: I really do not like the whole new "rune" system to be honest. Runes should have just been made free and people be compensated like you said. Now everybody gets more passives and stuff and opens up another can of worms with balance. It seemed like a completely unnecessary addition to the game. Also its obvious the reason Akali didn't get nerfs is because she had a skin coming out and want as many people to give them money for it as possible of course. To be honest, I would prefer it if the whole system get removed entirely or reverted. A lot of the free passives people can now select make my experience less enjoyable.
removing old runes removed another field of mind games, if you were going against a riven top you would assume she was gonna lvl 1 cheese you so why not start off the game with 35 bonus flat armor from runes to deny that advantage. Yes there were standards of flat armor yellow for minions and scaling blue mr cause mages didn't have a lot of damage early, but you were free to experiment with various builds and game play styles. Runes actually let you had the freedom to build your champ however you wanted.
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