: yeah _thanks_ jerkhole riot for making a game and providing it free to us and then taking it away! I did absolutely nothing to earn the game mode and I'll be damned if I don't get it when I want! I happened to be a self-centered gamer who is ENTITLED to this mode.
> [{quoted}](name=TheDevice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tF8zBW8U,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-11-10T09:14:54.928+0000) > > yeah _thanks_ jerkhole riot for making a game and providing it free to us and then taking it away! I did absolutely nothing to earn the game mode and I'll be damned if I don't get it when I want! I happened to be a self-centered gamer who is ENTITLED to this mode. God, do you know how ridiculous you sound? SOME of us are actual customers, and we EXPECT that when we spend $2,000 on a game, over time, because we like the game, that we are making an investment. An investment in happiness and entertainment. And I buy skins because skins enhance my happiness and enjoyment in this game. Now, recently, I have not been getting the same returns on my money because Riot has decided to completely change the pace and structure of the game, and put in predatory lootbox nonsense, to please their Tencent overlords. Now, all I'm asking Riot to do is return some element of happiness and entertainment to the game. Lots of people liked URF. And I'm sure some of those people are actual customers. Nothing Riot does is 'for free'!!!! Do you think Riot is a f%&$ing nonprofit organization?! No! They get money from US! CUSTOMERS! And as a CUSTOMER, I would like to be able to enjoy the product, and since they're probably not going to get rid of the clown fiesta on Summoner's Rift, they're not going to keep Twisted Treeline, and they're not going to ditch the gambling scheme in their shop, the absolute LEAST they could do is give us URF!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Senna is back!
I know it's like, a no-no to talk about this kinda stuff on the boards, but as a black woman who hardly ever got to play black (as in african-american, no karma and illaoi are not african american even though they are dark skinned) women in video games my whole life growing up, getting to play one in my favorite game is like a dream come true. I never thought this would happen when I was a kid. Now it is. Thank you, Riot. :')
: > He doesn't recognize her This is intended. She doesn't recognise him too. For Kassadin, his daughter is dead for years. Now whatever thing crawled from underground definitely looks like a human girl around same age so he can think that there is a chance she actually is his daughter who survived the Void, but he can't be sure. Now, Lucian should definitely be able to recognise his wife so it would be right to add him some interactions. But they probably won't. We still have Varus not recognising other darkins and talking shit about being cursed.
> [{quoted}](name=Posui Gart,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UmtknA3O,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-12T14:10:50.224+0000) > > This is intended. She doesn't recognise him too. > For Kassadin, his daughter is dead for years. Now whatever thing crawled from underground definitely looks like a human girl around same age so he can think that there is a chance she actually is his daughter who survived the Void, but he can't be sure. > Now, Lucian should definitely be able to recognise his wife so it would be right to add him some interactions. But they probably won't. We still have Varus not recognising other darkins and talking shit about being cursed. she says multiple things with him triggered by different conditions. she has voice lines on meeting him in a game, and if you spawn in together on the same team, she says "reunions can be so painful" or something like that. I loved malzahar and kassadin, and though I don't really care much for kai'sa's design, I think it's neat she's in the game. why introduce a character with so much lore regarding other champions if you're not going to do anything with those other champions lore-wise in-game? like... why not shelve kai'sa until you're ready to update kass's voice lines? pls rito {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Tayzzer (NA)
: I'm tired of people flaming riot on here for their lack of skill
oh boo hoo the multi-billion dollar company receives some criticism on their own forum kept up for the sole purpose of discussing the game. won't anyone think of the corporations?!
: Just wanted to bring attention to the Twisted Treeline removal
I actually play a decent amount of TT and love the gamemode, even despite the horrible winrate of certain champs. There are people that play, the queue time is about twice what it is on Summoner’s Rift, longer, but worth it. I like the removal of vision, the small, easily traversable map, the pool of good champs. There is a rhythm and cadence of the gamemode unique to the map. The funneling strat is an example of experimentation gone a bit overboard. Some map specific balance changes could bring it up in popularity. They specifically chose to not allow champion mastery to be earned, or quests to be completed. While SR got skins, updates and balancing, TT was left to languish. They chose to let TT die, then blamed us for not playing it enough. This choice, coupled with the fact that TFT got purchasable cosmetics out of the gate, shows Riot is abandoning TT because of its lack of potential for revenue, NOT its inherent playability or fun. :(
: [OFF TOPIC] Sony announced the Gaymer system is going on the open market next year...
