Tazimuss (NA)
: I'm actually not going to miss him at all. It seems like most of, if not all, of league's bad ideas revolved around him and his "dad meme's" Good riddance, maybe they'll get a competent replacement who actually knows what the fuck they are doing.
not the place for your bs there taz. go circle jerk somewhere else, where your misapprehensions about the game are more appropriate.
: Patch 7.3 notes
Can we all just take a moment Scarizard, who's been writing these patch notes for like, forever, is leaving riot this upcoming friday. Please, everyone /thread and thank him for his hard work. Thank you, Scarizard. We'll miss you
Ququroon (NA)
: Nono, it's Please Send Tell, when somebody wants to buy/sell something in Trade Chat.
wait, people do more in tradechat than spam thunderfury? what game are you even talking about
: Wow... I didn't even see the passive. I don't get it. Why are they reworking a champ that was perfectly balanced?
because even if he was perfectly balanced, which is debatable, there was no compelling reason to pick him over other artillery mages like xerath or ziggs. now there is: he can burn through tanks late game in teamfights with his ult
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot: Is "Star Guardian" a skin theme you want to make more of?
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Low-Scope Mage Directions
tbh i think i know why veigar's ult blows me up, if i built ap it's because there is ap, if i didn't it's because i don't have mr. not a mystery, really. i kinda like it this way.
: Key Fragment drop rates are too skewed compared to Boxes...
i personally have 5 key fragments at all times and never any boxes, rip me
: > [{quoted}](name=Memeglaive Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GsdaI3U5,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-04-04T10:50:54.058+0000) > > http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/wnkdIjHJ-you-have-not-proven-to-be-worth-anything-just-because-youre-high-rank > > ? i love how you fish for some smart ass response to get upvotes. and BTW, i have 3.7k lifetime upvotes so lol this just in: people of both ranks on the low and high end of the spectrum have their own problems
i can't even hold all these upvotes, look at how right i am, you are plebs and i am the king bow down before me for i am your lord and master by virtue of upvotes
: The Life of a Support
tbh i love support, i play like almost exclusively support (little jungle lately but still, 90% support) and i've seriously had to consider switching my main role because i'm sick of being flamed all the time for being the support, and for having to depend on my adc who has no idea what is going on. duo laning is much harder on the support because we have to set the tempo without an abundance of damage, and if we do bring damage, we get flamed for bringing damage. i sometimes doubt that most adcs realize what goes on around them when they're farming, how much zoning i do and how much awareness i need to have to make sure my auto-shove adc doesn't get ganked because he's pushed up with no chance of jungle assistance. and yet when i do make a play it's just "nice job vayne" but if something goes wrong, always my fault it's frustrating man
: Riven is giving you/your main this look in a coffee shop
{{champion:36}} AYY BABY U WANT SUM FUK
Meddler (NA)
: We've got a target we're aiming for, until the final work's finished and confirmed to hit the required standards it's still going to have to be described as 'soon' though.
: Refunds per season update XD
sounds more like people want upvotes
R3p0r7M3 (NA)
: why would I ever pick Jarvan?
garen is pretty easy to kite, whereas when j4 decides he's coming for you the best thing you can do is flash out of his ult, and aside from engage j4 actually does have both damage and tankiness lol. if you're taking j4 top you tend to go full one shot mode instead of tank, tho: is eqr auto combo is reaally strong if you build full ad plus if garen gets behind, he has to build tank and just hope he can catch skillshots in fights or find the nemesis really low for the true damage on his ult: if j4 gets behind, he can still engage for his team, regardless of items or kda
: Karma was a mid laner before they "made" her a support, and now they keep balancing her as one. We don't want Zyra to be another failed Karma rework.
she's still a mid laner, is the point. just cause she's balanced for support doesn't mean she can't be a midlaner. i also wouldn't say the karma rework was a failure
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
a lot of people on this thread are pretty mad that it's being balanced around support, and saying she's not a true support 1. they're balancing her to make her one, so if you don't feel that way right now, maybe that's why they're changing it 2. anyone can really be a support as long as they duo and help the team, whether it's cc, vision control, or protection 3. just because your support does damage is no reason to imply your support is not a real support. Brand, Vel'Koz, and Annie all do plenty of damage, and before you say "well they're all midlaners:" Bard's not a midlaner, but take thunderlords and ignite on him and you've got yourself a kill lane, buddy. Support through damage isn't as intuitive as a cc bot like nautilus or a walking shield like braum, but it's still support. 4. Zyra mid is fine! People are complaining about Zyra's balance as a support in the way Karma was balanced as a support: guess who has been played mid multiple times this season in pro play? (hint, it's zilean: but it's also karma) 4.5: Just because she's balanced for support doesn't mean she'll be useless in mid. She's currently played way, WAY more at support than mid (about 75% of Zyra games are on support, vs 21% mid), so it makes more sense to balance her for the position in which she is most often played. That said, it's not gonna stop us /r/zyramains from taking her jungle. So sit back, calm down, and be happy that they finally put out a directions post like i am cheers, lads
5050BS (NA)
: Zyra support means taking kills from ADC and CS She is only good bot lane IF you play her as a Mid laner and you are the Carry
you couldn't be more wrong, most zyra support players don't go after kills or cs. even janna will take a cs or two here or there by accident with a tornado, and frankly if my adc couldn't get a kill when i dropped a root, two slowing plants, and an ult with a knockup, he or she isn't working hard enough.
