: does this fix it for you? greyed out ranked cant accept match.
Yup they are currently working on it they said
: Issue?
I have the same problem, like many others. Sure they gonna fix it soon
: Queue problem
: Queue Bugged?
I think a lot of us have problems with queue system. But it seems that we have differents problems
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: Loot system bug
Oh thank you I feel a little bit embarassed hehe Thans again :)
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Halfscan (NA)
: Ward Skins Tab?
They should add a tab for accessories like ward skin, summoner icons and put emotes in this tab as well
: Improvements on icon select
: the question is how can i trust you to do it, BE is hard to get now but i will do it if you tell me i can trust you.
I can gift u first i dont care:)
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: Nice new skin tab feature
: Nice new skin tab feature
I sent a few mails to Riot, can't get no answer.
: Improvements on icon select
Yes this is a really good idea. Some work have to be done in the icons concept. ps I prefer with the square borders.
: Nice new skin tab feature
I dont really give a fck about it but can't get no answer from riot even by email.
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: Normal Game wins?
You can still see it after you made a game, but no one else can see it except you.
: Infinite loop of client updates
You should be able to play now
: Infinite Loop Client Restart
It's ok now I can play! Enjoy!
: Infinite loop of client updates
Dont worry buddy Riot is working on it we just have to wait everybody have the same trouble :(
The Dude (NA)
: Patching error endless loop.
Riot is working on it :)
Eleana (NA)
: I'm on NA and I'm experiencing the same issues, both on the main client and PBE client. I made a video about what it does: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kktCeSnJTgk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kktCeSnJTgk) Edit #1: I am now able to log into the main client and PBE, so give it a go. Not sure if it has been fixed for everyone Edit #2: And it's broken again. Edit #3: Been logged in for over an hour now, seems a-okay
We all have the same problem bro :s
Stoker77 (NA)
: Just keep restarting it and wait about a minute everytime and it will eventually work. It did for me at least i was having the same issue. Edit: also in my task manager when this is happening I have 5 different leagues i can close out of.
Yeah i got the same problem here
: Infinite Loop Client Restart
That's really annoying can Riot fix it up plz
: ALL champion masteries reset to zero
Same problem, can see masteries level in profile but not in collection
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