Speak for yourself this is sweet... assuming it’s the same price as a normal one... Edit: It’s literally a custom ps4 that they’re auctioning off for charity...... why are you so mad, bro..... do you think hating cheesy Pride merch will make the cishets love/accept/approve of you? It won’t lol.
: Please, for the love of Nagakabouros, give TB Skyen a fat female champion
God im drooling at the thought of a badass, battle-scarred, one-armed, tough-as-nails, 40+ y/o Noxian war veteran. Stuck in their ways, no patience, bitter, ruthless, merciless. God. When the boards have better character design concepts than the actual game. Edit: a woman, tho.
: if you ever give malzahar a full visual update make him hot again
Idk if OP is joking or not but new Malz is fucking disgusting and idek how it makes sense. He never even got 'corrupted' by the void like Kai'sa did. He is supposed to be a cult leader. Cult leaders are notoriously gorgeous and charming. He deserves a full visual update (and a revert on his kit) and I WANT HOT MALZAHAR BACK. D: I commissioned so much artwork of hot Malz, and then they made that horrible splash of him, ruined his kit, and literally single-handedly destroyed my favorite part of the game. I basically stopped playing because Malzahar isn't hot anymore. Riot pls. Let me objectify him. He floats ffs. Everyone wants a hot, floaty boyfriend with a six pack and sexy hair and glowing eyes. He... was so... hot.
: A message to riot: please change Zac back
My favorite duo q buddy used to main Zac and Sej.... now he hardly plays anymore post reworks.... please Riot...... revert him U_U
: How are you going to say you see the issue with damage being too high
I agree with everything you've said but Kassadin is NOT one of those champions that is and has been a problem since release. He has moments of being op, but it's gated by a terrible early game and being able to be hard counterpicked and just beat up in lane. Also, he has one good skin that was released waaaay before he was OP. The rest of them deserve it, though.
: stopped after sexism we have entire companies that committed suicide by firing all of their male staff for a female only staff and they buried themselves.
If you search for the term "female" "woman" "women", they are ALL words that appear in the comment section, not the original post. It's so frustrating trying to have adult conversations with people who refuse to engage with the material. Would it kill you to read? The article op links is from a man who said he was uncomfortable with the way HE was treated as an employee of Riot Games. I don't know why articles of first-hand experiences from male Rioters are met with comments about all-female staff and the #metoo movement. Where is that mentioned? Nobody suggested an all-female staff. OP suggested getting rid of the people who fart on people's faces and say they're going to fuck each others' wives. Would YOU want to work in an environment like that? Like, idk, maybe men also deserve to work someplace where they are not met with rape jokes, wife-fucking jokes, and suck-my-dick jokes? Maybe the fact that this kind of gross, wholly-inappropriate-for-work behavior is allowed to fester is because of a culture of everything-goes? Maybe, like OP said in the post you admit you didn't read, this is a symptom of a bigger problem, a bigger problem that also allows things like Dynamic Queue, class updates/reverts, and other unpopular, largely-seen-as-damaging decisions to go through? Maybe? But, y'know, you'd only be able to draw those conclusions if you read what op, and the article they linked to, had to say, without a bunch of preconceived notions already brought to the table.
: Don't understand why Leblanc of all champion got a revert.