: No Chest Reward For S ranked game
you can only get a chest once every 7 days if you look on your summoner profile there are 4 chests, and it says "you can earn a new chest in x more days" if you've already gotten a chest from a game this week, you can't get another one for a bit
: I have bought some chest but i cant find where to open them.
same here, also part of my summoner profile isn't working, the front page where it shows champ mastery and solo rank is completely blank: not missing my champ masteries etc, just blank altogether edit, fixed the summoner profile by relogging, the chests are shown on my profile but i can't figure out how to open
: Or she has a lot counter play. Also did you completely ignore his comment about her having counters in lane?
: > [{quoted}](name=xSleepy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dRhZHfIE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-03-03T01:46:10.866+0000) > > fiora is fine, she requires actual skill and risk to play. nautilus can build full tank, walk up, hit e, and chunk you for more damage than a cc bot/tank like him should be able to do on base damage alone. > if you're worried about fiora's damage, there was a good post on reddit today about how to counter her in lane. You more than likely feel she's fine because you're playing against garbage Fioras (Bronze).
i'm a support main i don't need to play against fiora to know she's fine. She has conditional damage output, an exploitable early game with great scaling and high mechanical play, she's exactly the way she was designed to be and just because you're salty about it doesn't mean nautilus, who has been above where he needs to be to be effective for FAR too long, doesn't deserve a bit of a balancing, and just because i'm low elo doesn't mean i don't know my stuff
: lol nautilus gets damage nerfs before fiora
fiora is fine, she requires actual skill and risk to play. nautilus can build full tank, walk up, hit e, and chunk you for more damage than a cc bot/tank like him should be able to do on base damage alone. if you're worried about fiora's damage, there was a good post on reddit today about how to counter her in lane.
: Why Riot? You've done NOTHING major to nautilus in years, why nerf him now?
the 5.5 change you listed with the reduced cooldown on his e is specifically what put him into pro play. I remember because I was so excited to see it happen, LemonNation played him on support and ended up with more kills than Sneaky. He's past due for a nerf, he has been too strong for too long. He's able to put out inordinate amounts of cc with high base damage and medium cooldowns, and his tank scaling is immense. i'm not saying he's entirely broken, but there's some room for balance
: So the keystones are a complete failure, right?
uh, no, actually, they're pretty neat and provide for strategic diversity, lucian for instance can take thunderlords to win lane or fervor to do better damage over long teamfights, jungle graves can take thunderlords to double down on his already crazy burst, or strength of ages from free stats as a reward for farming. Just because a couple champs hyper-synergize with a couple keystones doesn't mean the system is a failure
xSleepy (NA)
: Why is Relic Shield Melee Champs only, instead of Melee Range?
i've apparently not made clear that i am talking about executing from melee range, like even ranged champions would have to walk in to like 50 range to get the execute
Rioter Comments
: I read that as Olaf is cursed with extreme luck. Either way, the Bilgewater lore didn't seem very well written in comparison to this.
plus i think the champions are vulnerable even in lore, but the reason they are _champions_ is because they've survived some crazy stuff and can do it consistently. eg, Gangplank.
Sargonas (NA)
: All those things are totally kosher. :)
UGHHH thank god, this has been bugging me for months and i haven't been able to get a straight answer. tysm
: So, expose weakness procs on ANY damage?
it actually doesn't proc on zyra's plant damage, so i'm not sure what it procs on yet.
