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Kazekiba (NA)
: Infernal/Volcanic Reksai/Volibear/Ivern Elderwood Reksai Battleboss Reksai Dark Star Rek'Sai Alien Invader Rek'Sai/Kog'Maw/Vel'Koz (Star Guardian enemies) Pool Party Tryndamere, Garen, Vayne, Jinx, Riven, Taliyah Lunar Wraith Cassiopeia (Fun Fact: Caitlyn's Lunar skin is a snake motif while Cassio hadn't gotten a skin in 1,200+ days before Aeternum) PROJECT/Aether Wing Morgana PROJECT/Preaetorian/Aeternum Twitch/Shyvana/Garen/Kled Sweetheart or Heartseeker Zoe/Ezreal (could both use the same, or opposite. Honestly any combination matches these two!) Heartseeker Taliyah+Heartpiercer Yasuo/Azir (-*gasp-* a love triangle?!) Noxus Garen/Gangplank/Azir/Ivern the Cruel/Yasuo/Sylas/Sona New Skinline: Demacian Noble Darius/Draven/Swain/Riven/Nasus/Graves Sewn Chaos Amumu/Blitzcrank/Zyra/Nunu/Yuumi
Poop party riven would be sick tbh
: Sonic Rammus Mr. T-moo (based on Mr. T.) Serious Teemo (from Mundo Support video) Devil Soraka Holybear (holy themed Volibear) Redbear (soviet themed Volibear) Browick (soldier Warwick) Bro'Sa (soldier Kai'sa) Broren (soldier Garen) Luxbro (soldier Lux) Broraka (medic soldier Soraka) Slaviktor (slavish Viktor) Adult Annie
Oh I like the kaisa one.Maybe April fools skin 4 next year.
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