The sad truth is because people played old LB, and didn't like new LB. People barely played old Malz or new Malz, so who cares? Why bother? We're never getting our mains back. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: So Ninja started to play League
Don't you have to be 13 to play this game? Honestly like... nobody wants to play this game with 10 year olds. I've been in chats where all chat devolves into jokes about people's weird, kinky summoner names... multiple instances of "well what if kink shaming is my kink" copypasta jokes back and forth... Riot needs to delete this kid's account. You can't really stop children from lying about their age, but if Riot is gonna ban toxic streamers because of the shit they say on stream, they should ban kids who admit they're too young to legally play the game on stream. The difference between 10 and 13 is huge. It makes me suuuuper uncomfortable to think about playing a game where like... Eve exists with a 10 year old. I don't give a shit if the kid understands multiplication, I care how many years it's been since they were pissing their pants in kindergarten.
: The men in this game don't have curves.
Wow. OP is so right. OP, you know what the people want. OP is demanding righteous correction in this game. Riot, hear our plea: Please add a bulge to Pool Party Graves' model, and do so _stat._ For equality. That's what America is all about, right? Equality? Equality means d*ck bulge, and I mean that with no hint of irony or sarcasm.
: When Janna gets visually updated I want her to stay "sexualized," hear me out
Yeah Janna's update should be sexy... for all those... um... good reasons. :) :) :)
: So we had a girl quit work yesterday...
Why are these topics even allowed on the boards, period? General discussion should, in my opinion, still be general discussion about the game. Maybe, at most, internet/gaming culture at large. Not bait-ey political discussions. Please, please, please, Riot, do not let these miserable discussions take place here. THIS IS WHAT REDDIT IS FOR. The boards should not be a soapbox/mouthpiece for individual people's political ideology. It's tacky and unenjoyable.
: Why are champs with big boobs, a slender waist, and curvey hips "sexism" or "objectification"
There's nothing wrong with sexualized or even sexy champions, my only complaint is when champions that shouldn't be sexy, thematically, are for no reason ({{champion:145}} I'm looking at you). It's also a bit frustrating how few male champions are sexy/sexualized (being ripped isn't being sexualized, champions like Tryndemere are male power fantasies, not sex objects for a presumed female audience) and how MANY female champions are. Ahri is sexy and supposed to be attractive to men, but Rakan, the male champion with a charm, is obnoxious and over-the-top, not sexualized. Where are the sultry male lines, hinting at railing me? Where are the double-entendres intended for women? They just straight-up don't exist. Nidalee's "You can't cage me, summoner" and Miss Fortune's "Think you can handle me, summoner?" are not read at ALL the same way Brand's "you can't control me, summoner" is. Like. Not at all. The connotation for one is wild sexy romp, and the connotation for the other is powerful magic. I want. Sexy. Male. Champions. Genuinely sexy. Sexy like Eve and Nidalee and Ahri are sexy. I don't want less sexualized female champions, I just want well-done sexualized female champions ({{champion:28}}) and some equality of the sexes. That's all. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: If Morello was still on the balance team
This is a [Removed by Moderation] masterpiece.
japhib (NA)
: and you guys wonder why Rioters ignore these boards
Noah Fence but like... hearing dissatisfied customers is literally part of the job of offering a service or product to a customer. The people that work at Riot are, I'm assuming, self-actualized adults who have the inner strength and fortitude to hear, "I don't like the way you're doing your job" from salty customers, in a space they moderate whose purpose is to communicate with them. It's NOT that serious. This is not your kid's macaroni art project. You don't have to tell Riot "Wow, sweetie, what a great job!" if you don't truly believe they did. This isn't even a peer-review circle. Your criticism doesn't even have to really be constructive. When you're a customer, interacting with a business, all of your complaints are #valid. Capitalism, baby.
: Loading Screen
Woooow this is awesome! It is especially nice because the different borders look so different with each kind of mastery, giving each border a lot of variety and prettiness. It looks nice with the new, sleeker graphics in general, too. There are some really amazing graphic designers in this community--very nice work!
