Juxin (NA)
: What?! I lost my ranked game because someone first timed a champion on my team? What a surprise!
I don’t see the problem. Have you never played vs someone who was first timing a champ? Are you even sure it was their first time? Maybe they have multiple accounts. Focus on your mistakes instead of emphasizing your teams.
Crashyy (EUW)
: Can we get the wide variety of old Runes back? (statistics)
I like runes and masteries prior to keystones. But we both know they are forever buried.
coreym11 (NA)
: Just had another new player in my ranked game who just hit level 30, biased matchmaking
Silver is pretty low so maybe if they were bronze, they were probably close enough mmr at the time to be in ur game. The system will place them where they belong.
Yenn (NA)
: Hitting Rengar with CC during his jump and still dying in half a second does not feel good
When an assassin gets fed this kind of stuff happens. He’s not the only assassin with this sort of damage.
: Riot and the Year of Discontent
Bring back skill expression and let the teamwork part play it’s inevitable role given the game is 5v5
Naalith (NA)
: Mage changes are confirmed to be a result (in part, at least) of mage dominance in pro play. Really?
I’m usually the last guy to defend mage players and their cries, but holy shit, why before ADCs? And for the reasons mentioned. Holy fk !!!!
: Alternatively, I've also head imaqtpie and shiphter agree that League of Legends is still a fantastic game to play, and is "far from dying"
Which is a fair statement, but that doesn’t change what is agreed upon, which is that league isn’t AS enjoyable as it use to be by many committed players...
: > [{quoted}](name=xShiNjiNx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZnXop3H4,comment-id=0004000100000001,timestamp=2018-04-16T21:55:38.886+0000) > > The point is, I’d trade some of the old issues the game had for the ones we currently have. Diversity is imo much lower than it was before. And despite a large part of the community hating lee sin, I’d rather watch him than see tank junglers just stat check everyone with adcs behind them. Even pro play has become stale in that regard. And it’s been this way for multiple seasons now. Okay, I can understand your first sentence. But, is diversity (and I'm assuming you mean champions and champion builds) really lower or are we as a collective just learning/understanding the game to a point where we can figure out that a > b more quickly? It's not as if you can't go into a game and play Yi mid or Alistar top and carry, but moreso that when new patches drop there's so much information and analysis readily available the community quickly realizes that Yi mid and Ali top aren't as good as Taliyah or Gnar. Since everyone wants to win we flock to the most popular picks (i.e., creating the "meta"). We're talking 139 champions. There is diversity - we're just smarter about how we use our resources. And pro play is a hyper focused example of that because their analysis is generally greater than that of the consensus. That being said... it does suck to hear "Throw another rock!" every game, but I just can't see how we're supposed to even the playing field with how many champions League has currently.
Uhh diversity isn’t “which tank hasn’t been nerfed yet, okay use him” that is what it has come down too for professional play. There is a reason lee sin and Elise are no longer meta in pro play. They don’t impact the game for shit vs tank junglers. They don’t stand a chance. They do the same thing lee and else do except they don’t fall off late game. That’s something that pro play use to have to think about, what champs do we want early game so we can have x champion for late game. No, now it’s “which champion is decent or good early game and good late game” there is no trade off anymore. They just pick champions that have little to no weaknesses from start to finish. Sure that would’ve been great to have in previous seasons too. But it wasn’t nearly as common now. Why? Because there were ways to counter it before. Now, not so much. Everyone just uses the same strategy, it’s just who does the same strategy better.. zzzzzz I’m all for the killing of lane swapping don’t get me wrong, but the state of the game is very stale.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keevalroy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZnXop3H4,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-04-16T20:53:56.418+0000) > Blizzard wants to do classic WoW... I think that is a bit of an unfair comparison considering Blizzard has about twice the manpower that Riot has, and one of their leading arguments for why Classic WoW took so long was a lack of developers to commit to a project which was a complete "?" in terms of sustainability. Like someone else mentioned already, a lot of players are just remembering the parts they want to and either a) forgetting all the bad or b) downplaying it because hindsight bias. I would LOVE to play as old Fiora. That rage inducing, keyboard shredding, screaming-at-my-monitor-because-why-the-fuck-where-did-my-health-go ultimate was just so satisfying. Or, the joy of curb-stomping with a decked out AD Sion. All good memories. Some where I was on the receiving end. However, to me, some of those are better left as pleasant memories... though I wouldn't be upset about a Fiora ult revert :^) Rito pls {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
The point is, I’d trade some of the old issues the game had for the ones we currently have. Diversity is imo much lower than it was before. And despite a large part of the community hating lee sin, I’d rather watch him than see tank junglers just stat check everyone with adcs behind them. Even pro play has become stale in that regard. And it’s been this way for multiple seasons now.