: Heya Bui, I've spent some time investigating your claims, and I believe I've identified a primary source of confusion: Back towards the end of last season, you allowed another player to utilize your account for exactly 9 ranked games and one promotional series (sometimes referred to as boosting). During his brief tenure, he unfortunately employed the use of a fairly obvious scripting application, and while it may not seem like you're directly at fault, we ultimately hold an account responsible for the actions taken on it. The damage here was significant. You were reported in just about every game you allowed him to play for you, and while we don't use player reports to determine guilt, they definitely paint a picture of the pain caused by scripting suites. There's never really a good reason to share your account, and those seeking additional security guidelines can level up [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751664-Protecting-Your-Account#h2q1).
good catch, just to be clear tho: razer synapse and curse voice and like, replay software, is that stuff all good? i use razer and curse and was thinking of getting lolreplay or something to review my play to improve, u feel
: To everyone who isn't an Assassin Main
yes, because as a support it's nice knowing that we have a split push and i don't have to buy banner, and because i know if we have a fed assassin i don't have to worry as much about the enemy adc. and it's nice to know that if my mid laner is ahead (as a jungler) they'll probably stay ahead.
: So...Azir just Flat Out Doesn't Have a Passive in Dominion Anymore?
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleepy Chewbacca,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dPOHBIZM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-20T16:49:57.059+0000) > > is this a "shitpost," we don't stand for that sort of thing here He's just following the example set by Bernie Sanders.
: the more you get ahead, the harder it should be, not easier
is this a "shitpost," we don't stand for that sort of thing here
Chortle (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleepy Chewbacca,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lGvgEbAE,comment-id=00150001,timestamp=2016-02-16T22:55:25.796+0000) > > zyra main here, what are you running for runes/masteries, or more to the point, how do you stay healthy for your clear? the few times i've jg zyra, i rarely come out of my 3rd camp at over a quarter hp, and i rarely do a full clear without backing before level 4 Hey! Masteries are thunderlord's keystone with the rest of the points in offense tree. Runepage is pretty generic for a mage jungler I think. I run AP quints, Mpen marks, flat Health seals, and CDR/level glyphs. Level 1 is the most important (hardest) part for jungle zyra. This is why it's especially rough when your allies choose not to leashe for you. It's possible, but you will be far behind if you have to lvl 1 by yourself. Level 2 is when your clears are healthier and pick up speed. This would also be when strong early junglers will most likely invade you. You can either prepare for the invade and fight, or start your clear on the top side of the map. When it comes to clearing camps before you get Runic Echoes, you will want to place your plants in a way that they will be tanking the big jungle monster in the camp while you are tanking the small ones. For red/blue, placing a plant right behind the main one while you stand infront of it and between the two smaller ones will assure the big one aggros the plant and the small ones aggro Zyra. Once aggro is set, auto the little ones so that they will be taken out first. Then you just need to kite the red/blue buff and spawn plants when needed. Wolves and raptors react similar with plant aggro.
ever try skipping the red/blue buffs and hitting the smaller camps first to get more exp? i've seen it on other junglers with weak early clears and it's had some success. for instance instead of gromp/blue/wolves, go gromp/wolves/scuttle/blue or something like that
Chortle (NA)
: I've pretty much given up trying to convince people that jungle Zyra works really well. Sure there are a lot of other champions that are FOTM right now, but none of them have the AOE cc, burst, and zoning of Zyra jungle. The community is too negative about unusual picks. It's not about being a special snowflake, it's about having fun in this damn game for a change. Playing OP fotm shit bores me to death. I feel your pain OP. This game and its community are the shittiest it has been in a while. I personally can't wait for Overwatch. Have had nothing but fun times in beta. http://36.media.tumblr.com/3b434ac802a41a901d9fb1e931c8e093/tumblr_o1w4hsohdg1tvmyy6o1_1280.png here's my placement games with mostly zyra jungle.
zyra main here, what are you running for runes/masteries, or more to the point, how do you stay healthy for your clear? the few times i've jg zyra, i rarely come out of my 3rd camp at over a quarter hp, and i rarely do a full clear without backing before level 4
Bârd (NA)
: PSA: if you have an off meta jungler
: This isn't the way to nerf Ahri
the amp was unbalanced, and the movespeed on her q is to give her better mobility when her ult is down. the *potential* change to her e doesn't really punish her that much, it just allows for counterplay, since if you can charm an engaging enemy it makes it pretty difficult to engage upon an enemy like ahri who already has a lot of mobility to avoid being engaged upon
: The most balanced champions.
before the s6 preseason marksman update, i would've said {{champion:42}} without question now..... it's a little tough. that's a tough metric to define this early in the season i'd say {{champion:111}} and {{champion:150}} are both good candidates, along with {{champion:421}} {{champion:54}} is a good candidate because no matter how poorly you do in lane you can always come back and be malphite at some point, hitting an ult in a teamfight could mean the game (although one could say because he is able to be effective no matter what he is a little unbalanced: i would disagree) but i think my choice for the absolutely most balanced is {{champion:412}} , as he has a reasonable amount of counterplay if you are good enough to dodge his skillshots, but still provides plenty of strength for a team in zone control and lanterns. just aside from that, he's also a champion with great rewards for playing him well, but not the most punishing experience if you're not a Diamond 1 thresh main.