Rigante (NA)
: I animated the Beemo splash art! (Actually this is the "updated" version to what I posted on Reddit)
This is adorable!! the little bees flying around and the fluttering wings... and the animation.... so smooth {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Amorith (NA)
: "You don't have to play the game in order to balance it". -Medder and Ghostcrawler
I've seen this quote attributed to Ghostcrawler before; do you have a link to where you heard/saw this? Not saying I don't believe it, I'd just like to see the original context before I jump to any conclusions about Ghostcrawler themselves.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: I was listening to Aatrox' new VO and thought "Everyone is gonna hate it sooo much"
Is there something between too-dark-to-have-emotions and Marvel Cinematic Universe quipping-during-battle? Like, I get that it's popular and stuff right now, to have a badass fighter that throws around jokes and stuff, but it feels like they don't even take their own champion designs seriously. League IS a fun, campy game, but the devs purposely making it fun and campy kind of makes it obnoxious. I like it when they present a character design earnestly. The intro video was amazing, honestly a bit scary and off-putting. And then Aatrox in game is like, jokes jokes jokes. Whaaaaaa-? Also, yeah, _people_ do have accents in real life. Which is exactly why I think that Riot giving Aatrox, a not-actually-human-looking-being an accent, but not any of the actual champions of color, who would, presumably, have accents if they spoke different native languages, a bit suspect. The only champion of color that has an accent is Illaoi, and it's only because she was supposed to be purposely exotic-feeling and 'different'. The point of Aatrox's accent is not to add culture, location or depth to his character. It's to make his voice lines sound funnier. Which, in my opinion, is not a great reason to give a character an accent, since it tells us nothing about his character, other than he has a funny sounding voice--to Americans, at least.
Capi974 (EUW)
: Quinn Origami concept art LoL skin ingame, Gary Vanaka
I like it, but I think it would look better with some sort of pattern on the paper? Like cherry blossoms?
: Who tf did this to Pyke!
Y'all, have you ever actually looked at the in-game assets, pulled apart? The texture files for champions are like... tiny lmao. I don't understand, when you are in a teamfight or whatever, you cannot tell me you ACTUALLY are looking at the minute detail on Pyke's bandanna. Like, the texture files are 512 X 512. The splash arts are AT LEAST 1280 x 1024. So they have AT LEAST twice the resolution, and I would not be surprised if splash arts have more resolution than that. This game is meant to run on lots of different computers, that means small texture sizes and low-poly models. The boards complain all the time that the character model doesn't look like the teasers and splash arts... they probably won't. You should be glad they don't, because it means your friend's toaster can run this game, too.
Mewko (NA)
: Riot, I thank you for everything.
OP, you are so right. There are so many things that makes League a good game, not just the game/balance. There is just so much. I've been trying HOTS lately and it's not a bad game, and it has some nice elements, but it is NOT League. The sound design, the visual design, the kits, everything, League is just so much fun and it's a beautiful game and we get to have so much fun with it for free, basically. I love this game and I think Riot is an amazing company that really does try their best. I sound like a big stan but idec. Good post op.
: Riot, thank you for reworking Morellonomicon
Oh, you forgot one of OTHER amazing parts of the rework: it's a specific item, thats build path makes sense for the item you're building (tankiness to apply more GW to champions that are healing over your team's damage) AND is no longer the default build path of every single freaking mage in the game. AND since it doesn't have CDR it means you're getting something generalist and good (AP and HP) and can make meaningful build path choices. I get giddy when I look at the AP items now, because there's so many choices! Now if we just had AD Stabdrinker or something. But Morello's change is very, very, VERY welcome. The whole mage item rework was great.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Rant: Malzahar is the poster child of failed reworks
We will probably never get Malzahar back. I wish they'd go through all these reworks with the mindset of 'some of these worked, some of them didn't' and start reverting the ones that didn't really work. I wanted to like new Malzahar, and I was kind of okay with him being a support stun bot (it was fun and mean to cheese adcs, and the insta-voidling summoning was actually pretty decent against skillshot lanes like Thresh and Morg) but mostly I miss old Malz. The pool removal was the worst aspect of his new kit. Those voidlings... oh, how I hate them. I used to think they were cute! Not anymore. WHO wanted this? I don't understand why some mains get their old champions back (god I missed LeBlanc so much, I'm so glad they reverted her) and some of us don't. I want my main back! I STILL have more mastery points on Malzahar than any other champion and I, like OP, hardly play him anymore. I hate new Malzahar. PLEASE RIOT give us our void mage back. :( The worst, most frustrating part is I picked him up because I didn't know how to play into Zed and Yasuo and Katarina and the like, and I looked for a champion I could take mid that could deal with that cancer. Now, Malzahar is just as bad, if not worse, into those champions than any other mid mage, but at least if I go 0/10/0 on Lux I can still shield and snare. WHY would you EVER pick him? In what situation is he a good choice? He's not even good on Twisted Treeline anymore! TWISTED TREELINE, RIOT. HE'S NOT EVEN GOOD THERE.
