: Can we please, for one second, acknowledge what Riot is doing RIGHT?
It's hard when for the last 2 (coming up on 3) years for every good idea 2-3 bad ones make it past the pbe
Kynami (NA)
: S4, early S5? Sure! I particularly fondly remember getting a triple off the enemy team attempting to dive my pre-rework Galio under tower.
I got one of those with Kennen back then. Good times
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: Incoming: true slow The faster you are, the slower you get
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 13
Any ETA on when we can expect to see work on Arcane Comet?
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: Every champ has a passive, what are you replacing Way of the Wanderer with?
He still has the flow Shield
: > Basic Attacks no longer apply on hit effects besides crit and life steal ??? Why would you make BoRK not viable?
Was attempting to kill mallet on him. Removed it now
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
I wanted to do a big overhaul to SR, but then I saw I could only pick 1 thing to change so I'm settling with this {{champion:157}} _Yasuo has been one of the most hated champions for a while across most levels of play. His high ban rate regardless of his actual strength shows that most players have more fun without Yasuo in the game, and that hatred prevents Yasuo players from playing their favorite champion. We want to allow people to play Yasuo more often while making him easier to play against. We expect Yasuo players will struggle at first this patch, but when players would rather lose than play against a certain champion something needs to change._ **Passive: Way of the Wanderer** Don't need this anymore; Double Critical Strike chance and Critical Strike penalty removed. **Q: Steel Tempest** No more holding back: Critical Strike penalty removed. For Consistency: The Tornado from a fully stacked Steel Tempest will no longer effect enemies who are immune to auto attacks(Jax E, Shen W, Pantheon Passive, etc) **W: Windwall** Removed: No longer moves over it's duration. New: Windwall now has a minimum cast range (Like Cassiopeia's W) NEW: Each projectile blocked from a champion reduces Windwalls cooldown by 1 second **E: Sweeping Blade** NEW: Now gains flow on use (Like it used to on release) NEW: Enemies can now see if Yasuo dashed to a minion or monster and how long before he'll be able to dash to it again **R: Last Breath** No more hand holding: No longer tries to keep Yasuo out of turret range
: We need a replacement for Warmogs in ARAM
A mini warmorgs would be nice yeah. Warmogs was pretty stupid but a mini version of it would be nice
: WTF c9
Either this is some kind of ploy to get those 3 practice against easier opponents in a fucked up meta or Jack was embarrassed by how poorly C9's done in their last 2 playoff appearances and wants to remind the team that results come before memes and messing around. If this is what it takes to get results fine, but I don't see how a probable 0-2 start against 2 teams you didn't drop a game to in spring helps you make worlds. All I know is if the roster hasn't swapped back before the TSM game in week 3, this season is over. Side Note: I saw something over on Reddit last night about how Jensen and Blaberfish (C9 Academy Jungler) were duoing a lot so maybe they're thinking of using this as a way to test Blaberfish? IDK, probably not
: What do you call a Support with good map awareness?
I was going to guess "the enemy support"
: When one snowflake refuse to vote a losing game
When 1 snowflake spams surrender votes because he fed the fuck out of his lane. Something tells me this describes you pretty well
: What us Yasou's Weakness
My guess is either the person playing him(which doesn't count) or that he fucks your comp over(again doesn't count)
: Wow, Dream Snatcher is incredibly aweful.
It's got reverted, thank god http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/06/65-pbe-update-tentative-balance-changes.html#balance
Riñey (NA)
: Sounds like your client is in need of repair. Click the cog to the top right corner of the client and hit "Initiate Full Repair". Let me know the results.
Yep, that worked. Thanks!
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Naymliss (NA)
: ARAM isn't ranked
This exactly. ARAM is for fun, raging take the fun out of it.
: I’m actually hoping that the rest of 2018 is dedicated solely to VGUs.
Close, I believe Riot said we're getting one more new champ this year. Don't quote me on that, I don't have a link.
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Slythion (NA)
: Can someone explain to me why they like Zoe?
Because it's still funny when you do stupid amounts of damage and one shot someone. I got her a bunch in ARAM recently XD
CLG ear (NA)
: hey guys ear birthday here
Risen29 (NA)
: Ultimate Hat change was a terrible idea
I think the hunter line in domination needed to have more choices for sure. Too many times I've went into domination and didn't feel like any of the 3 were good picks. The solution didn't need to be moving ultihat there and giving mages something almost none of them want though.
: What is obvious to some, is not obvious to all apparently...
