ntbcool (NA)
: key fragments aren't given as you progress, they are just given randomly if you are atleast X honor level. Player honors happen every game, but it still doesn't even give a vague idea of how close you are to your next level. Lol.
Both are signs of honorable behavior. Honorable behavior increases honor.
: if y'aw gonna feed and be toxic I'm keeping you in here to reap the rewards and suffer with me.
: It was No Daddy No, and Ive only been back a day or so.. its not a problem to climb.. I do mess around alot and play support instead of trying to carry.. Just enjoying myself atm.
: I've said before in a previous post when it came out. They should have a popup notification that gives you encouragement and that you're *insert progression* there.
Key frag gifting? Players honoring you? Lol.
Cosnirak (NA)
: >so fast {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It's wider than anivia's q and much faster and harder to see. Lux's E should have been given the a.sol treatment and start small close and get wider as it travels...
: > [{quoted}](name=xHeartless,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=irxvRE5z,comment-id=000300020001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T22:52:21.225+0000) > > "If you truly think the first is out right superior..." > > No, you're missing the point. Galio mains like Galio for what he brought to the table. We liked his story and his personality. Riot changed both. Guess what? They also changed his kit and his voice. May as well have made a different champion with a different name. Galio didn't need to die for this. "We liked his story and his personality" is just stretching the definition of "story **and** his personality" (note the bolded word). You see, as a consequence of his story, he was conditioned to **NOT** have a personality. And there's a problem, even though we know old Galio was just in a state of weeping hence it made clear sense to why he was a flying brick, but a character conditioned to have absolutely no personality is still just dumb. So to fix this, Riot gave Galio a character whereby he **hides** his weeping as opposed to having that be the literal definition of his character. So what is changed? Galio is still having an existential crisis but now with an extra layer of character. Hell, with new Galio, we can actually gaze into the "sorrow" now as opposed to the old Galio where all of us kinda just guessed everything for him. New Galio has many quotes that details the kind of mental states he's **actually** in despite his shiny "it's all good" outer appearance. Such as (I quote) "I might be made of stone, but that doesn't mean my heart is.", "The guy that made me, he was pretty good right?", "I wish they'd chisel me a friend. Someone who won't break!", "I am not going back on the pedestal, not yet... ", "I don't know why life chose me, but I'm glad it did.", "Going to sleep means saying goodbye.", "Tragedy is worse when you can do nothing about it" etc. Sure he also has plenty of quotes where he's pretty excited to fight and kill shit, but rather than playing into how "happy" he is, it actually does the opposite, because it only shows what kind of ironic tragedy Galio's existence is, and how he's putting it up with optimistic attitudes and making the most out of it. It's fucking sad, it's brutal. Again, none of old Galio's quotes remotely remarked on his mental state, the closest being "I will protect" and "I will not fail". In other words, WE guessed it for him, and of course, over time we'd imagine how sad Galio must have been and no way anybody can topple over his sorrow and he's wise and blah blah. No. None of this actually happened, we simply wrote them in ourselves because old Galio was literally 2 lines "A stone gargoyle lost his creator, he's sad and silent". It's not bad, but it's sorely lacking. On the contrary, the new Galio is a more in-depth look at the original with a couple spins. It's more expanded upon and better illustrated than the original that's for sure, especially his sorrowful state of mind, and out of this he now also possesses a somewhat unique character of his own. That is a job well done for a writer, new Galio is a very well done iteration of his core if I were to say, while keeping him as close to home as possible. ..................... As for his kit, the only thing he's actually lost during the transition is really just his on-hit shield. Sure, something's lost. But the rest of his aspects have been kept and improved. It also eliminated many of his self-contradicting gameplay aspects and settled for something now as opposed to his "melee but not really, ranged but not really, tank but not really, support but not really; I'm a mage but not really, I guess I'm a mage/anti-mage fighter (?) but not really as well". Similarly his gameflow where his W and E would be completely invalided with the cometh of mid-game, and he would always become a Q spam machine or a flash-mob who lingered around for the chance to flash in the middle of the enemy team to ulti, has been fixed. He remained his Q poke, he can chases better now but with restrain so that he's still largely immobile (as he can not be used to cross terrains) for the purpose of keeping him close to original, no longer relies on flash to do an engage, and his AoE taunt is actually kept (you'd imagine normally they'd probably just throw it away given its nature of being rather hard to balance. So if that doesn't show how serious they're doing reworks idk what does). Like, what's there to complain about? Sure his new ulti isn't exactly unique and brought nothing new onto the table as a unique perk exclusive to Galio, it's a twist on Shen's ulti, It's nothing awe-inducing but it's not bad either, it's just okay. But then again, old Galio's ulti was just self-centered AoE teamfight ulti #8371 with different twists along the likes of Nunu, Malphite, J4, Maokai back then anyway (though off-topic: Mao probably deserves his ulti to be changed back but I digress). So, what's there to complain about? I mean, THIS is Galio, a better fleshed out version of his old self. ..................... I mean seriously, for the sake of comparison: Many people say it all the time that WW is such as great rework and such, this is also used by OP to try and justify why Galio is supposedly such a bad rework. Meanwhile WW is changed just as much, if not more (given the only thing that actually carried over from his old lore was just "werewolf". His old character was completely scraped but I see nobody complaining about it at all), than Galio's transition in terms of his character (lore). And his kit is also changed just as much, though a little bit less, than Galio (he didn't have any lost aspects, as opposed to Galio's 1). They both received new gameplay elements, and both of their playstyles have been changed drastically from their original (build and tactics) though the general ideas are mostly kept. So what makes them so different that 1 receives high praises and the other is nuked from orbit? Yeah sure, Galio is no longer just moody; sure, his on-hit shield is lost. But everything else is kept and directly improved and upgraded from what they were. Isn't that what it means to be a successful rework? **Galio didn't die, not by a long shot, he's living on perfectly. The only thing died is probably just our romanticised version of old Galio that never actually existed**.
