: when you're an inhibitor tower, and there is a stiff breeze
I wouldnt mind tankier towers and a rift that respawns after being taken atleast once. At more tactics to the game at the cost of more time(toimproveskillatmaxlevelinlategame.)
: Riot? Do you listen to us?
I think they listen more on reddit.
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: 51.7% win rate. https://i.imgur.com/X3b5umq.png Source: https://champion.gg/champion/Taliyah/Jungle
How the hell? I only see her once or twice a month if im not playing her.
: I disagree wholeheartedly O_o I main Taliyah and have been playing her for a while now. They actually just nerfed her Q back up to 11 seconds at rank 1 last patch. It feels pretty bad but not super duper unplayable. The worked ground is actually really useful early game. Position it to the side of a wave and use it to help last hit or get poke in on the enemy. When you cast Q on worked ground it only costs 1 mana (basically free) instead of the full Q cost, which early game is A LOT of mana. Seriously, early game you can only get in a couple rotations before you're OOM, so worked ground is like a blessing. Outside of the reduced cost Q though, yeah, worked ground is a bit of a hassle later in the game. It used to grant movespeed while walking on it, but Riot removed that when they made all the big changes to her kit. I think finding a way to buff her exclusively mid lane might be nice, because while she has been finding great success as a jungler her mid performance has been just "meh". But I don't think she needs any super drastic buffs to her Q or worked ground. //Also, I just looked at your profile. The reason you probably think Taliyah needs buffs is because you are running Conqueror, Press The Attack, and Lethal Tempo... All mostly AD auto attack based runes, while Taliyah is an AP caster... Wit's End, Nashor's Tooth, Stormrazor, Rageblade, and Trinity Force are all pretty TERRIBLE items on Taliyah. My suggestion is to try running either Electrocute with Sorcery secondary if you're confident and going to be roaming a lot, or Aery with Domination or Resolve (mostly against assassins, bone plating + chrysalis) secondary. And build Ludens and Rylai's (situational but useful most games IMO) into other situational AP items.
im running those cause its much easier than the recommended for me. I basically q and auto at the same time to be a machine gun of stone. but only with press the attack as it offers the most damage. Aery works against other ap, but god forbid talon, zed, or yas are your opponents cause you will have a bad time. It weird but the ad runes works well on a few ap champs. I try to play tali mixed damage cause the ap scaling....is so bad and i dont like it so i worked around it and is fun. But thanks for the suggestions! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Besteau (NA)
: Memotions contest entry: "When the team fight is a dumpster fire"
I need this. for every person that yells at me when i turn around and walk away from a one at time strat.
: Infernal Akali should be changed to Shadowfire Akali
Oh my goodness, the abs on akali. you could grind meat on those. Hell they look better then brands abs. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: These new Darius and Garen skins are so visually cluttered that it is very unappealing
Yet they didnt do blood moon eve any justice.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Nankyoku (EUNE)
: Everyone is instalocking Pyke
Jinto (OCE)
: Why is Pyke's ultimate called 'Death from Below' when he stabs the area from above??
he comes up from bellow by jumping and diving into spectral water to come up and murder them. from below. thats why he blinks to their location...
: Fuck the Jungle Changes
I kinda gotta agree, these changes pushed me away from playing jungle and more of playing graves mid, which as of tomorrow will be dead due to not enough crit chance. Rip {{item:3508}} your glory and versatility will be missed.
Eyesack (NA)
: If adc items are going to be nerfed...
in the current state of game, geduchnudes waylaid's old passive was more balanced if used with its current stats. as it is now they might have to drop a stack or 2 to make it less of a power house item, especially on jax. IS STILL FUN THO
Eyesack (NA)
: Give me one good reason why Graves should be allowed to remain in his current state.
Basically no weakness other then slow and minions block auto attacks.
: Nerf Irelia now
woo 20 mana but she has to kill the target for it to be able to spam. ult range is short and dodgable so if it misses its a waste. if she can 1 hit a mage at level 3 with a q then that mage is either low health or really really bad. She is more balanced then old irelia, which when it got going even today's yi could not stop. you wanna talk about broken look at trydamere and illoai, not champs you are gonna act like a crotchety old man about cause they arent the same as they were before. now get off my lawn ye wippersnapper.
: > [{quoted}](name=xSightlessx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Hf1OLJBx,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2018-05-28T14:25:08.090+0000) > > {{champion:63}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:104}} Talon can beat yasuo but the matchup is still in his favor since Talon's only harass tool is W and Yasuos W can block 3/4th of Talons whole kit.
Its never in yas's favor if its talon vs yas. talon can out damage yas with his passive, his q that also heals him on kill which works on minions too can close the gap and do extra damage if its in the back, and even more if he is right up close. I have never lost to a yas as talon, nor have i ever seen a talon vs yas were talon did not use yas a obtuse broom to clean up his blades with how many times he has killed yas. not once. and yas's wall has such a long cool down that he is a meat knife rack to talon after that.
Shock16 (NA)
: How to play against Yasuo mid?
{{champion:63}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:104}}
: Elise, Evelynn, Nidalee, and Ekko all scale well off of movespeed.
While the ms was nice on runic, i do prefer the cdr on eve, cause now i can nuke people faster.
: That new jgl is terrible
So what your saying is that anyone that built for jgl first are completely uneffected?
Azadethe (NA)
: Possible. Look. I'm not saying he can't kill mages and adcs. He can. If they F up. If they don't dodge E, he's probably going to 3 second kill them. If they do dodge it, he probably will die instead. And after that, it really depends on who made the most mistakes first and got fed. If an adc is 10/2 by 15 minutes, Pyke prob dies before he even arrives. If Pyke's adc/him are up instead, he'll probably be the one getting fed. All depends on those early game kills and how good the adc is. I mean..... he's not a shaco with an enhanced auto attack. If he blows one of 2 ad skills on a miss, he's not gonna kill.
