Meddler (NA)
: Two main things there. The first is that there's a lot of other stuff vying for the time of other possible designers too, whether it's midseason followup, other champion updates, balance or whatever. While Lissandra's passive isn't great, it's not as urgent an issue as a range of other things (Lissandra players will be sick of hearing that understandably, but it's still a trade off of what to work on). The second reason is that the lack of a satisfying passive on Lissandra rests on me, given I put her existing one there during her original design. I'd like to be involved in cleaning up that past failure to deliver as a result if possible.
Make her passive true ice: True Ice, enemy tenacity and qss skills do not work on her cc spells. Her cc is (true).
: > [{quoted}](name=ZephyrDrake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZT4l9GbA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-24T04:26:35.450+0000) > > What were her items? What was her lvl? What were your items and what was your lvl? Just being up in gold means nothing if she is still getting her items and lvls Uhh... what do u think the gold is for? 0.o Like I said I was up on her in gold, so my items were a little better. Irrelevant though, why would a champion have the ability to dive into a team and one shot someone and get out instantly with the click of a button, without needing to be very fed. Or at the very fking least ahead.
Maybe cuz your reactions are that of an ape ? In a team with reactions in the middle of a team she would have gotten cc chained and bursted down immediately. Only when she’s fed can she pick out an adc or weak mid laner /support that is a bit out of position and she can w q r and she has to land the chain.
: Just give her W an indicator for the enemy for where she's dashing to. Her damage is already gated further behind than she was pre rework.
How would an indicator help? Her w missle speed was nerfed to give more time to react and she looks and moves the way she is going to land. It’s not like attrox where u don’t know where he’s going
: after her rework she WAS fun to fight, it was when they reverted her back she became the same pain in the ass she used to be. but no riot reverts the ONE successful rework they actually did from the assassin rework... that ACTUALLY gave the champion counter-play as intended, which NO OTHER REWORK of any of the other assassins did. while most actually got worse to face IE {{champion:55}}
Kat can be shut down easily with just some cc. Leblanc was very unhealthy when she was reworked. She could relatively burst well but she had insane mobility with great waveclear so from an intelligent player that is not silver 5 with a 46% winrate it’s very bad to play against. New Leblanc is so ez to counter. Just pick sombody to push her in and u out scale and just build a bit of mr not rabadons when your 0/5 and complain why she’s bursting u. She is ez to play against but people like u choose to want to have counter play given to you. You need to actually think against a Leblanc. What kinda champion is fun to play against ? Lb no she bursts you in 1 second. Tristana ? No she burst your team in 1 second while having one of the best mobility in the game. Mundo? He does not die and has insane cc and good dmg. No champion should be “fun” to play against you need to get out of your silver 5 kind set and actually try to play the game not begging riot to make it ez for u
Infernape (EUW)
: You can do it yourself. All you have to do is edit the system.yaml file and replace your region's available and default locales with the region in question.
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EE5fwTkW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-12T03:27:57.092+0000) > > You can do it yourself. All you have to do is edit the system.yaml file and replace your region's available and default locales with the region in question. i tried to do that but nothing happens :( it feels so bad
Rioter Comments
Merlinez (NA)
: When do you roam as Leblanc?
Leblanc is good in early game so that means u need to put pressure on the enemy mid laner to deny them as much farm as possible. This creates a big wave that will push in. Also do not be afraid to use your RW to help clear the waves. This can help u roam. Also prep waves when your wave clearing them. Auto the casters all once or two of them then cs the last one.
: LB is not being reverted, where are you seeing crap like that? On PBE she just has an R nerf and a small buff to her teleport. {{item:3285}} is the replacement for DFG to supply extra burst for mages, in theory. It has changed to be more poke-oriented. {{item:3907}} fills a similar role to old DFG.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IkyegWEQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-14T00:40:53.220+0000) > > LB is not being reverted, where are you seeing crap like that? > > On PBE she just has an R nerf and a small buff to her teleport. > > {{item:3285}} is the replacement for DFG to supply extra burst for mages, in theory. It has changed to be more poke-oriented. {{item:3907}} fills a similar role to old DFG. Where tf have u been ?