R3bourne (EUW)
: State of Junglers at the moment / Suggestion for upcoming patches
Something I just recently suggested in my post as well was this lol
: I feel like this applies here as well,so I'm gonna copy-pasta something I just posted in another thread. "I honestly feel like at this point Riot should just do what Jagex did; Release 'Classic League'. No flashy map. No multiple dragon types that give random buffs. No piss-ass Nashor that dies in 4 seconds. All champs sure, but also all items that currently and ever have existed, with the most updated versions of them, and most importantly... **The old MMR and ranking system**. Where you were allowed to actually win a game for your team if you were good enough to beat the entire enemy team by yourself because you did not belong in the rank that you were in, for whatever reason. I can see it now 'But what will happen to current League player base?' Nothing. All of the newbies who picked League up in the last season or two will still play modern League, but the oldies like a lot of the streamers and myself included who have played since beta, 1, and 2, will gladly go back to the glory days of old runes, masteries, and macro play emphesization."
I heard imaqtpie and shiphter both agree season 4 was the last of the glory days.
Draehl (NA)
: I'd settle for fights that lasted longer than 3 seconds.
Not really the issue for my games, but I do know what you mean.
Áery (NA)
: Not sure if I ever met someone who said they truly enjoy League after 5.18. But it’s been almost three seasons, they surely have their priorities in check.
Yeah the patch right before the juggernaut update was really good not gana lie. And like u said, it’s been pretty subpar ever since.
Eedat (NA)
: What do people think of Wukong currently?
Wukong is like Kayle for me.. strong but hardly picked. But when picked by a good player they can single handedly carry the game.
Glory97 (EUW)
: I main midlane for 4 years already. And I've played often against yasuo. But there has never been a time where a yasuo with one item could obliterate me like that when hitting just one tornado on a full-health champ. And yasuo was never really weak either. Unless they are already ahead with 5 kills or something the yasuo wouldn't even bother to ult me if he hits a tornado when im full health and very close to my tower
: One person can lose the "team" game for you...
I’ll be honest I didn’t read the entire post so my apologies for that. I will say the “one person can lose the game for the team but one person can’t win the game for the team” became much more true with how the bounty system started to work. The game has always been 5v5 focused but, split pushing has become more and more unreliable as a team based strategy. Tanks shields and adcs have crowded out fighters and assassins for quite some time. Poke mages like ziggs, or well.. poke in general. Has been directly nerfed and indirectly (how baron works now) basically the game has changed so much trying to add depth to the game that it actually destroyed a lot of depth. Hell i remember when junglers were typically based around their ability to hop around the map in ways that other champions couldn’t, now we have blast cones and such that take that uniqueness away. And that’s only part of it, jungle smite options did the same thing. The game has evolved a lot with good intentions, but it’s actually a lot more basic than it ever was since season 4 ended.
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Vekkna (NA)
: K, so 30% slow for ranged. Just like Mallet.
Didn’t really go into specifics, but in general terms I think it should be a good health and slow item but low damage
: > [{quoted}](name=xShiNjiNx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vLJgaNzP,comment-id=00070002,timestamp=2018-01-16T14:31:10.295+0000) > > Then why are they played mid and top time to time? The only adc viable in other lanes was Lucian bc of his high mobility and the fact black cleaver was good on him. Vayne top is only good if ur way better than other toplaner and their jg is afk
Graves top was a thing, quin, vayne, lucian, kalista have all seen top. Coki, kalista, lucian, kog, tristana, varus, ezreal have been played mid. And we even have cases like twitch, ezreal in the jungle. Regardless of how common it was is or what ever, its often enough that it defeats the argument that they are too low hp to deal with other classes alone..
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Any news as to whether Rengar will be on pbe next cycle?
: Another post ignoring how helpless adc are vs every other class due to their kits and low hp.
Then why are they played mid and top time to time?
