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: Aren't assassins supposed to be "in and out" type champions?
you're forgetting the adcs that just build armor pen and wipe teams lol
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: Describe League...
Free Emotional Trauma
: If queued up as Jungle, once you enter pick/bans have a pop-up to remind you to take smite.
a lot of the time if a jg forgets smite they straight up disconnect instantly, used to be pretty bad since the other team is fucked but remake fixed it, still sucks when it happens to people though. I remember locking in as jg and going to the rest room and getting terrified thinking i had forgotten smite, luckily i didn't. but i support this!
: That One Champ....
myself because i'm garbage
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: She has an engage tool
> [{quoted}](name=Chad Te Employee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7P7mTxFU,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-04T20:01:52.099+0000) > > She has an engage tool a gap closer with no follow up is a garbage engage tool, just admit you hate rek'sai and want to see her gutted
: flash is every 5 minutes....
> [{quoted}](name=Chad Te Employee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7P7mTxFU,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-04T19:58:37.968+0000) > > flash is every 5 minutes.... k, what does she do post laning phase? every tank has some form of cc, she won't, all she can do is burrow in and die because no knock up, she can't peel for her team, she can't do anything.
: she isn't gutted. her early damage is one of the strongest and she doesn't rely on a mana bar. She has a good engage/gap closer and sustain for her jungle clear
> [{quoted}](name=Chad Te Employee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7P7mTxFU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-04T19:51:49.430+0000) > > she isn't gutted. her early damage is one of the strongest and she doesn't rely on a mana bar. She has a good engage/gap closer and sustain for her jungle clear okay, she burrows with no knock up, what the fuck is she supposed to do then? AA them and then they just flash out?
: Suggestions for Rek Sai and Gragas nerfs
Eelxela (NA)
: Do People Even Care Anymore?
Riot doesnt care unless your name is tyler1
: Can we make Rylais an actual tanky/utility AP item?
I mean if you reduce the ap on it only 2 items in the game will have 100 ap or more, so you'd need to buff something else
: That is why you have a 40% winrate. You need to work on your attitude and your "carry or feed" mentality. You have to be incredibly bad to have a 40% winrate based on personal skill, i am sure you are not that mechanically inept.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NLwpZ4IX,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-09-03T20:26:53.694+0000) > > That is why you have a 40% winrate. You need to work on your attitude and your "carry or feed" mentality. > You have to be incredibly bad to have a 40% winrate based on personal skill, i am sure you are not that mechanically inept. Nah I'm hot stinky garbage that is always a detriment to the team
: And I did, didn't I?-
> [{quoted}](name=UnknownDestrayon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RAo8AZEQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-03T19:58:19.112+0000) > > And I did, didn't I?- not at all, jinx took like 11 seconds to kill, ez took 6, ali took 12
: Why was gragas's ult shit on for no counterplay while annie remains?
pick lux, fuck her in laning phase by Q-Eing her anytime she tries to walk up to you to harass, she's now behind, team fights, Q her anytime she walks up and delete her, she NEEDS to walk up to do anything. It's what i've done with success. Now what i've done against gragas? nothing because i literally had no time to do so before i was dead.
: But then you cant communicate with your team and are basically a useless asset. Pleasant for you, maybe. For the team carrying you, not so much. Your winrate sort of speaks for itself.. It should not be that low.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NLwpZ4IX,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-09-03T19:45:34.611+0000) > > But then you cant communicate with your team and are basically a useless asset. > Pleasant for you, maybe. For the team carrying you, not so much. > > Your winrate sort of speaks for itself.. It should not be that low. i'm in silver, do you honestly think that people effectively communicate? let alone listen to anything i have to say? i didn't carry, so i lost, my communication would have done nothing because i wasn't good enough to carry them, simple as that. It's a waste of time trying to talk to my team when 9 times out of 10 they will ignore me, or they will flame. My winrate is indicative of me being a piece of trash player who can't carry, nothing more, nothing less. I had an akali wanting me to gank when she was 25% health against a 100% life zed with 2 kills up and 30 cs up on her, nothing i said would get her to back down, i ganked, she died, she flamed, she afk'd.
