ZeXeed (NA)
I set my clock back one day, it seems to be working.
: The game is LITERATELY unplayable in this state, Riot!
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: My posts just aren't getting dislikes like they used to...
: Chat logs are not given when the punishment was for intentional feeding.
Then he should have no issues sending a ticket to Riot Support and asking for a manual review.
: 14 Day suspension for having a bad game, please help.
mrsexou (EUNE)
: Dragon Trainer Kled Skin Concept
: How do I beat league of Legends?
Give zero fucks about the idiots on your team and carry to victory 1v9 every single match.
: Post your favorite skin concepts for champs who haven't received skin love.
https://yurixy.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/urgod.jpg Star Guardian Urgot
: Yeah cool, because being earnest is toxic, and non of the toxic people get banned? I'm actually done
Report calling is griefing, so is telling people that you are muting/reporting them. It's just completely unnecessary and a way to tilt and cause drama, which is apparently exactly what you did. Your chat logs aren't super toxic, but definitely very negative and nonconstructive. I'd just learn from this experience and work towards being a more positive player in the community.
: Riot - Your Report System - Your Code of Conduct - It's a Joke - And Broken.
: Is this game truly banworthy?
Honestly, if you *really* did get any kind of punishment for this game, it would be because the automated system cannot see the context of you saying the words *fucking dumb* in the chat log. It was obviously meant as humor and was not a malicious insult thrown at anyone in the match. I would appeal this through the support ticket system. Also, upvoting for Red attention.
: Riot.. Completely Outrageous ban.
You were definitely being unsportsmanlike to your teammates by pointing out their negative KDAs, calling them feeders, etc. However, you were simply quoting a teammate for whatever reason you felt that you needed to, and the automated system simply picked up that you had said the words yourself in your own chat. The automated system does not understand context, so it acted as it normally would if it caught that kind of language in a chat log. Honestly, I don't think this one game alone warrants a permaban since it's obviously hitting you for hate speech that you really didn't use. I would suggest you continue with the appeal process and continue to point this out; there is a small sliver of hope that Riot *might* reverse the ban. On another note, in future games where teammates are being toxic, trolling, or straight up stupid and feeding, just mute them and then report if necessary. Any kind of conversation with them in chat could potentially be used against you, which is exactly what happened here. If you do get another chance with this account, or decide to make another, keep this in mind that muting is always the best and safest response to toxicity and stupidity in this game. tl;dr upvoting in hopes of red attention
: Questionable perma ban. NOT chat restriction worthy. Feedback appreciated.
> [{quoted}](name=LastQbert,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BNwHQaxR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-09T19:19:55.588+0000) > > LastQbert: god > LastQbert: i want to just quit now > LastQbert: why do i even play Look at the bright side: You don't have to worry about feeling this way anymore.
: Who is the ncaap
A national organization for the betterment of Black people in America.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadowynn,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Nn75RqFh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-09T21:52:17.936+0000) > > how do you explain this player who i reported 3 times for hate speech still playing and flaming racist remarks all game long/? Maybe you perceive it as hate speech, but it actually isnt. What did they say?
MakeAmericaGreatAgain, probably.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: I just had a champ select held hostage, my champ banned and got death threats
Death threats are taken very seriously, so I would certainly send in any screenshots you may have taken via a support ticket. If you didn't take any screenshots of chat, you can tell the support member what they did and mention that it was in the pregame lobby. As someone mentioned, the current system is able to pick up on pre and post game lobby chat, but I've had support staff recommend to me that I explain in the text field when the behavior occured if it was only in a pre or post game lobby. Maybe that helps for manual reviews? *shrugs*
DeathsPoet (EUNE)
: Ban...
u wot m8? Also, just make a second account. Problem solved.
: rito took this to far
Assuming you didn't edit any of the logs, the only real game I see as having punishable behavior was the first one with all the report calling and whatnot. I'm not so sure about the other matches... other than a lot of talking, you weren't wildly toxic to the point of being punished imo.
: how do you explain this player who i reported 3 times for hate speech still playing and flaming racist remarks all game long/?
What specifically did they say? The N word or a variation of it, something else?
: Riot condones racism.