: Can we rework Rylais into a healthier AP item? Pitch your ideas!
Buff hp nerf ap.. should be just like mallet in that regard.
: Any progress towards Rengar Q yet? Really looking forward to it!
I hope to start seeing it come together next week!!&
: Rework or Move On? How do you decide?
Move on, or wait for a buff.
: https://twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/944079188742455296
Anxiously waiting for more. {{champion:107}}
: Lucian idea
Make ult have crit chance =) why not? MFs cancer ult can and can hit way more targets. Inb4 Apples to Oranges argument.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Her not getting reworked because she's perfectly fine as is.
I agree 100%, seeing champions like this getting reworked before someone like nunu really triggers me.
Abibyama (EUW)
: In the distant past, vayne was weak until she maxed W and built Botrk
Yeah, now crit is so cheap and strong almost every adc just gets 3 crit items asap then worried about penetration...then generally qss.... And maybe the last item will be lifesteal
saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
I liked it when picking an adc was a preference, not just "because this one is far superior than the others" I dont think I play enough bot to have a very valuable opinion, but something tells me maybe supports have a fair part in which adcs are good. Like, where the hell did jinx go? She use to be so popular I almost never see her anymore...
: Why? Why should balance be so shitty I need to waste a ban on Akali, only for Pantheon to be picked?
Cause you're the one with the problem? Thats exactly what the ban is for? I have no issues with akali.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Can we gut Akali till rework?
Use ur ban on her, problem solved.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Because it's not just mages. AD assassins affect more than just their lane opponent. Hopefully Riot will nerf the stat. to appeal to their beloved ADCs.
Rotfl, u disgust me.
: I literally don't know what to play anymore.
Yeah.. my fav champs were reworked and nerfed really hard all last year and slightly prior.. -Shen, reworked, don't like barely ever play -Rengar, reworked, don't like, still play a bit, waiting for janurary changes -Graves, massively nerfed, still play a bit, waiting for buffs -Udyr was super strong early last year and then his Phoenix got gutted, luckily he's decent again. Just play the game for fun now.. Can't really enjoy the competitive aspect the way i use to.
KazKaz (OCE)
: This has nothing to do with what I said, but hey, I'll review it anyway. You're right, mages contribute more to a team than assassins do, hence the term assassin.
It has more to do with it than u think. Imagine they didnt have even a decent laning phase.. When are they suppose to be good? Mages contribute more cc, aoe damage, push and counter pushing, siege power, anti siege, longer range etc... So seeing as assassins tend to suck in 5x5 and split pushing with one has become less and less viable since season 4.. What is the problem with them giving mage mid laners a run for their money?
McFatal (NA)
: Remember when being good at top actually meant something?
Uhh, not since season 4.. honestly, top is just a cluster fuck for mid-late game team fighting it seems. I miss the days of Shyvana VS Renekton top and such.. or actually seeing jax as a priority pick.
: The top lane is a champion select role
it has been this way for YEARS.. Hense why in proscene the top lane generally is the least variety. It's all about who can survive lane and be useful in dragon fights and mid-late game team fights.. remember season 4.. Rumble, Ryze, Gnar meta..
: Is Miss Fortune going to get nerfed any time soon?
Im fine with her W honestly.. Its her ult that is bs. Even if you are. Tank you can be shredded by this massive aoe spell. If the team is in anyway ccd, chances are mfs ult alone will win the fight. Even if she is a support. Id rather see a shift of power away from ger ult, and put into her other abilities.
: I'm trying to figure out the correlation. Could you explain?
.. A really strong component item that offers a lot for little gold?
Oelyk (NA)
: His Q has the slow, his knock back does not. He's still cancer.
I know, its the combination he uses when he is in trouble, and because the slow is so strong .. For 2s..combo'd with the knock back.. It's pretty impossible to catch up.
: I have played rengar for years and he is fine. People who can not land a skill shot need to switch to a new champion. I one tricked him to masters. If they rework his q back to what it is. Ninja rabid will make him even shittier then he is now. Everyone cry’s about AOE, but look at Katrina. Stop crying everyone and get over it the skillshot.
Literally has nothing to do with the idea you have that he is "too hard" now because his q is a skill shot.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Tabis, Sunfire, Zhoyna's and Warden's. I wanted to see if armour stacking actually affected lethality's ability to one shot through armour. Needless to say, lethality still won out. If you're saying that Sunfire Cape is bad on Kat then honestly you're behind in terms of Kat since she's been able to buy it and use it well ever since her 2nd rework came out (2012-2016 rework).