Going to address the points on kit first: He lost more than just his on-hit shield. Old W provided 90 armor AND magic resist at max rank AND returned health based on ap. This combination was pivotal to winning trades against certain match-ups. Believe it or not, one could reliably outtrade the likes of pantheon, riven, and zed because no one realized that armor component was there. Which is to say, while they advertised Galio as an anti-mage, he was actually effective at dealing with ad burst as well. Now, if I were in trouble on old Galio, I could just W+E and get out with minimum damage. On new Galio, the self-slow can really mess you up. Old passive providing ap for building magic resist cannot be conflated with the way his new passive works. The magic resist he built on the old iteration amplified ALL forms of damage. Now it just ampliefies ONE form of damage. The loss of his self-heal and the loss of the mr-> ap conversion also makes spirit visage far less appealing. The movement speed on E was lost. But you also have to realize that Galio lost safety as well. (Not neces a bad thing bc the new iteration plays v different. old was more an assassin mage. new is more a vanguard) Q, no big deal. The ult is the clearest place of loss in his new kit. Galio is completely reliant on teammates to even HAVE an ult. Old Galio required good positioning and seize of opportunity but had loads of natural counters. But he could function with a full kit in a 1vX situation. Moreover, Galio can't shield allies unless he has ult up. His old w could mitigate damage more reliably for teammates than his new ult's shield. And his new ult deals way waaaaaaay less damage than his old ult. They budgeted all that power into a Grand Entrance with a knock up and teleport. There's nuances to these kits that make them function differently, so saying he didn't lose anything in translation is a little misguided. There's a reason the two kits feel much different. - You and I can eat each other's tails on the point of Galio's personality. All I will say on the matter is - they literally didn't have to make him an meathead; they didn't have to cut the Durand interaction completely out of his character; they could have kept him as this wise, sentient statue. There was an opportunity to explore his character by expanding on his adventures with Poppy. They didn't need to make his so unrealistically fucking big. This is turning into a laundry list so that's all.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoktorKaiser,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=irxvRE5z,comment-id=0003000200010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T03:10:45.025+0000) > > but I want my sad calm gargoyle, not this mentally challenged superhero ripped statue... You're probably just edgy. Only edgy people mistake and equate moodiness for depth. Between the old Galio and the new one, stands an entity who has an existential crisis due the loss of its creator and the loss of its purpose and he weeps, and another entity who also has an existential crisis but for the fact his entire existence is so ironic on so many levels it's just a horrible joke but even then he still has no issues of laughing it off and to uphold a smile in front of others out of hope for himself and the desire to inspire others. Preferences aside as here I'm talking about the objectively side-to-side comparison between the 2 settings, if you truly think the first is outright superior than the latter in terms of narrative depth with 0 contest, then the problem is more likely to do with the lack of your own personal depth and/or you're just way too diehard biased.
"If you truly think the first is out right superior..." No, you're missing the point. Galio mains like Galio for what he brought to the table. We liked his story and his personality. Riot changed both. Guess what? They also changed his kit and his voice. May as well have made a different champion with a different name. Galio didn't need to die for this.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
Amumu with A. Sol's passive (w also does the extendo thing).