: I'm out of the loop, did someone stomp with Poppy in pro play?
At least now it's gotten that menace off of Twisted Treeline.
: Anivia's Starting Items on HA
Everybody's first buy is crappy/weird in Howling Abyss, just buy fewer health pots? You don't NEED five, the item was nerfed for a reason and HA isn't specifically balanced for.
Azylin (EUW)
: Soraka Remodel and Face Rig
Oh my god I'm just impressed with all the facial rigging and animating!! Link twitter?
: The Trolls Have Won And Are Immune To Criticism - Punish the Victims Instead
Just don't say anything, ever. I've been reported and chat restricted once and honestly? I entirely deserved it. I knew when I was saying it I was probably gonna get restricted for it. I have NO idea how reporting and banning works, and the idea that this would have gotten reported in the tribunal is laughable. I used to sit over my boyfriend's shoulder and do Tribunal with him back in the day, and we would report 'kill yourself' and racial slurs and the like, but this??? Whaaaaaaa-? This freaking kumbayah no-criticism-no-mean-words-only-friends-and-hugging stuff is ridiculous. I've gotten meaner criticism from teachers and bosses than what you gave to those people. How thin-skinned do you have to be to think "are you trolling with your terrible decision making and awful picks"? is reportable. Jesus. Is this really what we're willing to do to make League an 'untoxic' game? Just crack down on any less-than-ego-stroking criticism, period? TONE? Where the hell is TONE in the summoner's code? TONE? That's LITERALLY entirely subjective.
Chermorg (NA)
: >Just got chat restricted because I guess the trolls in my game didn't like that I wasn't happy with their choices. No, you were chat restricted because instead of being a victim, you used their crimes to justify committing crimes of your own. The fact that other people have committed theft does not give you the right to go do so. This isn't a "but they did it first" or "everyone *else* jumped off a cliff" scenario. You're responsible for your actions. >and being incapable of viewing either the game or the full logs to see what/who I'm responding to. Riot is **more than capable** of viewing the game and the full chat logs. They do not normally do so because **it doesn't matter**. You're responsible for your chat. You choose to hit enter. You choose to type. You choose to hit enter again to send the message. That's three things that nobody else forced you to do. >Honesty not allowed, criticism not allowed, analysis not allowed. Honesty, criticism, and analysis are allowed. Harassing and insulting other players is not. You were doing the latter. >They can int games and that's OK. They can AFK and that's OK. Those things are not OK. Those things are very commonly punished. Even so, it does not give you a free pass to be toxic in chat. >It's not like I called them retards or told them to jump off a bridge. You don't have to use hateful and offensive speech to be insulting and abusive.
I'm genuinely curious: what part of his chat log was 'harassment'? What lines, exactly and specifically, deserved to be chat restricted for?
: I mean, everything that "malzahar mains" like about malzahar is what I hate about him. I'd say just delete him and make a completely new champ.
Who could guess somebody who mains assassins doesn't like not having one (1) champion on the roster who shits on them.
DW Diana (NA)
: Revert Malzahar?
