: QUESTION: Is Auto Fill bad for Ranked play?
I'm all for longer queue times if it means a better queue experience. That includes no autofill, tighter MMR matchmaking, and role-specific MMR. I would like all of the above. The quality of a game is far more important than the number of games played IMO.
jwkº (NA)
: Question for League players who have been playing for 4+ years now
Pick one or more of the following: Play for fun: - play a champion you have fun on, win or lose. Mine is Ekko. I can go 0/10/0 and still have a blast. - play with friends. Dicking around with friends is fun regardless of winrate. If it isn't, then you probably have bad friends or a poor idea of friendship. Stop playing league and address that first. - play off meta. Go look up stats for champs with decent winrates but low playrates and try 'em out. Or play a build based on a single, silly idea like tankplank or attackspeed Lulu. Play to improve: - pick a champion. Just one. Play that champion for 10+ games and really focus on improving your micro and matchups. Don't focus on win/loss, just focus on CS, towers, kill contribution, warding, neutral objectives. - improve one metric. Look at 10 past games and compare different stats like CS, warding, towers, contribution to kills, etc. Find one you notice you don't do as well as others in your games. Over 10+ games pay extra attention to that one thing. You have a tendency to never get dragons? Be the guy who always wards dragon and constantly look for an opportunity to do one. - cater to your win/loss ratio. Look over your history and be honest. Do you play 300 Lee Sin games but have a 49.5% winrate? Are you ignoring the fact you played 3 games on Jax but have a 100% winrate? Play to your winrate. Maybe you aren't a god at that champ, but the champ impacts your decisions and those decisions win games. Sometimes a champ just doesn't play well that season the way you like them. Maybe your rank never gets to endgame so that Veigar you keep playing never pops off.
Rester (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Metacuckunit09,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X7gLzgVw,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-01-02T02:58:38.896+0000) > > But that's not a new thing is it? Are you saying in season 3 they have any competitive spirit? > I'm not talking about like picking something that flatout doesn't work like "Ap Riven" I just mean like non-conventional builds for champions that worked. It's not new but it became more commonplace and if you even build anything out of meta, even a single item then you're considered trolling. This kinda comes from personal experience.
> [{quoted}](name=Rester,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X7gLzgVw,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-01-02T03:14:43.138+0000) > > It's not new but it became more commonplace and if you even build anything out of meta, even a single item then you're considered trolling. This kinda comes from personal experience. I agree Rester. I want to say that part of the problem stems from a relatively stagnant "meta" that shifts tectonically. Riot needs to embrace a little more chaos than they are currently. AP carries bot are a nice example of this, but it comes on very slowly, too slowly to contribute to a vivacious experience. As it stands, the pool of junglers and carries is a stagnant fetid swamp. If a champion excels at a role it constrains that role and everyone else's choices thus forming a "meta." This could be dealt with simply by retooling unpopular champs for new roles every once in a while. i.e. giving Twisted Fate some interaction with the jungle or Ivern some interaction outside the jungle! My cynicism tells me that Riot makes new champions instead of rebalancing old ones because buying champions must be lucrative. This also sets off alarms for me because without catchup mechanics this only widens the divide between new players and veterans, which is unhealthy for the community. Skill order, item build, rune choice and lane choice are among the largest choices one makes as a player. Too few of those choices are meaningful which makes everyone focus on micro, which leads to the kind of angst we talk about when we talk about "even a single item" off meta being considered trolling.
Mulan88 (NA)
: Silver Problems, will iron resolve them?
It probably won't fix anything. Matchmaking already matches based on MMR average to speed up matchmaking, not Division rank. You'll get the same people more or less. Chances are MMR takes mostly win/loss into consideration. With such an abstract determinant of relative skill, it is easy to see why so much variation goes on in a game of league of legends. Rito can't make a more accurate matchmaking system without writing lots of complicated, possibly bad, measurements of skill and plunging the queue time into oblivion. Basically, you're stuck with this garbo until you learn how to hard-carry games in your ELO.
: I never played vanillia WoW
The thing is, with WoW just as much as LoL, the difference really was the knowledge and attitude of the players. Vanilla WoW was a frontier, where exploration and the journey mattered more and much of what you did was uncharted or that information was sequestered somewhere in a private guild forum. Statistics and boss strategies were all by word-of-mouth and poor quality online videos. The game itself was unpolished which only reinforced the "Wild West" attitude. World ladders, enrage timers and gear-score culture, as well as cross-server group-finder really ruined the immersive aspects of the game. League was not so different. Few players I knew were playing League to "get good" or "rank up" and everyone was just messing around. When competitive events started to influence the player base and a "meta" started to form, that was when much of the "fun" was sucked out of the game. In short, both games were pretty good in their original forms. They lacked polish, but that polish matters less than the attitude of the players. You can roll back the game state but the damage to the psyche of the player-base is already done. People will just play the old version of the game and treat it the way they treat it now: with a serious attitude and no sense of joy. Chances are the old versions will lose their charm over time and everyone will go back to the polished versions because hey, polish.
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: They're on the same team, so Kalista can pull him out of his ult. It's similar to the Bard/Olaf interaction (enemy bard ults dont work on olaf during his ult, but friendly bard ults do). Basically, don't fuck over your own team. Kalista is the "team oriented" marksman, if you play her in soloqueue or have shitty communication, you get punished.