Neddoreo (NA)
: This is always a bit funny for me! I'm naturally super-cheery and bubbly, and the internet (especially instant communication, such as in-game chat, where I don't have time to edit my essays down + have to communicate things more succinctly in general) is one of the few places I don't have to restrain myself. However! With the honor changes, and with people actually caring about honor now, everyone is suddenly assuming it's all fake or an act or something dumb like that. I've changed nothing, and yet suddenly I'm accused of "honor baiting" left and right. I'm actually getting less honors than before because of it. Not that it bothers me? It's not like I don't get lots of honors anyways, since certain kinds of people tend to be drawn to my personality type and also I generally just make a point of not being a butt. That said, I also wanted to both point out that there's another side of this and comment on how weird it is to me. I guess I recognize people could do this, but I'm surprised it's peoples' first assumption. Is it just that people don't think happy people actually exist or something? >.>
Real happy is just as cringey as fake happy. But there's nothing wrong with that.
: ***
Not sure what the attitude is about but ok... The skin lines you mentioned previously are all archetypes any champ can be imagined in. However, the "Boss" skin line has more of an internal story with it's own set of characters (Arcade as the antithesis). It's ok to be wrong. There's no need to be an asshole about it. Secret Boss is way cooler anyway. Secret Bosses are more challenging than the final boss in many cases.
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: Just thank you Riot.
Dear god. Those Randuins changes makes me all tingly inside.
: But here at Riot Games, we don't make mistakes! * Rusty Blitzcrank * Morde's 200 bugs * Yasuo * Kog'Maw rework * Lethality buffs * Malzahar rework * Trying to fix Tank Shaco
The aftermath of the Kog'Maw rework is what really gets me.
: Start corrupting pot. Push first 3 waves with W, skill E at level 3, back, and pick up Dark Seal and a Vision Ward. Practice this in a custom game so you can get a feel for just how much mana you can afford to expend not pushing - it is crucial that you maintain lane pressure as Sol. For this reason, a lot of Sol players favor AA harass with corrupting pot burn rather than attempting to trade with stars, as early on they cost too much mana and don't do that much damage. At this point, you spend the rest of lane phase shoving and ganking side lanes with E. Dont bother with the whole "grow a giant Q using E" thing, its a huge noobtrap and no Sol players ever do it. You also have to understand that Sol is a squishy mage with no survivability mechanics or escapes or particularly long range. Avoid 1v1s at all costs. Sol excels at pushing, roaming, and teamfighting, and is **very** weak at deuling. Q->GLP->ult or GLP->Q->ult, and Q->flash are your only ways of not effortlessly being slaughtered by a gapclosing melee. Moving in clockwise circles around your target improves your DPS. Do this to take blue, dragon/baron, and push waves faster.
Thanks dude. Noticed that outer limits are Sol's max aa range, and the clockwise movement is something I figured out when he was released. Has helped me position stars for better wave clear.
Avios1 (NA)
: So the People Wanted A Marksman or Support For the New Champion....
Kiharon (NA)
: If those options are "bullshit", then maybe we should be talking about Yi instead. Few, if any, mages or marksmen will have sufficiently more options against a Yi. They might be able to dump more of their damage on him before they die, but that's unlikely to matter in very many cases. From what I understand, Sol has a strong win rate among those that play him significantly. This implies that he's a hard champ, but not one with a crippling weakness that makes him unplayable. It also means it would be a bad idea for Riot to just give him more power without taking it away somewhere else. At this point, the only thing I can further say is that it is my opinion that Sol is adequately compensated for the weakness of minimum/fixed ranges on his spells, once you reach his skill floor. We may just have to disagree on that point.
Yi is just the archetypal example of the class of champions that, provided Sol's ult is down, he has 0 options against: anyone with point and click gapclosers (camille, Vi, Xin, etc). It was a good discussion though. I'll think about it while I gitgud with Sol.
: I didnt put it in my post for argument reasons, but personally I think Sol is the most broken champion ever released whos general winrate is held back by being extremely unintuitive and unique. He's had several massive nerfs to ult damage and star damage, yet the Sol mains subreddit is flooded with posts on how people climbed to diamond for the first time onetricking him, and The very few mains of him initally were pulling **insane** winrates in Master - I believe SweatyASol had a 76% winrate with Sol in master tier before his first round of nerfs.
Lol. Looks like I needa find some pointers. Currently sabotaging all my lp trying to pick him up lmao.
: Is it just me, or are all of the new releases/reworks amazing?
You find Sol rewarding? Jesus. Pocket me some of that sunshine and give it here.