Well if an adc is 10/2 in the first 15 min, i dont think really anyone can stop em unless they screw up.
Azadethe (NA)
: Most adcs have enough sustain to deal with Pyke's core damage. And if they get hit by his E, they deserve to die. Good adcs will kill him before they are at risk. Mages.....again.... he's prone to linear cc. If he goes after a Brand or a Morg, he can expect to be disrupted mid E and nuked. His biggest strength tbh is when teammates create distractions/cc nets for him to dive.
I think that depends on how you play him, build him, and what runes you use. I feel i may be over estimating him, and you may be undereatimating him. I wanna find out with you, cause you have a good sense about you, god i feel old just typing that.
Azadethe (NA)
: It really doesn't do all that much damage. In the old form, you were lucky realistically to get to 1054 damage threshhold. I know at least 150 skills which do greater damage. However.... what made it unique is..... if it's an execute, it's armor/magic ignoring damage that can't be shielded. It can, however, be Healed prior to the end of the Ult. When you do a mediocre amount of damage but it ignores armor and shields and guarantees the kill, that's something we're not all used to. But getting there is a challenge in itself... because a lot of people have 3000+ HP.... sustain, and Pyke's kit alone isn't friendly to those HP thresholds. I'm not defending or condemning the champ. But his kit is healthier with the higher scaling than the lower scaling. Otherwise he's just another tier 2-3 champion that will settle at less than 1% pick rate.
Leave the 3000 hp people, go for the squishy high damage adc and mage, or if they have a squishy support, then go after the high health dudes. in team fights. Or just get a bork or liandrys( since liandrys isnt % health isnt limited to only magic damage.) Chunk their health with basics and then ult em.
Azadethe (NA)
: BAM! Pyke gets nerfed into the ground before release.
CONGRAGULATIONS! You now have to tactically use his ult that still hurts a hell of a lot. Its not nerfing. Its, say it with me, balancing.
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: Pyke is the first champion that's actually made the game seem boring because I want to play him
Ah the feeling of new interesting champ pre launch. Wait til launch when everyone forgets about the code of calls to play em.
: PBE Content Dump
Hmmmm, I wonder if there is gonna be some sort of pirate themed event.
: Pyke Special Interactions
yeaaa im 95% sure thats vin diesel
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: People everywhere complaining about Pyke's assassin kit being unfit for Support
unfit for support?? He can pull, he can slow he can stun, he can flank and give full kill gold to champs that help him when he kills with ult. Thats pretty support like. He just has option not to play support.
Catalin10GG (EUNE)
: Pyke’s mask
Maybe it just gets more teeth the more you kill? JulieJuice sums it up tho.
: Why do Mages get stuck with 4 movement speed runes?
Akaash (NA)
: People who think League is dying have never played a dying game.
: So, why the fuck does Irelia ult stop sion ult?
Pretty sure its the slow from the wall.
: Removing {{item:3124}} and {{item:3147}} will make a lot of players happy
Adanim (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=xSightlessx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8XWvMAiJ,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-05-03T13:47:43.227+0000) > > So you wanna remove one of 2 niche items for mixed damage champs? Like they did with will of the ancients? Also playing around an item is a thing. Aka buying something with grievous wounds against some one with lifesteal ore health regen items. Or mp against others mr. You literally do this every game... > > Here is a counter to Douche-canooes beyblades. Get items that slow attack speed. Its an attack speed based item for champs that rely on attack speed and on hit effects. I don't think people even build {{item:3110}} anymore, I haven't seen it in a long time
Huh. Ive seen it plenty. So many tanks. Didnt frozen mallet or ice born have a similar effect?
Hajlat (EUNE)
: Can't buy blood moon evelynn?
: Just remove guinsoos already.
So you wanna remove one of 2 niche items for mixed damage champs? Like they did with will of the ancients? Also playing around an item is a thing. Aka buying something with grievous wounds against some one with lifesteal ore health regen items. Or mp against others mr. You literally do this every game... Here is a counter to Douche-canooes beyblades. Get items that slow attack speed. Its an attack speed based item for champs that rely on attack speed and on hit effects.
Wraxus (EUW)
: Ka'sai
I think its pretty balanced at the moment.
Darks (NA)
: @junglers who are upset about the up coming changes.
@ the mages and junglers upset bout the changes. the jg mages think you got off easy. ~~is shitty pun yes.~~
Poske (EUNE)
: How is this evelynn iteration healthier then the last one?
{{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Macilento (EUW)
: The new Ranked system for 2019 pushes you EVEN MORE into 1 role and here's why
Wait are you guys telling me i can play with people of my skill level in one role in paticular that will allow me to improve and guage my skills, while also helping me learn and improve in other roles, and it will reward me it? You serious?
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: Blood Moon Evelynn Edit
That is...wow that actually looks alot more like blood moon. I love it.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Think about one change that would completely destroy the meta as we know it
Azadethe (NA)
: Did you notice her recall? Panty shots are not Evelynn?
Nono the recall was definitely evelynn. The recall is perfect, maybe a little jittery in a few of the animation frames but its still fantastic.
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Rioter Comments
: When you think she's beautiful, but it's C9 Sneaky
: _are you saying that we cant ship champions with each other??_
For real. I ship {{champion:145}} and {{champion:28}} cause they would be the best purple power couple. Violent Violets man. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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