: How about no? You aren't entitled to lp back because someone first timed a champ. There are champs and styles you can get away with that. There are some you cannot. M4 just means they played the champ some, doesn't mean they are good.
How many games does it take to get to M4? There can be a major difference between playing a champ once and playing them 15-20 times. You're right, it doesn't mean they're good, but it's a pretty strong indicator that they have a better understanding of the champ than someone who has never played said champ.
Sentrık (NA)
: Constructive Criticism isn't toxicity
The lesson you should learn from this, which is more or less universal - don't give unwanted advice. Rarely will someone take it well. If they ask for help, then by all means, give it. But if you randomly tell a stranger they need to do something different to be better they will not take it well. Especially in America. It's a huge faux pas. Just keep your mouth shut. It shouldn't be that difficult. let them struggle and hope you never see them again. How hard is that?
Rengars (NA)
: Why are in-game muted players unmuted in the post game lobby?
Agreed and hopefully Riot is doing something to adjust the post game chat.
: what chat logs i just said i got annoyed with bad players and called them bad. i should be allowed to get annoyed with hardstuck idiots and vent my frustration when they attack me as the jungle which is the most flamed role in game often wrongly so but i never once stop trying to win and thats what should matter when it comes to bans vs no bans
You are allowed to vent your frustration as much as you want to yourself. But as soon as you start yelling at someone, you become the problem. Doesn't matter how good or bad you are, nobody deserves to be yelled at for doing poorly in a game. If you can't accept that reality, then don't play.
Rioter Comments
: Probably because riot has been changing the game for the past few years to be played as fast as possible (due to esports hype), which automatically edges out late-game champions (which most adcs were). But since you all cried foul, they buffed them quite hard a couple years ago in the class reworks, which turned out to be a mistake when adcs can overrun every other class at two items. This is a partial compromise, though I agree still mishandled.
We didn't all cry foul. This meta literally caused the best adc in EU to be benched in favor of a rookie top laner. That's not balance.
Lokidosi (NA)
: "Adc's can't make it to late game, mid game too weak. Lets just make infinity edge, an item not built during the mid game cheaper and WEAKER DURING THE LATE GAME." Not to mention most games end before you even get full build. What's the point of adc's only being viable during the late game if you can't even make it there? Just revert the changes already. This has literally made people quit the game at a higher rate than any patch in the past year.
I like that the changes made other champs viable in the bot lane. If all the changes are reverted, it'll negate those options and make marksmen only for bot.
: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
While I understand that bad things happen and no amount of testing can account for everything, I do hope Riot finds a way to do something for those that made time for Clash. Doesn't have to be anything too crazy, but a little something would be appreciated.
: Learn More | PROJECT: Hunters Event
Is there anything I'm missing with the last mission? I won a pvp game on summoner's rift in 32:55, but the mission didn't complete. It was indeed under the 33 minute mark, albeit by 5 seconds.


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