Kiharon (NA)
: Things you can do to a Yi running in: 1) Use active on {{item:3030}} 2) Hit him with a star (preferably with {{item:3116}}) 3) Use Q before he gets on top of you 4) Use R after he gets on top of you (followed by Q if you didn't already use it) 5) Use E to run away (preferably over walls to make it harder to follow) 6) AA him (doesn't get him off you and probably won't win you a duel but is more than doing nothing) 7) Use summoners Of those, 1 and 2 will be ineffective at keeping him away if he is ulting and 2, 3, and 5 need to happen before he gets too far in. As you can see, Sol has several things he can do to keep someone out, most of which will also help to some extent, even if someone already made it in. Granted, his R and summoners don't combine to be up as often as most blinks/dashes are, but if they did, it wouldn't be much of a weakness. As to the buff suggestion itself, it wouldn't help with the case of someone already inside your range and may not help much with the risk of hitting the stars at all. It could potentially let you try to weave in and out of range, but that will be difficult for all but the best Sol players to utilize without missing a bunch of stars in the process. With the Rylai's, the harder part is getting the first star to hit, rather than being able to keep up after that.
A yodeling Yi can dodge your R quite easily. Stunning and Eing away are your only real options. I know you mean well, but most of those options are bullshit and you know it :> My suggestion is really only to help tide Sol over until he can itemize into Rylai, and it seems like one of those baby step measures riot likes to do. With the case of someone already inside limits, the only thing that would help is to scrap his passive altogether, stick it on W, have W grow from Sol centrally, remove Q and E passive movement speed, make his new passive something like "Sol gains x% or x ms when moving toward a star and x ms when moving in a straight line" and there. Now he has the option of toggling his W to hit people absurdly close, and the absurd bush reveal removed. Currently, the punishment for having someone inside your limits is way too steep. You get to ult + stun if it's up, or die if it's not. You can't straight up q because the star isn't big enough to hit Sol's center from the shortest limit, you can't w (obviously) and you can't E because well, you're being hit. Was going to suggest something like, "Q travels to the outer outer limits when W is toggled" but I'm not sure if that's already a thing, because it seems like it should be. Or being able to hit R during Comet of Legend and surrounding yourself with a hitbox. I dunno. Things that don't necessarily fix the inner limit issue, but would bring a little oomf to the character
: lucian sees play despite his state, kogmaw sees otherwise
Rip apkog. Old vik, old galio. All my mids have been tarnished.
khorney (NA)
: he is weak, with huge weaknesses by ohh gee let me stand next to u to make ur w useless. there is a reason he isnt played and which is why riot is reqwokring him becuase they stated huge learnign curve for nothing
it also makes his q worthless. you can only deal with people inside your limits by ulting, and that's on a sizeable cooldown so.... *shrug*
Kiharon (NA)
: From what I read, the current core for him is {{item:3009}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}}, leaving him two slots to buy to the game. Basically, the only item from your list that he won't ever get is pen boots. I see no problem with him needing to choose between pen boots for more potential damage if he can position well vs swifties to make lower potential damage more reliable. All champions have to be aware of all enemies in teamfights to make sure they are playing correctly. Sol has no reason to get a pass here, so there may be times he can't boop the person he wants to because it's just not safe. That's just one of the first things to learn about positioning as a carry, hit whats available, rather than trying to force back to an unavailable target and die.
See, that's exactly it. Sol already has huge, glaring weaknesses early game (literally not being able to do anything once their inside your limit). None of those items are particularly huge, but Sol has to have them in order to function properly. He can be seen sitting in bushes, you can't do anything against melee's who have blinked into your zone, and your damage is highly reliant on being able to kite precisely. For what it's worth, properly booping people has way waaaaaay too many risks. Giving Sol a little movement speed for every boop shouldn't give him too much power, rather, help him against the onslaught of mobility. Talking maybe 5-7%, OR 10-30 flat. Plus, it's like a small idiosyncrasy in an abhorrently bland kit. A "Hey. I'm doing something right" if you will. All that about positioning is beside the point. I mean. What exactly are supposed to do with a Yi yodelling as fast as he can toward you? Stun I guess, but that train's still a-coming.
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: > [{quoted}](name=DoktorKaiser,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=efz2psEP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-27T18:58:00.317+0000) > > I dont really feel that any nerf will help him being less cancerous, he really needs a rework that will make his enemies not want to spontaniously die IRL when facing him. To be honest, Galio used to do pretty well in lane against him. That's the champion that I had the most success with facing Yasuo. But, you know... Galio really isn't around anymore now. I have no way to deal with Yasuo now. Rip me.
EPIC2289 (NA)
: I swear it dosent make sence in the boards. why are ther alot of pre rework malz players here when he had a bad play rate. why are ther alot of mord players here when he has a bad play rate. why are ther alot of pre rework galio players here when he had a bad play rate. why are ther alot of aatrox players here when he has a bad play rate(aatrox players from the aatrox rework spam post,same as galio).
Well. You don't call the police when someone over in Nebraska is getting robbed. You call the police when you (or a neighbor) is getting robbed. Proximity. When you change something, those who are affected by the change are more likely to speak up than those who are not.
: See, some icons are hard to understand what they do, but this one takes the cake...
Easy. He beats you up with the fishing pole. The fish is just there. It doesn't know what's going on. It just wanted a worm.