Ur going full tank and expecting to win a 1v1 vs zed? And ur claim to get 100-0d with those items is bs.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Not really. When you're matched vs mages one MR item will usually suffice until they pick up Void Staff. Meanwhile AD assassins hit their powerspikes earlier due to their builds being insanely cheap and easy to access in terms of components, and your counters to that slow down your item spikes and armour items in general are quite expensive outside of Tabis, which aren't nearly enough. ALSO, lethality users stack lethality, and given that it's cheap and doesn't slow down their item/damage power spikes you're on the back foot if you ever stack armour against them. As for Zhoyna's it doesn't give enough armour to be all too relevant vs lethality users. Even with the active you're only delaying your death at best by 3-5 seconds (including the active). Another thing, do you ever play against lethality users xShiNjiNx? Because let me tell you that if you ever play vs even a half decent Zed or Kha'zix you will see what I'm talking about.
You realize that mages contribute to a team in far easier and multiple ways than assassins?
KazKaz (OCE)
: I was around during that time. Brutalizer was a really tame item, same as Last Whisper. The real problem items back then were pre-rework (pre-nerf) Black Cleaver and Triforce (since Triforce gave crit.) in terms of how unhealthy they were. You say that I'm refusing to adapt to a situation and yet I plainly stated that I went full armour Kat and got beaten by a 2 item Zed in 1v1s.
Then maybe you are bad? I mean didnt u say you built a sunfire cape on kat?
: I never understood why top laners hated jayce
Its the knock-back in melee form that also has a slow that is triggering. Just when you think you finally got him.. yuh dont.
: Low elo hates bruisers-->Riot hates bruisers--->fervor removed. Have you ever in the last season heard any complaints about fervor? I can't remember but i sure as hell remember warlords and how broken it actually was especially after riot introduced the shiv/rfc stacking warlords again, yet fervor gets removed and warlords returns. So riot is now minisculy buffing bruisers so that people think riot is listening and will help us (which they don't) and then they will nerf everything else and create some abomination like fervor-grasp so that bruisers have to go more tanky instead of dmg and become completely useless since they can't kill anything, they can't take anything, they don't have CC etc.
Low elo hates everything cause they lose to... everything.
: How about bringing back something like fervor?
Why was it scrapped to begin with?
KazKaz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xShiNjiNx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FidAEWAW,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-15T12:31:42.391+0000) > > Exaggerate much? Do u even know what lethality is? Probably not with a response like that. You do know that Lethality ignores flat armour, right? And if you're a squishy in the mid lane or bot lane then you're likely not going to be able to rush armour without sacrificing huge item powerspikes.... That's not exaggerating, play against any good Zed who walks back to lane with a Serrated Dirk, then tell me that lethality is perfectly is ok. Lethality as a whole is a flawed concept and armour pen. was always the healthier option.
You have very similar options as a mage, besides, do u remember when everyone even adcs were sacrificing damage of sort to buy tabis? Because the boots alone countered the pen from dirk.. Maybe it's not "exaggerating" for u, but refusing to adapt to a situation is a flaw from the player, not items themselves. Ima go out on limb here and say u wernt around when bruitilizer and last whisper were around.. And no not the lw we have now.
: You should educate yourself on how lethality works. The lower your armor is, the more damage lethality does. Just getting ninja tabi is a massive boost to your defense against lethality. Here is an example with Ahri who has 80 base armor at level 18. Someone with 3 lethality items has 54 penetration. For the sake of easy math we will say that an MF Q hits you for 1k damage. 80-54=26 armor 1000x(1-26/126)=794 damage Now with tabi 1000x(1-56/156) = 641 (1-641/794)x100 = 19% damage reduction just from boots
They arnt looking for solutions, just circle jerking, bitchinh and moaning about shit that they think is flawed even though it's not.
KazKaz (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xShiNjiNx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FidAEWAW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-15T02:49:54.628+0000) > > Then invest in armor.. Tell that to me when I'm a Kat with a Sunfire, Tabis and Zhoynas and the fed still one shots me with a basic lethality item.
Exaggerate much? Do u even know what lethality is? Probably not with a response like that.
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