: This is exactly the kinda shit behavior that gets straight people treated poorly and their problems ignored so that others can feel different. You don't get brownie points and to claim you're the only one who has it tough in this world because you aren't straight. You ARENT special.
Buddy if you're getting bullied you need to know it's not cause you're straight, it's probably cause you're a twat. Get the fuck outta here with your straight pride shit. Signed, A straight white guy.
: What’s New in Ranked 2019
what, no wood league? c'mon, rito
: Ability Update: Shyvana
I main Shyv in the jungle and I'm not sure I like what I'm reading here. I'll embrace the changes and see how she goes, but you're restricting her as a champion to only jungle, when she can be a little more flexible than that and go top. It looks as if it will be a very feast-or-famine change, but if you get the numbers right she could still be that late game monster I love
: It's capable of dis http://imgur.com/H4QNVUe
oh man that's... smoooooothhh {{champion:119}}
: Reformed Players Ask Riot, How You Like Me Now?
club size cap increase? Rito, I can't even get enough members to show my club tag {{item:3070}} {{item:2045}}
: Patch 6.12 notes
poro snax buffs tho! {{item:2052}}
Rioter Comments
: New Nasus & Renekton stories discussion
Renekton's lore at this point (waiting on Amumu's updated lore) has gotta be the saddest one yet, I feel so bad for him. The scene where he weeps in a cave, trying to figure out why he's so sad, why he feels crazy, why he's hearing whispers.... damn near relateable from when I suffered a deep depression... the feels are real with this one
SadKill (NA)
: Depends on your definition of "hot".
her freckles tho. I've got a champ crush on her already cause of the freckles.
: now all we need is the avatar...{{champion:77}} skin maybe?
or a free-to-play udyr visual update? {{item:3070}} {{item:2045}}
: Dear Draven, Do you think that Riot messed up, not giving us URF? Personally, URF is one of the only fun things about the game anymore, because it's somewhere no one is really toxic at all, and it just makes this awful community so... not awful. Thanks!
urf isn't worth the wait. Draven, however....{{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
: Draven
Draven? Bah. {{champion:136}} {{champion:119}}
: Save The Date!
balloon teemo skin confirmed
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
I feel like the abilities look a little lacklustre to people because that splash holds a lot to live up to, y'all nailed it on the art, Riot. Can't wait to read the lore and eventually play the living starstuff out of him.
: > 1. Giant interactive Runeterra Map. THIS WOULD BE EPIC ok, maybe not epic, but it would be a lot more fun to me than just seeing a few pictures of random locations, and wall after wall of text. An interactive map would really make this more real, to me, and easier to follow. This whole list of things would be PERFECT!!. I hope they take this idea to heart.
League of Legends - the RPG?!?
: Download the free League Friends mobile app!
I have windows phone {{item:3070}} but then again, I have no friends either {{champion:32}}
: Patch 6.2 notes
I enjoy the fact that you consistently measure distances in Teemos, even down to the 1/16th. Keep it up, Rito
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
I love when Riot creates a champion with a darker personality/lore. The abilities maybe could have been a little more spicy, but I'm still stoked to play him. I sense a project skin, or a skin to pair with Shaco incoming
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
team builder was a good way of getting a team assembled quickly of anybody who accepted, and then learning just exactly what doesn't work. Made for good times
: The moral of this story is clearly that kittens make wins. {{champion:107}}
upvote for puppies{{champion:75}}
: 2015 ranked season has ended
how come we can still play ranked matches?
: One For All will soon return to the workshop
what, no cool summoner icon for this one? shame!
: No need to be salty wasteonhate, it is not all of NA's fault that you are **Bronze V**, Kappa
I'm not complaining about my skill level, that last sentence was a joke. Get it, cause there's a lot of people crying over the location. And Riot's still making money. And you know, jokes are much better when one doesn't need to explain them. This must be where I say "Kappa." Kappa.
: why have it in multiple different places? Is it to make money or just have people go through hell just to watch something when you could just login to twitch.tv and watch it.{{summoner:31}} {{summoner:30}} {{item:2010}}
Because Europe is a relatively small continent, with a high population density, and it is possible to inexpensively travel around between those locations by plane, train, or automobile, in a short amount of time.
: How to get your 2015 World Championship tickets
Wow a lot of hate just because the world championships (I repeat WORLD championships) are being held in Europe (a part of the WORLD) instead of North America (another part of the WORLD). Ungrateful little shitheads don't even realize how many people live in Europe, do you? Like America has some special privileges? First you complain about the server change and now this, what next? Championships have been in the US before, if I'm not mistaken, so what's wrong with holding WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in another part of the WORLD. Cry a little more about it kiddies, cause Riot makes a profit from NA users' tears.
Siabf (NA)
: Yeah, unfortunately us Californians have to suffer for the greater good :/
> [{quoted}](name=Siabf,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=E5sEgLFp,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-08-28T07:31:38.876+0000) > > Yeah, unfortunately us Californians have to suffer for the greater good :/ OH NO NOT THE CALIFORNIANS!
: Patch 5.16 notes
holy shit, buffs for days!
: I constantly make mistakes and need a redo button{{champion:245}}
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I'm a bit of a pyromaniac, and I like dragons, so naturally, {{champion:102}} is my main gal
: For us, the solution isn't alleviating East Coast woes by tossing them over the rockies onto the West Coast. If we had decided to move the servers to Newfoundland or another coastal location on the East Coast, yes, it would absolutely be a "tables are turned" flip, and we wouldn't be solving anything! Instead, we focused on a centralized location that offered the best balance between coasts to the east and west, as well as a midpoint between Canadian and US traffic. The end goal is not one coast being stronger than the other. The goal is to cover a HUGE geographic region by a common ping threshold of below 80ms. We feel like we can get there for almost everyone regardless of which coast you're on. It'll take some work and we'll need some input from everyone, but we feel confident we can get there.