Elikain (EUNE)
: _**The only person entitled here is you.**_ Let that sink in first. First, you think you're entitled to your own opinion (which i never disputed). Secondly, you think that by posting your opinion on public forums, you're somehow shielded from having your opinion challenged. You're not. It's a pretty vague and shitty opinion to be honest and that's what i said. And the only thing you did was white knight in this person's regard for what reason exactly? Because i said he needed to be more clear if he wanted to make a point about something? If you want to discuss things or ask for help about something, you're going to have to be specific about the issue you're having. That's common sense, not entitlement. Now i'm questioning if English is your first language because the meaning of big words is certainly a problem for you, it seems. --- Since i cannot establish if you're an averagely intelligent person from your posts, dealing with you is a waste of my time. This conversation is over with from this point on.
Lmao. First point - moot. Second point - A strawman you constructed. Reread what I said. No one has to explain anything to you. Remember Hitchens razor and move on with your life.
Elikain (EUNE)
: What do you think LoL boards are? His/your own personal facebook/tumblr page where you dump your incoherent shit and leave? How about you fulfill even the minimum requirement to be able to post here and contribute meaningfully in some way? If you have a problem with something, _**explain yourself**_, dumbass. No one here is a mind reader and if i won't waste my time trying to figure out what the writer wanted to say, imagine how much less Riot actually gives a damn about comments like his. Maybe he actually had a valid opinion, if he spent a few more minutes explaining it to everyone. But he's chosen to be lazy and this is the result. I'm surprised that i even have to tell you this. It should be common knowledge. If it's not for some unexplained reason, now you know. Don't waste everyone's time here and don't littler the boards with shit no one cares about.
Sorry 'bout that entitlement mate. Not everyone's here to service you and your whims.
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: Swain passive is just mana regen, so that has room to become more interesting.
Or link it to terrify, so he has to make tactical decisions ( the bird causes the fear?)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tsE4bFNv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-25T23:31:27.246+0000) > > ~~I cry.~~ > > He's susceptible to DPS and making him itemize against AD makes him miss out on a ton of his power. > So either counterpick with AD or play something that has magic DPS or something to shred him. > > Or sustain. > > He can burst Squishies and he can wear down bruisers and other tanky characters but the moment they get sustain he's kinda boned I've got some problems playing against him, to be honest. Q: This is a big one. It does far, far, too much damage - if you stay in the whole thing. Well, that's how it should be, right? Right. Except it's fucking HUGE. While I realize it's just large enough to hit three casters if cast right in the middle, it is nearly impossible for a immobile champion to _not_ get hit by the whole DOT. It's range is also big(about the same as Diana's, 800 range), and best case scenario is to walk forward and not get clipped by either side, but this leaves you open to a Justice Punch and also brings you closer to a melee champion - which is generally not something you want to do as a ranged, immobile, squishy. Second best case scenario is to walk to the side and only get hit by one of the curved hits. That makes it bearable, but tilting as hell when you realize it's nearly impossible to actually dodge the skillshot. Walking backwards simply does not work. It simply makes you eat the entire skillshot and DOT, especially with the 325 movespeed of most mages. This is also mainly a laning phase problem, so no boots yet. That being said, I was once clipped by his Q while he was taking blue buff and I was on the other side of the wall. I was playing Fizz, and although I couldn't gotten out sooner with E, I lost more than a quarter of my health from that. It simply ticks too fast and is too large. E: Disorienting as hell, but I should be able to get used to that sooner or later. It's really fast, though, and is honestly a lot harder to dodge than Vi's Q. It's also impractical to aim skillshots behind him when he uses it, because it's quick enough that he'll dodge them with the dash itself. Think of it as better Aatrox Q, in that sense, although it can't cross walls (downside) and knocks up the first enemy hit (potential upside, as it's a lot more reliable, downside as in you can be bodyblocked and you can only knock up 1 enemy maximum) R: First, I'd like you to think of Panth's ult. Think of Shen's ult. Now, Galio's ult. Where to begin... It's super fast. I thought it was gonna be 2~3 seconds. Pantheon's is 3.5, where he stuns himself for 2 of those seconds. Shen's is 3 seconds, and stuns himself for those 3 seconds, although he gets a fat shield to himself to compensate, and gives his ally a fat shield as well. Galio's is a single second. That's right. One. For comparison, Twisted Fate's ult is 1.5 seconds. Now hold on a bit, Galio can't ult anywhere he wants. He needs an ally to be there. He doesn't give his ally a fat shield, do massive magic damage, or reveal all enemies. But what he does do is give his ally magic damage reduction, a decent