: Because an ADC with {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} taking away 70% of my health bar with 1 AA is considered healthy. Git gud, old LB is what an assassin should be instead of the clunky mess on live server, finally I can kill those filthy ADC mains without having to wait for the ridiculous passive cooktime.
This. Fuck those adc tristana mains that go around oneshoting everything while having the best mobility in the game.
Azadethe (NA)
: I don't really know which is worse, but I can say this much: Her current incarnation has 0 counterplay on at least 75% of the champion roster. If you don't have an active dash in your kit, and are in a stage of the game where team play doesn't exist, she can overkill you, and there's no counterplay at all. For example, the other day, I was playing {{champion:21}} . There's literally nothing at all in MF's kit that can prevent an LB kill of her. If she tether's MF, she's going to die in 2 seconds, because she can't finish a counter kill in time, and she can't break the leash, or run out of it. I actually built {{item:3156}} {{item:3111}} and began building {{item:3139}} on that MF...... LB STILL popped me in 2 skills. That means....she was doing enough damage to pop about 3000 damage by the time I was at 2 1/2 items. If you look at LB's raw numbers, she's a pre nerf Zoe with all her damage in her passive, instead of a skill that goes on cooldown. And, her procs are reliable, happen on ANY skill she contacts with, and unless you are cleaning up an LB after she's just killed one, there's no counterplay unless you have a long range dash/blink. What's worse is... her play rate is so low that Riot never nerfs her, to lack of reliable statistics. I don't mind LB as a whole, but she is literally one of the only champs that exists in the current game which has situations where no item build can counter her reliably on a large portion of the champ base.
alright the job of an assassin is to do alot of dmg quick and with not much counterplay. All those times u died u were alone which is a horrible idea for an adc but esspecially a mf. Any crit adc late game can burst down a full build leblanc in under 1.5 seconds. Mf cant do much against a leblanc going to burst her because her kit is not desgined for 1v1s. She is desgined to burst down a squishy if fed but her main job is to be a bully early game then get a good ult off late game.
: W damage please come back! If she isn't gonna have waveclear anymore she needs her W RW combo to kills waves like she used to! <3
Plz this. Revert recklessabdons disgusting changes plz !!!!
: FORREAL? ARE YOU SURE? Sorry for the caps i got so excited
Yes old news. Coming to the pbe Tuesday
: Skin Idea Dark Queen Leblanc
Would love this or a normal sg skin :)
: Sharing some ideas about what could be LeBlanc's updated abilities
Divewing (OCE)
: I like her chains thematically, so what if instead of a root it silenced or grounded? It would keep the "bind them in chains" thing, but it's not as flat as "Stay where you are, mongrel" ______________________________________________________ On the "Clunky R toggle"; I wasn't a LeBlanc main as such (especially compared with my brother), but she was in my top 4-7, and something I'd feel fine about busting out every few games, but this change was the single reason I just could not NewBlanc. I was ready to deal with everything else, but my reaction times are not the best, and my hand-dexterity isn't much better, so this was the extra "press all the buttons" that made it unplayable (I think I've had one decent game on her since, and I still lost that one)
I think what could be cool is a small but impactful slow and a silence after 1.5 sec. Or while the chain is connected for 1.5 sec it silences. The chain wouldn’t root. It would give her some utility. Also increase its dmg. It could also heal over time ? Kinda like a life drain ? Idk sounds cool tho
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Can we give LeBlanc a love buff?
Would love that get rid of her waveclear decrease passive to 1 sec but get rid of the bounce it’s to bugged anyways.make her w sober old dmg again so she can kinda waveclear
saltran (EUW)
: With this she can't do a crazy snowball with insta death but she will have her place in lategame because as an adcs player I can say that I fear more a Tank in lategame than an Assasin like LB full build.
