Mech hi (NA)
: am i the only support {{champion:25}} that does better than the adc
: When your adc discconects at game start, and you couldn't be happier inhaling the gold bot will feed you. "A summoner has disconnected" {{champion:99}} "Yes!" Buys {{item:3041}} "Triple Kill" "Quadra Kill!" "Your team has slain the Baron/Dragon" *blows the smoke off her sparklematic wand.* *Commando Lux lowers shades*
: that moment when you set up 2 kills on bottom lane, you and your adc are low and here comes the enemy jungle thinking easy double kill, alistar wq combo and boom adc triple kill. Then everyone tells your adc gj, he takes all the credit and you are left wondering wtf? i set the triple kill up and saved your butt many times, where is my credit?
That awkward moment when you set up kills and adc is derping around and then blames you for them getting away....
Arie (NA)
: Just Support Things
I support more often than not, but lets face it people, new a.d.c.'s are flooding in and its just not that easy to support someone that's "new" (Being as nice as I can saying that) I have had a few tragedies in the last few weeks since new season started, but who hasn't?... But the fact is, its not easy being a support, and is doubly not easy being a.d.c., for lacking a great support , I often find that no matter what you do as support, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, but I am going to keep doing my best.
: {{champion:67}} REPORTED
: sure. just release it untested, so that we get all kinds of bugs that render the hextech crafting unable to be used and needing to be removed for an extended amount of time thanks to your impatience
Yeah man, sounds about right, can't argue with you there, but what if the bugs and glitches worked to out advantage? o.o
Rioter Comments
: Pls do not spam ping, it gives me cancer, 1-3 pings is enough. I don't report people for it though
I went a little over board when I said ping my brains out, not repeatedly, but a few times a piece throughout the entire games. not until I can not ping anymore...
: Ping spamming is reportable too. It's considered griefing.
Well I guess we are damned if we do, or damned if we don't, kind of dumb you are doing your best to not say anything for fear of being reported, and EVEN THEN, you still lose. So stupid.
: No matter what, you get reported...
I agree, this report thing is getting out of hand, I say nothing anymore and the last several games I have been reported, and only god knows for what. This is becoming an issue here, and it is extremely unfair, at my wits end " pardon the pun " There has to be something we can do, I am frustrated and miffed, I can not believe I have been reported, I very rarely say anything in games anymore for fear of getting a chat restriction or worse......
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: Hextech Crafting soon debuts on PBE
So, you are basically crapping on people who don't team up with others, THAT'S FAIR........
: Should you take Baron?
I for one am always up for snatching baron before the enemy team gets him, however, it's pretty simple when it comes to objectives, towers/inhibitors first THEN baron, kind of goes without saying though guys.... {{summoner:2}}
: "Jhin’s crits deal less damage than normal, and his attack speed doesn’t actually scale with attack speed. Instead, Jhin gains attack damage from any attack speed and crit chance he earns through itemization and runes, while crits give him a burst of movement based on his attack speed." I'm confused..
Confused, eh? This is another "NEW" champ produced by RIOT. You should be confused.
Hams (NA)
: Wow, this champion is very original and well thought out.
Really? Please tell me that was sarcasm....
Yes, but for how long?....
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Not thrilled myself. Seems like just another version of graves to me. Another broken passive on another broken soon to be nerfed champ. Here's a concept, want to thrill us? Blow our minds? Make new game modes and maps and keep them around. {{champion:64}}
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
Leave it to RIOT, always setting the mark doing things their way and not listening to the players, why they just do not leave team builder alone is beyond me, taking this game mode away and replacing it with this is kind of a step backwards.... Anyone disagree?...
: I agree. What really pisses me off is that if you mute someone in game (meaning they were toxic) it automatically unmutes them in the post game lobby, where they can continue to harrass you.. This needs to be dealt with as well. I muted someone for a reason, not to have that reason made clear in the post game lobby when im typing up my report.
Yeh man, it's bs, what's even worse is when you ask for others to report said toxic player you get reported by some troll on your team, or his friend for nothing, then, wind up with a 10 game chat restriction. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Block is so they dont spam you with friend requests and so you dont see their chat. It doesnt affect matchmaking.
LazyW0lf (NA)
: This wouldn't work for people who play with the small community of players (I.E. master and Challenger), unless they were to change the rules for higher ELO.
Rioter Comments
shyv (NA)
: "easy" and "you're bad" are both reportable btw so don't feel bad thinking these people are getting away with being assholes just because it's tame. you'll probably get a chat restriction for stuff like that
What if they persist in continuing, will It lead to bans?
