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x Kuro x (NA)
: bard alt-w self-cast works on one computer but not another
... and then it randomly started mysteriously working on the laptop... i fail to understand what would cause bard alt-w self cast to be intermittent.. but it does seem like that's the case
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: I recommend everyone in low elo to turn allied chat off.
I like the allied-chat-off option, but the toxicity of this game doesn't really come from chat. That's just where it surfaces. It comes from the matchmaking. Some days it's game after game of good teams that stomp the opponents, and other days it's game after game of afk and trolls. NEITHER of these is fun long term. Sure, the stomps are a little fun, but after a while the pattern is really annoying. I don't believe in ELO hell.. If you are good enough, you can carry win all but the worst of games. I've climbed B5 to S2 a bunch of times, usually to run out of steam at the end of the season. However, to have teammates in silver-4/3/2 that go 1/13/3 and just keep face-checking bushes and screwing around when I'm trying to win is beyond irritating. They obviously somewhat know how to play, or they would be ranked lower. ( Unless they are legit boosted, but I don't think that many players are. ) I really wonder where it comes from.. How does someone get out of crap ranks and then have a game where they just troll and feed. Are they trying to lose rank? Do they enjoy trolling teammates? Are they high and just don't care? How can it be fixed for SoloQ? It's a really tough problem.
: I'm getting so frustrated on how bad I am.
You're rank is higher than mine.. but from looking at your match history.. stop playing normals.. You play 3x as much in normals as in ranked. Normals are trash. people don't play normally. the ranks are all over the map. I only play normals when learning new champs. Otherwise, just play ranked. Win or lose. Don't worry about LP or your ranking. Worry about getting better. So good that you personally decimate enemy teams.
: What's wrong with people who refuse to remake?
I think there are many people who just press "no" on surrender dialogs no matter what.... I always "yes" on remakes.. Even if I don't have time for another game, I'd rather not play a busted 4v5 for 30 min. However, since I mostly play ranked, I habitually click "no" on all surrender dialogs.. and *once* I accidentally clicked "no" on a remake. Now I try to be more careful.
: It's over, finally, thank you Riot
Winning is about accepting what is.. not about living in the past. Use the new feature to turn off Allied chat... maybe then you can get control of yourself.
finecuts (NA)
TFT is an RNG slot machine for those easily addicted to gambling. If you want a game of skill, play a different game.
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Mądrosław (EUNE)
: You call it "tactic"?
Yes, it is currently an RNG Slot Machine. Some people love that, some people hate it. I hate it. Obviously there is something slightly more than RNG.. but to me it still feels 90% RNG, because when the RNG doesn't go the way I hoped, and I look back and wish I made a different choice.. there is no information I missed that I can look at and treat differently next time. The truth is I just "guessed wrong" on the RNG.. ohh well. I find the format interesting, but the RNG unrewarding.
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: Possibly unpopular opinion: the RNG in TFT really isn't that bad and people are just shifting blame
I'd flip this whole thing around and say that TFT has enough complexity that you can be *bad* at the game even if you get good RNG... but if you are amazing at the game and you get bad RNG you still lose. That is RNG. That is gambling. Certainly there are games with RNG where players can still demonstrate excellence.. like Poker... So the question we are all struggling with is whether TFT is more like Poker or more like a slot-machine. Personally, I think it's more like a slot machine.. because 70% of how Poker overcomes RNG with Skill is bet amounts, bluffing, and folding. Imagine Poker where there was no betting, and no folding. You just dealt cards, had two rounds of strategic discards, and then everyone showed their cards to see who wins... THat feels 90% RNG to me, and that is what TFT feels like. The reason I don't like TFT RNG, after learning the basics, and running 60+ gold economies, is that it feels like my results (win or lose) are not related to my choices as much as RNG.... When I get that awsome card drop I wanted, it doesn't feel satisfying, because I didn't *do* anything to make it happen, I just got lucky. Likewise, when the card I really need never drops, and I try to adapt, and I get whooped, it doesn't feel like I made a mistake in hindsight.. because the decisions I would have to change to win came *before* the information I needed to make those decisions.
: How about making the items themselves random, but the amount constant
great idea... anything to remove RNG would be an improvement.. right now TFT is a slot machine for gamblers not a game.
Paceboy (NA)
: Item disparity is op
The real problem isn't these items. The problem is whether you get them or not is RNG. Currently TFT is an RNG simulator. Pull the slot machine handle, watch which fruit combination shows. That's all it is. Of course a naive player can do *worse* with bad choices. But when you know how to play, you are still at the mercy of RNG and your RNG gambling what future choices you might see. Summoner's Rift certainly has RNG in team-members and draft-pick order, but in the game our personal outcomes are always related to our choices, not RNG. I love summoner's rift... after spending a day playing TFT to understand it, there is something satisfying about the shorter game, the lower attention required.. but the RNG kills it for me. I *want* to like it.. but it needs to be 20-40% RNG, not 90%.