GOD please revert him. I do NOT agree at ALL that he was previously an ult bot. First of all, LOTS of champions are more ultimate-dependent than Malzahar. There are LOTS of champions whose ults are a HUGE part of their kit (Annie???) but are never called 'ult bots'. It's insulting to act like everybody who mained Malzahar, especially in higher elos, just ulted and nothing else. His ult was a great way to get a kill, but it wasn't guaranteed, and you had to know when to use it. I liked the champion the way he was before. I think he played out his fantasy as being the harbinger of a Void doom. Now, he's basically a Pokemon trainer, which does not fulfill his gameplay fantasy at all. I used to play him so much, and now, I barely play him at all. Before, every single part of Malzahar's kit was, individually, mechanically easy, but to get the most out of it, you had to know exactly when and how to use it. He wasn't a stat-check, but he rewarded gameplay knowledge and playing carefully. He wasn't very viable in professional play, but that's okay, because neither was, like, Garen. He wasn't easy to play in low elo, he was okay in higher tiers, and was never a balancing issue. Just because his kit wasn't flashy or 'cool' doesn't mean it didn't have its place. His kit was unique and had a playstyle no other champion had. Now he's just another perma-shove waveclear go-bot-and-gank mage. And even that guaranteed gank isn't enough to make him fun to play. The worst part was the removal of his percent HP AOE basic ability. That was a staple of a late game mage, and he scaled gorgeously into the lategame. I mostly used his ult as peel for myself or ADC. Now, lategame, he can't do anything, because his ult by itself does no freaking damage. When he kills you with a ton of voidlings, it feels skill-less on both sides. Getting killed by him? Not any fun. Killing as him? Not any fun. Every iteration of him post-rework has been toxic. Those voidlings have got to go. Revert, revert, revert. Except I actually like the new interaction with his q refreshing his e. That can stay. Everything else should get reverted, tho.
: I feel that some changes to how shielding works needs to come soon after these Marksmen changes.
I think you say "God bless Lulu" because of that point-and-click polymorph. Lemme tell you, if that Zed has been doing ANYthing, and gets a full rotation off on my adc? That Lulu shield is probably not gonna be the deciding factor. But my point-and-click polymorph? That's the real biter.
: If they want to push other champions bot lane they could.... Make {{champion:40}} shield give AD AND AP, but less of each than currently, Make {{champion:117}} shield weaker but make pix’s damage buff stronger. Push for specific comps by increasing seemingly random abilities power {{champion:427}} has extra range on rootcaller, kill multiple birds with one stone
Eh, Lulu's shield is pretty garbage. If you took it away and made her do more damage, I guarantee you she will go back toplane, because Lulu poops on melee champions hardcore.
I hate playing tank supports and straight-up won't do it. Tanks' builds are actually kind of expensive and tank supports suck SO MUCH mid game unless you get stupid fed. If your ADC gets behind, or can't follow up, or hell if you pick a bad engage? Guess what? You can't do the ONE thing you're supposed to do until late game: live long enough to apply cc and peel for your adc. A mage support? If my team is bad, I can carry. An enchanter support? If my team is bad, I can at least mitigate the damage. Tank supports? You are entirely dependent on your team to not be a sack of potatoes. Try playing something like Nautilus or Leona into a fed Jinx. See how fun that is.
: Hey there. So, this sort of removal begs a legitimate question from me. While I can't promise this thread alone will determine our decision, I'd really like some community thoughts. **Gameplay** has a bit of a bad rap for low-quality threads and a lack of meaningful discussion. There are really two ways to go about this: 1. Let it do its thing, and let threads like the one that started this thread exist un-moderated. 2. More actively police it to cull inflammatory threads, low-content threads, and discussions that aren't in good faith or are overly accusatory. Both are honestly valid options, and both get us a very different **Gameplay** board. I'd love some thoughts on what you guys are looking for in **Gameplay**: a place for serious *League* related discussion, or a place to just post venting, memes, or quick thoughts as they come to mind? Or something else entirely?
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=td6eNEfT,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-04-30T22:36:01.504+0000) > > Hey there. > > So, this sort of removal begs a legitimate question from me. While I can't promise this thread alone will determine our decision, I'd really like some community thoughts. > > **Gameplay** has a bit of a bad rap for low-quality threads and a lack of meaningful discussion. There are really two ways to go about this: > > 1. Let it do its thing, and let threads like the one that started this thread exist un-moderated. > 2. More actively police it to cull inflammatory threads, low-content threads, and discussions that aren't in good faith or are overly accusatory. > > Both are honestly valid options, and both get us a very different **Gameplay** board. I'd love some thoughts on what you guys are looking for in **Gameplay**: a place for serious *League* related discussion, or a place to just post venting, memes, or quick thoughts as they come to mind? Or something else entirely? Eh, I think the post probably should have been removed. Gameplay should be serious and shouldn't be a circle jerk, imho, because that doesn't facilitate good discussion. Gameplay should be serious, for serious, well-reasoned, _constructive_ complaints and commentary.
