: I have come to the conclusion that too high of a majority of the people who play ranked games at bronze-silver and I am sure, even sometimes gold elo do not actually differentiate between Ranked and Unranked games. In other words, they play ranked games with little to no care or effort, when they should leave that mindset in aarams or even unranked ques. There needs to be a better system of punishment for players who are intentionally and obviously (consistently) not putting forth effort in ranked games. I am talking about players who not only feed, but also players who have obviously given up well before a game would end. Do not neglect lower elos, because I can tell you from personal experience that the lower the elo the worse this problem is - which makes climbing a living nightmare {{champion:56}} Why should players who are trying their damndest in any elo be penalized for players who type in chat "gg" at 10 minutes after giving away 4 kills? I don't understand why I need to lose lp because of these people. Ty
Another problem at lower elo is how Unranked players are currently being incorporated into the lower division for their Placement games. It is unfair for someone with a year+ experience at the mid-silver level to climb to get an unexperienced, first time ranked player on their team. It's understandable that unrankeds are hard to place simply because there is no data in which to _use_ to place them. Possibly a system that checks match history in normal games or a system that checks their KDAs against enemies at higher and lower elos and compares them to other unrankeds. Just a thought{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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