amount of magic damage, and a huge AoE knock up. Compared to just massive damage and a slow, or just a shield, or just vision... seems a little... overloaded, to me. Especially with such a low channel time. Let's talk about what Galio himself brings once he arrives, compared to the others. Well, Twisted Fate brings a two second targeted stun and some moderate damage. Respectable, and very powerful at turning the tables, I agree. However, where he can teleport to is restricted, as he's a squishy champion who won't be able to teleport into the midst of multiple enemies to CC the right one. He makes up for that with his range, to some degree, depending on the enemies. Galio brings far more crowd control, that is however, less reliable and slower and less handy for saving an ally in a tough spot. At least... that's what he does by himself. With his ult's knock up, he has no trouble at all landing a Justice Punch into a 3/4 channeled Shield of Durand, fully channeled if they were hit by the inner circle of his ult - which is pretty generous, especially if the enemy assaulting his ally is melee. Shield of Durand and Galio's ult are both AoE, as well, although Justice Punch may be body blocked. His damage isn't a joke either. 300 + 100% AP + 9% max health **just on his Q**, which is 100% reliable because of his ult and E and the W isn't even needed, is far stronger than Twisted Fate's Q damage. Justice Punch is stronger than Gold Card, as well. But considering Galio doesn't build as much AP, his damage is gonna be lower than Twisted Fate's. Add in his ult damage, however, and it's only gonna be slightly less. Galio is also a tank who can body block projectiles for his ally and doesn't have to worry about being melted as much, unless there is a Vayne, Yi, or Kog'Maw on the enemy team. Now Shen brings a kind of reliable taunt which is a lot less reliable because of buggy hitboxes, for 1.5 seconds and a kind of slow dash speed. He does some ok damage, with his %health scaling's and substandard base damages. His W is decent if he needs to Taunt a Mage and still protect his ally from the ADC, but he needs to be careful not to drag his sword to him by Q'ing after E'ing, which means he gets even less damage. Taunting is a good CC, but not amazing, as he could take some bad damage. Galio's CC is a pretty much guaranteed AoE, which lasts for half the duration of Shen's Taunt, but anyone important should eat the whole 1.25 seconds. It's also a knock up, best CC in the game as even Cleanses don't fully negate them. Then he follows up with bigger damage, a more reliable taunt when combined with his better gapcloser and ult CC. A Pantheon ulting in is probably behind you, in laning phase, and he's probably fed. He brings some big damage, a slow, a targeted Stun, and more damage. He can tank a few hits with his block and natural tank stats, but not many. His protection is lacking, engage decent, but honestly, telegraphing where you're gonna be is not a great way to engage. It's pretty likely he'll die almost instantly mid-late game if he tries ulting on top of anyone in a teamfight. That being said, in a 1v1, assuming he can predict where you're gonna be in 3.5 seconds, assuming you aren't dead in 3.5 seconds, assuming they aren't dead in 3.5 seconds, assuming Pantheon is in a place where he can stun himself for 2 seconds... he's a solid ally! Now Galio. His damage is not nearly as high, although his bases and scalings are nothing to be laughed at, as seen in the TF comparison. He's a lot more reliable for peel, much more helpful in a teamfight, and still devastating in what used to be a 1v1 because of free Justice Punch and the ability to disable someone for a whole 3.5 seconds if they're hit by the inner circle of his ult. He can literally disable someone for the same amount of time Pantheon takes to get there. By the time Panth gets there, Galio's already smacked them with Justice, and knocked them up twice. That being said, Galio kind of relies on his ally to deal the damage to kill his target. But he's got plenty to be a threat on his own. Wow, this turned out waaaaay longer than I expected. Hope you're still reading, and hope I'm not boring you. As you can see, Galio's ult outclasses similar ults in many ways. It's a little overloaded.
I would honestly prefer they make his new W into an ult (differnet from old ult - increase the range and damage reduction, increase cost, increase cd, maybe grant half the damage reduction to the team inside the range?) and give him a reworked version of his old w (one where he can only target himself, and he gets some sort of heal off of being hit).
Ralanr (NA)
: Your post doesn't give the impression of admitting someone won.
His post doesn't give the impression he even read the OP.
: Honestly I don't know what all the hate for him is about. Galio now I feel is amazing (gameplay wise)! Passive is amazing for waveclear, his Q is good for harass and some waveclear, his iconic taunt is still there, E is pretty nice especially when you tie it with your Q for a pretty heavy combo, and his ult...well I haven't actually played against real players yet so I don't know how well people react to it but from what I tested/played from bots it feels big and impactful. Outside of that I absolutely HATE his personality. Just all I think about when he talks big and mighty is Demacia's version of Draven. I'd wish they'd kept more of the wise ancient feel he previously had than this blubbering jock. "I came to chew bubblegum and kick butt....and I'm all out of butt". Just.........why?