: One week suspension because of my name
Don't you know not liking capitalism is The Worst Thing You Can Do, Ever? You're lucky Riot didn't notify the US government and depose you from your computer via coup.
Kahina (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nabil17778,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=j82XMB88,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-04-20T15:37:02.930+0000) > > *cough* *cough* She is... *cough* succubus. That&#x27;s why... Yes I know ! but I really want one skin that maybe doesn't "fit" the theme of her killing people, everytime they do it there's a bunch of sexual reference and I really hate it >_< All her skins is Evelyn with men, I would really like a skin of her by herself instead of her doing *things* with men :( I know I don't have the same opinion as everyone and even my friends prefer Evelyn with a bunch of sexual reference but I personally really prefer her when she's not sexualized so much and I thought it would be interesting to share to see if other people felt the same way ! :3
I completely agree! I also want an Eve splash without her killing a man... I just want Eve to succubus-kill a woman. Come on, Riot, don't let gay girls get away! We deserve to be murdered by Eve, too!!! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Hibeki (NA)
: Its official boys, the Reddit has admitted to fascism and censorship
I mean, this might be censorship, but... neither Reddit nor Riot are public forums that are protected by free speech? So they can do whatever they want? They don't owe you transparency and they don't owe you information. They are not a public entity, we do not own them. This isn't a park or a street or a courthouse. This is a corporation that stands to make a profit, and if they feel that something isn't meeting their bottom line, it's entirely within their right to get rid of it. That's the beauty of the free market. And... this is a plea from the depths of my very soul... can we please stop calling things that are not fascist 'fascism'? Fascism is not the same thing as censorship. Censorship is not congruous with fascism. Censorship can be an aspect of fascism, and arguably usually is, but it's not actually fascism. Fascism has a political definition, and it cannot be removed from the context of politics and the state. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fascism Calling private corporations' censorship 'fascism' obfuscates what fascism actually is, and makes it really hard for people to point out instances of actual fascism, which, considering our current political climate, is really important. Can you please change the title of your post to accurately reflect the behavior exhibited by Reddit and Riot, which is definitively not fascist?
mah1foo (EUW)
: (Follow up thread) Riot found my punishment for defending an enemy who was being bullied correct
I guess I just don't understand how this breaks summoner code. Like, is it annoying? Yes. Is the top laner he was defending wrong? Sure. But this isn't spamming the chat, by any measure of the definition. It's frustrating to see Riot just mete out punishments to people for seemingly annoying-but-otherwise-not-specifically-bannable-offenses. There is nothing in the summoner's code about annoyingly defending somebody on the enemy team. What if that was his strat? Why is psyching out the enemy team not an option? If this is a punishable offense, then we need to be given clear guidelines on why, exactly, it's a punishable offense so we can, you know, avoid the behavior? It seems like any deviation from "gg wp" and directly strategic planning is punishable. Why even have /all chat in ranked games? What could you POSSIBLY have to say to the enemy team whose purpose is not to tilt them? The only reasonable explanation is to communicate about things that don't specifically have anything to do with the game. If somebody is screaming racial/homophobic slurs or calling people idiots or morons or retards, telling them to kill themselves etc etc, that's bannable. Spamming your youtube/twitch link in chat is bannable. Being annoying? Being aggressive? Talking a lot? How and why is that punishable? Like obviously OP was being obnoxious and annoying, but was what they were doing punishable? I mean, I just don't see under WHAT part of the summoner code it IS punishable under, at least not from what OP has shown us in screenshots and posted chat logs, which is all we have to go off of.