Cuz a tank can actually kill u late game while a lb will throw out a chain at most and right when the animation is over the lb will be dead due to 4 autos and a static shiv proc
: I really enjoy the new Leblanc, despite not playign her as much (since I play everything on a whim), she is one of the most fun assassin I had to play. Working around the delay for big reward is honestly something I really like, I think it is just difficult with LB because she make excellent trade but she isn't a burst champion like Annie/Zoe/Veigar anymore and many people are too used to have LB with this type of mindset. I think that being an Ahri player, the way Leblanc play now really click for me and honestly, I would love for her to never go back to the boring old LB. BUT... I think her ult 'trickery' is failed and she could use maybe some tap love for burst late game.
: Can Leblanc get the Rengar treatment
I’m happy for rengar mains cuz they have wanted this for a long time but us lb mains have been salty about this for longer. After her failed second rework and stupid needs given to her a partial revert like rengar will make us and the community much happier. Maybe not adc mains cuz they won’t be able to oneshot someone with just autos sadly.
: No the revert LeBlanc crew came first. Rengar mains were pissed off to for good reason but LeBlanc mains have been demanding a revert forever even back when she was broken asf after her rework.
We have been demanding for our voices to be heard ever since they sent out the bs community feed back shit during patch 6.22. All we got were promises that meddler and riot have not followed up on and nerfs.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Rengar will be permabanned if this goes live. People don't wanna deal with this sh*t again.
: This is LeBlanc in twelve seconds
Such bs. She also feels so clunky and unfun to play. Plz revert or rework riot stop making promises about a rework then say oh we didn’t find anything and there are better things to work on like tf ?
: Built zero armor/mr/hp, walked directly into the entire enemy team.
And only a xayah attacked him with nothing but autos and bursted her in under 1 sec. Balance
Xcion (NA)
: Leblanc burst needs to be a bit faster
She feels so bad to play. U can oneshot someone but u need to build a hybrid ad item lichbane and be fed. If non of those conditions are met you are what riot wanted Lb to be some boring mobile kiting chain bot mage. Bring back real lb not the Tristana that can oneshot my whole team and has the best mobility in the whole game.
: LeBlanc rework?!
Lb has been kicked to the curb after so much effort from lb mains riot literally had only promised to give. They need to step up there game and give us changes that will make this champion actually fun to play.
Infernape (EUW)
: Let's fix her kit then give her an 1820.
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=IMnltkhy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-15T07:28:04.855+0000) > > Let&#x27;s fix her kit then give her an 1820. Yes plz. Revert rework then give us skin $$$
zippyHD (EUW)
: @Riot or @Meddler - Any information about Leblanc? The tweaks your were talking about?
I would love for them to actually put out some changes as us lb players have been giving suggestions and other stuff for about a year and a half now. But apparently there are better things to work on according to meddler so not expecting much {{champion:7}} {{item:3070}}
: > [{quoted}](name=sarii fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8jAMiivW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-06T08:09:22.918+0000) > > She can almost 1 shot an adc with as little as 2 kills, I can speak from experience (being the unfortunate adc). That just seems ridiculous to me. I can understand a fed champion doing that kind of damage but she can be behind and do scary damage so long as she aims right. > > Her cooldowns are even more scary. You have to constantly be on the lookout for her sleep which takes up half the lane. But its okay for an ADC to half health someone with an unmissable auto right? I'm so tired of this ADC bs
> [{quoted}](name=vgamedude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8jAMiivW,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-01-06T08:35:19.564+0000) > > But its okay for an ADC to half health someone with an unmissable auto right? > > I&#x27;m so tired of this ADC bs True
: > [{quoted}](name=xNAYRUx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8jAMiivW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-06T07:33:30.497+0000) > > I have no clue how a champion that has insane cc, so much RNG, and so much burst could get in this game. She does more dmg than a Leblanc easy and lb is supposed to be an assassin while Zoe is a mage. Does not make sense. She can one shot people from so far away and cc people for 2 secs from halfway across a map. I just played a game where zoe did 70,000 dmg. In a 35 min game. How the hell is that ok ??? But its not her kit thats annoying and cancerous its her voice lines aswell. Who ever thought making a champion that never stops talking about ez and chocolate mooncakes was a good idea? its cringy and make this whole game feel like some 3 year old game. Please address her she needs more than a couple a tweaks riot is proposing. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} you have like a 90% losing streak wi th zoe, so she cant be that op.
