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: Remove "Phase Rush"
The old rune it's closest to is Stormraider's Surge, but it now has different conditions to proc, making it more difficult for some melee champions to make use of it if they don't have abilities to spam at people.
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: Let's Discuss: Pre-Season 2017 - Runes Reforged
As an individual who loves finding combos and messing around with what is and is not viable, I absolutely adore the idea behind the new rune system, and think it's a huge step up from what we had before, some needed balance tweaks notwithstanding. As an individual who primarily plays ARAM however, I was a bit dismayed that several of the runes have gross balance problems in ARAM. I realize ARAM is always a secondary concern, especially when the dev team clearly has plenty on their plate with balancing the new runes for their main gamemode, but it would be nice to see things brought into line on ARAM once they get the chance. What follows are some ideas for possible rune-tweaks: 1. Eyeball Collector/Hunter trio/Legend Trio. This one I'm really not sure about; all of these stack based on takedowns, which happen rapidly on ARAM, often capping out by the 5 minute mark. I'm aware that ARAM is supposed to go fast, but it means these runes really may as well default to their max values most of the time. As-is you don't feel like you're being rewarded for taking part in takedowns, you feel like you're just being a handed a thing for being there. Maybe tune these down so they cap closer to the 10 minute mark on average? 2. Triumph. Another takedown-based rune, Triumph is fairly insane on ARAM right now. Takedowns happen rapidly, so Triumph provides massive healing and bonus gold. Currently worth way more on ARAM than on SR. 3. Dark Harvest. Dark Harvest is already very potent in SR teamfights due to how it can be chained (Get Soulcharged, kill with it, get charged from the kill, repeat). With ARAM being mostly non-stop teamfights, Dark Harvest is exceptionally easy to proc and stack, assuming you don't have an opponent with it. Which raises the issue of how awkward it is for both sides to have a Harvester- Souls drop in a very small area, so the two are constantly competing over the souls. Perhaps Dark Harvest damage should be tuned down a little on ARAM, and possibly prevent the eating of your own team's souls? 4. Gathering Storm. Scaling AD/AP is great and all, but the 10-minute increments make it fairly useless on ARAM atm. ARAMs often never hit the 30 minute mark, meaning that in most cases this caps out at the second bonus, making it just worth far less. We have quick-charge Rod of Ages, why not Quick Charge Gathering Storm? Rod of Ages uses 40 seconds:1 minute; if we used that here, it would mean Gathering Storm stacks every 6 minutes and 40 seconds, which would be a significant improvement.
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: Can 'First Win of the Day' reset daily instead of 24 hours after you complete the previous?
It's 22 hours, not 24, so you don't need to log in at exactly the same time, just close to it. The intent of the bonus is to train players to log on once per day at around the same time, to form a habit.
: Redacted. Bad info.
Unflinching won't give you the tenacity for spells being on CD until after the tenacity from using them expires. The highest you can get from unflinching is a brief 30%, with it usually being 20%. Additionally, it seems like a lot of tenacity is multiplicative, not additive. Having the 30% from Merc, 20% from Legend: Tenacity and 20% from Unflinching does not give you 30+20+20=30% Tenacity, it gives you 55% (1-0.7*0.8*0.8=0.55).
: So like do we all hate the new runes?
I really like the new rune system. They need a lot of tweaks and balance, but I appreciate the direction. Much more interesting and impactful than the old runes/masteries. Feels like an actual decision.
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: Is Overheal a noob trap?
Why are you taking Overheal on an ADC? The max overheal scales with health, so take it on someone who builds health. An extra 10% health on top of 4k isn't too shabby.
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: This is the worst season i have ever played
It's been less than 24 hours since the update, Riot is working on it.
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: dialy victory
It should be after something like 22 hours.
: Runes reforged cancer
What Mao build are you seeing?
: ecp now they blue turds instead of IP, though i believe they are cheaper
Nope, the cost didn't change at all. 6300 IP, 6300 BE.
: OK. 2 Things Bad about the new rune system and adjustments needed
A) But you CAN change your runes during champ select, before the battle begins. Admittedly you aren't given a lot of time to do so, and if you're too slow it'll assign you a preset, but you CAN change runes during champ select. B) Most champs got bonus base armor to compensate, and there are at least a couple runes which offer armor (Iron Skin and Conditioning). That said, there's a lot more stuff that gives damage than defensive stats right now.
: How do you get more rune pages?
You buy them, same as always. This didn't change.
: > [{quoted}](name=welknair,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3RAhVLKW,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-11-09T00:39:05.882+0000) > > Depends on if you're getting First Win. The new system really rewards playing one or two games every day instead of playing a dozen times once or twice a week. > > It takes just shy of 2.5k exp to get from 30 to 31. Playing for one win a day, you can easily do that in five won games. this really feels like a terrible system....
It does not seem to be terribly popular.
: and with leveling up you only get about 700 or 800 BE. for maybe 9 or 10 games to level up to 31 and beyond.
Depends on if you're getting First Win. The new system really rewards playing one or two games every day instead of playing a dozen times once or twice a week. It takes just shy of 2.5k exp to get from 30 to 31. Playing for one win a day, you can easily do that in five won games.
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: Thanks for the information, the new way 'feel' really slow.
This is not an uncommon opinion. The general idea is that new players will level and acquire resources faster than veteran players. It also takes a fair number of games to level when you're 30 (and even more once you hit things like 100+), but on the flipside first win of the day was greatly increased, to the point of being worth several games on its own. Playing three games a day, five days a week will earn you more exp than playing 15 games a day two days a week.
: Initial Opinion on New Runes
I really enjoy the variety and how they can influence playstyle. However, they need a fair bit of balancing. I trust Riot to patch things into reasonableness fairly quickly. For now, I'm enjoying the chaos.
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: How much do you get when levelling up?
I haven't hit 31 myself, but I hear the number is around 700 BE, plus some champ shards?
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: How do you obtain Blue Essence now?
: I believe im going to quit after this last game
It's been less than 24 hours since the update. Don't overreact, give Riot a chance to tweak things.
: didnt get all my blue dust..
Check your quests. You get all your rewards after playing one game.
: Pls make it able to erase the stupid runes pages with the name already on them.
This has been discussed already. They'll be hideable in a later patch. They are intended for new players who don't know the new rune system yet. You will not get them as additional editable pages.
: Nidalee interaction with Predator Rune
You change form with her R, which is an ability. Predator rune clearly says it ends when you use an ability. This seems pretty intuitive.
: You should have more mastery pages
The intention would seem to be that you hot-swap a single page during champ select, and if you want lots of presets you shell out the cash to buy more pages. That said, I agree it's a pain in the butt to hot-swap, you aren't necessarily given enough time, and if you run out of time while changing a page it assigns a preset for you which stinks.
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: Legend: Tenacity - Math?
Don't forget Unflinching from Resolve, for a fairly consistent extra 20%. I played a game with Unflinching and Legend: Tenacity and was walking around at 55%.
: I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of their high elo players quit due to new runes
Or maybe the high elo players are smart enough to give the patch more than 24 hours to settle in before making judgements? Take a breather, Riot will figure it out.
: Megathread: Community Rune Feedback & Questions
Seems like two fairly common comments from other threads are: 1. Having so many runes scale off of level makes everybody snowbally 2. Lots of strong damaging runes, not a lot of strong defensive runes, and defensive stats not being adjusted sufficiently leads to a very lethal game
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: Font of Life? You mean Fount?
font fänt noun 1. a receptacle in a church for the water used in baptism, typically a freestanding stone structure. 2. a fount.


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