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x Kuro x (NA)
: too much RNG
Exactly.... I don't get the point of playing the game when it's the RNG that's deciding whether I win or not. If it could be more like 50/50 RNG and skill, taht would be better.. Maybe it would be better if the champions were RNG and the items were purchased with gold, more like in real league.
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Vizulix (NA)
: Looking for a Jungler to Climb Outta Bronze With
I'm currently S5. I've ended 3 seasons S2, and I have no trouble climbing from B5 into Silver. (I take breaks and decay, so I end up doing it every season) Happy to help you get over the hump if you can remain calm and objective. (not get tilted from a loss) Don't read too much into win-rate. It ebbs and flows. I'm currently jungling mostly Trundle and Yi, and I've mained Zac in the past. I can also play mid and adc at around S3 level.
x Kuro x (NA)
: [Gameplay] Hotkeys not honoring key remapping
ping.... this is a really big problem for those of us who rebind caps-lock to control... fix?
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: Adc Looking for her support!
mid silver a couple seasons now... some jung/mid, some adc/sup.... happy to sup for ya. I have a wife and kids, and im well over 23. Most play after 8pm pacific time. Sometimes during the day on weekdays.
xass (NA)
: Bronze 3 ADC looking for support to climb
your KDA and match history is pretty good... if you have voice i can easily help you get to silver... (twitch pref, discord ok) I can support you or jungle, whichever... IGN KuroZed, Kuro 466 I'm silver 4 last 2 seasons, trying to get higher this season
: b2 jg looking for mid for a quick climb to gold
I can help you get out of bronze if you have voice (twitch preferred, discord ok) IGN KuroZed, Kuro 466 As for getting out of silver, you'll need higher than a 2.2 KDA. Try to get it above 4.
Vins (NA)
: Looking for people to grind bot games with Beginner/Intermediate
I'm not going to grind bot games, but if you'd like some advice and help when you get into real games, add me.
: What grip do you use for Leagues?
Fingertip grip. The base of my palm rests on my mouse-pad (not the mouse) and never moves. For years now I've been using a Razer Orochi, which is the perfect (smaller) size for fingertip grip.
: New load screen tips update is a fail
the tips are cool.. but they don't show nearly long enough.. they need to show 2-3x longer
: Client prevents Windows "Power and Sleep Settings" from occuring
I'm having this same problem with the client keeping my display from sleeping. (windows 10, creators update) I tried the powercfg override. So far it hasn't removed League from the DISPLAY list, but we'll see if it works.
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: Bronze ADC LF Duo Sup for ranked ( Draven Main)
ill support you... i ended last two seasons Silver 4, but I'm working my way back up after a break. I just started a game, but i'll add you after
Shmeshy (NA)
: Silver 1 last year, started playing again, looking for a ADC to duo with.
I ended last two seasons in Silver (3/4). I was mostly jungling, but I'm picking up ADC. If you're interested, add me.
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G6z (NA)
: Silver Sup Main looking for adc to duo with
I was Silver 4 Season 5 and 6. I took a break, and coming back I was back in B5, so I'm currently working my way back out of the muck. Add me.
: Silver ADC looking for Support MAIN to duo with.
I'm not a support "main", but I like to support in a duo, especially on voice. I play mostly weekdays pacific time 9am-4pm or 8pm-midnight. For support, I like: {{champion:44}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:432}} I was ranked silver 4 during Seasons 5 and 6, then a took a break to play World of Tanks. After the break I had decayed to B5, and I'm now busy climbing my way back out of the muck. As a bonus, I drag down the MMR of the enemy team. If your game, add me.
: what is RNG?
RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and is used to describe any situation where the computer makes a random decision that affects your outcome. Normally it is used when you get screwed by the computer's random decision. Though it can be used either way. The term is used quite a bit in MMOs with boss fights, since bosses often have random damage amounts, random crits, and random skill orders which can combine to make "unwinnable" situations. The biggest RNG in league is who you get matchmade with. Did the AFK/feeder end up on your team, or the opposing team? That's RNG. There are also crits, so if you duel someone and someone wins because of lucky crits, that's RNG.
: League's matchmaking system - why are there so many afk, tilted, trolling, etc. on my team?
I suspect if you were in a queue of silver players who have played 300+ ranked games, queue times would be much longer. The answer to any such issues is to "git gud". I was recently in a S4 game where our midlaner was a syndra that went 20/1/3 and single handedly carried. I looked up their match history, and it was 100% winrates, with every game having crazy high KDAs. That's what happens when you are actually a good player in silver. It simply doesn't matter what your teammates do. Take a look...
: Can't I just enter a game and not get an error message?
I was seeing this yesterday too. I found if I cancelled the dialog and relaunched from the lobby client, it worked fine. It was happening to other people in my team too. Maybe it's a new bug this patch.
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