Profirix (NA)
: These jungler changes are actually much more potent than people realize. Expect the average jungler to be down 2-3 levels from a solo laner at all times.
Exactly, They neutered the jungler and dropped it right as placements started.... wtf riot.
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nancymon (NA)
: But F is for Flash...
F is for flash, D is for Die (ignite/smite)... we all know this.
: You don't understand do you? It isn't about the support always staying on the ADC. It is about helping your team scale well into mid game, and the ADC needs the security to grt gold and items to get there. The other lanes need xp, so you supporting them would just be a xp drain on them and hurt them more than help them. Wandering around in the enemy jungle won't work in higher elo becuase people will ward and collapse on counter junglers if they aren't careful.
: > By your words, your very own words, you have told us that any support that does not stay bottom, if they do not purchase wards, they are to be banned. No. They didn't. Why don't people get it yet? He was banned for forcing his teamates into having to accomadate his playstyle without giving them a heads up. And by the way, a block of text pasted of his intentions after all the picks and bans were done doesn't count. If his ADC agreed with his plan and picked a more self sufficient ADC like Cait it would be different.
Actually they did... they manually banned him and told him to stop playing singed support.
: {{champion:1}} A 7% max hp shield for each ~~nearby~~ champion when I hit them with crowd control? \*heavy breathing\* Tibbers hold me
: How about URF HEXAKILL! If rito is going to spam us with hexakill so much they should at least make it fun.
HEXAURFARAM because F your feelings.
: Lel. I know for a fact you dont have to try to do that. I did it two seasons in a row
Original solo que... Silver and learning fast.... new dynamic que.... bronze 5 and trapped forever. I'm so glad they changed back to solo for next year.
: 2016 Challenger Rewards
So, basically, Rito is giving jackets to all the pro players and their smurf accounts..... :-/ How bout something for the rest of us?
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Wuks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Grashnim,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=bqvJYbue,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-22T00:58:30.096+0000) > > Had it, did ranked, went away. No one gives honor in ranked. Welcome to LoL and the fake system of justice rewards. If I recall correctly, the new Tribunal will also have features that will reward players for positive behaviors. It should be considerably more reactive than the current Honor system, so things _are _ going to get better in terms of identifying positive Summoners and rewarding them. Tribunal's next on the list, now that the new Champion Select is being rolled out! > We’ll also be adding the ability to review and reward players who exemplify the best sportsmanship in League of Legends.
The Tribunal barely weeds out a small percentage of the negative players that ruin games for others.... they don't have time to give out awards.
Wuks (NA)
: I really didn't think this was possible (The Honor System)
I get honors all the time.... haven't had a banner since the first 30 games... had red banner for a minute... The criteria for awarding them is ridiculous and you really have ZERO input into whether or not you get one. If you play a lot of games with randoms, you probably won't have one.
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: An official memo from the Dean of the Academy
I finally have a reason to play ahri...
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: I have these exact problems and I run LoL using the Mac Client red shop screen and frequent crashes mid game. very irritating
: ***UPDATE*** We believe we have identified the root cause to why these freezes are occurring. We are currently testing it to confirm, as well as working on some possible solutions. As of right now, we don't have any specific work-around, but I'll provide an update once we have one!
Can we just roll this one back until it's not broken? Seriously, I spend a lot of money with you guys and I can't even play right now because the MAC client is completely broken and btw... that new HUB is garbage... seriously, where's the ping button and why are the fonts small and very unfriendly to colorblind folks.
: ***
I've spent too much money on this game for them to treat me like a second class citizen.
d3sToyer (EUNE)
: After reading other complains and "positive" comments i came to the conclusion that new HUD was made only for people with small screen/laptops because old HUD was big for them. For people like me with big screens (1920x1080) it's soo small that we spend half of game searching information than focus on game. I am person who like when UI is small but this time had to make it bigger to start see something.. In overall graphic design it look fine for me, well that flashy animations are kinda annoying but you can get used to them. My general Issues with new HUD: 1. Bad font. It merge with whole UI what causes misinformation and spending a lot of time searching it. I heard that PBE is testing new fonts but come on, this should be done before you putted this on official servers.. 2. Statistic window (TAB) is bad, very bad. I can't barely see what summoner spells and stats enemy have, not to mention spending time to search that enemy. 3. Enemy portraits are in bad position. I understand that they wanted everything in one place soo player don't have to look around whole screen to see information, but putting dead enemy portraits next to ally is BAD idea. 4. Small ally portraits. Not big issue but still annoying. My idea to change that issues: 1. New, more readable font. 2. Make it more readable, add some frames to separate things like items and statistics and make it more bigger (bigger summoner spells). 3. Put them in other place, maybe middle upper corner like other games have. 4. Just make it bigger. Other issues: -Item panel on the right. THIS IS NOT DOTA! Just enable to change position to the left. -Game timer should be back on it's old position, not in the corner. -Hero stats should be visible WHOLE TIME with function to hide it, NOT VICE VERSA. -Mini-map is bad. No reasons, just bad. -K/D/A/CS merge with mini-map, just add frame to separate it and will be k. Overall, new HUD look fine with small portion of "meh" but still it need some changes that should be done BEFORE PUTTING THIS ON OFFICIAL SERVERS. Also people who says "just get used to it", please, you act like would not have anything against even if they give you stick with shit on it.
