: flamers are that flamers you will always meet them be new/old/pro or whatever. be the one with perfect stat and you will still get flamed for the slightest stuff. the best thing to do is to mute ppl who become toxic and focus more on your gameplay and then report said toxic players post game. wish you the best of luck in your future games {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thanks for the kind words and advice!
: Well having trolls is something common in all teamwork video games sadly and nothing can be done about it
True, I suppose this is the first time I'm experiencing it since I've never played a teamwork video game before. I realize the internet will always have trolls, I'm simply asking the best way to deal with this.
Kei143 (NA)
: Let's have you understand that being high level doesn't automatically make you good at the game. Someone can be lvl1 and actually be a pro, as accounts are free to make. We also need to correct your terminology as being bad doesn't necessarily mean they are trolling. At the same time, just because they use a different strategy (in this case, roam and pressure mid) doesn't necessarily mean they are a troll. Whether it was an effective strategy to roam and pressure mid is another discussion and changes from game to game, but you need to recognize that there are other methods to play the game and you might need to change your strategy on the fly and adapt to the situation. The game is not only played with one strategy, the more experience you accumulate, the better you'll become in identifying how to adapt. Sometimes it's ok to concede tower, sometimes it's ok for you to die at one side of the map and your team gets stuff on the other side of the map. Bottom line, never stop asking yourself on how to improve your macro strategy and don't blame others for not following the strategy you are used to.
Makes total sense, thank you. Regardless of how they play, I will never flame them or throw them under the bus. The point I was trying to make was that it seemed like they were projecting.
BradNo (NA)
: Why don't you just play duo bot lane with your significant other?
We have before but I like the team aspect. I might just go back to full bot games for now. I like the challenge of PvP and the bot games are not as exciting. I would like to work on mastery of a character as well.
ChrilleN (NA)
: Okay, so what I think happened is that you were doing very well in your early leveled games and the system Riot has in place thought that you were a smurf account. Which means you're doing significantly better than most other players but sadly, you have to deal with other smurfs (who most of the time get banned for toxicity it seemed to me) or moments like these. You have a great outlook on the game and you definitely didn't do badly, they're just dinks who want to blame someone for their problems, but the only thing you can really do is Mute and Report them. From my experience once you report a player you won't match with them again, so I hope that helps a bit. Most of the community aren't dinks, I promise. It's just those that are, are the vocal minority. Good luck in your leveling and I wish you the best if you play ranked at level 30! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you for your kind comment, I feel like you have restored my faith in this game. I did have to look up what a "smurf" account was, I've never heard of that. I find it hard to learn when people are constantly harassing you for any small mistake, especially when the only way to get better is to make those mistakes early on. I got very lucky in that my husband was able to show me the ropes and give me tips. I think if I was to have just started and only used the League tutorial I would be miles behind. Even the bot games we did before weren't very much to prepare me for PvP due to Junglers, etc. Next time I'll just mute like you said and try and build a thicker skin.
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