Well. Most of the hate for rework Galio was because of his personality. Instead of expanding on his old, they just scrapped it and gave us a new champion entirely. Most people were fine with the kit, but the base skin colors were also a point of contention.
: Really? I played him a lot and he feels really smooth to me, it might be due to his animations being rather stocky since he's such a colossal champion.
His passive animation cancels casts occasionally. It would be nice if you could cancel W with skills, like you could with Galio's old taunt. It would feel much much better. It seems like one of those things riot just... I dunno.
: bulwark was a mechanic that actually encouraged you to get into the fight or eat poke and healed you up for your troubles. it was a little rusty in execution but it encouraged some form of active play what does this shield do? It doesn't reward you, it doesn't give you incentive for anything; you just get it. especially confusing is that I thought Riot wanted to move away from le stat checks, and yet.. here we are.
I can back this up. Going defensive, taking grasp, and knowing when to shield won you trades, esp against zed. You can tank up bad riven's damage too.
: Thoughts on Galio's rework
The only thing I miss is healing off minion waves. Now I have to actually pay attention to the damned things before cycling. It's a whole different play style, way more aggressive than before. I still miss the old ult too. Kinda sucks not having a dueling ult, but meh. W/e. It's decent enough when you have another initiator.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Of course they are required. How do you expect for his opinion to be made valid, if the guy in question never bothered to explain himself beyond the two vague words "it's stupid"? Why? If he isn't precise and i can think of 20 different stupid ways to answer his conundrum, why should i bother wasting my time, if he never wanted to spend a few minutes more thinking about what he was going to write? If you don't want to be useful to people that make these changes, be a dear and remove yourself from the boards. I guarantee that more work would be done and Riot wouldn't have to sift through various types of garbage to get to the good feedback stuff. Thank you for your time, -A concerned boards member
No. Not everyone's trying to change the world here. Some just want to say what's on their mind.
: New Magic shield color
It's rather hard to see your actual health beneath that opaque pink color. Rather annoying.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >i know this entire change was stupid What a riveting argument! Riot can't possibly dispute your godlike level of logic! Oh wait... there's nothing to dispute. You haven't even given the reason why it was stupid, you just proclaimed it as such. Probably because it doesn't match the color of your nails, as much as i can guess...
Golly, it's as if people are _required _ to provide facts to back up their opinions or something. Fuck off.
: A change I have been thinking about is to have Urgot's Q apply on hit effects, so he could build {{item:3025}} and have range Auto targeted slows Sounds like fun I bet he will still have a 10% winrate
I mean..... W gives him the same thing, except it's not aoe.
abdul569 (EUW)
: How it feels when Galio is like a hundred feet tall...
That's just.. unprofessional goddamn. Like. There's wiffing it, and then there's playing soccer like it's your first time.
: Your main's ult now is global with 0 travel or channel time.
Imagine Galio taunting the enemy fountain laser. RIP. Also: "Why am I walking toward the enemy base?"
: I don't think shielding should have a spot. However, damage shielded would definitely be fair to add.
Tomatos patatos. It's fairly clear that is what the OP intends.
: and not much else
? His new kit is well suited to do anything.
: Galio's original passive gave him AP for any MR he built, similar to Vlad's. Probably this and his ult were the two major aspects of Galio's kit. I liked that in his new lore they explain he's made from anti-magic stone specifically for this purpose. It's a great way to connect gameplay mechanics and lore, something I think the lore team has been struggling with. They got rid of his old passive but his new W passive grants a magic shield I believe.
His new W scales % damage reduction based on armor and magic resist. It scales harder based on magic resist.
GreenLore (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=shadow211121,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ej79yUE2,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-19T10:36:58.704+0000) > > I thought they were going to make every character unique in gameplay. But no. Fuck it. Lets give Ivern a better version of tibbers. Lets give Ryze a better version of Tahm's ult. Lets just rework a character so that he gets an ult which is exactly like Shen's except it is just better. I reaaly liked his old ultimate. I felt that with Galio's entire kit being somewhat lackluster, and his game changing ultimate being the only thing he is known for, they would at least keep it. But no, lets just put it in his e/w and make it the opposite of the shit we just gave Warwick. > Like Specter mentioned,Tibbers and Daisy are different in terms of what they bring to the game. Similarly,Ryzes and Tahms ultimate are also different in a few key aspects,as Ryzes ultimate has a much shorter range than Tham Kenchs and it is easy to screw your whole team with it. And last but not least Galios ultimate has also differenes from Shens. Sure Galio has an AoE-knockup,but the range of his ultimate is limited and he gives damage reduction,which is less useful if your ally is low hp and he also lands at the original spot,which can be a disadvantage in certain situations. Besides his old ult wasn't that unique either,it was basically a channeled Amumu ult anyway.