: Riot, why does Fiora look like Taric now? Are they twins now?
Why.... Fiona was so awesome.... this just looks bad...
Chager (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thats a Bingo,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=dic5wrcL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T15:34:31.469+0000) > > > > Everything is so hard to see. We're working on new fonts to increase readability for the HUD; should be on PBE shortly and to live after that.
How about we just scrap it and go back to the HUD that everyone liked and had no problems with. You know the old saying "If it ain't broke...."
: Because hardly anyone used the Map Ping button. Half the time you were pressing G and picking a specific action.
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Chager (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thats a Bingo,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=dic5wrcL,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T15:34:31.469+0000) > > > > Everything is so hard to see. We're working on new fonts to increase readability for the HUD; should be on PBE shortly and to live after that.
How bout we just roll back to the old HUD... you know, the one people liked and could see everything on.
: How I feel reading my stats on the new HUD
The old HUD was far superior to this crap.
: Ugh, 6 crashes today in 2 games I give up until this gets patched...
: Hey gang, I'm sorry to hear you're having these problems with the game - we're actively looking at this issue on our end. To help us out, for those of you who are running into these issues specifically, can you post some basic information into this thread? We're specfically looking for: - OSX Version - CPU - GPU - Are you experiencing shop texture issues, crashes, or both? Also, if you've experienced this specifically in a *ranked* game with the legacy HUD, that'd be great to know as well. Again, sorry for the inconvenience!
I'm running an 09 MBP OS 10.10.3, 2.53 core duo, 8gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB nothing special. I've literally NEVER had any trouble running the game. Since this patch... any game mode with the new (broken and horrible) hud causes unrelenting crashes. I spend 75% of my time reconnecting.
JaangHo (NA)
: Patch 5.14 Constan Crashing Mac
Not only does the new HUD suck so much balls.... my game crashes non-stop if I play anything other than ranked. Seriously, I spend more time reconnecting than playing. And the new HUD.... GARBAGE.
Drout (NA)
: I just played my first and final match with the new HUD. It is more frustrating than the toxic players i encounter in bronze. I mean I'm already bad at the game now it feels IMPOSSIBLE to improve. IDK how to ping, look at timers, look at all the champs items/ KDA/ stats at once, or any basic function. It has made me really good at dying due to a lack of information though. Thanks RITO! I have friends from work that just started playing also and I cant even coach them on basic things because i no longer know what to do either. Thanks RITO! I wish you guys focused more on things that are actually broken like Sated Devourer! Do you guys even listen to your community? I bet 1% of the community that took your "What can we improve?" poll listed the HUD as an issue! It was perfect just as it was! Anyway, thanks RITO! I'm off to find a game that doesn't have square wheels!
.... and this is why people are playing Heroes of the Storm instead.
: The New HUD is an Absolutely Terrible and Counter-Intuitive Addition to the Game & Here is Why
Agreed on all points.... Plus, after update, played one game with old hud no problems whatsoever. Played two with new hud (broken piece of crap that you can't see anything on) and my game crashed repeadedly. I spent more time reconnecting than playing. and seriously.... WHERE ARE THE PING BUTTONS! It seems like everything is smaller and laid out in the crappiest way possible.
: The Birth of Evil: Teemo
Wait.... HEXATEEMO in the Howling Abyss!
: Change it up with Chroma Packs
Where's the Voli Chroma pack? :(
: U.R.F. rising
Really need to remove Vlad from this mode.... his exploit makes him invulnerable and impossible to play against.
: Favorite non-ultimate ability?
{{champion:106}} w .... love the bite of doom.
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: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
So, what if we weren't able to chat for a few days.... but have no idea why?
afmghost (NA)
: My jungler's out smiting dragons, and what do I get? Lane duty.
Back to your lane peasant!{{champion:113}}
: why did they need to sabotage NA server? the korean players are already good at playing league. Why koreans? why?!!!! LOL XD
SOUTH Koreans are the kings of League.... NORTH Koreans are just crazy dictator worshiping loons.
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: Building a better Team Builder
It must count old games as well.... got Tank and Fighter in two rounds.{{champion:106}}


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