> [{quoted}](name=ChristmasEvelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8jAMiivW,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-01-06T17:00:16.969+0000) > > you have like a 90% losing streak wi th zoe, so she cant be that op. I played her 3 times with friends and inted all those times. Don’t think those were so accurate representations of her as a champion.
Rioter Comments
zippyHD (EUW)
: @Meddler - Any information about Leblanc? The tweaks your were talking about?
Riot has been putting lb off since they promised a full rework in October of 2017. Riot seems to have “more important things to work on”. Which is odd cuz the communities outcry of lbs rework and all the hate she’s getting. Knowing riot games they will probly start looking at changes at mid season probly. Hope for the best keep expectations low.
: Honestly I'm 100% sure they will remove the bounce mechanic.
> [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Efi01AJ7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-24T14:23:56.576+0000) > > Honestly I&#x27;m 100% sure they will remove the bounce mechanic. Hopefully. Get ride of that bs waveclear give her more assassination potentional and revert w dmg nerfs
: When should I expect the LeBlanc changes?
Really wish riot could actually try to help lb mains to be more satisfied with there champion after the failure of last year. All they do is do some work. Stall. Push back the date then say we have nothing to show for and there are better things to work on. Like wtf ? We have been waiting for almost a year and a half for changes to make her feel more like herself and all we get is meddler saying shit. Very disappointing
ƒaçade (NA)
: Mafia / Queenpin LeBlanc Skin Concept by Riot Hylia
: Regarding LeBlanc Rework
The real meme. Plz look at lb riot !
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Any new information on {{champion:7}} and how her changes are coming along ?
: LeBlanc Skins
Leblanc needs a rework for her game play. But her base model and wicked should get an update. Along with her Xmas skin. It dosnt have anything cold or snowy about it it should be changed for a 975 rp skin.
: Can we get an update on how the LeBlanc Update is coming?
They need to give actual information not just meddler saying they tried somthing but it didn’t feel like Leblanc and now they want to do other more importnant things like wtf ? Nobody ever thought the rework last year felt like Leblanc
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Would you please share any information on Leblanc. Ever on at Leblanc mains feels that we have been given a champion that lacks in the deception and thematic that lb once had we are very disappointed with how the rework changed our champion so much in a negative way. Also you mentioned you had plans that got scraped and u said u didn’t think she was worth the time and u wanted to move onto more “important” issues. Does that mean lbs rework is getting pushed back again ? After the supposably 7.20-7.22 release?
: Response to the failed LeBlanc playtest
I wish riot would just listen to leblanc players and try to take their opinions. Riot better really change the new leblanc we have now because it was a huge failure and some small changes wont cut it.
: I hope they ruin her. Fuck Leblanc.
again lol idk if we can take your opinion into account when your not even lv 30
: It sounds like eventually you're going to have to make some difficult compromises on LeBlanc - game health vs. her identity.
