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: You have two of the most expensive items in the game in that build, and Attack speed is useless to Evelynn.
Attack speed is fairly ineffective, but the on-hit damage that is aplied on her E plus 20% cd is worth every gold piece.
: Honestly Muramana needs a rework, not buffs
I don't know about anyone else... but I love building {{item:3042}} + {{item:3508}} on {{champion:236}} in Howling Abyss matches. Also, I sometimes build {{item:3042}} on {{champion:2}} for endless pokes in the top lane before finding the right time to engage, and then having some nasty damage on his autos.
: Evelynn: The Assassin With No Gap Closer
Apparently OP has no idea that Evelynn's empowered E is in fact a gap closer. It's also capable of doing enough damage to one shot squishy enemies if you have the right build. {{item:1402}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}}
xVnFEmma (EUW)
: Riot won't ban booster?
I was just in a ranked match yesterday in a duo team with a D2 jungle main streamer who plays with his viewers every Saturday. He owns multiple accounts with lower MMR so he can play with his lower elo subscribers and viewers. It just so happened that the ADC on our team was ALSO on a smurf account, and it got someone on the enemy team insanely tilted. They looked up our winrates during the match, and proceeded to accuse us of "boosting" and flame us and hurl insults including a homophobic slur. The end result was they got reported for hate speech and we got pop ups saying someone was punished about 5 minutes later, and nothing happened to the players on their smurf accounts. To be clear, "Boosting" is when you share your account info with another person so that they play ranked matches and get your League up to a higher level. The real violation of the ToS there is with account sharing. Having multiple account is NOT a violation of the ToS, and neither is playing with friends on a "smurf" account, even in ranked matches. If the players themselves were actually guilty of boosting by means of account sharing then they will get their justice. If not, well then you just need to chill and accept that players are gonna smurf.
: Question for Riot: Is playing a champion who is not in their "designated role" reportable/bannable?
There are other roles a Marksman champion can play aside from bot lane ADC. Quinn top and Graves jungle are perfect examples since these two champions actually aren't in the bot lane ADC meta. I've seen Ezreal mid several times, and now Lucian mid is a thing. The meta will always change and fluctuate over time, and during the next pre-season we are going to see a YUGE meta shift with the removal of the current runes and masteries and replacement with a new system. tl;dr you are not at fault for playing Lucian mid, your team was at fault for griefing, flaming, and report calling. As long as you just muted them and didn't say anything toxic in chat then you will be fine.
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: Riot doesn't care if the majority of people say they wont buy emotes
All these negative comments and threads complaining about emote pricing, and all I can think is that if you don't want to pay then you don't have to buy! I was very happy to see the emote system unveiled and immediately bought $10 worth of RP so I could buy the emote bundle and one extra. It's a small price to pay for a permanent flashy shiny thing that makes noise when I press buttons. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=xX aZ3R0n Xx,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1qkd8Ols,comment-id=0017,timestamp=2017-10-10T00:07:54.609+0000) > > I've been playing since season 5, and never once have I received anything more than a leaverbuster. It's pretty simple, just don't be a douche. This community is so snowflake that anything near criticism or feedback will be regarded as "being douche / toxic".
The other part of it is working around an automated punishment system. You can flame someone, but do it in a way that the IFS won't pick up on.
: Please Fix Rageblade
You ever build rageblade and nashor on movement speed Jhin?
: Permabanned? There are reasons Riot tells you you're 0.006% of the community.
I've been playing since season 5, and never once have I received anything more than a leaverbuster. It's pretty simple, just don't be a douche.
: honor system a joke
Carrying a match does not automatically make a player honorable. I've carried many matches and have gotten no honors, and have done poorly in other matches and have gotten 2 honors. People are just going to give honor to whoever they want.
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: can you make a valid argument without over using the already over used snowflake rhetoric? it's a fucking Fight Club quote that was taken so far out of context that for whatever reason became the ONLY argument people use to think they can legitimately win a debate. if it bothers you ~that~much, look up the game before the match starts and you can see the enemy team. what does it matter if it's on the fleeting loading screen?
