: Patch 9.23 notes
Can someone help me understand something? How is it that AD assassin's are getting two new items and increasing their overall power, yet there is ZERO updates for AP champs? AP builds have been stagnant for easily two years at this point. There have been updates to AD and support items constantly, meanwhile for traditional mages there has been nothing done for way too long.
: Patch 6.3 notes
So...wait, you get rid of DFG to "take the edge off AP assassins", and because "it was unfair". Now you add Duskblade to AD assassins because "they need love". Yes, that makes sense.
: I think you have nothing to worry about. riot would need to review the ticket anyways and there's no way they'd Perma ban someone without reviewing that match completely first, and in all likelihood looking at other recent matches as well. The player probably didn't do anything (or submitted a report after the game) and if you were actually playing (regardless of how poorly as long as not intentionally feeding) then you should be fine.
I appreciate that, helps me relax a little bit. Thank you.
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: What exact number are you looking for?
I agree with LeVonte. I would like to see more bans with the sheer volume of champs at this point. However! I wouldn't like to see more than 8. If they keep on this path of releasing a champ every quarter or so, a 10 ban setup would almost be overkill. Yes there are always going to be "OP" champs and some of them will ALWAYS get through. TL:DR 8 would be nice.


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