: Why didn't I get a PentaKill? :(
you have to kill 2 people within like 5 seconds of each other in order to get a double iirc
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: lol should have won more... I guess winning 35/40 matches isnt winning enough
> [{quoted}](name=WhiperSnapers,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=csppq3Es,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-09-03T18:35:17.740+0000) > > lol should have won more... I guess winning 35/40 matches isnt winning enough Nope! Didn't win what counted, which is standard for imt
: Akali Or Katarina?
get katarina so when she gets reworked you can stomp everyone because she'll be broken at release
: TIL: Heimerdinger was once old and cool as hell
raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
: If you and your main were roommates, what would your relationship be like?
: God hecarim is frustrating
isn't his early game really weak?
: Vladimir deserves a large buff, a rework, or we need the old Vladimir back.
when vlad is at a 100% win rate at competitive play he's anything but in need of a buff lol
: CLG Deserves WORLDS
If c9 or imt should deserve to go to worlds than they should have won more. That's it.
agbudar (NA)
: {{champion:102}} if you like afk farming. {{item:1041}} then on your first back make sure you have enough gold for {{item:3077}} generally the build you would follow is something like this {{item:1401}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} with w/e boots you feel you need. this is for anti counterjungle objective controll and gank people that are way out of position aka right at one of your towers. {{champion:48}} dont see him too often but has a great bag of tools to get him through the jungle pillar is great once you know how to land it his passive sustains him through farming and his kit in general shits on anyone that wants to counterjungle. the jungle builds that i use are {{item:1400}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3025}} OR {{item:3009}} {{item:1416}} {{item:3153}} with a follow up with {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} to finish the build. with the warrior build i usually get{{item:3748}} for extra dueling power. {{champion:113}} VERY WEAK EARLY GAME SUPER STRONG LATE GAME TANK. this one is definitely an intermediate jungler and is very prone to lvl 3 counterjungles and dying to them. however if you get through all of this you will be rewarded with an unstoppable tank. a good starting build i figured out recently is {{item:3047}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3001}} this does a lot of damage to most people makes you somewhat tanky and allows you to do really well in midgame till you transition into a tank lategame personally i ussually follow up with {{item:3742}} {{item:3083}} and a 6th item is debatable depending on the situation. Keep in mind this is with a pure tank rune page/masteries(armor marks and quints flat health scaling seals and scaling mr glyph'sand strenght of the ages as a keystone.) if you feel like you are losing too much health in the early game go for a different rune page. something like armor seals atk speed marks lifesteal quints and w/e glyph's you deem neccesary probably ap or armor. {{champion:72}} does not work in low elo soloQ period. His kit is arguably one of the best but requires lots of coordination with your team. most succesfull jungle core build to get on him is by far {{item:3111}} {{item:1400}} {{item:3025}} and tanky from there on out. it can work but is definitely not a beginners jungler. {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}} can all be great junglers but i dont have enough experience with them to make any comment. i used to play some of these way back but they were not my style. general tips. farm your buffs imediately start with imediate smite on gromp>wolves>blue so now you can smite blue. get scuttle crab on that river. if the oponent jungler shows up just run, since you are a beginner most likely you wont be able to beat him anyway, you already did what you needed to do. 1 you located enemy jungler make sure your team knows. if he doesnt show great. now you can sustain back on scuttle and get a free ward. now get red buff, dammit {{champion:77}} took your red buff (very common udyr has super fast clears) make sure your team knows. you lost red buff no biggie get golems>see if you can get scuttle crab in that region. now look at your health bar. are you below 50%? yes? go back get some items and prefferably {{item:2032}} you clearly need it. no i got about 60-70% health left. ok gank a lane try and pop a flash perhaps get a kill just ad pressure. after ganking. are you below 50% health? go back get health start farming and keep an eye out for dragon at this point you want to contest/get it. ward it. if your enemy jungler has already a couple of kills and you are behind get {{item:3711}} instead of {{item:3706}} so you have extra wards for your jungle he will most definitely try and take your camps. if he does and your team is around you can go in for an easy kill
Thank you, little sad about skarner do because he looks like a lot of fun but I have to improve a lot first before I use him
: Riot games, explain me how to get an S+ on Irelia.