There can be a healthy line drawn. Riot just needs to put in the effort and stop with the ap galio buff stuff. She should be able to do what ever talon, kayn, zed, syndra, lux, can do. 1 shot
: Please give this a thorough read. Your first instinct when you see "revert" might be to ignore the comment, but hear me out: **until you guys find an appropriate solution**, why not just revert her to her previous iteration? Current LeBlanc has a massive list of problems which make playing/playing against her a bad experience: 1. New LB has a ton of bugs I assume no one will address because she is being reworked eventually. 2. New LB's kit is too complex. Because she is balanced around her maximum potential and her skill floor is high, she is too unfriendly for low elo/new players to pick up. Old LB had a simple design while having a high skillcap, which made her rewarding for low and high elo players alike. 3. New LB lacks predictability. Being able to mimic W at all times ensures an escape, whereas old LB was punishable if W was on CD and Q/E was cast last. 4. New LB is only made viable by awkward itemization. Building an AD/AP hybrid item feels horrible on an AP ~~assassin~~ mage. 5. New LB demands too much key input precision. Pressing R locks you out of snapping back to W. Accidentally fat-fingering R twice is extremely punishing when you mean to use R(Q/W/E). Karma and Heimerdinger don't have this issue. 6. New LB is too slow. _Static_ delays on W, Sigil cook, and Sigil cooldown remove the smooth, combo-reliant identity of the champion. An increased cooldown on R, the fact R takes two button-presses, and enforcing Q over W max are just some auxiliary factors that further slash the tempo of her gameplay. 7. New LB has a non-interactive laning phase. The current Q max Pantheon-style laning phase is extremely oppressive against melee champions, since she does not need to use W offensively and can just E if they jump her. It's boring to play against and boring to play as. 8. New LB lacks tradeoffs. With the old W max and shorter R CD, LB was forced to decide between trading/skirmishing or waveclearing. Each option was punishable: W'ing to trade and potentially getting ganked, CCed, or even out-traded, waveclearing with W-R but not having R for a fight, or saving R and being unable to clear the wave quickly. Each option was exploitable and made playing as/against her interactive. 9. New LB suffers in an era where shields/burst mitigation are prevalent. Nullifying Orb, Hexdrinker, Sterak's Gage, Death's Dance, and shielding supports make her 1.5s delay brutally pronounced, particularly in teamfights. Old LB had natural/organic time delays with her mark/detonation system that telegraphed her spell rotation (Q/R(Q) telegraphs the use of W or E), and allowed her to match the burst of enemies that might kill her in _less_ than 1.5s (i.e. late game ADCs, mages, assassins). 10. New LB's SFX sucks. All of these factors, among others, make the current LeBlanc extremely unenjoyable to play. Old LB was not without faults, but she was balanced and enjoyable to play. New LB has been reduced to a state where she feels awful without being any more healthy to play against (except a static delay, compensated by overblown Sigil damage and unnecessary utility on R). [Even Riot phroxz0n agrees that new LB feels "not so great" to play.]( I believe that there is inadvertent bias against LeBlanc since nobody on the balance team plays LeBlanc, so there is no one to play devil's advocate. From your team's perspective, it's understandable why you oppose a revert: * conceding to the demands of players casts weakness and doubt on the gameplay designers. * designer time spent on current LB's FX, design, and gameplay would be for naught. * the playerbase would have adjusted to current LB now, and a revert would force players to re-adjust. * mains of Rengar/Fizz/Shaco would be in uproar, demanding the same for their champions. I can assure you the player merit gained by making her kit simpler/predictable/enjoyable again far outweighs the disadvantages of this change. Let Reddit and the LoL boards be a telltale sign: any discussion about old LB is met with swaths of players reminiscing of old LB's enjoyable playstyle. [Even high-elo players sympathize with this sentiment.]( In Korea/China (which are underrepresented on Reddit), LB was extremely popular due to the mechanical and macro demands of her kit, which Eastern players excel at using to potential. Compared to the other assassin reworks, there is no doubt that LeBlanc's was of highest controversy. Old LB had pronounced weaknesses (poor waveclear, single-target damage, waveclear/mobility/damage spell tied together) that were exploitable. New LB (and subsequent changes) had these weaknesses removed and was given power, but that was stripped away bit-by-bit, leaving a shell of a clunky champion sitting in limbo. A change at this time of year would be well-met since preseason is prime time, if anything. Everything in consideration, I ask that you cast aside any pride, any prejudice against LB/LB players, and any visions you may have for the game balance/design in regards to LeBlanc. Even if it's temporary, reverting LB to her old self would show you have the players' best interests in mind. For that, many casual, hardcore, and pro LB enthusiasts would be dearly grateful. {{champion:7}}
^^^^ THIS plz riot this is literally ever lb mains dream :)) at least get ride of her 1.5 sec cd her waveclear and revert the sfx plz make lb great again plz {{champion:7}}
: Reverting to pre-rework and making the two minor changes needed to balance her kit almost sounds like what they would have to do to balance Rengar, Fizz, Shaco and Kha'Zix too! :O
Agreed. All she really needed was a shorter teather range and a buffer on the q r combo so like 40/60 split dmg so a Q R combo couldnt kill u which really that was almost impossible to do but people still complained about it.
