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TinyPara (NA)
: yeah especially since they took out pd, the one item built for dealing with crit
The new Bramble Vest is what we have for dealing with crit now. But it's more front line tank focused than all around good.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Riot has had so many "reminders" about Set 5 lol; probably cause they barely change on upgrade/evolution and no one is buying them. feelsbadman
Yeah, like I'm not interested in buying anymore little legends as long as it's this dumb random pack opening business model. I want to be able to choose from all the types and skins. I understand that will remove the feeling of rarity for some people, but I don't want to have to buy 5 eggs to still not get the one I wanted.
: Well, they also nerfed Runaan's so scumbags (like me) can't do Guinsoo's + Runaan's + Runaan's Ashe and stunlock 6 enemy champions the entire round, so it probably evens out that Runaan's doesn't require a spatula in the long run. Granted, in all the time I played TFT I never saw someone else who realised Runaan's gives 4 bolts instead of 2 when you put 2 on the same champion, but regardless, it's probably a good nerf anyway.
I did that with Vayne a lot.
: > "Iā€™d totally take the item over the component, especially in the late game where the odds of getting the other pieces needed to make whatever item you are after is a lot lower." uhhhh no? Have you played tft before? less people alive and the same number of items in the carousel means a waaaay higher chance of getting preferred components late game. Especially if you are higher hp player.
You're forgetting that later in the game there are less components available since the carousel starts giving full items instead.
: I think Teemo would be much better suited for a VGU in the next couple of years. He's an incredibly dated champion. (visually and gameplay wise)
Actually Teemo did recently get a VGU.
: The Rainbow Fluft Icon Returns!
: Patch 8.24 Notes
Wish I could get Snow Man Yi ruby chroma by itself.
M1A48 (NA)
: I have a question, does highest minion score refer to CS or does it only count lane minions, I just need a little clarification.
I think it's CS but it would be nice to know for sure.
: My client hasnt updated to 8.15 yet or does the update come out tomorrow?
Correct it's not out yet.
: Hey Riot! Curious; Did you mean to say that Lee's new execute damage does, quote; > up to 100% increased damage based on target's missing health. Or did you mean 10%? Would really like to know, Thanks!
I believe they do mean 100% because now the damage is scaling off of the Q and not the opponents health. I think this will make it better at executing squishies and less effective against tanks.
: Patch 8.15 Notes
I don't think I agree with the changes to stop gold funneling. What I'm reading here is who ever is best at farming on your team, even if they are only 1 minion ahead, will get their farm gold cut in half? People are gonna start to farm less to make sure they get more gold because they aren't getting rewarded for playing well. I think it should be if a player is X number of minions ahead of their team they get 10 gold less per minion. If I'm misinterpreting this, feel free to say so. {{item:3400}}
: Patch 8.2 notes
How am I supposed to replace the move speed active on ToA? That was a staple item for me on Janna. Should I just not play her anymore? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Snow Battle ARURF launches
I wish we cloud take normal summoner spells and not just be limited to flash/snow ball. Also it is a little annoying that I am forced to use a snowdown skin when I have other options.
: Snow Battle ARURF launches
Played 2 games and already encountered a bug. After the game ended I gave honor to a player then it went back and made me give honor again. Then in the post game lobby I couldn't click on anything except the X to close the game, couldn't chat or look at stats and such.
: Compare Your Connection With Lag Report
This tool has helped me a lot. After I saw just how bad my connection score was (41 on wifi), I decided to get an Ethernet cable and now my score is 93! Thank you so much riot for opening my eyes.
: Runes Reforged: World Around Runes
When my shoes wear out I throw them away and buy new ones, I don't take them back to the store and ask for a refund. Similar to runes, I've gotten plenty of use from them and don't need a reward when they are removed.
: Any reason Xayah and Rakan are not being released on patch day, as champions always have been?
I don't recall champs always coming out on patch day. Where are you getting that from?
: Patch 7.8 notes
Gotta love those *Heath* relics.
: Patch 7.6 notes
I don't see why Nexus Siege keeps coming back. Did people like it?
: That box is an example of what it would look like on patch notes. This article explains what it means!
It's interesting to see that Riot prefers to reply to low rated comments, and not top rated ones.
Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
Lucian because he is broken and shows up in every game.
: Having a variety of choices is much better then having to wait days for the game mode you want to play.
But if all the game modes are up at once, you will have to wait days to get paired with someone playing the same mode. At least that is how Riot views it.
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
While this sounds really exciting, if URF doesn't get as much show time as any of the other game modes I will still be disappointed. Does Riot have something against URF specifically to not make it a reality?
: 100 million points - 3 refunds? plz {{champion:32}}
A better reward would be to make Urf a real champ! Or make the URF game mode permanent.
: How about if we raise 100 Million points you guys delete teemo?
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