: Been gone since 6.3......
Taliyah is the 2nd coming of azir
: Didn't Pick Support, But Got It Anyways
: {{champion:4}} He is very good as the LCS players have demonstrated in the past, but hes not Vlad so no one plays him...
I believe he was picked recently in Lck or lcl against a Taliyah, the team with Tf lost but I haven't seen the vod to see what went down
: If you are just starting out, I'd recommend you start with {{champion:106}} and {{champion:32}} . They are both rather straight-forward and simple junglers but they are rather impactful (especially in the lower ELOs). They are quite useful for teaching players several basic (but extremely important) habits and mechanics for junglers. ------------------------------- I would suggest watching videos by high-ELO and/or professional junglers (i.e. Nightblue3, Stonewall008, Valkyrin, and foxdropLOL). They will typically provide a lot of useful tips while playing and you can often see or hear their decision process and some optimizations throughout the game. Off the top of my head, some basic optimizations may be: * Use hard-CC when the monster camps are about to attack you to cancel that attack and delay their next. * Each of the smite buffs are quite useful in different situations. Be sure to take proper advantage of them. * Raptor's buff is great for ganking * Gromp buff provides extra damage during clears and fights, especially for champions with a lot of health * Krug's buff reduces the damage you take while clearing and lets champions without CC kill Scuttle Crab faster * Wolf buff is useful when you are being counter-jungled or invaded (or after your initial towers have fallen). * If you have a weak early clear, Krugs -> Raptor's -> Red Buff is probably the route that conserves the most health. * Kill the little Raptors and the little Krug first on single-target clearers. They deal a significant amount of damage for their health value, so you will be healthier if they die early. * If you think the enemy jungler will invade you early game, it can be safer to start on a buff camp rather than a little camp since you are less likely to be where they are looking. * Attack Speed is extremely efficient at clearing on most junglers. I'd recommend using about 15% on champions when you need to speed up their clear even if they don't use the stat much later (with a few exceptions, such as Nidalee and Evelynn). * Keep a pink ward out (or in your inventory) whenever possible. This is important for every champion, but I thought I should emphasis it. There isn't really a good reason not to. As far as ganking is concerned: * When possible, conserve your gap-closer while ganking. If you can get to the enemy champion without using your mobility spell(s), then you can save it to catch them after they try to escape (Flash, dash, blink, etc). * You should should try to stay between the enemy and their escape route. You should be trying to move backwards (towards their escape) in-between attacks so that you can body-block them and slow their escape. This also leaves you closer to them if they try to dash on blink past you. * Use Raptor's smite buff to determine if you have been spotted by wards when ganking to reduce the risk of them escaping or receiving a counter-gank. * It can be risky to gank top-lane while Dragon is up since the enemy team can just group and take it 4v3. I'd recommend ganking top-lane early if possible (after your initial clear) and when Dragon is down; that lane can be quite snowbally due to isolation, so you want to get your ally ahead. * Learn to recognize the general times when buff camps spawn during games. If you see the enemy gank bottom lane while their top-side buff is up, you can go steal it from them. * Watch when top and bottom lane initially go into lane. If that lane has leashed for their jungler (missing health, mana, or showed up to lane a bit late), then you know where the enemy jungler has likely started and where they will end their clear (where is closest for them to gank). * If you have killed the enemy laner, you can either allow your laner to freeze or shove the lane into the enemy tower. If you shove the wave under tower and the next minion wave is coming up, it can be helpful to proxy it to ensure that the wave fully resets and the enemy laner misses as much as possible. This is very situational though and you will have to learn when through experience. Other tips: * Whenever possible, walk up to the enemy champion during a gank and save your gap-closer for after they use their escape abilities. * Watch the enemy laners when they go into lane. Whichever lane shows up later and/or missing mana will likely indicate which side of the jungle the enemy jungler started on (which is useful for predicting gank paths and for counter-jungling). * When against aggressive early counter-junglers (i.e. Shaco) it can be a good idea to start on your buff camp and/or to start on a different side than you usually do. If he invades your buff, you've already taken it and/or you aren't there to be killed. * Watch the minimap to see when and where the enemy goes to ward, which laners are pushing, which laners are vulnerable * Know, roughly, how most laning matchups go so that you can prioritize which lanes are the easiest to gank or require an early gank to decide the matchup. * If you have blown an enemy's Flash during a gank but haven't killed them, swing back around immediately after an gank them again. Many people don't expect it * If you've killed an enemy during a previous gank in top lane, kill them again immediately after they return to lane. They likely won't have wards up yet and a second back-to-back death can be enough to completely crush any chance that opponent has to recover the lane. * Top laners rarely bother warding the lane bushes. As such, lane ganks can be quite surprising and effective. * When you kill an enemy laner, shove the minion wave into the tower so they miss gold and experience and so that the minion wave will reset to the middle of the lane. If you can get away with it, clear the upcoming minion wave as well to ensure the reset and maximum missed minions. You will learn a lot through experience, but these tips should help you at the start.