Newfoundland servers would get the network hooked on screech and start sending everybody very friendly messages in jibberish, I'm not sure if that's a bad idea or the greatest one of them all, but THIS B'Y be votn' fer Newfie servers!
: Why are his hands so big now? I mean, they're kind of ridiculously big! I understand you can hold more oranges with big hands, but this is a little overboard (kek).
yarrr, me arm needed replacin' after the accident {{item:3070}} {{champion:41}}
: the flying dutchman is a ship.
is it? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Gocu3AMNriI/maxresdefault.jpg
: Champion Update: Gangplank
my internet at home is down so I might not be able to earn the Captain GP skin... but am I the only one here who thinks that the new splash for regular GP is cool enough? He looks so badass! Good job on this, Rito!
: HUD update heads to ranked with 5.15
I like the new HUD! it took a few games to get used to, but it's really streamlined. It's like learning how to drive a car with sensitive braking and steering after you've been driving an old beater for a few years. Everyone's complaining that they want the old model back from the scrapyard, but I say EMBRACE CHANGE! One thing that I would like to see come back, however, is champion tips. I liked having quick references to help me learn a new champion better in-game. The other thing I'd like to see is ability upgrades to be a different colour than the level-up button {{champion:112}}
Ascetic (NA)
: {{champion:121}} Please change the color of the Evolve arrow. It looks exactly like the normal arrow for putting points in skills, and I've upgraded my ult multiple times on accident because of this... Also I think {{champion:112}} would appreciate this too
this is pretty much my only big issue with the HUD
: Look, I know you guys put a lot of effort into this lore event, but did you really need to disable Gangplank? I thought we established that we were divorcing lore from gameplay. Why then am I not able to play as my favorite champion? I was really looking forward to trying him out in the new game mode, and now I get to wait "a few days" until you make him playable again. It's just aggravating with the way you guys have carried this out. To clarify, I think the new lore is awesome. I loved the event and how it added new gameplay elements with the objectives, but was it really 100% necessary to remove gangplank from the game, however temporary it may be? The game mode will only be out for a short time, and I can't even play my favorite champion in it yet. Feels kind of insulting to gp fans with the way you guys are acting too.
: why did you remove GP from the game permanently? i literally just bought a skin for him two days ago and now i cannot use it. now what you are telling me is that he is no longer going to be in the game? *rolls eyes* you may have lost me as a customer.
Indeed, they went through all this trouble of not only re-working Gangplank, but dedicating an ENTIRE EVENT to him and his associated champs (one of which also got a minor re-work), which includes a map revision and a featured game mode, just to literally blow him out of the water to never be played again. Seems pretty legit. _rolls eyes_
Bergk (NA)
: I honestly think that Gangplank should still be playable ONLY if the player owns "Spooky Gangplank" (but that is the only skin not disabled) after all it is a Ghost
I believe you are on the right track, but Spooky will probably come up in the next leg of the event
: Rotation Quote game: Using the champions free this week, replace a word in one of their quotes with Rotation/Rotate/Rotated/etc. Also, put the champions icon. {{champion:103}} "If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you rotate the game."
: Champion Insights: Tahm Kench, the River King
So you're saying that he's capable of telling a lot of "BIG FISH" stories? HAH
: Champion Reveal: Tahm Kench, the River King
This champ's abilities are so funny it seems like a hoax, yet they are SO COOL, that I'm saving up my IP just in case :D
: "Ashe’s update is all but ready to head out onto live alongside patch 5.9!"-Riot All but ready, doesn't that mean she isn't gong to be on live anytime soon. Because I mean if she is EVERYTHING BUT READY, then the one things she is not is ready...
the usage of that phrase has always confused me
: Change it up with Chroma Packs
this is a cool way to change it up, but I think if it's just a re-colouration then the price should be cheaper or free. If it charges RP at all, then maybe 250 like a summoner icon? Even IP would be a pretty sweet deal, but I agree with everyone on this that it would be better received as free
: Find your IRL friends in League now
this is cool, it's nice to see that privacy is paramount with this little feature. I'll be opting in as a result
: Omega Squad Teemo once lived by a code
I don't always buy skins when they're not on sale... but when I do, it'll be for this badass skin!
1349 (NA)
: **Dear Riot Games: We the fans have been and are very happy with your progress so far in the continuing success of delivering one if not, the best Online game there is to the day. The new rift looks gorgeous and the side games that you deliver from time to time are brilliant! But one thing is missing and many people have said this. The fans and new players would love if we had control over the category of side games that come out or not. The community is the key to your success and being so you owe us some of the pleasure. All we ask is that monthly you would let us vote to see the side games that would come out or not, example... ( In this week's patch we're voting to see which of these go through and which don't) [ ] Hexakill [ ] Urf [ ] Mirror Match). With this personal voting system you could allow to bring back old and new games that many do not know that even existed, and you would make millions of URF fans happy again T_T. Truly yours, Andy Galguera.**
: Patch 5.5 notes
the Elderwood skin looks so cool! Can't wait to try out {{champion:432}}
: DJ Sona Q&A [CLOSED]
The Pentakill skins should play music in-game, too. Metal is the best battle music!
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
this will be a challenging champ to master, but I'm stoked. the cosmic traveler vibe resonates with me on a spiritual level. I'll have a lot of fun with this guy. PS: i apologize to my future teams for misclicking E and/or R
: but the map! not only does it ignore Canada when showing the divisions, but Southwestern Ontario is GONE!
i noticed that too, S.O. has been obliterated from this map
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