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: I just had a game that started promisingly, then 5 pings later, the whole team goes AFK.
Just had this earlier today for the first time... Could tell in champ select. Mid wanted Yasuo but he didn't get him because nobody on the team picked him for the swap. He picked Teemo and everyone else was freaking. I made a big mistake early ganking top and we both died. This led to top losing his mind immediately. Soon he spent more time typing about how bad I was rather than getting CS or focusing on the game. This Mordekaiser had 30 CS compared to Yasuo 106 when lane phase ended. Bot soon died on their own and I believe mid after. Everyone is spamming FF at 15 - especially the support and top. At 15, I voted NO and people freaked out even more. I suggested adc farm or top farm to catch up but the still pissed off Top from the 2 minute gank kept calling me names instead and wanting to spam and complain to the enemy team. Now they're AFKing at the fountain and I'm the only one playing. Game ends, finally. Easily the most miserable team I've ever had.
TsakiVs (EUNE)
: Jungle feeling
I'm close to muting again.I went a lot of games with /mute team but now Riot has stupidly made this also mute pings so then I have to unmute all the pings after I mute team....
: "ggez"
I sometimes report it. On the otherhand, the "ggez losers" type comments - definitely reporting.
: The top 5 posts in the 'hot' section of the boards are all about NB3
As opposed to any game with literally any duo queue that decides to blame a player for losing? It's league ....................
JetRam (OCE)
: Regardless of what you think of Nubrac, can we agree NB3's toxic behavior shouldn't go unpunished?
Seems like a typical league game-- the only difference is it was slightly more even. You do anything--and I mean ANYTHING out of meta...even in lower ELOS....expect to be flamed. Might not be your fault. Might not be why you lost. But you will damn sure hear about it
JetRam (OCE)
: Nightblue3 calls people that disagree with him "Brain damaged" (Tweet)
One of my favorite streamers calls people "brain dead" or "stupid" all the time -- Stop being sensitive
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: I received a death threat from a post I made here in Player Behavior
Just got out of a game, Renghar on enemy team to his losing teammate - "Type your home address I send bomb" People are nuts :D
Moody P (NA)
: "I am counterpicked but I'm playing safe and letting him push. Surely my jungler will help me soon"
What you don't understand is if you're losing clearly, it's very easy for a counter gank to hit very hard and then both you and your jg are dead. Even if the jg ganks and you're losing hard, you'll probably be losing hard again when the jg leaves. No thanks
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: Does reporting do anything?
Yes, I've been silenced a couple times and it has taught me a lesson both times. Now I just mute the team and keep pings on and play that way. Helps keep rage minimal.
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