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: zilean
what he actually gets picked already though
: Can't wait to see how Arcsecond perform Tmr
i mean, just because you are at the top of the charts doesn't mean you're going to do amazing in a high pressure environment that's 100s of times more competitive than solo q. And he has like a month of jg experience or something like that, versus a very aggresive jg that WILL go into the enemy jg and take shit and if he finds you he will fight you and kill you if he can. I wouldn't be surprised if his presence was there, but just completely overshadowed by procxin
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: Echo Fox acquires Dardoch
the team right now can probably hit 6th now, if they keep big, if they get a competent support that can give keith direction then they could have a shot at 5th, but right now they need to learn to walk before they run. Also props to them for not panic replacing 3 players or anything, give keith and kfo a chance to grow with the help of an actual jungler this time
Croanin (NA)
: The Three NA Teams You Want Representing NA!
i would like someone from na getting out of groups before getting smashed but i doubt it
R7 Factor (EUW)
: Does immortals have a shot at worlds?
tsm has proven being the best in NA isn't anything special lol
: Huh, I honestly disagreed with everything you said there, how about that.
: Riot wants to promote "strategic diversity"
i mean this is the 6.15 patch so gragas hasn't been gutted yet and all those champions haven't been bumped up a bit
Lugg (NA)
: And every year TSM goes to Worlds, bends over, spreads their cheeks, and gets pounded.
it's impressive that they've actually never won a game against a korean team ever
: If you found that last game boring, there is no hope for you. Korea will probably win, that is kinda a given, but I think NA has a chance of a solid showing this year.
i mean i tuned in, shen fucked c9 in the ass, and i was like "oh what a surprise tsm won 3/1" i find actually competition between teams entertaining, as found in every single other region when it gets to the finals in the tournaments. The 3 matches of Splyce vs G2 were really good, with how the potential of it turning because of how evenly matched they were before g2 stopped fucking around, the ROX vs KT series was amazing as well. But this was just TSM beating all the bad teams like they do every year, "c9 is so good this year!" and they get smashed, wow, amazing. I'm not entertained watching a live event and already knowing the outcome.
: EU won't make it out of groups
well with that prediction it'll be another korea vs korea world finals, get hyped
: *Sigh* NA's Got No Chance At Worlds This Year, Does It?
hell no dude the actual competition will be between eu, china and korea
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: About Shen x Akali…
nothing wrong with pairing 2 fictional adults to fuck each other in some dream scenario my dude
: If pros can run a 5 item build which includes SS and 1 pink you can at least get the SS.
don't compare us filthy animals to the highly organized and skilled professional players playing for glory and money, FUCK SS AND PINK WARDS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
: Let me guess... They were in Diamond right?
a lot of them were bronze - gold players and did the same as the new guys, but i did have some matches where it was "which diamond smurf can carry harder" lol, but they were chill most of the time
: Easiest way to tell if someone is a Smurf
You're not wrong, but seriously when i was leveling up smurfs were like vegans and crossfitters, "hey guys i'm smurfing, it doesn't matter i'm 0/5 i'm better than you".
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