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: > [{quoted}](name=weirdwow,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=AFEj5sHz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-19T14:03:47.676+0000) > > Your a fucking braindead slug if in november of season 9 you think tahm needs nerfs lmfao "ur braindead if u disagree!!!!" LOL imagine thinking tahm, with full tank, 0 dmg items, should outdamage a bruiser at any point.
All tanks are best against bruisers/AD dumbass. Build bami's/Bramlevest and what the fuck are you gonna do? Play Darius or fuck off kid.
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: Tahm Kench
Your a fucking braindead slug if in november of season 9 you think tahm needs nerfs lmfao
: How the fuck do you even lane against Aatrox
Your obv silver if you think aatrox is op is fucking november after getting gutted and left to die.
: why aren't we allowed to have the pink ward trinket?
Having control ward trinkets would just be too oppresive to some champs {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} and would make blue trinket useless since control trinket is... * Targetable by allied effects * Takes four shots * Reveals invisible units thats just my best guess. Lol jk they just dont like vision
: There's people who plays TT and dgaf about the trash game mode Nexus Blitz is, you know right?
Your right. I however, feel that most players who play exclusively SR, would pick NB over TT. Just a thought.
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weirdwow (NA)
Totally agree. Great points overall. -Weirdwow
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: Nice bork rush. Did you fight him under his tower too? Don't say something is OP just because you lost to it in lane and went 0-8
No I was shoved in all the time if I recall correctly. And if you would happen to know what to rush please tell me. I want to ban Illiaoi, mot Cho gath.
: Stuns
Yea I agree. Pyke stun + Spear of SHojin is the most unbalanced shit in this game. 0.5 secnds for my draven to move is not enoiugh
: > [{quoted}](name=weirdwow,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2nUvVjzL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T00:34:26.843+0000) > >I played Kayle Everyone is OP into Kayle.
Yea, I know that, but is it really fair that I had to stand under turret all game because one Q took away 500 HP? No. No its not.
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