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: _scribbles notes down_
Bandito Fiddlesticks shoots bouncing guns instead of crows if he targeted a cowboy/cowgirl/cowother with his silence
: Every time someone playing {{champion:17}} gets reported His base damage and stats are increased by 1 And his scalings increase by 1% For one day So by the time it's 11:59 PM, there's Teemos dealing 60K damage with a single mushroom
Adding onto what I said: Riot could do a Teemo thing for April Fools Imagine OFA but only Teemo, and for every OFA match played, Teemo's base stats and scalings increase for that day Or maybe 5v5 Teemo on Aram but everyone's permanently Guerilla Warfare'd?
: Petition to have Teemo grow the more reports he recieves
Every time someone playing {{champion:17}} gets reported His base damage and stats are increased by 1 And his scalings increase by 1% For one day So by the time it's 11:59 PM, there's Teemos dealing 60K damage with a single mushroom
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: I sorry to break it to you man, AP Malphite is not broken, and only bad players complain about him. Sorry you had to learn this way.
30 second cooldown on a dash that oneshots you unless you can react within the 0.25 seconds between him appearing from fog of war and him slamming into you to deal about 1000 magic damage plus a knockup so that he can follow up with Q and some big punches, and if there's a few more CC champs, they use that 1.5 seconds you're airborne to turn you into a pincushion. A Yasuo on Malphite's team means that unless you're raid boss Mundo, you die instantly. Yes, it's not broken.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Thet are at bot (duh), they are at top (vayne+), they are at mid (jhin+) and they are in jungle (twitch+). Where is my ADC support? 😭
Support Fortune has worked before. Not for me, but I did witness how much damage a double ADC comp could do.
: What skin lines would fit your main amazingly that you know Riot won't do?
I don't play Swain, but BruSwain where he uses bats instead of ravens. Ornn would like a Project skin, or perhaps Mecha. Tf is Thunderlord man Imagine Jax as a Project.
: Don’t worry. I’m bronze 1 and keep getting matched with gold 4/3 players. But you know. Matching is totally working perfectly.
I'm B2, and for my first few placements, there were golds all over the place. 29% winrate in ranked. Fix MMR, rito.
: The Worlds Song Phoenix is just a Prank
Phoenix was... it fell short of all my expectations, even though it shouldn't have. Unless Riot has been directing the balancing and now art department funds towards creating an actually better client, they've got no excuse reducing the quality. All the other worlds songs have been hype, and Legends Never Die was definitely the most hype out of all of them. Phoenix... Phoenix. I don't even know what to say.
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: What's Garfields favorite item in League?
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: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
1) fix the game first. That would be a nice gift. 2) your new logo is bad. Keep the old one. 3) fire everyone who thought Eternals were a good idea.
Tíma (NA)
: Please let us know if there will be purified Xayah and Rakan variants released in the future.
They already let us know one isn’t coming.
Tíma (NA)
: Can we have the uncorrupted forms of Xayah and Rakan as chromas or variants later on? This aspect of the skins are the only reason I'm not buying SG Xayah or Rakan
IIRC, according to Riot, there would be too much work put into making uncorrupted versions. And then they'd turn into legendary/ultimate skins, and then being really expensive.
: > [{quoted}](name=14daysuspensionk,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=oc7Ep4Gm,comment-id=00060000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-20T00:48:29.674+0000) > > Eh whatever, my comment was originally supposed to be satire whatsoever. Also I believe the movie was referring to some sort of forbidden/hidden love between the two, there is SOME sort of romance between them, secretly as I remember. That's what alot of fans say, but there is no romance in the lore or other materials, it only made the champion quotes as fanon jokes based on the fans preference. Althought the quotes are not that clearly refering to them , so many people just say they are forbbiden love, which is hilarous to me, for the garen/taric thing is in fact the forbbiden/hidden love itself, if you think about it: Garen is the might of demacia, and he protect taric all the ways he can, even if there is no benefit to do so. Taric's illusion on the mountain realves how significant and special garen is to him. Garen's reputation can't stand homosexual relationship, ect. Also, garen is the sword warrior leads the vanguard army, and taric is the sheild of valoran, a fighter and a support, they simply complete each other, bounded with each other to be one vaunguard. while, katarina is a duel blade assasin, a damage dealer, not quite like garen will need her in any way, they are meant to be competitors. I strongly suspect the romance you are talking about come from the in game play of the fans, I recall, in earlier days, they make fanon stuff based on players in game interactions, and some fans find killing each other and competing with each other are romantic, I don't know why/how, but that's what they believes.