: Calling lulu a brain dead champion isn't saying that there is no skill involved, rather, it is saying that the amount of skill it takes to make her effective is so low, it might as well be nonexistent. To put it another way, while her skill ceiling may be decently high, her skill floor is so low, that the 9th level of hell is in the stratosphere by comparison
Lots of enchanter supports have the ability to be very effective while being passive, assuming the rest of your team is competent and they don't have a god-tier, playmaking support. But if you want to CARRY as enchanter supports, you have to be aggressive and get a lane advantage for your adc, because you can't assume they can farm well, so you have to make sure their ADC can't farm well, you can't assume your adc can get kills or harass in lane, so you have to do it. Just because someone CAN go 0/0/15 as an enchanter support doesn't mean they did anything particularly well or carried, it's just that enchanter supports are weightless to carry, they almost all have buffs just built into their kits for their team, whereas tanks and playmaking supports have to actually be good to be effective.
: Splash Arts for Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio
Can I just say I LOVE that Riot realized that now that the icons in-game are from the splash art, each champion got their own splash centering and focusing on them, BUT they also have each other in each others' splash arts? That's so cool? I love this Riot, one of the things that was kinda sad about 'group' splashes was that you only got one splash art but now we get to see this awesome fantasy played out twice and? I love it. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
WHO decided on pineapple pizza??? I guess it works either way, because if you love pineapple pizza you think "oh, nice, pineapple pizza" and if you hate it (like any reasonable person would) you think "HAHAHAHA EAT MY NASTY PIZZA BY FORCE >:D" I lowkey hope it's released with chromas that change the pizza flavor :D
: The REAL problem with Support is Toxicity
What are you talking about, I literally never get flamed as the support? The jungler, now, they get flamed non-stop. I'd say easily the role that gets flamed the most is jungle, which is the role I actually liked a lot more than support, but the amount of flaming I got made the role unplayable because I would tilt off the face of this planet. If you're maining a role and you KNOW you're contributing and you KNOW you're doing a good job, then if somebody flames you literally just mute them, because they've revealed themselves to be worthless and braindead. Sometimes my ADC is braindead, and I have to mute them. ADCs are literally children, their role is the most childlike in the game, they conduct themselves as a whole the same way a toddler would, and you have to treat them like sticky fingered toddlers. If they start screaming for ganks and red buffs, you tell them to stop it, and if they don't you ignore them and continue on your day as though they don't exist. You cannot main support and be triggered by salty ADCs, I would say half of the skill of the support role is being able to put up with their pillow princess antics for 40 straight minutes.
SomaQz (NA)
: My daughter learning the alphabet with League champions. (I'm a proud dad)
: ONE Big Gripe I Have with the New Void Stuff
I personally think Riot's been ruining, like, a lot of their stories with this new lore update? I think the lore in general was more interesting and unique when a lot of different people were working on it, it felt really disjointed and wild, but that's kind of how Runeterra feels, too. Anybody with even a passing understanding of screenwriting 101 knows that the higher the stakes, the more personal the motivation, the more compelling the story. The fact that Malzahar and Kassadin have no... interaction at all makes their story so, so, so boring. Now, instead of wanting to prove himself, avenge his family, make up for the mistake he made, now he's just a Dude with a Cause and also a Drinking Problem. Like, yes, there is a connection between what happened to Kassadin and his family and Malzahar, but before it was this huge, dramatic, climatic moment (almost like... an inciting incident!) and then Kassadin's ultimate, utter failure to protect the people he loved the most. And all of this was super personal, it wasn't just a noble cause, it was personal, and that made it feel SO good when you murdered Malzahar as Kassadin in game. There have been multiple times I've been playing Kass into Malzahar and, upon killing him, said something out loud in the room akin to "that's for my daughter, b*tch". Like, it was so personal. Now it's so much less personal. Idk I think the Void used to be a really cool concept and Riot kinda ruined it.
: Nah I don't need anymore skins if that's where you're gonna go with this.
Ummmmmmmmm I want Pool Party Lux in a bikini 100%. League is filled with nothing but gorgeous champion after gorgeous champion, I wanna see 80-90% of the roster with pool party skins to be frank. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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