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: Here's the issue if you didn't saw it. You said it yourself, although he has a low play rate, he has a kinda high win rate, your own words, in Diamond. Yi, high win rate, Diamond. 3 words that should never be in the same sentence, as Yi's design should not allow him to have that type of winrate regardless of the play rate. J4 was always a good champ in higher elos, but not Yi. That's why he's on S tier, because he has a win rate he shouldn't have in that rank.
Yeah but the data pool isn't large enough to say for sure that Yi is good. Its sorta like if ur in ranked and somebody is bragging that they have a high winrate, but have only played 3 games of ranked this season.
: No one cares but i'm not having fun playing this shit
Best way to spice this game up is with https://ultimate-bravery.net/ This will either: A) COMPLETELY remove your addiction due to the sheer ridiculousness of the build and because you will stop treating the game seriously B) Make you fall back in love with the game because you will stop treating the game seriously C) Get you banned. Permanent solution {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} But it shouldn't get you banned if you tell the people in your lobby and they don't dodge.
: Problems with League aside, try FFXIV if you’re a fan of the series. Very good story, lots of people and fan service.
I like how you casually add "And fan service" though I guess League does have fan service too {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} LOL
: Heard Apex Legends was better than Fortnite, try spending half the time you play on League on Apex instead (or any other game you enjoy). Slowly replace the hours and maybe you can cut the addiction in time. But yah we should stop playing till Riot realizes their company is going to shit.
Um... Maybe he should try doing something more productive than spending hours on another dying game? Cause trust me, I got bored with Apex in a week. I don't know HOW people are still playing it. Edit: I don't mean to offend anyone who does like Apex btw, just boring to me
Böljy (EUNE)
: That was the only problem for me too, but I think they could lower the price or make them totally free. The runes that we have right now are free, why couldn't they be?
Böljy (EUNE)
: Before the age of Keystones
My only problem with the old runes is that you had to spend extra IP to buy the runes. With the new BE system, it would be really hard to buy runes without grinding for a full day.
: zoe can feel op once she gets gold and starts chunking... but she is definitely not easy. bubble is one of the hardest abilities to land in the game imo nicely done though. I once won a 3v5. We had to really rush bc once they couldn't 5v3 us, they started splitting all 3 lanes and we were basically on a timer to end. good times
I 3v5ed with Sylas and the game got so out of hand for the other team that I spent 10 minutes kill farming them Good times (This was back when his w was EVEN MORE busted than it is now :/ Healing for literally a thousand health every 10 seconds or so. Lol)
zman1331 (NA)
: What is wrong with this rank?
Lol once I played Vel Koz support in ranked and it said I was bot and ranked me accordingly. I was actually kinda happy bc I did pretty bad that game.
: Log in screen
Been happening to me all day, but its fixed now Thx rito :D
: The problem with Junglers
There is no helping the ignorant
: > [{quoted}](name=xXDeathbeatXx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pmfzr7hT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-26T14:48:25.806+0000) > > Pantheon is a stronger top laner. However, he is definitely viable in jungle, though it can be difficult to farm early. > > The reason Pantheon is so much stronger top is because of his early game. His infinite poke with his q easily gets opponents down to half health and if they don't back up, you can punish them hard with his dash stun and then his pokey sticks. Any tips for de jungle? Aftershock or electrocute?
IMO definitely electrocute, due to its insane burst compatibility, or dark harvest, to help pantheon in the late game Im not sure about jungle route, maybe start red, lvl 2 gank bot or mid (depending on cc), and then im not sure. Remember to only gank if enemy is hard pushing lane and your laner has decent cc (Like a stun or root) or at least a slow since pantheon has hard cc as well. As for clearing camps, I am not completely sure what to do since I don't play Panth jungle, tho I'm thinking of doing it due to this post.
: Earn Essence After Every Match
I used to get lots of blue essence due to being at level 30 Now im level 115 and its a lot harder However, I am completely fine with the new system because it rewards players that don't have enough time to grind matches everyday and can only play a few since the first win of the day provides a huge boost in exp which helps these players level up without spending as much time. However for grinders like myself, the difference is rather noticeable. Even so, I only need 30 more champs till I own them all!!! :D So for you, a level 30, you should be able to get champions at almost twice the rate that I am due to the small amount of experience you need to level up, so please don't complain.