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: Aaaand I still hate it. I hate her awful white onesie. I hate her goofy oversized shoulderpad. I hate her new lackluster cape when her old three-part one was amazing and distinct. I hate her goofy prance-walk. I hate her new voice over. I hate her Cruela DeVille face. I hate pretty much everything about her VU so much I tried to get all my Fiora skins refunded and got told by Riot to piss off. I hate her new kit and it's lazy "oh, just add % health true damage" and she'll be fine. I hate her new ult. Granted, her old one needed a change, but she should have an ult for finishing off an opponent in a DUEL, not a massive AoE heal. She's neither a mage nor a support, why does she have an AoE heal? Why not an execute or a massive debuff of some sort? If she had to have a heal why not make it a personal one with a stacking buff or something, so she can dispatch a foe and ride the rush of victory to glory as she runs riot across the enemy team with more fervor for every new person she drops? Why did Riot even post this thing? Are they trying to convince the nay-sayers to accept it now? I won't. Fiora was the third champ I've loved that Riot has thrown in a blender for no real reason and turned into something I loathe. First Cass (And if you want to talk failed reworks start with CASS, not Fiora... or is riot still refusing to discuss her at all?), then Skarner, then Fiora. If you wanted to change her BS ult, fine. It was pretty badly designed. But the overall pile of crap they turned her into will never appeal to me, and now that she's no longer OP and flavor of the month, no one else seems terribly interested in her either. Fiora's visuals were fine, and they didn't need a change... let alone an abandonment of what she was all about. This strikes me as some kind of self-comforting back patting about how "our ideas were good and our art was awesome but we just had a different vision of the character". No. The art was pretty universally REVILED. I refuse to believe that the art department saw that piece and said "This is what Fiora fans want, a 45 year old crone with the pointiest chin on earth". At what point has ANY character been improved by making them more ugly? I recall even seeing a response from a red a while back when I asked why project Fiora had the three-part cape but all of her reworked models lost it. The response was "We felt it was a very distinctive and identifiable part of her visuals that we wanted to preserve". But it was removed from ALL her other skins? This just makes it seem like riot's artists and developers don't communicate with each other. Like the project got handed to some overworked artists who have no real background or interest in the character who made a GUESS at what they were all about and threw some art together... then once it was out there Riot refused to backpedal and admit that it was crap. I'm VERY sure this is the case with the Cass rework too. I'm not sold Riot. This post did nothing by bring back my sense of anger at a champion I loved enough to buy every skin for and how badly you mutilated her into something I want nothing to do with, then told me "tough break". Thanks. I hope you enjoyed your pat on the back and got enough positive feedback to convince yourselves the next time you bungle a rework that it's fine and the nay-sayers are just an outspoken minority. Edit: I have been informed that her VO didn't change. I was mistaken in that. I could have sworn she had a new line or two like Cass got post-rework, but I guess I'm wrong in that. Mistakes were made. I guess it just feels off now since those lines are coming out of Fifi McPrances now instead of Fiora. I'm also still pretty sure that the animation on her joke feels a ton more clumsy as she's florishing her sword around "drawing" in mid air. It feels lazy to me. I guess that's just my opinion, but I'll admit I was wrong about the VO thing. My bad.
Mhija (NA)
: I've seen these videos! It's funny/heartbreaking. It could be because of the cats' innate fear of snakes (and snake shaped things) or it could just be because they're hyper aware of their environment and they KNOW there was not a cucumber there before they turned around XD
1. I know it seems mean, but its cute, and still funny XD {{champion:54}}
: Champion Insights: Illaoi
This may come a s a shock to you but the new champ will be like the last champ, and the one before that and the one before that and the next thing you know they are going to come in and deflate her and sooner or later change her around, I for one am done spending money on this game, over 100 champs and you get only 2 rune pages and then they want you to spend what little IP you win (6500)for one page? I got stuck with champs I bought and do not want anymore for all the changes they made to them, and brace yourself for this it also may come as a shock THIS IS NOT THE ONLY GAME IN THE WORLD, there was a point in time where I would not have caught myself saying that, but now I'm saying it, too many changes, too many champs not enough rune pages and a waste of time playing games, the winnings are not enough for me to sit there for almost an hour sometimes for a meager 63 ip (they want you to buy boosts or rp, its just ridiculous anymore {{summoner:6}}
: are you kidding me? its a cat not a princess
I just read that after I posted it top, and yes lol for some reason cats are afraid of cucumbers, why is this? o.0
Kiwi (NA)
: Heat pads can crinkle and make your cats scared of them.
Cats are also scared of cucumbers for some reason, I tested it out of curiosity of a rumor I heard, while Tom Jones (my cat) was eating I quietly placed a cucumber behind him, when he turned around after I got his attention he leapt into the air as if he was being attacked....{{summoner:31}}
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: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
: The Making of the Madman

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