I'm replying just to let you know that you were triggered by one word in my entire post, and that your attempt to derail from the original subject is not even worth replying to. How ironic.
: >But for those of us who invested RP in runes instead of champions you just burned the value of 90% of our investment. Buying runes instead of champions had an opportunity cost. In real money, not IP. This aspect of the system is actually a really fair criticism. Although you HAD to grind to get runes, it was possible that some players spent RP on IP boosts specifically to get runes faster. Obviously, if you got more runes, you're still getting a certain amount of BE for each of those runes, so it's not like the benefit from what you spent is totally going away. But it still feels a little more wrong than for people who just got those runes through playing the game normally, right? I see what you're saying here. The comparison I'm trying to figure out though—and call me out on this if this doesn't make sense because I'm just trying to grapple with your criticism—is how this is different from champion reworks (because runes and masteries are being reworked into a new thing, not just deleted, right?). Even if you spent RP to unlock a champion, we don't give you any of that back when we rework the champion. I we don't give you RP back when we eventually lower the price, either. I think every precedent in our game is "if we rework a thing, you don't get refunded for it."
Here's the thing about your current logic. Riot is not reworking the current runes. The current rune system is being retired and completely replaced, and the analogy you made doesn't quite fit. A proper analogy would be Riot retires Nunu so that he is unplayable by anyone, even if they bought him with RP, and then replaces Nunu with a brand new champion with completely different mechanics that every single player can play for free whether they owned Nunu or not. People who invested more into Nunu like buying skins and getting higher masteries would lose more, but every player gains even if they didn't put in equal time, effort, and money.
: I've seen people ask for PROJECT: Shen
Heyyyyyy, that's a good one too! Would make a great Epic or Legendary skin. Imagine the particle effects and animations, especially for his ult.
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Dude (NA)
: I was wrongfully banned this past Saturday morning. I played a ranked game around 2AM Saturday, lost, logged off and went to bed. When I woke up, I attempted to log in to find that I have been permabanned. I have never used any 3rd party software to gain advantage in LoL or any game. I've opened several tickets with support, mostly only get template responses, but I'm going to keep trying, as I know this was a mistake on their part. I do not allow other people to access my account and it's on a PC so I don't have it hooked up to suspicious wifi. It seems there was a wave of bans 5 months ago. Has anyone else had this happen recently?
Riot bans for third party software in waves to keep the scripters from being able to work around the detection system. Just keep on Riot support until they perform a manual review of yoir account; the detection system is not perfect and it does flag accounts that were completely innocent.
: There are far more than 10 broken champs in urf. You haven't fixed anything.
EVERY champion is broken in URF in their own ways. The problem is that premades can use *specific* combos to abuse it. Hence, the All Random URF mode was born. We need to have bans in URF anyway, and there are far better ways to making it a little less annoying to all the whiners than giving us no control over what champions we play. I'd rather have a 10 ban URF with draft so we can counter pick than it being 100% random.
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ZeXeed (NA)
I set my clock back one day, it seems to be working.
: The game is LITERATELY unplayable in this state, Riot!
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: My posts just aren't getting dislikes like they used to...
: Chat logs are not given when the punishment was for intentional feeding.
Then he should have no issues sending a ticket to Riot Support and asking for a manual review.
: 14 Day suspension for having a bad game, please help.
mrsexou (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Kled Skin Concept
: How do I beat league of Legends?
Give zero fucks about the idiots on your team and carry to victory 1v9 every single match.
: Post your favorite skin concepts for champs who haven't received skin love. Star Guardian Urgot
: Yeah cool, because being earnest is toxic, and non of the toxic people get banned? I'm actually done
Report calling is griefing, so is telling people that you are muting/reporting them. It's just completely unnecessary and a way to tilt and cause drama, which is apparently exactly what you did. Your chat logs aren't super toxic, but definitely very negative and nonconstructive. I'd just learn from this experience and work towards being a more positive player in the community.
