: I mean, he's a fucking terrible jungle and his mid lane also sucks now with the e nerfs he's gotten that makes him do less damage to minions a while back, but fiddle is 10000% not a C tier support... He's a fucking amazing support and my go to for carrying most games. If I am blind picking support I always go fiddle atm, he's an extremely safe pick and good into pretty much all match ups. They really need to just make his damn clear not horrid for jungle again. I use to be a fiddle jungle main a few seasons back and the shits unplayable at the moment.
I agree, he is almost unplayable in jungle these days. He can barely sustain in 1v1 situations these days in the jungle.
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DoomShaq (NA)
: League client wont let us log in wrong user or password RIot please fix
Kicked out of loading lobby and now client will not let me log back into my account. Now Ive lost my series and have to wait in low priority. Perfect.


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