I posted something in a comment thread just now, but I can't find it anymore. But quotes say {{champion:86}}x{{champion:55}}
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=oc7Ep4Gm,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-19T22:00:50.742+0000) > > It clearly states in the lore that Garen hates Taric and wants nothing to do with him anymore. Stop acting like it doesn't clearly say that. If he hates him then he won't save his life. Garen protects taric everytime and saves taric's life after taric's done something so terrible that can get himself killed by law. And garen wants to kill katarina, which it's clearly in the cinematic video. They are meant to be competitors not lovers. You're just so jelous about 2 handsome and muscular men only belong to each other and you force a noble man like garen to love someone he compete with like katarina, that is so wrong! When you try to compete someone in your life, and all of a sudden people around start to say you are in love with the one you want to compete with, I wonder how would that make you feel! Not embarrassing enough to you maybe! And you are so jelous of garen and taric thing because they just look so match up in all kind of ways : garen - the sword , taric - the sheild, garen - warrior , taric - support garen - tough guy inside, taric - soft guy inside They are just so much like a pair up than garen and katarina, a female duel blade assasin, who is as tough as a man. Oh btw, since we are competing and fighting now, should we be in love too? I'd say no.
Cinematic video: Garen wants to murder Katarina. I know the cinematic you're talking about, A Twist of Fate, right? Quotes: "Seven thousand and two... oh, didn't see you standing there." While doing a one-hand stand. Then bounce over to the God-King quotes... "A god-king cannot be tempted... not even now..." While taunting Katarina. Tahm Kench taunting Garen: "You live by a code that will never let you get what you want." Makes sense, doesn't it? Garen, Might of Demacia and Katarina, Daughter of the General of Noxus. I think I believe the quotes over a cinematic. A Twist of Fate is ancient. Oh, and then there was going to be a[ cinematic ]( got cancelled. Garen and Katarina is a thing.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: You should look learn from minecraft servers on how to reduce toxicity.
This could potentially stop some communication that was mixed in with cursing. "If you **kill yourself** on the turret to draw their attention then we can take the baron." Well... that just got caught, and now our poor player has no idea what his teammates want him to do because of DEMACIAAAA
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: Is having fun possible now in League of Legends ? I'm not sure...
1) Punish intentional trolling. Some things need to be stopped, and trolls are one of them. 2) If someone is simply unable to keep up, put them in a lower skill bracket. Don't give them godlike teammates that are far stronger than the rank/skill level to help them stay in a level they don't belong. 3) If someone is completely destroying everyone they fight, put them into a higher skill bracket. Don't give them godlike opponents that are far out of their league(lol) to kick them out of the level they belong in. 4) Do we really need this many cc, self-healing, true/massive damage abilities? 5) There are a lot of champions that have massive banrates, and there are good reasons too. Either they're too strong, and whoever gets them wins, or they're too weak, and whoever gets them loses, or the champion{{champion:157}} is accompanied by trollers/feeders, and no one likes trolls or feeders. Banned champions should be counters to the champion a player wants to play, not champions that are just way too strong against everyone. 6) Oh and stop locking stuff behind a paywall. As spoken by a bronze 3 who has no knowledge of the game and has to deal with strong opponents/weak teammates/trolls.
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