If you report someone for Hate Speech after the match who actually took part in such speech, they will get a 14 day suspension within 15 minutes, and then a permaban if they reoffend. Riot does not condone that sort of behavior and very heavily punishes it.
cosmy06 (EUNE)
This weekend.
Arioch (NA)
: the new loot/honor system isnt fair for top laners
: How to Counter Garen as Akali help?
You would only want to in Garen's face if you were already very ahead in levels and items. Other than that, you would normally want to maintain a gap between you and him (or any tank/bruiser) unless he was so low in health that you were **SURE** you could secure a kill. If Garen manages to close that gap before you can burst him back to the respawn, your best bet is to use R to dash to a minion, jungle monster, etc.
: What I mean to say is that you for the downvote; it really helped Riot see the way you wanted the verbiage.
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Zeanix (OCE)
: New Star Guardian Members Announced!
: Insert Ornn complaint thread here
Can we have some Evelynn rework complaint threads too?
iLasVegas (OCE)
: The real way to build ahri
Sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
: League gets boring doing the same games ARAM then Summoners Rift and lastly Twisted Treeline
Upvoting just because this mentions a game mode with more than two teams. RITO PLS!!!
: I propose to let the second bar keep stacking, no lockout but you do have to unlock the other.
I *believe* that's the original way he was supposed to be, but for whatever reason it was changed before it went to live servers. I'm probably wrong.
: this game is going to crumble soon
You're describing just about any online gaming community ever. This game is doing just fine... Sportsmanlike players will keep playing despite the toxic trolls, and toxic trolls will keep making new accounts no matter how many times they get permabanned.
: New Option Needed for Ranked Gameplay.
I can agree that there are definitely players who play ranked but really shouldn't. However, there really is no way for an automated system to tell the difference between someone who's playing in a ranked, competetive atmosphere that doesn't even care about winning and/or doesn't fully understand the game meta and strategy and someone who is truly trying and is simply have a pretty bad day or losing streak. Constant poor performance is not a reason for someone to be banned from playing ranked matches. The consequences of playing ranked while being the lowest of the bad players is to get stuck at Bronze 5 with 0 LP.
kargish (EUW)
: Kayn using mana doesn't make sense
I actually found myself agreeing with all your points. Very well written post, and maybe it's something that Riot should consider of it was overlooked during Kayn's creation. Here's another idea: What if Kayn uses mana while in starting form, energy if he goes SA, and builds rage if he goes Rhaast? That would significantly change the way he is played.
: If you're going to play someone like Teemo, best to not show your hand.....People normally don't waste a ban on Teemo out of the blue so if you keep your intent pick a secret....
It was Acension, there was no intent pick.
: Why Do Players Do This?
Ascension is blind, so the enemy team can pick him too if he is not banned. The team captain obviously did not want to face a Teemo on the enemy team, and they were within their rights to ban whatever champions they wanted.
: why is there always 1-2 people who REFUSE to open mid ?
: PSA from a annoyed support main
Very true! I wish more ADCs understood these things.
: Im not geting my Chest rewards
You have to be in a premade team with that person in order to get a chest from their S- or higher.
Kaoryn (EUW)
: Will I get permabanned on a second offence if my first offence was a 14 day?
Depends on how long it has been since your 14 day suspension, otherwise the answer is yes.
EverZeal (NA)
: Looking for duo to climb out of bronze with!
Kraigel922 (EUNE)
: Akali, Braum, Taliyah and Nasus are avialable
: Kayn and Deathfire Touch
I personally feel like it's a bad choice to take a keystone mastery for something that's only an issue for the first 12 minutes of the match.
11dj11hi (EUW)
: can't start league
Open Task Manager and see if there are any instances of League already running that haven't terminated for whatever reason. A fresh system restart would help, but if that doesn't then it's something else and you may need to try the Hextech Repair Tool.
: Kill the trolls
For the most part, the very moment that I feel like an individual on my team is going to be nothing but toxic in chat I mute them. It avoids much unnecessary drama.
: Petition to make the River Red when Vladimir is in game
WinBoat (NA)
: ***
tl;dr Go ask any Diamond and higher streamer if they'd take game advice from a hardstuck Bronze player. This thread was over the moment you got triggered by the sarcastically funny thread. C Y @
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