: Riot - Your Report System - Your Code of Conduct - It's a Joke - And Broken.
: Is this game truly banworthy?
Honestly, if you *really* did get any kind of punishment for this game, it would be because the automated system cannot see the context of you saying the words *fucking dumb* in the chat log. It was obviously meant as humor and was not a malicious insult thrown at anyone in the match. I would appeal this through the support ticket system. Also, upvoting for Red attention.
: Riot.. Completely Outrageous ban.
You were definitely being unsportsmanlike to your teammates by pointing out their negative KDAs, calling them feeders, etc. However, you were simply quoting a teammate for whatever reason you felt that you needed to, and the automated system simply picked up that you had said the words yourself in your own chat. The automated system does not understand context, so it acted as it normally would if it caught that kind of language in a chat log. Honestly, I don't think this one game alone warrants a permaban since it's obviously hitting you for hate speech that you really didn't use. I would suggest you continue with the appeal process and continue to point this out; there is a small sliver of hope that Riot *might* reverse the ban. On another note, in future games where teammates are being toxic, trolling, or straight up stupid and feeding, just mute them and then report if necessary. Any kind of conversation with them in chat could potentially be used against you, which is exactly what happened here. If you do get another chance with this account, or decide to make another, keep this in mind that muting is always the best and safest response to toxicity and stupidity in this game. tl;dr upvoting in hopes of red attention
: Questionable perma ban. NOT chat restriction worthy. Feedback appreciated.
> [{quoted}](name=LastQbert,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BNwHQaxR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-09T19:19:55.588+0000) > > LastQbert: god > LastQbert: i want to just quit now > LastQbert: why do i even play Look at the bright side: You don't have to worry about feeling this way anymore.
: Who is the ncaap
A national organization for the betterment of Black people in America.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowynn,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Nn75RqFh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-09T21:52:17.936+0000) > > how do you explain this player who i reported 3 times for hate speech still playing and flaming racist remarks all game long/? Maybe you perceive it as hate speech, but it actually isnt. What did they say?
MakeAmericaGreatAgain, probably.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: I just had a champ select held hostage, my champ banned and got death threats
Death threats are taken very seriously, so I would certainly send in any screenshots you may have taken via a support ticket. If you didn't take any screenshots of chat, you can tell the support member what they did and mention that it was in the pregame lobby. As someone mentioned, the current system is able to pick up on pre and post game lobby chat, but I've had support staff recommend to me that I explain in the text field when the behavior occured if it was only in a pre or post game lobby. Maybe that helps for manual reviews? *shrugs*
DeathsPoet (EUNE)
: Ban...
u wot m8? Also, just make a second account. Problem solved.
: rito took this to far
Assuming you didn't edit any of the logs, the only real game I see as having punishable behavior was the first one with all the report calling and whatnot. I'm not so sure about the other matches... other than a lot of talking, you weren't wildly toxic to the point of being punished imo.
: how do you explain this player who i reported 3 times for hate speech still playing and flaming racist remarks all game long/?
What specifically did they say? The N word or a variation of it, something else?
: Riot condones racism.
If you report someone for Hate Speech after the match who actually took part in such speech, they will get a 14 day suspension within 15 minutes, and then a permaban if they reoffend. Riot does not condone that sort of behavior and very heavily punishes it.
cosmy06 (EUNE)
This weekend.
Arioch (NA)
: the new loot/honor system isnt fair for top laners
: How to Counter Garen as Akali help?
You would only want to in Garen's face if you were already very ahead in levels and items. Other than that, you would normally want to maintain a gap between you and him (or any tank/bruiser) unless he was so low in health that you were **SURE** you could secure a kill. If Garen manages to close that gap before you can burst him back to the respawn, your best bet is to use R to dash to a minion, jungle monster, etc.
: What I mean to say is that you for the downvote; it really helped Riot see the way you wanted the verbiage.
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