CDR, you can keep that buff up permanently, as long as you have the mana to keep spamming your 'W'. There is nothing quite as fun as popping a heal and turning your team into a buzzsaw of doom.
Keisto (NA)
: I believe the problem is that you're conditioned on these strong, mostly bursty, off-meta supports which is understandably harder to transition to somebody like {{champion:37}}. **So let's lay out some important {{champion:37}} stats really quick** [Wiki Reference]( Base Health: 482 +72.72 per level (1791 at level 18) Base Armor: 20.5 +3.12 per level (76.6 at level 18) Base AP: 0 Base Mana Regen: 9 per 5 seconds +0.38 per level (15.8 at level 18) The way I see it is that you can play {{champion:37}} 2 ways: **High Poke: ** (Squishy- but more your playstyle) With those stats in mind, we will want to improve Mana Regen, AP and Survivability. The whole shebang. Make sure you keep up the poke or you'll fall behind early. Rune Page: 9x Magic Pen Marks, 8x Flat HP Seals, 1x Flat Armor Seal, 3x Flat MR Glyphs, 6x Flat Mana Regen/5 Glyphs, 1x Flat Armor Quint and 2x Flat AP Quints. Masteries: Go [21-0-9]( Start {{item:3301}} and build typical support: rush {{item:2049}} and finish {{item:3069}}. Now go {{item:3028}} into {{item:3222}} and then {{item:3190}} and/or {{item:3110}} depending on if AP or AD is dominant on their team. Experiment with further itemization to suit it to your liking after that point. **Tank Healer** (Survivability- Possibly what you're looking for, more of a team oriented Sona) With the stats in mind, we will want to improve Mana Regen, and Survivability. Max heal and auto attack enemies safely. Rune Page: 6x Flat Armor Marks, 3x Flat HP Marks, 8x Flat HP Seals, 1x Flat Armor Seal, 9x Flat Mana Regen/5 Glyphs, 1x Flat Armor Quint, 2x Flat HP Quints. Masteries: Go [0-9-21]( Use the same item build as the Burst build, but consider different further itemization routes. Whatever you chose, I hope this helped you out. This took a few hours out of my sleep schedule so I'm gonna go pass out now. Best of luck on the Rift, Afro
I play quite a bit with Sona, and I'm not quite sure why you would go with coin for that first build. If you are playing more of a passive defender (build #2) then coin makes sense. For a more aggressive poke style though, spellthief{{item:3303}} is a much better choice.
: Actually i meant what lane other peoples chars are (modified my op to clarify). There can be some odd choices. Ive actually done exactly as you say with solid roles for every lane I can build by heart. And no ranked game I havent perfected in bots/blind.
> And no ranked game I havent perfected in bots/blind. That right there may be part of your problem. Bots and blind pick are fine for getting a handle on the basics of a champion but that is not enough to prepare you for ranked. Blind pick is primarily people just messing around having fun. You need to spend time in normal draft and get a feel for what it is like going against people of a similar skill level who are actually playing to win.
: Last question: I'm hesitating between Singed and Volibear ? Which one do you recommend me ?
I would reccomend waiting for a free week to 'test drive' them before picking up either of those champs. Both of them have 'fling' abilities that can seriously screw your team if used incorrectly. They also can have issues if they fall behind, especially Volibear. My personal pick would be Maokai for a new toplaner. He has the tools to handle just about any situation. His lane phase is pretty decent. Perhaps best of all, he has very few hard counters so you can take him just about anywhere in the pick order.
: Hotkeys
You don't even have to do special keybindings for that. Just hold down the key without releasing and you should see a range indicator.
: I've been going for the stalkers blade, WW has always had issues with pre 6 ganks, Stalker's slow now makes ganks with WW pre 6 a little easier.
Agreed, that slow and true damage from stalkers is too good to pass up. Especially in soloqueue where you can't always count to team coordination. I had several games where that slow prevented an enemy from escaping before I could ult ( the range on smite is much larger now) or bought my team another second or two after the ult finished.
: Do you even S@20?
> Do you even S@20? Yeah actually I do ;) Unfortunately they seem to have the same problem as the other two, lots of riot run-downs not much in the way of original writing.
Rioter Comments
: I usually don't play mid, but it seems like most Veigars are perfectly content sitting in lane and farming Q even if they don't get a kill
You are correct on that. Veigar is just like Nasus, if you just sit back and let him farm you loose. If you want to beat him you have to exploit his weaknesses. Veigar has no mobility and he is super squishy. Assassins will demolish him, especially anyone who can bypass event horizon (Fizzssss... we hates him forever :( ).