: Cancer should remain in the gutter.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=xNAYRUx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YrYE4F3P,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-22T15:17:06.989+0000) > > Pantheon is way diffrent than Leblanc remgar or shaco. He is actually broken. There isn&#x27;t any counter play to point and click spears. There isn't any *outplay potential* to targeted spells. There's plenty of counterplay, you just don't feel inclined to acknowledge that it exists. Or that it even counts as counterplay. And Panth isn't an Assassin. He's a Diver.
very same with leblanc and rengar and shaco. They all have counter play and seeing that is a good thing. Pantheon has no counter play in lane besides stacking armor. But in teamfights hes pretty much a sitting duck. U could win lane against a leblanc. Dodging her e and playing around her roams and shoving her in is the ez way. In lane with panth there isnt anything u can do. But old lb was better late game than panth so thats the trade off
: Leblanc Update?
Ugh come on riot. This whole community of Leblanc mains have been begging for somthing since that terrible rework and all they give us is oh it's delayed till who knows when. Leblanc has been pushed to the side along with rengar while Kata and talon have the spotlight just give her some love plz and revert Her.
Sel2Marl2 (EUW)
: about leblanc
Her old kit brought a high skill cap champion to a theme that many people loved. This 1.5 second bs cooktime is not acceptable while a Tristana can oneshot me with three crit items and unavoidable auto attacks. Wtf riot. Plz revert her to her old enjoyable state where it doesnt feel like a chore to play her
: The problem is with these outdated champions is that no one likes playing _against_ them. No one likes playing against pantheon, or the some of old assassins, because the only way to deal with them is not go anywhere near them for risk of not being able to fight back because you're dead in .5 seconds. Or, on the other hand, being behind on these champions is basically handicapping your team.
Pantheon is way diffrent than Leblanc remgar or shaco. He is actually broken. There isn't any counter play to point and click spears. The amount of dmg out put and his extremely ez nature but he Is completely useless late game unless he's 15/0. That's not a good champion to have in a game. All other assassins were high skill cap risk reward with counter play. Lb could 100-0 u when she's fed yes but that's what an assassin should do. Just by a banshees veil or rod of ages as a mid laner and shove her out of lane her lack of waveclear also is a huge weakness. Now no assassin feels fun and it's so boring to play riot just really messed up on the assassin update. There delays and unattractive kits really failed the community and riot has done nothing about it. Leblanc needs another rework same as rengar. But lb rework was suppose to be in October and oh no it's somtime next year which is probly like pre season. Wtf meanwhile I'll get 100-0 by a cho and a Tristana will be the best assassin in this game. The only burst riot will slow is undodgable auto crit autos
Badman (NA)
: LeBlanc Rework
I just want riot to say what the there doing with Leblanc. She's been a problem since her rework release and riot has ignored and delayed her ever since
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