The Bard/Olaf interaction is controversial but isn't similar. Olaf applies a buff to himself that outlasts Bard's ultimate and has persistent effects on projectiles and other interactions. In the case I am describing Malphite's ult did literally nothing. It just went on cooldown. Zero interaction with anything. I compare this to Caitlyn ulting a target but that target dying before the projectile is even fired. She receives a CD reset but no mana refund.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Kalista can do the same thing if linked to a Morgana. Her ult will stop channeled abilities if she is linked with that person.
I understand that. A number of new champions (Thresh, Tahm, Bard, Kalista) can perform abilities that negatively affect their team. In this specific case, Malphite's ult did nothing, no damage, no CC, it didn't even re-position the Malphite because it happened so fast. Morgana's ult on the other hand has immediate effects (damage and slow) that cannot be "discounted" against her being interrupted.
: While I'm not against changing that, it is an interaction I would expect.
TBH I expected it too, doesn't change the fact if you were that Malphite you just lost a 2 minute ultimate due to poor timing. I suppose for clarity sake permitting this interaction is fine, but refunding 90% of Malphite's CD is fair. What say you?
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: Cassiopeia Twin Fang expectations
Aloha Rep, Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback here. I used to play more Cass but lost interest at the oversimplification of her kit. [See Ken Flowchart](http://dsarena.free.fr/MSF/img/KenFlowchart.png) With her poison damage having such low impact, I felt encouraged (i.e. forced) to change strategy to Fang-spam. While I'm conscious of the fact her passive contains a lot of value, the fact it is gated and invisible makes her kit feel even more diminished. I don't understand the design of her passive "turning on" after a certain number of stacks. Why doesn't it scale smoothly? I'm comparing this to say, Veigar or Nasus. What if Nasus gained 300 damage on his Siphoning Strike every 100 stacks he built up? That'd feel pretty weird and be less intuitive. Overall I'd like to see more interaction built into her kit, more than just "Did a poison land? Mash that E." I like the interaction of Brands kit, the 3-hit passive in Vel'Koz. I like the commitment and payoff in the passives of Orianna and Lux. I like the counterplay and impact of Ryze's passive. I could make suggestions on how I would design her but I'm pretty sure your teams are more experienced at that so I won't waste any more of your time. Thanks, ~wizdro
: Just a thought i had about ranked.
Cant upvote enough. I wish this division thing were gone and we could go back to transparent ELO.
Kh4oTiiC (NA)
: Improving as an ADC in bronze
Looking at your history I simply suggest something I suggest to a lot of people. Die less. Sometimes "worth it" isn't worth it at all. You seem to be able to know how to farm and carry, so reevaluate when getting a kill is worth a death. I suspect you are playing a "high-risk/high-reward" playstyle which may be hurting you more than helping you. Especially as ADC, endgame is your goal. Being relevant in an endgame teamfight is more important than kills in the lane will ever be. Also, listen to AxelDC.
: New player questions
Like others have said here, after you have picked up Tier-3 runes just start playing normals with real people. Continue to play free-week champs and consider buying a few 450IP champs if you feel comfortable with them. Once you find a champion that really "clicks" buy them. I don't want to foster a perception that some champs are "OP" but you will notice design changes have made some of the newer champions "feel" stronger in either quality-of-life ways or just pure design clarity. You may want to prioritize 6300 IP champs over 450 or 1350 IP ones once you find one you like.
: It's time for some new summoner spells...
I totally second this. More summoners would shake up the meta and just breathe some fresh life into a game that is starting to stale.
Denerka (NA)
: PSA: You don't have to win your lane, just don't lose it
Perhaps not the nicest way to say it, but certainly rings true. Tsugaga's reply was perhaps even better than the original post.
: For future reference,which junglers do I buy sightstone on?
Unless you are in 5's you are only likely to see it on Lee Sin. Reason being, more vision is great, but in solo-que it is more important you make a large impact on the game performance-wise, not vision-wise.
: Playing Support in Bronze
Grats on the grind. You'll get all kinds of advice here, I'll try and give you the most general and useful. I'm that guy that mains support but learns other roles because of precisely the opposite issue you have. 1. Don't feel obligated to play champions you don't main or otherwise aren't comfortable with. This is a huge issue because you'll find people screaming at you to play this or that champion or "follow the meta." Just play what you know best that is capable of fulfilling that role. If that means LeBlanc support, so be it. 2. Communicate with your teammate, and in the least offensive way possible. This can feel like walking on eggshells but more often than not it can really help. Be honest but helpful. This includes things like "I think we need to wait for a gank, I don't think we'll win this 2v2" or "maybe last hit right now, I think we can zone them" if they are mindlessly shoving. 3. Be your team's coach. That doesn't mean shouting orders. More like ward, ward, ward and provide map awareness for your team that they might not be picking up on. Notice a lane enemy MIA and it wasn't pinged? Ping it for them. See someone deep in a 1v1 and you are roaming and can be there in a couple seconds to help? Ping you are incoming. Saw the enemy jungler pass by a ward you placed in river? Ping it to let your JG/Mid know. As busy as it can be, support doesn't focus constantly on last-hitting like ADC so you should have *some* time here and there to re-assess the map situation. Once a team learns you trust you, you can start making larger calls. 4. Pay attention to your match history. You can't base performance on a handful of games, but if you see consistent results over dozens of games, that is a general indicator that something needs to change. It doesn't mean you are "bad," just that you might be fighting an uphill battle with your current mindset/meta/teammates. Feel open to change things up (but not in a troll-ish kinda way). Best of luck summoner!


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