: What runes did you use by doing this test? What seals did u use? * 9x ar * 5x ar 4x hp * 4x ar 5x hp * 9x asp
It was awhile ago (whenever they changed her passive to crit chance that builds when out of combat). I'm pretty sure I used flat AD seals though since those are the only runes that really make sense. I seem to recall that I also messed around with lifesteal quints. Those were also a bust; not enough sustain to matter and that was BEFORE they got nerfed. The runes not making a difference really highlights the core problem with Ashe jungle. Most junglers, even super niche ones like Jinx or Twitch , have skills that scale well with their primary stat and provide enough base damage to let them function without items in the early clears. The only skill Ashe has that scales with AD is her Volley (W). A 1.0 AD skill on a 16 second cooldown just isn't enough to let her jungle especially when you factor in the low base damage and high mana costs.
: Thoughts about Ashe Jungle
I actually have played a bit of Ashe jungle. I had the same thought as you awhile ago: "Ashe looks viable in theory I wonder how she would actually work in jungle?". The answer, unfortunately, is that she doesn't. At All. I suspect if you could survive long enough she could turn into a half decent gank jungler. The problem is, the first two or three clears are so brutal that you end up hopelessly underleveled and underfarmed. Even if you could somehow manage to get Ashe to work I still would not do it, even as a 'niche' pick. If you really want to play a ranged 'off-carry' jungle there are simply better options. Jinx, Twitch, and Quinn all have just as much carry potential and also bring tools that actually let them farm without getting completely mauled.
Experics (NA)
: Rammus Jungle Low Level Help.
1. VISION VISION VISION - As Rammus, your biggest weakness is invasions by the enemy jungler. Unless you want to get murdered repeatedly by that enemy Lee Sin you need to keep wards up especially when red or blue buff is about to spawn. Also remember to actually watch the minimap. Vision only helps you if you actually use it. 2. Combo your Ult. - You can use your other abilities while your ult is active. There are some clever tricks that you can pull off if you take advantage of that. For example, using Q while your ult is active can let you finish off that fleeing enemy. 3. Rammus is a split-push monster - Your ultimate is one of the only skills in the game that can damage enemy towers. If your team can handle the 4v5, don't be afraid to go after a tower while the enemy is tied up. 4. Watch for Tower Aggro - Be mindful of the position of enemy champions if you activate your ult near a tower. It is very easy to accidently tag an enemy champion and draw fire from the tower. Rammus is tanky not invincible ;)
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: The Darkin: "Facts, Myths and Theories"
This may be completely out there but I have 2 theories of my own. The first is the most plausible. #1 **Boneshiver is the third Darkin**. This is actually based on the 'Jax is a frost troll' theory. From the lore we know there are 5 Darkin, 3 known and 2 unknown. If the 'Darkin' are in fact the weapons then it stands to reason that #3 is also an (in)famous weapon. It would most likely be wielded by a champion (otherwise what is the point). Boneshiver is the most likely candidate and would actually help explain some of Trundle's lore. This also fits nicely with the 'roots of violence' theme. We have bloodlust (Aatrox), Vengence (Varus), and now ambition or power lust (Trundle). #2 **Ordinary Weapons can become Darkin**. No solid evidence for this one but it does make a kind of sense. My theory is that the Darkin started out as ordinary weapons who slowly gained life and eventually took control of their wielders. Think of it like the fantasy equivalent of a 'robot uprising'. Some race in the mists of history comes up with a spell to turn their army into fearless super-soldiers. The catch is, it slowly channels the strongest emotions of the user into their weapon. At some point the weapon becomes so powerful that it can take control. At some point there was a massive battle between the newly created 'darkin' and the remaining uncorrupted members of their creator race resulting in mutual extinction. If that is the case, it is possible the curse is twofold. We have the typical case where someone picks up an existing Darkin and becomes the new host. I also propose that the Darkin can spread the curse to receptive new warriors thus creating new Darkin weapons. This would explain the actions of Aatrox and his connections with Darius and Tryndamere. Aatrox inspires conflict both to flush out potential candidates and to create the conditions in which they can complete the transformation. Darius and Tryn are both warriors with enough inner violence to become new darkin hosts if Aatrox can manipulate them properly. This could also possibly explain Jax. Imagine if Jax was one of the 'creator' race who never took the final step and lost control. Somehow he managed to get rid of his weapon before it took over. However, he still carries the curse. If he uses a weapon for too long he risks it becoming a Darkin, especially in battle. Thus he has to limit himself to less dangerous objects 'just in case' and probably never uses the same thing for any length of time. This would fit with his line about a 'real weapon'; he still has some connection to his original weapon and some part of him wants to finish what he started. It would also explain why he isolated himself in the wilderness for so long. Whew! Long post I know, but hopefully interesting.