mmm no. I can see why you'd make that comparison, but Galio's ult has very different interactions from Amumu's ult. Galio: enemy can autoattack and therefore lifesteal, crit, etc, can qss out of damage completely, can be cancelled immediately for minimun damage. Enemy cannot use skills or summoners unless GP. Duration irreducible by tenacity. Amumu: enemy cannot autoattack, but CAN use skills except movement. Cannot qss out damage, but can qss out of entanglement. Duration reducible by tenacity. Sure - they're both aoe cc centered around the champion, but they provide vastly different functions and therefore fill different niches. Example. It's better to use Galio's ult against a mage, because mage autoattacks generally suck. It's better to use amumu's ult against ad casters and marksmen since their autos get cancelled and their skills generally suck.
: I thought they were going to make every character unique in gameplay. But no. Fuck it. Lets give Ivern a better version of tibbers. Lets give Ryze a better version of Tahm's ult. Lets just rework a character so that he gets an ult which is exactly like Shen's except it is just better. I reaaly liked his old ultimate. I felt that with Galio's entire kit being somewhat lackluster, and his game changing ultimate being the only thing he is known for, they would at least keep it. But no, lets just put it in his e/w and make it the opposite of the shit we just gave Warwick. I also really REALLY hate what they did to his character. First, just look at how big they made him. It is just stupid. You mentioned this but how the hell is he going to protect anybody? And who the hell is he even protecting against? How did one man finish this motherfucker in a lifetime? On a battlefield this would be so impractical to bring it along with your army. First of all, this guy is going to be slow as shit. unless he has his ingame ultimate in the actual lore. But then he would end the fucking world everytime he uses it since it would be like a meteor hitting the earth every single time. And how is he going to fight besides anybody? Like he is just going to step all over the people he is supposed to protect. He went from being this unique character to being a fucking Braum ripoff with a shittier personality. He's just too fucking confident. He is nothing like the old Galio. Old Galio was, like you described, this guy who was a Demacian but he did not shout it every single time like every other fucking Demacian champion. He just did his job and you felt a real character, although a bit undeveloped, when you played him. This is not Galio. Goodbye Friend {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{champion:3}}
Honestly, I thought they would keep his ult too. Boy howdy was I wrong. Someone in a thread I made awhile back pointed this out to me, and I thought about it. Realized they were right, and here we are, bout five or six months later.
: I've personally grown to really like new Galio design over time since when they first showed him off. However, that being said his new kit and visuals don't remind me of the old Galio at all. His Q is the only ability that reminds me of Galio when I play him. Even the AoE taunt on his W has a drastically different feel than his current ult. All that aside, I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the Galio rework (this is going to sound silly) is the way he walks around the map. He just looks so clunky. And I get it, he's made of stone, but the old Galio felt fluid and mythical flying around the map. New Galio looks like it takes all his effort to lift his foot off the ground. Like I said, I do like the new Galio. He just feels too different from the current incarnation. I know it's probably not going to happen but I think it would be awesome if Riot made a blue and yellow chroma for his base skin just to give back to the champion a little. :P
"Fluid" and "Mythical". Very good, nice choice of words. Accurate.
: Why We Like Galio (and Why New Galio Doesn't Live Up to Him)
Old Galio's kit meshed pretty well with my favorite type of tactics. Observe, wait, and strike at the right moment - which also felt like how Galio was as a character. You wait out damage with your W, you poke with Q, and you deceive with E. The movement speed and positioning threw people off, at least in low elos. And my favorite - whittling people down (especially zeds) to 1/3 hp, then going in for the kill. Q - Flash - Ult - Ignite - W - E. Trap them before the Q lands, W to empower your ult damage, E to press the attack or disengage if ganks. Galio was actually pretty fun for me. I don't _mind_ the new kit. It certainly...fits the new champion's identity? The taunt is good, the Q is alright. The dash is rather generic. I'm not fond of having to rely on teammate's positioning to have an effective ult cast. Or an ult at all. I seriously wish they had kept the Durand situation intact. Not sure why they decided to go this route. They could have easily made Durand a closet mage, make Galio out of antimagic stone still, scale back the ridiculous size so that the Sion rivalry has some smidgen of credibility, and kept the tragedy of Galio failing to protect his master. As a sentient golem, he'd still be the symbol of demacia, yadayada, and as the last of Durand's magic fades away, so too does Galio's activity. blahblahblah, Galio watches the gates of Demacia, they still use him as an antimagic bulwark, you get the point? There was no reason for them to eradicate the most pivotal plot point of Galio's character. Actual question here, does anyone remember them asking what people liked about Galio? I remember some vague survey about gatekeeper, and that's literally it. It's like they spitballed it with this rework. There's very little source material here and that's upsetting.
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