I never understood why some people think that because someones trolling they're free to flame them. Just because someone else is ruining the game on purpose it doesn't give you a free pass to call them racial slurs like some people think.
Ghazter (NA)
: Is sorcery even worth taking anymore?
As primary: supports only As secondary: there's better but you can I'd rather just go spellbook on all mages tbh
: It's been 24 hours... Pyke is Ornn 2.0 and is badly in need of buffs.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 1
I think that nerfing the minion push advantage would be a good way to reduce team snowballing. In both my games and pro games there are times where the mechanic is preventing the losing side from making plays because they can never get minion waves off their turrets long enough to make any
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.12
Why does Sorcery keep getting movement speed runes? Most mages don't want move speed
: Riot, the experience for players goes to shit when you release a champion, and this is not okay.
This is why I miss team builder. It was a great place to play the new champ, even though queue times sucked for the people trying to play it
: Pyke is trash and is as weak as 39% win rate Ornn/41% win rate Kai'Sa
it hasn't even been a day. Noboby knows how to play him yet
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Krotux (NA)
: Nimbus Cloak came through after all
I support the change of the hunter line in domination being opened up, despite not liking ultimate hat being moved. I don't support its replacement. Mages are really not getting any support at all from this new rune system
: Diamond Only No Talk Back
I've been wondering about sheen items on Garen. Pretty cool that it can work
: Why doesn't riot monitor post-game chat?
: I haven't seen anyone really talking about the Aram changes
Because the ARAM changes are good. We only ~~complain~~ talk about bad stuff here
Melager12 (EUNE)
: Can u please FIX ARAM
there are good changes happening literally tomorrow...
: Shouldn't Vayne be able to see stealthed champs, wards, traps, etc?
Thats a nice idea for a new passive. The creatures she hunts hide in the shadows, so it would make sense for her to be able to see them
: Does anyone by any chance know when patch V8.11 goes live?
Memorial day(Not sure if it's a thing in Europe) was on Monday, so Riot had that day off. The patch is probably going to be a day late because of that
: I feel like most of the people that complain about League are actively trying to NOT have fun
True. I just hang out in ARAM and rotating modes and it's still fun for me. Which is why I think SR is the problem but thats not really the point
: Not all mastery 7 champions are experienced players
It's true. I'm 1 token away from mastery 7 on GP and I can't land barrels worth a damn
: The other way around, GW needs more work to be acquired. Ridiculous for 800 golds to completely nullify {{champion:114}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:8}} in lane
Fiora shouldn't be doing well in lane regardless of GW price.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 25
Any plans for a DOT keystone?
Rylalei (EUNE)
: I don't know what buff you're talking about, guess I missed it. Can you provide a link? I'm quite interested right now
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Discussion: Does your rank matter when talking game balance?
I'm going to say no. Remember that Sivir buff that got hot fixed and reverted the day the patch shipped? The reason the buff got shipped at all was because an ex-pro player said it was fine. By the logic of the rank shamers, that would never happen because rank = game knowledge, therefore an ex pro player would know everything there is to know about league. Funny how damn flimsy their logic is
: What We Heard on Ranked 2019
Is there a chance you guys would lets us have an overall rank in addition to position ranks? With an overall rank that is affected regardless of role, people wouldn't be able to hide behind "Not my main role" or "This game doesn't affect me so I don't care" type of excuses because it now would matter. I also like the idea of having all ranked games you play matter. You would have to try if you get an off role because it will always affect your rank. Overall ranks could use the system we had before tiers and promos and stuff. Promos are already stressful, do we really need to have "double promo series" be a thing? Also thank you for the promise of not shipping ranked changes if you guys don't think major issues are fixed. Nobody wants another dynamic queue disaster, and this shows you've learned from that.
Zyka (NA)
: Thank you guys so much for doing these! There's not a gaming company out there that has more feedback, communication, and transparency than Riot, and even the smaller stuff like this has a massive impact on this. You guys rock, keep it up
^ I'm happy they tell us about upcoming stuff. If Riot truly didn't give a crap about the players, they wouldn't do things like this. Even if the upcoming changes are garbage, I'd rather have a heads up instead of a surprise
Ayzev (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal Torment,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhl45a7a,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-19T14:33:55.365+0000) > > You make the game for ~~your players~~ LC$.
LCS players are still players...
: How to compensate Jinx after the Marksman nerfs
A champion with a 51-52% winrate is by no means a bad champion. What's your argument here?
: Jhin does not synergize with Spear like people are worrying about
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