Ayzev (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal Torment,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhl45a7a,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-19T14:33:55.365+0000) > > You make the game for ~~your players~~ LC$.
LCS players are still players...
: How to compensate Jinx after the Marksman nerfs
A champion with a 51-52% winrate is by no means a bad champion. What's your argument here?
: Ban players who leave during champ select..
Ban players for doing the 1 thing that lets them get away from a troll? Sounds good to me
: Jhin does not synergize with Spear like people are worrying about
Oh look, another who deserved it
: Right now, Riot needs to be valuing player feedback like it's fucking Gospel.
Kinda hard for them to take our feedback seriously when a majority of the posts in this section are shit posts
: Why is Gamestop the worst?
I've still never had an issue with my local one.
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: Having a high KDA doesn't mean you can't lose your team the game
Exactly. A month or 2 back I had a Warwick who hardcore invaded the enemy Vi, killed her a few times with help from the top laner and myself. She was level 2 when he was level 5. The enemy team managed to hang in there and caught Warwick multiple times in the mid to late game when he tried to solo kill Vi or invade her camps and eventually they won the game. Warwick was the reason we got a massive lead and was a big part of why we threw the game.
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: Ross would like to have a word with you about that no one plays panth support XD
: I have an idea for a vayne W change...
This is actually a great idea. When Vayne finally gets that VGU she needs this should at least be tested.
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: When I'm playing aram, it feels more like I play Dark Harvest instead of the individual champion
: Candidates for: Arcade
Heroes {{champion:142}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:80}} Battle Boss {{champion:83}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:28}} .... I really want Gnario to be a skin. Don't care if he has enough skins, there are some concepts that are so good they should bypass who gets a skin
: What's a good summoner name for a Kai'sa otp?
: What champs has CertainT created?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:142}}
: POLL: What Role should Zyra be played as?
tuoski666 (EUNE)
: When is Pyke going to hit PBE
: My first reaction to Pyke...
You're reading too much into a 30-ish second teaser. We'll probably find out next week why he doesn't look like he's been digested and maybe some of those holes will get filled.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Fun little detail about Caitlyns Headshot
she does it to baron too. I love that
: If Malzahar was reworked by the guy that made Yasuo
You forgot a defining feature of Certainly T champions, the hand holding mechanics. Let add one for you. Casting Nether Grasp refreshes the cool down of Void Shift.
: Except displacements (and suppression I think) are the **_only_** thing that can stop her W, which is just plain unfair in my opinion. The fact that she gets a window where she can get CC'd and still complete her jump adds unnecessary safety to an _already extremely safe hypercarry._
I've had a Trist get away from my Skarner ult before with W. It was during the start of the animation so I didn't lose my cooldown but still...
Zardo (NA)
: Hey I think I know why you have a hard time balancing azir
It's like mobility isn't as great of a feature as Riot thinks it is and it shouldn't be on certain champions. Strange.
EkyonKun (NA)
: Wait. Did Riot actually fix something that was broken before it became live?
I'm actually in shock. I thought for sure they'd just let it play out like normal. Now if only they'd stop intentionally over buffing new champs and VGU's. It's happened to many times in the last year for it to all be accidental
: I don't really have one. But I know if I pick mistletoe leblanc I am gonna feed hard. It's a curse and it has existed since I got the skin. I can't even remember one game where I played well with that skin.
: Who's your champion that whenever you do well,, somehow the rest of your team feeds?
Not exactly answering the question, but I stopped playing top lane for about 3-4 months at one point because every time I played top my team would ff for no reason. Normally happened when I played Shen but there was a Gangplank game where my team surrendered when there were super minions hitting the enemy nexus towers... thank god it was normals
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: So Riot, Can You Put Courage of Colossus As A Keystone?
I miss Courage of the Colossus and DFT :(
: I'm out of the loop, did someone stomp with Poppy in pro play?
Anl0rian (NA)
: Swain is very strong, but does anyone else think he feels...
I have no idea how to play him anymore. I'm like 0-6 or something on him :(
: Ezreal is not great right now.
If anything he needs a nerf or rework. He's got a 55% playrate the last thing he needs are buffs
: Since you said Malz lost power, maybe restore the volume level of the abilities on his Battle Boss skin. It’d be a noticeable buff :p
Seriously though, I think instead of buffing his mana pool it would be a decent idea to buff the mana return from his E.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Are there any plans for the Sorcery tree? It doesn't feel good to use on mages and Nimbus Cloak is just going limit their options even more. Would it be possible for a different rune to replace Ultimate hat instead of Nimbus Cloak?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Are there any plans to make a keystone for DOT champions?
: Parrents dog died today.
I'd hug you if I could. Im sorry for your loss
Eedat (NA)
: Sorcery isnt trash. I just doesnt feel right on a good chunk of Mages. So I'll ask again, why is giving these Mages that dont synergize the best with Sorcery access to Domination a bad thing?
It's not, most of my anger's towards Nimbus Cloak anyway. Ulti hunter's a pretty good way to open up the hunter line, I just wish we weren't getting Nimbus Cloak to add on to the lack of mage synergy problem in Sorcery
Eedat (NA)
: Why are people getting upset over Domination being made more accessable to Mages?
Because Sorcery is already trash and Ultimate Hat's replacement isn't good on mages
: Ultimate Hat
I'd be a lot less mad if the replacement was something most mages could use. Instead we got Nimbus Cloak which would only be used by {{champion:50}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:112}} and depending on how it works with channeled abilities maybe {{champion:9}} {{champion:69}} Depending on which way Cassio and Fiddle go, it's viable on even less mages. Cass might not want in even if the channel thing works in her favor And the non-mages that could want this: {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:91}} It's targeted users are clearly not mages or enchanters, so why is it going to the tree that's supposed to be designed with them in mind? Why not leave Ultimate Hat alone and put this in domination where it actually fits? Putting Nimbus Cloak in Sorcery makes no sense at all.
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Im not good at this game though. So I'll keep banning him thanks
: Suggestion on the new rune.. Nimbus Cloak (S2).
My suggestion is put It in domination because assassins want this more than mages
: I feel like moving Ultimate Hat to Domination will make Sorcery Tree obsolete.
Not sure why a mage rune is moving to the assassin tree for a rune which would work better on assassins to go in the mage tree. If Ultimate hat moves at least I'd never have to go into Sorcery on mid laners again, Sorcery is straight trash with Ultimate hate, without it the tree is worthless
SIayton (NA)
: Think I'll take a break till next season. Season 8 feels more for spectators than players.
: If characters aren't meant to be forced into certrain roles, where else are these guys meant to go?
There was a time in season 5 where Alistar could go top. He also got kicked out of the jungle at one point for being stupidly unfun to play against. I wasn't playing when Alistar jungle was a thing, but the way I saw it described, you couldn't push past the river or you would get headbutted under the enemy tower.
Selegun (NA)
: Absolute focus feels good on champs that don't need to get close to dump their damage like Xereth and Ziggs. An argument could also be made for mages that focus on abilities with healing and spellvamp though sources for those are few and far between.
That makes sense. I don't position well so maybe that's why I don't good use from it. Thanks!
Jbels (NA)
: I wonder what's stopping people from going Eletrocute. It's a pretty decent alternative if you're playing a mage that just shits out all 4 abilities to kill somebody
The cool down is what scares me off a bit, but more people seem to be picking it so I might give it a try.
: Patch 8.11 Early Look
Stormrazor is going to get abused so hard. Good thing I already permaban zed
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