GigglesO (NA)
: Could we get an "F***, I gotta go button"
iBuii (OCE)
: Un-moveable Mastery & Rune Pages
i've always wanted this but i imagine it's a fairly low priority for riot, would be great to see it show up tho
: Hey Riot! Your player base is shrinking!
ask yourself: what if the reason there are more "i'm quitting" posts is because there are more players overall, so there are more players to quit for instance 10 people join, 3 people quit as opposed to before when 6 people joined and 1 people quit (these aren't actual figures i'm just illustrating my point) that's still 7 people staying, up from 5, but there are more people quitting because there are just more people to quit do u get me league is more popular than it's ever been, it was the most popular game in the world last year and tickets for the next IEM Katowice sold out in under 1 minute. i don't think riot is too concerned that their player base is shrinking.
: Less than 0.5% of players played Dominion
Arie (NA)
: Just Support Things
-When you save the adc but they burn summoners anyway (WHY DID YOU FLASH THE LANTERN) -When your adc leaves lane without you and you get to last hit at turret for a sec -When you sneak a deep ward and it results in killing the enemy jg in their own jg -When you turn the aggro/gank around -When you make a sweet roam mid even though you're a terrible ganker -When your adc pings the cannon to tell you "take it" -When you dodge the skillshot, but your adc gets hit because they were standing right behind you -When you land the blind skillshot into the sidebrush -When you get kills defending your pink wards -When you, the support, steals dragon
: > [{quoted}](name=Gentleman Gustaf,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=oFQnH7Ag,comment-id=005a0000,timestamp=2016-02-10T01:16:44.440+0000) > > Woah. Those are top laners I have never played against, but I can see why they'd be frustrating to play against, especially if they use the minions to block your Q... > > Against melee laners, I like to be really aggressive with constantly hitting minions or the enemy champion to maximize the value of Grasp of the Undying. As such, I can start off a gank with auto + Riptide + auto reset W + Q when they start to run away. If they're a ranged matchup, that probably seems right, especially as it spaces your autos and uses abilities to fill the empty space in between them. So I shouldnt use strength of the ages? and If I end up facing one of those ranged champs, what item should I start off with?
always grasp in top lane tanks, i think. and you could get real cheesy and go first item thornmail if you wanted, but i'd stick to just sunfire cape and hug turret, your turret waveclear on naut is pretty respectable if you're maxing w or e so it should be doable
: Somebody played that in a game I was in and I thought they were trolling. Fast forward 20 minutes and the support Illaoi was the only positive player on the team other than me, and we ended up carrying hard. Never underestimating that again! Still not sure if it's...good. But anything can be good if the person playing it knows what they're doing
the trouble is that illaoi support basically always wins lane because her e is so strong, but she doesn't have enough engage to net lane kills, so while you win lane so hard that your adc Flame horizons the enemy adc, illaoi comes out of lane with less assists than your average support. i've hard carried games from the botlane on illaoi, just letting my vayne free farm into a duo lane, and finished the game at 0/4/7 in a 40+ kill game, with no assists in lane because the pressure i exert is too much to trade into safely.
Rioter Comments
: you can't expect there to be a jungle build ready for every off-jungler in the game this is why we have item sets
no it's like some actual real junglers i just forget who cause i don't jungle much
: Pink Wards, Potions, etc...
a couple champs are missing the jungle page if they take smite, other than that just what you said i think
Mael bro (EUNE)
: What is the worst ADC to support/ worst support as an ADC?
i'll give you the {{champion:81}} , i'd also say {{champion:202}} right now because no one knows how to properly lane with him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadow Walk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zy6L4b5z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-08T20:11:57.990+0000) > > Yah watch the AP focused udyr kill themselves as they do nearly 0 auto attack damage to Rammus and thus near 0 return damage? > > Plus Rammus would never get to the 650 MS Udyr. > > http://puu.sh/n0FOE/4a56a2e1b2.jpg ...842 games played with that build. That is not his main build and if there have only been 842 games played with ap Udyr over the past week then chances are you will NEVER see ap Udyr. Raw percentage means nothing if the numbers that make it are extremely low.
i've seen him twice in a week, riddle me that one
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