: Aaaand I still hate it. I hate her awful white onesie. I hate her goofy oversized shoulderpad. I hate her new lackluster cape when her old three-part one was amazing and distinct. I hate her goofy prance-walk. I hate her new voice over. I hate her Cruela DeVille face. I hate pretty much everything about her VU so much I tried to get all my Fiora skins refunded and got told by Riot to piss off. I hate her new kit and it's lazy "oh, just add % health true damage" and she'll be fine. I hate her new ult. Granted, her old one needed a change, but she should have an ult for finishing off an opponent in a DUEL, not a massive AoE heal. She's neither a mage nor a support, why does she have an AoE heal? Why not an execute or a massive debuff of some sort? If she had to have a heal why not make it a personal one with a stacking buff or something, so she can dispatch a foe and ride the rush of victory to glory as she runs riot across the enemy team with more fervor for every new person she drops? Why did Riot even post this thing? Are they trying to convince the nay-sayers to accept it now? I won't. Fiora was the third champ I've loved that Riot has thrown in a blender for no real reason and turned into something I loathe. First Cass (And if you want to talk failed reworks start with CASS, not Fiora... or is riot still refusing to discuss her at all?), then Skarner, then Fiora. If you wanted to change her BS ult, fine. It was pretty badly designed. But the overall pile of crap they turned her into will never appeal to me, and now that she's no longer OP and flavor of the month, no one else seems terribly interested in her either. Fiora's visuals were fine, and they didn't need a change... let alone an abandonment of what she was all about. This strikes me as some kind of self-comforting back patting about how "our ideas were good and our art was awesome but we just had a different vision of the character". No. The art was pretty universally REVILED. I refuse to believe that the art department saw that piece and said "This is what Fiora fans want, a 45 year old crone with the pointiest chin on earth". At what point has ANY character been improved by making them more ugly? I recall even seeing a response from a red a while back when I asked why project Fiora had the three-part cape but all of her reworked models lost it. The response was "We felt it was a very distinctive and identifiable part of her visuals that we wanted to preserve". But it was removed from ALL her other skins? This just makes it seem like riot's artists and developers don't communicate with each other. Like the project got handed to some overworked artists who have no real background or interest in the character who made a GUESS at what they were all about and threw some art together... then once it was out there Riot refused to backpedal and admit that it was crap. I'm VERY sure this is the case with the Cass rework too. I'm not sold Riot. This post did nothing by bring back my sense of anger at a champion I loved enough to buy every skin for and how badly you mutilated her into something I want nothing to do with, then told me "tough break". Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your pat on the back and got enough positive feedback to convince yourselves the next time you bungle a rework that it's fine and the nay-sayers are just an outspoken minority. Edit: I have been informed that her VO didn't change. I was mistaken in that. I could have sworn she had a new line or two like Cass got post-rework, but I guess I'm wrong in that. Mistakes were made. I guess it just feels off now since those lines are coming out of Fifi McPrances now instead of Fiora. I'm also still pretty sure that the animation on her joke feels a ton more clumsy as she's florishing her sword around "drawing" in mid air. It feels lazy to me. I guess that's just my opinion, but I'll admit I was wrong about the VO thing. My bad.
I'll start by saying you handled this in a mature way! Even though this is a post describing how you dislike the new Fiora you didn't do it in an immature way. For that I respect you and applaud you. I am sure you'd like to say a lot of inappropriate things but you didn't! Additionally I must say the new Fiora compared to the old one is not perfect by any means. In my opinion (hint, hint opinion there) there are some things I dislike and some things I believe they did right! Lets begin with what they did wrong shall we? The terrible, god awful splash art and in game movements. Yeah no shock right? I dislike how she moves, how she talks and how her splash looks right now. I will still play her but I wish they would bring back old Fiora's looks. Furthermore her ultimate now is ridiculous. That AoE can completely change a fight, its like a {{champion:40}} ultimate >_<! Lastly, they ruined her burst of speed, I liked the old burst of speed way better it was a lot of fun and there was no true damage associated with it. Now onto the good! I personally like how they redid her parry and her Q. Both of these abilities I feel have been improved upon and were great additions to her kit. The old parry felt useless to me and often times I misused it or completely missed it. It was very hard to use properly but this new parry is much better. The new Q is great because you can finally dash over walls, or just dash away in general! The old Q you had to physically use it on someone which for me was annoying. If they would keep the new Q and new parry, but give Fiora her old ulti back and old burst of speed, then give her all her old splash/movements and voice back she would be in my opinion a perfect champion! On that note the old ultimate wasn't perfect by any means either, it was a pretty unfair ability in itself but it was better than what we have now.
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I can just imagine Urgot and poppy ulti'ing each other at the same time. {{champion:6}} ults... *switches places*... {{champion:78}} ults... *sends urgot the other direction*
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As a poppy main, I approve.. with many {{item:2051}}s blowing!


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