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: >I would like to see what the community thinks about this. I got suspended for 14 days for saying the word f.a.g 2 times in a game when ive seen way worse stuff. I sent this in as a support ticket in hopes of getting my account unsuspended and i want to see how many of you agree with me. Racist, homophobic, and other discriminatory remarks are treated as zero-tolerance language. Even if it was used in a joking context (which it really wasn't, you just called someone a "f-g" to insult them) it would still warrant an immediate 14-day ban. To be honest, you're not going to get many people that agree with you, if any. >but if your going to suspend me for what i said and do nothing about these other players in my games that say racist and or demeaning things non jokingly than you need to fix your report system." Everyone is held to the same standard. There is no way to verify if someone else has been punished or not, if you report them with the correct option (hate speech, not negative language) they will be evaluated the same way you were. There is no selective treatment.
Just so you know if someone says xd and lol in the same sentence it is very clearly a joke lol
: Sometimes the best thing to do is not say anything at all. you deserve that suspension
Because youve done that everytime sure bud
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: Homophobic slurs are 0 tolerance and give an instant 14 day ban Just because you've seen worse stuff, doesn't mean you're allowed to break the rules. And how do you know that the others don't get punished? 100% deserved
Because it tells you when people get suspended when youve reported them and your telling me that homophobic slurs are worse than racism also when the enemy team told me to stop i stopped saying stuff in chat i didnt apologize because im not a sissy but i stopped
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