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: [NEW] Having issues Patching 6.1? Click Here!
I've been having a problem with Masteries loading. During the new champion select I was in the middle of making a new mastery page when I ran out of time. Obviously I ran no masteries that game. After losing I finished making the page and got an error saying: "Error And unexpected error has occured Sorry about that. We've sent a report to the server. If you continue encountering this error you may want to check the support site or forum for more information." Oddly enough it still appeared like my new masteries were saved. Queued up for game #2. Loaded in. No masteries again (this time on a pre-existing page). After losing again I tried restarting the client but to no avail. I keep encountering this error message I've never had before.
: [Champion Concept]Mina-The Artist Of Bandle(UPDATED)
This is so FUN!! I love the concept of the Bandle City artist. It feels like such a rich space creatively. I agree with Nesmith in regards to the Lore. I'd love to know more about her; why did she become an artist? what are her favorite things to paint around Bandle City? what does the city think of _her?_ You elaborated a lot on looks, maybe spend some time thinking about her story. _"Mina's the youngest in her family of five. She was born into a house of creativity where walls were adorned with realistic and surrealist images, bookshelves were filled tightly with literature (half of which was written by her elder brothers), and the air was always sweet with the delicate melodies her mother would compose._ _It was only natural Mina would find her creative gifts early in life. Mina flourished with a brush in her hand. She would paint on canvas, on walls, and even on the rocks and trees of nature if she had nothing else. Before she was 10 it was impossible to walk the streets without seeing one of her inspiring paintings adorned on a makeshift canvas."_ What else makes he exceptional? Does she have an enchanted brush? etc. As for **gameplay**, I think there's still a lot of opportunities here to really expand on her. > Passive-Paint Trail When mina hits someone with any ability, it leaves paint on them which leaves a trail on them for a decent amount of time, perhands 8 seconds, and the paint trail begins to fade away after about 8 seconds. this also reveals the enemies. I'm particularly drawn to her passive and finding a way to have it more interactive with the rest of her kit. What if her auto attacks and spells applied a color of paint (red, blue, yellow?) and each hit changed the color in order (red --> yellow --> blue --> red) and all her other abilities interact depending on the paint color. Again, I agree with Nesmith that the time should be much shorter to be 'marked' though. > Q-Splash of Color Mina shoots a blob of paint from her paint brush in target direction with a decent range, similar to caitlyns Q, it hits the first enemy hit and a small amount behind the enemy hit. dealing less damage to the ones hit behind the target struct with the ability. this also slows the enemy for 1.25 seconds Stick to a moderate-range skillshot with different effects for each color. Red- Triggers an AoE splash (think {{item:3285}} ) Blue- Applies a scaling slow Yellow- Leaves a trail of the skillshot (similar to {{champion:96}} or {{champion:56}} ) that grants vision of everything hit and leaves behind the paint trail > W-Spin Splat Mina twirls around swinging her paintbrush around 1 time, knocking back enemies. I like it but I picture this more as an angled sweep from Mina which would make the ability more like a cone than all around. It would also be neat to have it influenced by whatever color she is prepared to use at the time but all apply some form of CC stun/knockback/slow. > E-Recolor Mina changes the colors on a target enemy champion silencing them and dealing a little bit of damage. To fit with the theme I would say she desaturates the enemy champion 'rinsing' whatever color they might have been marked with and silencing them for a brief period of time. > R-Master Piece! Mina jumps to target rectangular area about the range of Lux's E, and paints a big rectangular portrait of abstract colors on the ground, dealings damage and stunning all enemies locked inside of it for a short duration of time, and it deals about the same as Ziggs ulti. Have her pull out some paintball guns and she can fire at max attack speed for 5 seconds while she unloads art on everyone!! >:D No? Alright, well here I don't have a suggestion but I'd like it to be something that makes sense thematically and is something unlike anything else in League of Legends. I think the ult is a great place for Mina to really make her mark in flavor. Really, Elinz, good job! This is a really cool champion idea! Thanks for sharing.
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: Lost the most important person in my life today
I logged in just to to lend some extra support. Stay strong. There may not be any replacement for your mom, but you'll always have all those great memories together. *secondary hug*
Montag (NA)
: Should we continue the whole Rammus ok thing?
No one needs to change how they post, necessarily. I just wanted to bring up some points to generate better discussion with the Riot staff. People are free to post however they want.
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: Gnar Q&A coming on 8.5
Will this Q & A also be on Reddit? Or are we going to have to start using the new boards?
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