: Zed needs to be buffed
Yeah, NOOOO As a zed main, I think that his kit is already in a good place after the buffs rito gave him in patch 9.4 First of all, don't instantly burn your ult if you know that your opponent has a stopwatch. Usually, I just get ahead of people with stopwatches so that i can do massive damage without my ult and then use it after their stopwatch deactivates. Also, you haven't played Zed recently, so you shouldn't say he needs a buff without absolute proof.
: Is pantheon in a bad spot?
Pantheon is a stronger top laner. However, he is definitely viable in jungle, though it can be difficult to farm early. The reason Pantheon is so much stronger top is because of his early game. His infinite poke with his q easily gets opponents down to half health and if they don't back up, you can punish them hard with his dash stun and then his pokey sticks.
: I always buy at least 1 control ward, but I haven't even once, had one spot an Evelynn that wasn't auto attacking it first. Her gank paths are varied, unlike most junglers, she doesn't rely on red to kill you, and can just take blue, come down and pop me, and then go to her red. The few times I spot Evelynn with a control ward, she was basic attacking it. I am still confused on if it actually reveals her through her stealth?
It does. I played Evelynn yesterday (for some reason) and the jungle was spammed with control wards. When I got near one, I would always exit stealth and have the particle effect when a control ward spots somebody.
: How do i get good as Vayne?
Vayne's kit is all about kiting and outmaneuvering her opponents. What she lacks in attack range, she more than makes up for in mobility. First of all, I would say that a favorable support for vayne to play with is a cc tank, such as {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} due to their ability to set up her e, for a quick stun, or just a bunch of damage froms autos, both of which result in either a really good trades and free lane control or a kill. Kiting as Vayne is really easy due to her q's low cd if you attack right after using it. Keep that in mind when the enemy jungle or mid roams to gank you. Always q backwards and then auto, rinsing and repeating this as long as its safe. Once you get Vayne's ult, you can begin to outplay your opponents HARD. With her recently reworked ult, you can stay invisible for a really long tim due to her q's cd being 50% lower when her ult is active. Use this to your advantage against opponents who are reliant on autos. And obviously, during late game stay behind your tank support and teammates and let your true damage fly! Vayne is near unstoppable after your build rageblade due to being able to proc her w every 2 autos instead of 3. Anyways, don't take my word for this since I'm only M4 on Vayne. When I started playing Vayne, I also found it really hard to deal damage due to her short range. However, I began to play her a bit more passively, waiting for my opponents to make the mistake of going after me. After that, I started to notice improvements when I played Vayne and I got, like, 5 games in a row with an A+ to S+ Hope you found this helpful. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Wyrin (NA)
: Project: Talon (Skin wishlist discussion)
According to Professor Akali, there WILL be a Project: Talon skin coming out soon!!! (Get hyped) Here is the link to his video about the leaked skins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqGnZJ8mlxY&t=546s These are the skin leaks for those who are too lazy to click on the link: Program Skins: Program Evelynn Program Karma Program Zilean!!! (finally a zil skin) VS Skins 2019 Furry Fizz Kitty Kat Zoe Project Skins: Project: Irelia Project: Ahri (another Ahri skin :/) Project: Akali (Explains her new buffs) Project: Talon (Here ya go buddy) Project: Diana and Prestige Arcade Skins: Arcade Aurelion Sol Arcade Karthus Arcade Lissandra Arcade Lux and prestige Star Guardians Star Guardian Xayah Star Guardian Rakan Star Guardian Taliyah Star Guardian Leblanc and Prestige Star Guardian Neeko (Still no sign of the Star Guardian God, Star Guardian Urgot) Then there will be Praetorian Shaco (:O finally? A new shaco skin?) and Perverse Ivern (A NEW IVERN SKIN???) All of the skins on this list are 1350 except for the prestige ones and Perverse Ivern All you gotta do is wait a few months and Project: Talon is yours!
: New Epic skins: Blood Moon Aatrox, Sivir, and Pyke
Tbh, all of these skins besides the pyke one aren't really worth it to me. Both Aatroxs look like tall old men and the sivir skin isn't worth 1350. Also, they should make it so that you can earn prestige points, not have to buy them. This is kinda sad {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Want *PRESTIGE* Pop-star Kai'sa? --- Week by Week Guide ---
Johah (NA)
: Why not T-Rex'ai?
: I like how most people are focused on the rewards, rather than ZAC FINALLY GETTING A SECOND SKIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Yay! Figured out who it was! REK SAI :D
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
Is the thing Draven is riding a new Champion or What? PLZ TELL ME! My friend and I are freaking out over what it is


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