Venompaw (NA)
: > I'm curious why you would reccomend avoiding coin. Yes spellthief can generate more gold, but ONLY if you are able to constantly harass the enemy. Coin is trash if you aren't getting talisman.
Your could say that about any of the gold gen items. It doesn't make ancient coin 'trash' any more than spellthief or bulwark.
shhm8 (NA)
: New Player, want advice and stuff
If you are enjoying playing marksman, the #1 thing you need to improve is your CS. Take a look here: for a really good routine you can use to practise.
Halutza (NA)
: > Top or jungle, however there are much better choices over Malph at the moment, although he is a good cheep option. Who?
Your primary counters as Malphite are ranged AP ( Ryze, Lulu, Teemo) and AD fighters with strong burst damage (Riven, Fiora, YI). Some of those champions are almost 'hard' counters; they will completely dominate you in lane. Maokai {{champion:57}} , has similar capabilities to Malphite with fewer serious weaknesses. There are champions who are strong against him, but no one who can just totally shut him out. Something else you need to consider is what role Malphite fills in a team. 'Tank' just describes your favored build. Your actual role with Malph is 'initiator'. Your job is to kick off a teamfight by using your ultimate to dive in and create an opening for the rest of your team to engage. The catch is, you have no escape tools. if your team fails to follow up ( and that will happen a LOT in solo-queue) you are probably going to die. All of this means that you do best with teams that want to go all-in (lots of assassins or bursty fighters like Yasuo, Fizz, or LeBlanc). If you see that your team depends more on fragile ranged characters like marksman or mages for damage, you are better off with a 'peel' tank. Rathern than start fights, you job in this role is to be a bodyguard for the rest of your team. You need to be able to knockback or stun an enemy before they can poke your poor carry full of holes. Braum and Thresh are good examples, though they tend to be played as supports. For top laners, think Cho Gath, Rammus, or Maokai. tldr; better top lane initiators - {{champion:80}} , {{champion:254}} , {{champion:14}} , {{champion:266}} . Better 'peel' tanks - {{champion:57}} , {{champion:12}} , {{champion:33}} , {{champion:98}} .
: you should almost never take coin, doesn't give enough gold, always take either relic or whatever the other thing is called.
I'm curious why you would reccomend avoiding coin. Yes spellthief can generate more gold, but ONLY if you are able to constantly harass the enemy.
: For the Love of god and all that is holy LOCK NEW OR REWORKED CHAMPS FROM RANKED GAMES
Solution seems simple enough to me. Require at least 10 normal games played with a champion before they are available in ranked play. Not just newly released champions; EVERY champion. That is the bare minimum time needed for a player to pick up the needed mechanics and get a feel for matchups. Using a champion you have no idea how to play is pretty much the definition of toxic. You are ruining the experience of 9 other players just because you are too lazy to practise.
: The Bronze 5 Struggle
I feel your pain. I was sitting at 80 LP in bronze 4 before I went on a loosing steak that dropped me back to the bottom of B5. I'm sure it is just coincidence, but from my experience matchmaking seems to hate winning streaks. As long as I advance slowly everything is peachy. If I get on a hot steak though, I can almost guarantee it will be followed by a massive loosing streak. It is almost like matchmaking intentionally throws a bunch of trolls and afks at you just to slow things down :(
Ulanopo (NA)
: An Open Letter to Fearless Regarding the Sona Changes
*SNIP* > **I Hate Her New E With Every Fiber of my Being** > > A short list: > > * I have to have the same tier of boots as my allies or I can't apply the buff. I'm on a support salary. > * Applying the buff requires people to move in a way that is unnatural. No one clusters like that. > * I feel like I am being forced to choose between leveling things that I enjoy (Q and W) and the thing that I need to tag people because my effectiveness is now suddenly based on my speed. I feel that this diffuses my impact on fights. > * I feel that it's insufficient to get me out of a bad situation... *ever*. There are too many dashes and whatnot compared to the long cooldown. > * I do not feel like I can use it to get my allies onto a fleeing target that they wouldn't have caught without me. Have to agree. There are a lot of clunky things in her new kit, but the worst by far is wasting a buff simply because you couldn't get to your team. I doubt anyone will actually see this, but there is a simple solution. Give her E a passive effect that increases her move speed while she has an aura active and is moving toward a teammate. I strongly suspect that a lot of the complaints of the size of her zones would go away if people actually felt like they possessed the tools needed to fully utilize them.


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